2020 Honors Day

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I am excited by the progress we have made as a leading business school and know that our differentiated position at the intersection of business and technology will continue to attract top-tier talent.

It is my pleasure to present the 12th annual Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Honors Day awards. This year, we celebrate the many accomplishments of Scheller College’s extraordinary students, faculty, and staff, as well as the generosity of our benefactors. As dean of Scheller College of Business, I am extremely proud to be a part of this tradition and commend the honorees for their outstanding achievements. I would also like to recognize a few of the College’s accomplishments for 2019-2020. The Jones MBA Career Center was named #3 in the world for Full-time MBA career services by The Economist (2019). Scheller College was named #11 in Undergraduate programs among U.S. public business schools (U.S. News & World Report, 2020), and our MBA programs were nationally recognized as the #6 Full-time MBA (The Economist, 2019), #9 Evening MBA (U.S. News & World Report, 2020), and #8 Executive MBA (Financial Times, 2019) among U.S. public business schools. Additionally, the achievements and expertise of our students and faculty have been highlighted in the media and across publications such as Bloomberg Businessweek, Harvard Business Review, Wall Street Journal, and The Today Show, among others. The financial support of our many distinguished benefactors, alumni, corporate partners, and friends enabled the endowment of many of the awards. Their valued support enables Scheller College to continue to attract world-class faculty and a myriad of diverse, exceptional students. I remain excited by the progress we are making as a globally recognized business school and know that with our unique positioning at the intersection of business and technology we will continue to advance in 2020 and beyond. Thank you for your continued support and personal dedication to Scheller College of Business. We are proud to be Tech Savvy. Business Smart. Sincerely,

Maryam Alavi Dean and Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Chair, Professor of IT Management


AWARDS We are honored to confer this year’s Faculty, Student, and Staff Excellence Awards and recognize our named faculty and student scholars, and their benefactors.

FACULTY AWARDS Faculty who have achieved research excellence, including quality, quantity, impact, magnitude of contribution, recognition through the peer review process, and quality journal placement.

Brady Family Award for Faculty Research Excellence

Funded by Charles W. Brady, IM 1957, chairman emeritus of INVESCO, emeritus member of the College Advisory Board and inaugural member of the College Hall of Fame. Sudheer Chava, Alton M. Costley Professor of Finance

STAFF AWARDS Staff members who demonstrated outstanding job performance, going beyond what might be expected and demonstrating high levels of execution in their primary job duties, auxiliary roles, and organizational citizenship.

Verlander Family Award for Staff Excellence

Funded by Karen and Chris A. Verlander, IM 1970, senior vice president, corporate development, for Associated Industries of Florida. Mark Lambros, Facilities Manager

Alex Hsu, Associate Professor, Finance Basak Kalkanci, Associate Professor, Operations Management

Brady Family Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence

Faculty who inspire and encourage students, engender curiosity and love of learning, and strive to increase the knowledge, skills, and abilities related to the subject matter. Funded by Charles W. Brady, IM 1957 Manpreet Hora, Associate Professor, Operations Management Ravi Subramanian, Associate Professor, Operations Management

Linda and Lloyd L. Byars Award for Faculty Teaching Excellence

Funded by Linda Byars and the late Lloyd L. Byars, Ph.D., professor emeritus, author of popular management textbooks, and longtime arbitrator of labor-management disputes. Jacqueline Garner, Lecturer, Finance Bob Myers, Lecturer, Operations Management


Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Award for Staff Excellence

Funded by Stephen P. Zelnak Jr., IM 1969, chairman of ZP Enterprises, retired chairman of Martin Marietta Materials, Inc. in North Carolina, and a member of the College Hall of Fame. Schantel Mitchell, Information Technology Service Delivery Manager Arianna Robinson, Assistant Director, Business Operations, Ray C. Anderson Center for Sustainable Business

AWARDS COLLEGE-WIDE AWARDS Melvyn P. and Eleanor N. Galin Creativity Award

In recognition of Scheller College of Business faculty members, staff members or students who demonstrate creative thinking or accomplishment. Funded by Eleanor N. and Melvyn P. Galin, Ph.D., IM 1953. James Hoadley, Associate Director, Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER)

The Ernest Scheller Jr. Award

Scheller College of Business faculty or staff member who aspires to service excellence and who acts as an outstanding role model. This award celebrates service excellence among faculty and staff. Established by gifts from family and friends to honor Ernest Scheller Jr. for his extraordinary philanthropic leadership in advancing Georgia Tech and Scheller College in particular. Narayan Jayaraman, Thomas R. Williams-Wells Fargo Professor of Finance

STUDENT AWARDS John R. Battle Award for Student Excellence

A graduating senior who demonstrates the highest scholastic achievement and leadership on campus and in the community. Funded by Lewis A. Patterson III, IM 1968, CEO of BPU Associates LLC, in memory of John R. Battle, who made it financially possible for Mr. Patterson to attend Georgia Tech. The late Mr. Battle graduated from Cornell University with a chemical engineering degree and served as vice president for The Dow Chemical Company. Abbey Yates, BSBA 2020

Jennifer R. and Charles B. Rewis Award for Student Excellence in Accounting

An in-state undergraduate student who demonstrates exceptional academic performance in accounting, with preference for students pursuing careers in accounting. Funded by Jennifer R. Rewis, MGT 1992, and Charles B. Rewis, MGT 1992, accounting executives with Ernst & Young and CBR Enterprises, respectively, in Northern Virginia. Benjamin Goldenthal, BSBA 2020 Peyton Woods, BSBA2020

Dean’s Award for Evening MBA Student Excellence

Evening MBA students who have demonstrated exceptional integrity, academic merit, and leadership. Matt Beecher, MBA 2019

Dean’s Award for Full-time MBA Student Excellence

Full-time MBA students who have demonstrated exceptional integrity, academic merit, and leadership. Henry McGill, MBA 2020

Ashford Watson Stalnaker Memorial Award for Ph.D. Student Excellence

Ph.D. students who contribute exemplary scholarship and innovation to their respective academic disciplines and the College, through outstanding research and teaching. In memory of Ashford Watson Stalnaker III, IM 1961, MS 1962, who served as a respected faculty leader in management science at Georgia Tech. Mahdi Mahmoudzadeh, Ph.D. Candidate, Operations Management Katsiaryna Siamionava,Ph.D. Candidate, Information Technology Management

Dow Chemical-P.C. McCutcheon Award for Outstanding Student Achievement

The student who holds a high cumulative scholastic average in the third year class, and who demonstrates leadership and service at Georgia Tech and in the greater community. In honor of Dow Chemical and P.C. McCutcheon, who worked to establish the relationship between Dow Chemical and Georgia Tech. Christopher Sewell, BSBA 2021



ENDOWED FACULTY CHAIRS Brady Family Chair in Management Dr. L. Beril Toktay

Charles W. Brady Chair Dr. Vinod Singhal

Esther and Edward J. Brown Jr. Chair Dr. Cheryl Gaimon

Alton M. Costley Chair Dr. Sudheer Chava

Cecil B. Day Chair in Business Ethics Dr. Steven R. Salbu

Elizabeth and Thomas Holder Chair Peter Swire, J.D.

Lawrence P. Huang Chair of Engineering Entrepreneurship Dr. David N. Ku


Dr. Charles W. Mulford

Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones Chair in Management Dr. Ajay K. Kohli

Russell B. and Nancy H. McDonough Chair in Business Dr. Frank Rothaermel

Tedd Munchak Chair in Entrepreneurship Dr. Terry C. Blum

Sharon M. and Matthew R. Price Chair Dr. Chris Shalley

Ernest Scheller Jr. Chair in Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Commercialization Dr. D.J. Wu

Hal and John Smith Chair Dr. Peter Thompson

Thomas R. Williams Chair in Management Dr. Cheol S. Eun

ENDOWED FACULTY PROFESSORSHIPS Brady Family Professorship in Management Dr. Marco Ceccagnoli

Steven A. Denning Professorship in Technology & Management

Dunn Family Professorship Dr. Atalay Atasu

Hubert L. Harris Jr. Family Early Career Professorship Dr. Robbie Moon*

Nancy J. and Lawrence P. Huang Professorship Dr. Soumen Ghosh

Robert H. Ledbetter Sr. Professorship of the Practice in Real Estate Development Professor Barry Branch

Greg J. Owens Professorships Dr. Dong Liu Dr. Sri Narasimhan

Sharon A. and David B. Pearce Professorship Dr. Jeffrey Hu

Sharon A. and David B. Pearce Professorship** Sue and John Staton Professorship of Business Law Dr. Lucien Dhooge

Catherine W. and Edwin A. Wahlen Jr. Professorship Dr. Eric Overby

Thomas R. Williams-Wells Fargo Professorship in Finance Dr. Narayan Jayaraman

Thomas R. Williams-Wells Fargo Professorship in Management Dr. Saby Mitra

ESTATE PROVISIONS Richard L. Bergmark Chair in Capital Market Studies Arthur O. Brannen Professorship William R. Collins Jr. Chair Jack and Juanita Markwalter Early Career Professorship John D. Pelton Sr. Chair Robert F. Pinkerton Chair in Supply Chain Management

Dr. Han Zhang



GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS Jerome and Anita Atkinson Endowment for Minority Graduate Students

Toni M. and Richard L. Bergmark MBA Fellowship

Warren Batts Fellowship

Bergmark Dean’s Fellowship Endowment

Christopher Abrams MBA 2021 Brittany Beisner MBA 2021 Kiera Berger PhD Candice Blacknall MBA 2021 Jeffery Bowers MBA 2021 Hannah Burke MBA 2021 Gabriel Cahn MBA 2021 Frank Carellini MBA 2021 Nicholas Cheek MBA 2021 Amit Choudhary MBA 2021 Paige-Ashley Cruver MBA 2021 Austin Culberson PhD Victoria Dean MBA 2021 Bart DeProspo MBA 2021 Albert Djikeng PhD Gilad Doron PhD Vivek Girreddy MBA 2021 Shruthi Gottumukkala MBA 2021 Ian Gresov MBA 2021 Bahar Gunes Baccioglu MBA 2021 Rongkai Guo MBA 2021 Meng Han MBA 2021 Amir Hejri PhD Ginny Hodges MBA 2021 Nuri Jeong PhD Paul Joseph MBA 2021 Ben Kerns MBA 2021 Michael Klein MBA 2021 Juan Medina PhD Rohan Murty PhD Joonho Na MBA 2021 John Noojin MBA 2021 Chima Odinkemere MBA 2021 Vishal Patel MBA 2021 Ryan Peters MBA 2021 Shrinka Roy MBA 2021 Brandon Saadiq MBA 2021 Matthew Sarver MBA 2021 Luke Sewell MBA 2021 Pranav Shetty PhD Andrew Shibata MBA 2021 Noormin Sohani MBA 2021 Priyansh Srivastava MBA 2021 Patrick Strane MBA 2021 Jennifer Telling MBA 2021 LaDarius Thomas PhD Christopher Tolosa MBA 2021 Akshay Verma MBA 2021 Guang Shun Wang MBA 2021 Matthew Wiegand MBA 2021 Caleb Williford MBA 2021 Kyle Wolfson MBA 2021

Caitlin Ryan MBA 2021

Bergmark TI:GER Fellowship Luke Sewell MBA 2021

Robin George Bienfait Dean’s MBA Fellowship Hailey Armstrong MBA 2022

Connie L. and Roger E. Blythe Jr. MBA Fellowship Brittney W. and David A. Bottoms MBA Fellowship Robert J. Broadwater Fellowship Bruce and Carol Brooks Dean’s MBA Fellowship Steve Buffington Dean’s Expendable Fellowship Tanner Thompson MBA 2020

Sharon and Madison F. Cole Jr. MBA Fellowship Jasmine Howard MBA 2020

Danny Corbett Deloitte Consulting LLP Fellowship Joshua Dinenberg MBA 2023 Michelle Bevan MBA 2023

Donna W. and C. Richard Crutchfield Fellowship Dean’s Fell-Morehouse M.D./MBA Fellowship Candice Blacknall MBA 2020 Ogechi Nwoke MBA 2019 Chima Odinkemere MBA 2020 Allison Rowell MBA 2019

Stephen M. and Angel E. Deedy Dean’s MBA Fellowship Rachel Firstman MBA 2020 Kelsey Lyford MBA 2021

Shelly and Christopher C. Demetree Dean’s MBA Fellowship Gabriel Cahn MBA 2021 Jason Rich MBA 2021

Emerson Electric Company Dean’s MBA Fellowship Scott Bora MBA 2020


GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS Joe Evans Dean’s Expendable Fellowship Oladele Adedeji MBA 2020 Wynona Dowling MBA 2020

Sam O. Franklin III Graduate Fellowship Barry Weaver MBA 2022

Odie P. Galt Fellowship

Pamela Shwayri MBA 2022

William T. Giblin Fellowship Giglio Fellowship Greaves Family Fellowship Russell Sinclair Grove Jr. Graduate Fellowship Hubert L. Harris Family Fellowship

Mills B. Lane Fellowship

William Childress MBA 2020 Akhilesh Gupta MBA 2021 Jacob Lichtman MBA 2021 Alireza Nazari MBA 2020 Benjamin Rosenthal MBA 2020

Joanne D. and Julian LeCraw Sr. Fellowship Bartlet DeProspo MBA 2021

Ira H. Hardin Management Fellowship

MBA Annual Fund

ILE-Student Social Innovation Fellowship

MSM/MBA Alumni Fellowship

Gary Jones Dean’s MBA Fellowship

McMillan Family Dean’s MBA Fellowship

Guang Shun Wang MBA 2021

Rebecca Berge MBA 2019 Melanie Coissard MBA 2019 Jialei Deng MBA 2021 Anna Greene MBA 2021

Nancy J. and Lawrence P. Huang Dean’s MBA Fellowship Jamen Descartes MBA 2021 Jason Rich MBA 2021

Lynne and A.J. Land Dean’s MBA Fellowship Hattie Arnau MBA 2021 William Barry MBA 2021 Saadiq Brandon MBA 2021 Kristen Brinson MBA 2021 Sara Chamberlain MBA 2021 Deborah Crabtree MBA 2021 Benjamin Crom MBA 2020 Alai Fernandez MBA 2021 Peter Flaaen MBA 2020 Eric Frey MBA 2021 Beaty Grace MBA 2022 Mary Hickey MBA 2021 Jasmine Howard MBA 2020 Nathan “Rudy” Krehbiel MBA 2020 James “Alex” Lafley MBA 2020 Stephanie Landaverde MBA 2020 Denzel McCollum MBA 2021 Valerie McKay MBA 2020 William Mizell MBA 2021 Maddie Picone MBA 2021 Isabella Sanders MBA 2021 Christine Scott MBA 2021 Victoria Skinner MBA 2021


SaVona Smith MBA 2020 Ian Stribling MBA 2022 Melissa Ting MBA 2021 Jonathan Tran MBA 2020 Lindsay Waters MBA 2020 Lindsay Waters MBA 2020 Kyle Wolfson MBA 2021

Ashley Bomm MBA 2021 James Farmer MBA 2021

Cooper Mills Dean’s MBA Fellowship MLT Fellowship

Stephanie Landaverde MBA 2020

North Highland Dean’s MBA Fellowship Grace Beaty MBA 2022 Samuel Gollin MBA 2021 Brennan Hammer MBA 2022 Stefan Schembor MBA 2020 Christopher Weekley MBA 2022

M. Lamar Oglesby Graduate Fellowship in Management Christopher Abrams MBA 2021 Alexandra Smith MBA 2022 Andrew Logan MBA 2021 Pawena Sloan MBA 2020

Gregory J. Owens Dean’s Fellowship Endowment William Barry MBA 2021 James Lafley MBA 2020 Elizabeth Noe MBA 2020 Michelle Rosenbaum MBA 2021

Edward Henry Rowe Fellowship Endowment Halie Brinkman MBA 2019 Brian Morris MBA 2019

Scheller College of Business CIBER Fellowship

GRADUATE FELLOWSHIPS/UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS Scheller College of Business Dean’s Evening MBA Fellowship Scheller College of Business Fellowship for MBA Students

Hattie Arnau MBA 2020 Rebecca Berge MBA 2019 Benjamin Crom MBA 2020 Jialei Deng MBA 2021 Peter Flaaen MBA 2020 Eric Frey MBA 2021 Phillip Handler MBA 2021 Shelly Havill MBA 2019 Mary Hickey MBA 2020 Jasmine Howard MBA 2020 Nathan Krehbiel MBA 2020 James Lafley MBA 2020 Stephanie Landaverde MBA 2020 Denzel McCollum MBA 2021 Valerie McKay MBA 2020 William Mizell MBA 2021 Vishal Patel MBA 2022 Brandon Saadiq MBA 2022 Stefan Schembor MBA 2020 SaVona Smith MBA 2020 Ian Stribling MBA 2022 Melissa Ting MBA 2021 Jonathan Tran MBA 2020 Lindsay Waters MBA 2020 Christopher Weekley MBA 2022 Kyle Wolfson MBA 2021

Sandra and Ronald Slaughter PhD Fellowship Yunyoung Hur PhD IT Mgmt 2021

John E. Smith Fellowship Abigail Brenller MBA 2021 Nicholas Cheek MBA 2021 James Farmer MBA 2021 Shrinka Roy MBA 2021

Rose and Neal Sumter MBA TI:GER Fellowship TI:GER & SEIG Fellowship Rudy Krehbiel MBA 2020 Ryan Peters MBA 2021 Shrinka Roy MBA 2021

Wells Fargo Fellowship/Wachovia Scholars Fund Nikola Dragovic MBA 2022

Susan K. and H. Arthur Williams MBA Fellowship Catherine W. and Edwin A. Wahlen Jr. Dean’s MBA Fellowship John Cranor MBA 2020

Judy and Stephen Zelnak Jr. Dean’s MBA Fellowship Randall Gordon MBA 2022 Shelly Havill MBA 2019 Valerie McKay MBA 2020

UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS Michelle L. Adkins Dean’s Scholarship Vivek Pai BSBA 2021

Philip Adler Jr. Dean’s Scholarship Brandt Plomaritis BSBA 2021

Lon C. Alexander Jr. Scholarship Adam Clenney BSBA 2024

Kelly H. and Rick Barrett Dean’s Scholarship Reese Howard BSBA 2021 Isabel Evans BSBA 2023

Marcus C. Bennett Scholarship Toni M. and Richard L. Bergmark Dean’s Scholarship Lauren Alexander BSBA 2021 Brett Broughton BSBA 2022 Darb Foster BSBA 2020 Peter Franzek BSBA 2020 Jamaal Hankey BSBA 2023

Harriet and William P. Bland Jr. Scholarship Connie L. and Roger E. Blythe Jr. Dean’s Scholarship Claudia Onley BSBA 2021

Scheller College of Business Boeing Scholarship

Sherry Huang BSBA 2020 Merritt Kendzior BSME 2021 Kar Shin Lin BSCS 2020 Kimberly Molina-Veronico BSHTS 2022 Nicole Wang BSCmpE 2020

Jeni S. and Jeffrey P. Bogdan Scholarship William Thurmond BABA 2021

Norman Ernest Boswell Memorial Scholarship David A. Bottoms President’s Scholarship Gavin Lambert BSBA 2022

Pamela P. and Hoke S. Brannen Jr. Scholarship Robert L. Branner Jr. Scholarship Sara Reese Howard BSBA 2021

Edward J. Brown Jr. President’s Scholarships Robert Jones BSBA 2021


UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS Paul J. Brown Family Scholarship J. Gary and Judy M. Butler Scholarship Gene H. Cates Memorial Scholarship Alfred D. Cobb Scholarship Denning Technology & Management Scholarship Beverly and Winston L. Duke Scholarship Harry N. “Bosco” DuPre Jr. Scholarship Raena W. and Joseph W. Evans Dean’s Scholarship Arul Gupta BSBA 2023 Tyler Harper BSBA 2020 Reid Schulz BSBA 2022 Michelle Voykovic BSBA 2021

Thomas A. Fanning Family Dean’s Scholarship Stockton DeLaria BSBA 2021

Cathy M. and Robert M. Gilson Jr. Dean’s Scholarship Rachel Luckcuck BSBA 2021

Gail S. and Marion B. Glover Dean’s Scholarship Katie Fishman BSBA 2022 Ramy Bassil BSBA 2023

Henry Michael Hammond Scholarship George W. Harris Jr. Scholarship Tom E. Hassett III Scholarship Robert F. Head Jr. Scholarship Rebecca W. and P. Owen Herrin Jr. Scholarship Brandi R. Herringdine Dean’s Scholarship Lauren Bohling BSBA 2020 Meah Konstanzer BSBA 2023 Riley McBride BSBA 2023

Holland-Roller Scholarship

Michael Adamo BSBME 2021 Joyce Johnson BSIE 2021 Noah Joyce BSCmpE 2021 Merritt Kendzior BSME 2021 Connor Meeds BSME 2020 Shivani Mehrotra BSEE 2020 Jake Owens BSBME 2021 Jaydra Von Behren BSBME 2022 Nicole Wang BSCmpE 2020


Lonnie A. “Aubry” Holland Technology & Management Scholarship Brett Broughton BSBA 2021 Rachel Luckcuck BSBA 2020 Vivek Pai BSBA 2021 Brandt Plomaritis BSBA 2021 John Ramsey BSBA 2021 Taylor Spuhler BSBA 2020 Christopher Sullivan BSBA 2021 Clare Thanner BSBA 2021 Michelle Voykovic BSBA 2021

Molly M. and Dennis H. James Dean’s Scholarship Jackson Grant BSBA 2022

Shannon N. Joiner Scholarship David R. Jones Family Scholarship Gary T. and Elizabeth R. Jones Dean’s Scholarship Emma Adams BSBA 2020

Carol L. and N. Richard Kalikow Dean’s Scholarship Alex Dunaway BSBA 2022

Jack C. Kilgore Family Scholarship Caron A. and Alan J. Lacy Dean’s Scholarship Shelley Ling BSBA 2021

Angela E. and John E. Laughter Scholarship Amber Shell BSAE 2022 Ted Vlady BSAE 2020

Earl H. Lucas Scholarship Richard H. Maddux Scholarship Naresh Malhotra Scholarship for Marketing Research Bethany Bell BSBA 2021

McConnell Family Scholarship in Technology & Management Sherry Huang BSBA 2020 Sebastian Russell BSBA 2022 Richard McClure BSBA 2020

Chambless Wilberne McGill Perseverance Award Colman Faulkner BSBA 2021

Bess S. and Cooper N. Mills Scholarship Benjamin Damus BSBA 2019

Alice Neal Dean’s Scholarship Jason Quill BSBA 2020 Christopher Sullivan BSBA 2021

UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS Beth H. Nowers Scholarship Endowment Fund Alexa Cobo BSBA 2023

Gregory J. Owens Dean’s Scholarship Daniel Zhou BSBA 2023

John P. Pelton Scholarship Robert F. Pinkerton Scholarship Kendall M. and W. Derek Porter Dean’s Scholarship McKensie Griffis BSBA 2021

Prescott-Thrasher Scholarship Michelle and Peter Quinones Dean’s Scholarship William LeRoy BSBA 2022

J. Lamar Reese Scholarship Jordan Pope BSBA 2021

Harry R. Stamper III Scholarship Oscar Appleton BSBA 2021 Grayson McAlister BSBA 2021 William Thurmond BSBA 2021

R. Joe Taylor President’s Scholarship Cameron Bell BSBA 2022 Joshua Boyle BSBA 2023 Parker Campiglia BSBA 2020 Anna Cates BSBA 2021 Devika Dutt BSBA 2021

Elizabeth Dianne and Genne L. Ussery Jr. Dean’s Scholarship Jolie Fouts BSBA 2022 William Sheiner BSBA 2020

Catherine W and Edwin A. Wahlen Jr. Dean’s Scholarship Cortlin DeMaine BSBA 2022

S. Joseph Ward Dean’s Scholarship Katherine Anderson BSBA 2022

Michele and David P. Rowland Dean’s Scholarship

Sue McDuffee Ward and Samuel Joseph Ward Scholarship

Amy G. and J. Michael Rowland Scholarship

Wendi W. and John R. Wells Scholarship

Michele M. and David P. Rowland Scholarship

Brent and Amelia Zelnak Jr. Dean’s Scholarship

Steven R. Salbu Dean’s Scholarship

Judy D. and Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Dean’s Scholarship

Madison Jones BSBA 2020

Nicole Schuster BSBA 2020 Bennett Kraus BSBA 2023 Zachary Sewell BSBA 2023 John Wagner BSBA 2020

Scheller College of Business Dean’s Scholarship Lane McAcree BSBA 2020 Matt Webster BSBA 2020 Abbey Yates BSBA 2020

Stevie and Robert J. Schmidt Dean’s Scholarship Benjamin Barnett BSBA 2021 Tanya Iyer BSBA 2023 Matthew Pacifico BSBA 2021

Benjamin Barnett BSBA 2022

Patrick Ramsey BSBA 2021 Emily Salmond BSBA 2022

Judy D. and Stephen P. Zelnak Jr. Denning Technology & Management Program Scholarship Thomas Coleman BSBA 2020 Claire Corbin BSBA 2021 Louis Hou BSBA 2020 Michelle Liang BSBA 2020 Garrett Prellberg BSBA 2020 Christopher Sewell BSBA 2021

Frederika L. and Robert S. Sitkoff Scholarship Dalton Childs BSBA 2021

Skelton Family Dean’s Scholarship Noah Newell BSBA 2022

Teresa M. Smith Scholarship Shelby Lancaster BSBA 2024 Hannah Schafer BSBA 2024

Speer Family Dean’s Scholarship David Franco BSBA 2022


UNDERGRADUATE SCHOLARSHIPS/STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS STUDY ABROAD SCHOLARSHIPS AND FELLOWSHIPS Bergmark Family Study Abroad Scholarship Madison Hicks BSBA 2022 Khalil Mohamed BSBA 2020 Khalil Newell BSBA 2020 Sarah Parker BSBA 2021 Gavin Perlman BSBA 2022

Mary Ellen and R. Steve Buffington Study Abroad Scholarship Nikita Dani BSBA 2022 Irene Dong BSBA 2021 Jolie Fouts BSBA 2022 Dayna Grigsby BSBA 2021 Seenam Ijaz BSBA 2021 Inika Jain BSBA 2021 Sabrina Lasarte BSBA 2022 Defreese McMillan BSBA 2022 Noah Newell BSBA 2022 Patrick Nolen BSBA 2021 Colynn Vacko BSBA 2022 Angel Zheng BSBA 2021 Mary Zhou BSBA 2021

Christie N. Chandler Study Abroad Scholarship

Chase Crosby BSBA 2021 Cortlin De Maine BSBA 2022 Reese Howard BSBA 2021 Avielle Krug BSBA 2021 Emerson Lee BSBA 2020 Anna Montgomery BSBA 2022 Moulica Reddy BSBA 2022 Emily Salmond BSBA 2022 Hannah Sherrill BSBA 2021 Caroline Speir BSBA 2022 Madison Townsend BSBA 2021 Lu Yan Yih BSBA 2022

Dean’s Innovation Fellowship International Practicum C. Whitney Knoll Study Abroad Scholarship


Mary E. and William T. Naramore Study Abroad Scholarship Abby Adams BSBA 2022 Abigail Dees BSBA 2022 Angela Deng BSBA 2022 Jillian Fazio BSBA 2022 Jackson Grant BSBA 2022 Lyle Hoge BSBA 2021 William LeRoy BSBA 2022 Emily Nguyen BSBA 2022 Cole Ormsby BSBA 2021 Anastasia Roman BSBA 2021 Jennifer Thorpe BSBA 2022

ADVISORY BOARD Robert A. Anclien (Emeritus), IM 1969

Lauren W. McDow, MGT 2003

Mark K. Alexander, MGT 1987

Cooper N. Mills, IM 1968

Kelly H. Barrett*, Past Chair, IM 1986

Hala Moddelmog

Richard L. Bergmark*, Chair-Elect, IMGT 1975

Darlene J. Nicosia, MSM 1994

R. Allan Bradley, Jr., MSCI 1973

Gregory J. Owens, IM 1982

Mack P. Brothers, IV MSM 1992

Peter E. Quinones, MBA 2008

Paul J. Brown, MGT 1989

Jennifer R. Rewis, CPA, MGT 1992

R. Stephen Buffington, IM 1977

Jean Marie Richardson, MGT 2002

Michelle P. Bulger Mabery, MBA 2014

David P. Rowland*, Immediate Past Chair, IM 1983

Rafael Cohen, MGT 1990

Ernest Scheller, Jr. (Emeritus), IM 1952, Hon. Ph.D. 2013

Madison F. Cole, Jr.

Jacquelyn Renée Schneider, BC 2006, MBA 2018

Stephen M. Deedy, IM 1981

Jean-Pierre Serani, MBA 2005

Lalit K. Dhingra

John H. Sherman III, IMGT 1982

Elizabeth E. Downey, ChE 1995

Teresa M. Smith*, Chair, IMGT 1983

Joseph W. Evans, IM 1971

Richard N. Speer, Jr., MGT 1971

Robert M. Gilson, IM 1973

J. Leland Strange, IM 1965

Terry A. Graham, IM 1969

William VanCuren

H. Michael Hammond, BMGT 1975

Chris A. Verlander, IM 1970

Lara O’Connor Hodgson, AE 1993

Edwin A. Wahlen, Jr., IM 1970

Lawrence P. Huang (Emeritus), IM 1973

Kathy Waller

Gary T. Jones (Emeritus), IM 1971

Tomoyuki Watanabe, MBA 2006

A.J. Land, Jr. (Emeritus), IM 1960

John R. Wells, IMGT 1984

Joel S. Langsfeld, IMGT 1980

Susan K. Williams, IM 1983

Margaret E. Lovatt, MBA 2016

Henry E. Windhorst, MGT 2010

William J. Magee, IM 1985

Liang Zeng, MS ENVE 1998, MS MGT 1999

Michael A. McCarthy, MS MGT 1986