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Spotlight On … UKRO 2013 On Merseyside “An Excellent Authority”

Featuring ‘ON THE BELL’ The Journal of the Emergency Services

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Cambridgeshire Fire & Rescue Service Derelict Hospital Building Is Perfect Practice Site . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .4-5 Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue Long Serving FRS Manager Receives High Sheriff’s Award . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Lincolnshire Crew Save Three From Unreported Fire . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 Lincolnshire FRS Crews Conduct An Exercise In Preservation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 Massey Shaw "


Historic London Fireboat Massey Shaw Ready To Return To The Thames . . . . . . . .8-9

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Front Cover : Two firefighters work a jet into the inferno of the recent Smethwick plastics factory blaze that presented West Midlands Fire Service with the largest fire in their recent history. (Photograph courtesy of West Midlands Fire Service) - See report on Page 25

Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Chief Fire Officer Receives Queen’s Medal . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 Tea Light Candle Fire Sparks Safety Warning . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10 West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Brigade Planning A Commemorative Book . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service Service Cleans Shoalstone Outdoor Swimming Pool . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service UKRO 2013 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .12-13 Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service

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Equality & Diversity Is A Matter Of Pride . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Beach Safety Success . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14 Holmatro True Battery Power And Freedom For Rescue Operations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .15 Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service Chernobyl Hero Visits Saltash Firefighters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .16 Cleveland Fire Brigade Celebrating The Success Of Cleveland Fire Brigade Staff . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .17 South Wales Fire & Rescue Service Harlem Shake Craze To Promote ‘Test Your Smoke Alarm’ Message . . . . . . . . . . . .17 Service Takes ‘Control’ Of Social Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .18 Fire And Rescue Minister Lesley Griffiths Visits Training Development Centre . . . . .19 Deaf Awareness Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19 Fire Service National Museum Museum Trust To Stage Appliance Sale . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .20 Cheshire Fire & Rescue Service Fire Bosses Back Plan To Invest In Sprinklers . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .21 Dorset Fire & Rescue Service Service Celebrated Success At Its Annual Awards Ceremony . . . . . . . . . . . . . .22-23 Sir Ken Knight Independent Report Independent Report Finds Scope For Millions To Be Saved In Fire Service . . . . . . . .24 West Midlands Fire Service Biggest Fire Yet Tackled By West Midlands Fire Service . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .25 All Our Yesterdays Some Classic Fire Engines Of The Past. Images From The Photographic Collection Of Consulting Editor Neil Wallington . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26

Issue No: 21305

w w w. i n a t t e n d a n c e . c o . u k

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Working together to improve community safety

Derelict Hospital Building is Perfect Practice Site For Firefighters Firefighters are being given the opportunity to take part in more realistic training opportunities thanks to a partnership with a local hospital. Crews fill a disused hospital building with smoke, search its three floors and get the chance to practise a multitude of skills at the Hinchingbrooke Hospital site, in Huntingdon. Elizabeth House is a disused nurses and doctors’ accommodation suite and in recent weeks has been used by crews from St Neots and Huntingdon to undertake creative breathing apparatus training, as well as familiarisation with new kit like Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) fans. Stuart Smith, Watch Commander at CFRS, said: “This facility is a huge benefit to us as there are fewer derelict buildings available to train at. The building allows us to set up different scenarios and practice all skills from pitching ladders and using hose reels to testing breathing apparatus procedures and using PPV fans. Because it has three floors, we can also practice high rise procedures and carry out searches of each floor. “It also becomes more of a challenge to firefighters as they are not aware of the layout of the building and makes it more realistic training than using regular training sites.” A staff member from Hinchingbrooke Hospital, which became the first NHS 4 | In Attendance

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Trust to be operated by private partner Circle last year, is always on hand to assist crews and let them in to the site. Mark Cammies, Director of Estates at Hinchingbrooke hospital, added: “We are delighted to be able to support Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service crews and provide them with a realistic training opportunity with our Elizabeth House building. This will not only benefit the patients and staff of Hinchingbrooke hospital, but also the wider community if the crews are deployed. We will continue to strengthen the partnership with Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service and continue to support them in their vital training needs.�

Top Left: Green watch firefighters in breathing apparatus after being inside the smoke logged building Bottom, left: CFRS Training centre commander Callum Faint (far left), with Green Watch Huntingdon, and directors at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. Right: Watch Commander Danny Kelly oversees a training exercise using a new PPV fan, used to clear the building of smoke Below: Green Watch Huntingdon outside Elizabeth House training block following a training session

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Long Serving Lincolnshire FRS Manager Receives A Lincolnshire FRS Watch Manager who has served at the same fire station for 50 years has been presented with the High Sheriff’s Award for his long service. Retained Watch Manager Jack Moss of Billingborough Fire Station received the prestigious award earlier in the year. He was one of only 13 local residents to receive the annual award. Jack joined the Junior Firefighters – equivalent to today’s Young Firefighters – in 1963 when he was just 15. On his 18th birthday, he signed up as a volunteer firefighter before being promoted to Leading Firefighter. In 1981 he was promoted to Sub Officer on the same day his father retired from the same post. He has served at Billingborough ever since.

High Sheriff’s Award

Jack was nominated for the honour for his ongoing commitment to the Service and the safety of the residents of Billingborough. He was presented with a special certificate and an engraved lapel pin in recognition of his achievements, and attended a reception for High Sheriff’s Award recipients at the Judges’ Lodgings in Lincoln’s Castle Square.

Jack said he was honoured to have received the award, adding: “I’ve enjoyed every minute of my career – it’s been very worthwhile and rewarding, and I’m pleased I’ve been fit and well enough to continue it for so long.” Photograph above shows Lincolnshire FRS Watch Manager Jack Moss accepting his Award from Lincolnshire High Sheriff John Burke.

Lincolnshire Crew Save Three From Unreported Fire Whilst Carrying Out CFS Visit A Lincolnshire FRS crew conducting free Home Fire Safety Checks (HFSCs) saved three lives when they discovered a serious fire in a neighbouring home. Grantham’s Blue Watch were carrying out CFS visits on a residential street when they spotted thick smoke coming from the garden of a nearby property and went to investigate. The crew of five thought the fire was due to someone executed a controlled burning – but as they neared the house, they realised the seriousness of the emergency. A man stood in the property’s open front doorway, and a second man was leaning out a first-floor bedroom window – the room behind him was filled with thick, acrid smoke. It was obvious he had no means of escape – the man needed to be rescued. The crew sprang into action, and using a short-extension ladder, immediately rescued the man from the window. Meanwhile, DCM Jim Curry and CM Pete 6 | In Attendance

Scarlett attempted to assist the man in the doorway – but the man said he believed his girlfriend was still inside the property and ran back inside after her. Having noted the seat of the fire as being upstairs, Jim and Pete did not hesitate but ran straight in after him. They brought the man back out of the house; his girlfriend had made her way to the back door and the crew assisted her away from the property. Immediately, a BA team was committed to the first floor to fight the fire, which had resulted from a mattress which had been propped up against a wall falling onto an electric heater. Although the fire had quickly spread to the walls, the crew extinguished it within five minutes. CM Scarlett said he was proud of the speed and efficiency with which the crew handled the incident – especially considering its unexpected and urgent nature. He added: “Because of the speed at which the fire took hold, no one had

dialled 999 – and the crew just happened to be in the right place at the right time to rescue the residents from what could have been a tragedy. He continued: “Within five minutes an informative had been sent to Control and within three minutes the BA team was committed – it all happened so fast. In normal circumstances we would have been prepared and arrived at the incident dressed in fire kit, so the crew did exceptionally well to be in the property so quickly. They stayed calm and affected an impressive rescue of three people in their twenties, after which they went back into the property and rescued two pet guinea pigs. All were safe, unharmed and needed no medical treatment.” CM Scarlett added that the crew were on scene for just over three hours and will return to carry out a HFSC visit once the property has been repaired.

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Preservation practice: Gunby Hall hosted Lincolnshire FRS crews from Alford, Louth and Skegness . (Photograph courtesy of Justin Shaw Art)

Lincolnshire FRS Crews Conduct An Exercise In Preservation

We wanted to give

something back by way of offering them a unique place to train, taking into account the sensitivities of a Grade 1 listed building

Old stable blocks provided the perfect

saved if possible in the event of a fire.

location for breathing apparatus (BA)

The crews also undertook a BA exercise

We feel it’s a very reciprocal arrangement

training when Lincolnshire FRS crews

in the stable blocks, which were filled

which will enable your firefighters to

carried out a night-time exercise at

with artificial smoke to replicate a

familiarise themselves with the locations

Gunby Hall, a National Trust manor

realistic environment for a BA search and

of our precious items and therefore find


rescue exercise.

it easier to preserve them should a fire

The exercise allowed crews from Alford,

This was the second time Gunby Hall


Louth and Skegness to assess the

welcomed Lincolnshire crews in for an

Gunby Hall staff also took the

logistics of attending an incident at the

exercise – and staff say they hope it will

opportunity to practise their own

Grade 1 listed building, nestled at the

lead to a continuing partnership. House

response to a fire alarm with the crews

foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Manager Astrid Gatenby said: “Gunby

who would most likely respond to a true

Built in 1700, Gunby Hall posed unique

Hall is one of the few Grade 1 listed

incident at the site.

challenges to the crews due to its age,

buildings in Lincolnshire, and as such we

such as a narrow entrance arch, which is

have a sophisticated alarm system that

only just big enough to fit a fire

occasionally sounds false fire alarms. But

appliance through. Whilst on site, crews

even when this happens, the fire crews

undertook a risk visit in the Hall in order

always turn up and take it in stride –

to familiarise themselves with the

they’ve been very good with us.

premises and identify access points and

Astrid continued: “We wanted to give

thank Gunby Hall staff for being so

water supplies.

something back by way of offering them

accommodating, even to the point of

Watch Commander Support Matt King said the exercise proved very successful and praised the hospitality of Gunby Hall staff. He added: “It was a unique training opportunity that benefitted everyone involved – and we’d like to

This involved touring the building and

a unique place to train, taking into

providing us hot drinks from their tea

studying a salvage plan, which identified

account the sensitivities of a Grade 1

shop. “We look forward to partnering

items of historical value that should be

listed building.

with them again in the future.” In Attendance | 7

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Historic London Fireboat Massey Shaw Ready To Return To The Thames Extensive restoration work on the historic London Fire Brigade fireboat Massey Shaw at Nielson’s boatyard at Gloucester have now been concluded with the fireboat restored to its pre-World War II glory. During June 2013, Massey Shaw was returned locally to the water, an event which marked the beginning of the end of years of difficulties and frustration for Massey Shaw’s Management Team and Preservation Society members. Apart from some minor snagging work, the launch was followed by preparation for MCA certification and crew training. Massey Shaw was originally built and launched at a Cowes boatyard on the Isle of Wight in 1935 as the new flagship of London Fire Brigade’s River Section. In May 1940, she made three round trips to the Dunkirk beaches, bringing back over 700 soldiers of the BEF as well as ferrying many others to larger vessels before valiant service during the fiery London Blitz years of World War II. Massey Shaw was finally retired from front-line firefighting and rescue duties on London’s river in 1971. A major part of the restoration work at Gloucester has included replacing some

The hull and two firefighting water intakes prior to restoration

Massey Shaw is lifted for the road trip to Gloucester

2,000 rivets in the steel plating of the hull, the replacement of the original teak decking on the boat’s fore and aft sections, refitting the galley, engine room, crew space and other internal areas of the boat, which will enable the links with the 1930’s and the vessel’s history to be retained and also provide a maritime legacy for the future. In addition, Massey Shaw’s twin 8 cylinder Glennifer marine engines have been completely overhauled at Gardner’s Marine Engines works at Canterbury. All this extensive restoration work since 2011 has been made possible by a second Heritage Lottery Fund grant of £566,000.

The fire pumps come alive again

Plans are now advanced for Massey Shaw’s return to the Thames by mid August 2013. The first official event to be attended is scheduled to be the Great River race on 7th/8th of September, following which Massey Shaw will be moored in St Katharine's Dock by Tower Bridge for the Traditional Boat Rally over the weekend of the 14th/15th September, before holding a series of Open Days during the remainder of September. For more details of The Massey Shaw & Marine Vessels Preservation Society and the restoration project visit:

Massey Shaw's first major London riverside fire: Colonial Wharf, 1935

8 | In Attendance

The fireboat's restoration nears completion

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Back in the water at Gloucester, Massey Shaw gets her midships monitor to work The fireboat is returned to the water

Massey Shaw awaits her return to the Thames

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Hertfordshire County Council

Hertfordshire Fire & Rescue Service Chief Fire Officer receives Queen’s Medal Roy Wilsher, Director of Community Protection and Chief Fire Officer, has received the prestigious Queen’s Fire Service Medal (QFSM) in the Queen’s Birthday Honours list.

While serving as Chief Fire Officer for Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service Roy has worked tirelessly to create one of the highest performing and lowest cost fire services in the country.

The award is in recognition of Roy’s outstanding contribution to the work of the Fire and Rescue Service at both a local and national level.

Some of Roy’s most significant successes in Hertfordshire include:

Roy has already been awarded an OBE for his commitment to the fire service, but this medal honours his many great achievements throughout his service career. On receiving the award, Roy said: “I am extremely pleased and very proud to receive the Queen’s Fire Service Medal as it demonstrates professional recognition. I would like to thank everyone who has helped make this possible, especially my family, Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service, Chief Fire Officer Association colleagues and the professional people who have helped to build an excellent fire service.”

• Introducing the highly successful LiFE scheme; a practical course for young people, which focuses on reducing arson and anti-social behaviour, as well as problem-solving and building confidence. • Leading the service through the largest peacetime fire in December 2005, when Roy acted as Fire Gold for the Buncefield Oil Terminal fire. • Becoming Director of Community Protection at Hertfordshire County Council in 2011. This involved bringing together trading standards, emergency planning, community safety and the fire service to work jointly on all areas of safety. • Preparing and overseeing a highly successful 2012 Olympic operation at

the White Water Centre in Lea Valley and continuing with the many great successes that came from it. Roy has played and continues to play a significant role on a national and international level. His major roles and achievements include: • Being the strategic lead for the UK rescue response for the Japan earthquake and tsunami in 2011. • Being the Director of Operations for Chief Fire Officers Association (CFOA) and Chair of Joint Emergency Services Interoperability Programme (JESIP), a programme which aims to ensure all Blue Light Services work effectively together to build on joint emergency service national resilience and response capability. • Acting as Operational Commander for the Paddington rail crash. • Attending a number of major incidents, including the Putney gas explosion, the mortar bomb attack on Downing Street and the fire bomb attacks on Oxford Street.

Tea light candle fire sparks safety warning Hertfordshire Fire and Rescue Service has re-issued a warning about the dangers of using candles without holders, following a house fire in July. Crews from Borehamwood and St Albans were called at 3.30am to a fire in a first floor bedroom of a house in Laxton Gardens, Shenley. The fire was caused by a tea light candle left burning on the top of a television. Tea light candles can reach extremely high temperatures - the container, whether it is plastic or foil, becomes extremely hot so if they are placed directly onto a plastic surface, like a television, stereo or even the edge of a bath, the tea light will burn through the plastic very quickly, causing a fire. The property did not have a working smoke alarm, but luckily a resident was awake, smelled smoke and discovered the fire. 10 | In Attendance

Richard Thake, Cabinet Member for Community Safety, said: “I urge residents to take extra care with tea lights - if they are used without a proper, heat-resistant container, they can be deadly. Once a fire has started people would be horrified at the speed at which it can take hold of a room. “Tea lights are often sold in bags containing hundreds of candles, but safety information isn't printed on the individual tea lights. So if the candles get separated from their original packaging, so does the information about how to use them safely. "The residents were very fortunate that they discovered the fire and were able to call the fire service. If you don’t already own one, get a smoke alarm and remember to test it every week. If a fire starts, it could be your only warning.”

Tea light safety advice includes: - Always burn tea lights in or on a suitable, non-flammable holder on a heat resistant surface - Don’t let anything fall into the hot wax, including spent matches - Never place tea lights directly on plastic surfaces such as TV's, computers or baths - Never leave a tea light unattended and remember to extinguish before going to sleep - Ensure candles are stable and cannot be knocked over - Keep away from draughts or blowing curtains - Keep tea lights away from children and pets

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April 2014 will see the 40th anniversary of the formation of the urban metropolitan brigades, such as West Yorkshire F&RS. The Brigade are planning a commemorative book to celebrate their 40 years through the dramatic and high quality camera work of the WYFRS photographers.

Service cleans up Shoalstone outdoor swimming pool Brixham’s outdoor seawater swimming pool is an art deco icon and only one of a few left in this country. It is maintained by a committed team of volunteers known as: “The Friends of Shoalstone”, who raise funds and carry out the maintenance work. Fearing that the pool had been facing closure, Devon & Somerset Fire & Rescue Service, White Watch Manager, Mark Rollings from Brixham decided to take action: "Due to the current financial climate Torbay council has cut the funding for the pool and last summer it was only open for a very short season. “I felt it would be a good idea to see if the crew would be interested in volunteering to help clean and paint the pool ready for the summer season. The positive response from the crew was overwhelming, so I approached the Friends of Shoalstone pool and to say they bit my hand off would be an understatement! “Over the winter months the pool collects sand and debris from the winter storms so in April we spend a day cleaning it, followed by four days in May repainting the pool and surrounding areas.

Here are two visual examples of their operational work, both from fires in 1984 - the Summit Tunnel blaze under the Pennines which involved a derailed fuel tanker train, and a ghostly view of a turntable ladder at work above the smoke of a typical West Yorkshire mill fire at Bradford. Details of the West Yorkshire book will appear in the November edition of In Attendance.

“This has been a great opportunity to help the voluntary group refurbish the pool and keep this valuable asset open. It has also been a great way for us to engage with the Brixham community as this is a popular pool enjoyed by thousands of people, locals and visitors every year and is an integral part of our leisure facilities.” “The Friends of Shoalstone” are instrumental in ensuring that the pool remains open to the public. Without their efforts to repair the winter damage every spring, it is unlikely that it would remain open and free for all.

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UKRO A lb er t Do ck

Hosted by Merseyside On 5th and 6th June 2013 Fire and Rescue Services from across the UK scooped top awards after an intense, two-day Challenge, thought to be the largest rescue competition in the world. Out of five Challenge areas, London Fire Brigade won three, seeing off competition from 36 Fire and Rescue Service teams including Greater Manchester, Cumbria, Scotland, South Wales and Cheshire. More than 400 people flocked to see hundreds of firefighters compete in a range of skill areas to be crowned the best in the UK at a specially constructed area near the BT Convention Centre and Kings Dock and Queens Dock, Liverpool. In total 600 competitors attended the event staged this year by Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service (MF&RS), working with the United Kingdom Rescue Organisation (UKRO). Awards were presented for first, second and third place. Firefighters from London Fire Brigade won the Rope Challenge, Urban Search & Rescue Challenge and the Trauma Challenge. They were presented with their awards at the United Kingdom Rescue Challenge 2013 award ceremony at the BT Convention Centre in Liverpool. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service won the Extrication Challenge and Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service won the Water Challenge. Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service also won the best Medical Team and best Technical Team in the Extrication Challenge.

Photo by Chris Phillips. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

12 | In Attendance

London Fire Brigade also won first prize in the best Medical Rescue in the Urban Search and Rescue Challenge, Best Incident Commander in the Rope Challenge and best Technical Team in the Urban Search and Rescue Challenge and the Rope Challenge. Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service came third in the Water Challenge and Cumbria Fire and Rescue came second. The best Incident Commander in the Urban Search and Rescue Challenge went to Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service. Overall, Tyne and Wear came third in the Urban Search and Rescue Challenge and Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue Service were second. South Wales won first place for the Medic award in the Rope Challenge and also won the best Incident Commander in the Extrication Challenge. Overall in the Rope Challenge Leicestershire came third and Scotland West were second. In the Trauma Challenge North Yorkshire were third. Overall in the Extrication Challenge, South Wales came third and North Yorkshire second. The range of challenges for the 2013 competition consisted of rope rescue, casualty management/trauma care, extrication/vehicle rescue, water rescue and Urban Search & Rescue (USAR). Awards were presented by sponsors and Chief Fire Officer Steve Apter, Chair of UKRO, at the special awards ceremony. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service Chief Fire Officer Dan Stephens said: “The United Kingdom Rescue Challenge 2013 was a great success. Our staff worked really hard in planning and staging the event. I was at the awards ceremony and told the audience of competitors that they are a credit to the UK Fire and Rescue Services and really show what professionalism there is in our sector. Many teams

Photo by Chris Phillips. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

had given up spare time to train and prepare for the event and I was proud to see their efforts recognised.” Chief Fire Officer Stephens went on: “The Challenge was in a great location and the public visited the site and spoke to our officers about fire and road safety during both days. A variety of equipment was on show from the hydraulic cutting equipment used by modern Fire and Rescue Services to the various ropes, harnesses and water rescue kit and equipment” “Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service has hosted large events in the past; most notably the World Firefighter Games in 2008. The Service was once again proud to host another major event that showcased Liverpool’s history, culture, warmth and hospitality. We would like to thank all our sponsors for this event who have either provided equipment or funds to make sure UKRO 2013 would really make its mark.” Chief Fire Officer Steve Apter, Chair of UKRO and Chief Fire Officer of the Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Service, visited the site of the event on Friday and Saturday. He also presented the award for the winners of the Extrication Challenge at the event’s closing ceremony. Chief Fire Officer Apter said: “The range of skills and professionalism on show during the event was fantastic and it was great to see all of the teams’ efforts recognised by those at the closing ceremony and awards ceremony in Liverpool. He said “This is the largest rescue challenge of its kind in the world. The atmosphere has been exceptional and the hospitality of Merseyside Fire &

IN ATTENDANCE AUG 2013 28pp Complete_In Attendance Edit May 2012 28pp 12/08/2013 15:11 Page 13

2013 •


Fire & Rescue Service Rescue Service and their volunteers has been brilliant. I spoke to competitors, public and sponsors at the event and they all agreed it was been a superb Challenge. This is the largest number of competitors we have had so far in the event’s history. We introduced the concept of water rescue last year and that’s been taken on this year in Liverpool. The unique thing about the UK Rescue Challenge is that it shows the wide variety of rescue skills required by the modern Fire and Rescue Service and it hopefully demonstrates to the public those skills and the true value of the service. It’s not just about extinguishing fires; a lot of training goes on now every week across the UK.” The site included two metal towers, more than 30-feet high, which were used to test rope skills and floating pontoons in

Photo by Tony Thomas. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

water near Kings Dock, where firefighters rescued “casualties” as part of the assessments.

Four teams from outside the UK also displayed their skills during the two days, being teams were from Spain, Turkey, Macedonia and Austria. Crowds also flocked to the Community Village area during the event where there was safety information available for the public on road safety and fire safety. A range of activities were held for the family, including the Fire Fit climbing wall, pancake making sessions, the Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service quad bikes and a chip pan fire demonstration on the Saturday. New figures, released to mark the start of the United Kingdom Rescue Challenge 2013, revealed that firefighters rescued more than 20,000 people following road crashes in England in three years, six times as many people as those rescued from house fires during the same period. In the three financial years ending March 2012, the most recent figures available showed that 23,600 people were rescued by Fire and Rescue Services in England following crashes on the road. During the same period, 3,600 people were rescued in England by firefighters after fires started by accident in homes. These rounded figures were provided by the Department for Communities and Local Government. (Left) Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service’s Fire Fit Team on the MF&RS Fire Fit Climbing Wall in the Community Village Photo by Lyndsay Young. Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service

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Assistant Chief Fire Officer, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, John Baines

Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service is proud to once again to have supported Newcastle Pride 2013 on Saturday 20 July. Pride is an annual national celebration where lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people in the community come together to celebrate. The Service held a number of events to represent and celebrate our diversity and to show support for employees and partners who were participating in Newcastle Pride. In the morning of 20 July we hosted a Pride breakfast reception at the Great North Museum (formerly the Hancock) at 10am, working in partnership with Northumbria Police and North East Ambulance Service. Following this, the Pride Parade made its way through the

Equality and Diversity is a matter of Pride centre of Newcastle, starting at the Civic Centre at 12pm and arriving at Exhibition Park at approximately 12.50pm. After the parade, representatives from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service were present at the Pride Festival (‘Pink Picnic’) in Exhibition Park, where staff engaged with members of the LGBT community and gave fire safety advice, in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Assistant Chief Fire Officer for Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, John Baines, who is also the Service’s Stonewall Diversity Champion, said: “Taking a lead role in Newcastle Pride helps us to really strengthen our links with the LGBT community. It is incredibly important for us to work with all of our communities to promote community safety and well-being. "Supporting Pride is a key part of our wider work with the LGBT community

and has enabled us to be recognised as the highest placed Fire and Rescue Service in the Stonewall Workplace Equality Index, reaching 28th place. Our work with Stonewall confirms our real commitment in leading equality in the LGBT community and with our staff, as we work together to make Tyne and Wear a safer place to live, work and enjoy." Vice Chair of Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority and Group Champion for the Authority's LGBT Staff Network Group, Cllr Nick Forbes, said: "Newcastle Pride is now one of the biggest and best events in the LGBT calendar. I am delighted that Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service, one of the forerunners for equality in the fire and rescue service nationally, has again supported the event."

Beach safety success A three-week campaign to educate young people on how to stay safe this summer has been hailed a success.

* Flags - their meaning and use

More than 1,000 primary school children attended Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service's interactive safety centre, Safetyworks! in Newcastle. They took part in fun awareness sessions covering fire, water and beach safety, just in time for the better weather.

* Spotting dangers

The summer safety campaign involved fire officers from Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service and lifeguards from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI). Fire officers taught the children, from schools across Tyne and Wear, the importance of fire safety including: * Dangers of playing with matches * How to stay safe at BBQs * How to make a 999 call * Consequences of deliberately starting a fire Whilst RNLI lifeguards delivered messages about water safety including: * How to call the coast guard * Life saving techniques in the water 14 | In Attendance

* Safety at ponds, lakes, rivers and the beach * Staying with friends * What to do in an emergency The children also learned about first aid, road and travel safety during their visit. SafetyWorks Manager, Gill Elvin, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service said: "We have been amazed at the response to the campaign. It has been fantastic so much so that we've already decided to repeat it next year. We must have known the sun would finally come out too, just in time for the children to put their learning into practice when they are outside or on holiday." Nick Campbell, RNLI Lifeguard Community Engagement Supervisor said: "The RNLI lifeguards thoroughly enjoyed our time working with the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue team and also the other external agencies involved with the Summer Safety Campaign. It proved very successful and hopefully its success will continue in 2014.

"Children involved in the campaign were extremely well informed after the event and some were lucky enough to get the opportunity to visit the beach and take part in Hit the Surf with the RNLI lifeguards due to this visit. Some children had never been reached by the RNLI's safety messages before, so I am sure this helped in our prevention of incidents and loss of life at sea and around the water. "The RNLI hopes to carry on the good work with the Fire and Rescue team in 2014 for a Summer Safety Campaign." Cllr Peter Mole, Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Authority Member said: "This has been a great and fun way of helping to keep young people safe. By working together we can make much more of an impact and I'd like to thank the RNLI for working with us on this initiative and for marking a difference to young people's lives." The summer safety sessions also included support from Northumbria Police and Nexus. For more information about Safetyworks! visit

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True battery power and freedom for rescue operations The new Greenline battery pump from Holmatro brings true battery power to any rescue operation. Its concept is based on the power and duration that rescuers actually require from battery technology, which is why it sits inside the pump, and is not attached to our tools. The LiFePO4 battery technology is the most powerful available and also the most environmentally friendly, giving the Greenline pump true green credentials. It can be charged on board any vehicle from 12v (via inverter) or can be removed and charged separately. Full charge takes just one hour from empty. However if you only use a quarter of the battery, you are fully recharged in approximately 15 minutes. High performance Making the move to battery technology means you must have the performance that you require on scene. Not just for vehicle extrications, but for all rescue operations. The Greenline battery pump will run for 90 minutes during standard extrications (intermittent tool use) and will run idle for three hours. However, if you really want to test the true power of the battery, this can only really be achieved by fully loading the pump at maximum pressure (720 bar) and measuring the time. The battery will run fully loaded for 28 minutes. This is true battery performance. This is what is required on scene and allows rescuers to work without worrying about changing batteries. The pump is 3-stage, which delivers a higher oil flow in the second stage, increasing tool speed, yet still allowing ultimate control. This

kind of pump performance simply would not have been possible if you had fitted the pump and battery to the tool. The ECO whisper mode means that it is also extremely casualty friendly and the ability to site your pump away from the scene means that communication and casualty care are not compromised. Main features of this pump are the low weight, ergonomic design and that is easy to carry by one person. With the optional Quick Fix & Release Bracket from Holmatro you no longer have to devise your own solution for securing this pump in your rescue vehicle. Thanks to its universal mounting, this bracket fits in any truck. Using the bracket saves precious time during a rescue operation, protects the pump from damage, saves valuable vehicle space and is less physically demanding for rescuers. Instantly adopt battery technology This pump concept allows you to adopt battery technology instantly and continue to use your existing Holmatro CORETM tools, giving you the freedom to work indoors, underground or anywhere where emissions would cause a problem. This also means that you can easily expand your tool range and you are not limited to individual battery tools. Of course having the battery technology positioned within the pump means that your hydraulic tools remain light, well balanced and ergonomic, which makes the rescue process safer, easier and quicker. True freedom If a type of rescue is foreseeable, then we must be prepared for it. Rescues in or near water, whether from vehicles or in USAR

operations, is just the type of incident that has to be planned for. However, with the Greenline pump you have genuine freedom. All of the Holmatro tools can be safely used in or near water whilst the pump can be safely sited away from the scene of operations. The pump is also suitable for use in wet weather conditions, so outside use in heavy rain is no issue. Nor is cold weather, the battery is good for use down to -20째 Celsius. The pump is also ideal for use at altitudes above 1000 metres and can also be used on rescue aircraft where the carriage of fuel is prohibited. Conclusion Battery technology in rescue operations is nothing new and specialist battery powered tools have been available for a number of years. However, the technology required to deliver the desired power and duration has, until now, not been available. The 3-stage Greenline battery pump truly is the first pump that rescuers can take anywhere and be confident of optimum performance. Find out more at

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Chernobyl Hero Visits Saltash Firefighters A former Ukraine firefighter has paid a

Organised by Chernobyl Children’s

visit to colleagues in Saltash to share his

Lifeline, the visit was sponsored by the

first-hand experiences of the aftermath

Association for International Education

of the Chernobyl disaster.

and Exchange.

Petr Makarenko was working as a

Find out more about Cornwall Fire and

firefighter at the Chernobyl nuclear plant

Rescue Service's links with Chernobyl

at the time of the 1986 reactor fire. Off

Children's Lifeline visit

duty on the day of the fire, Petr returned

to the plant with his crew the next day and remained at the scene for the next five days. He was forced to leave the plant when he had to be hospitalised after receiving an overdose of radiation. One of a group of former Chernobyl firefighters who were invited to the UK by the charity Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline, Petr joined Saltash firefighters and local fire cadets during drill night. Welcoming him to the station, the fire cadets gave a display of firefighting techniques, while the crews gave him a tour of the station and equipment. “We all remember the Chernobyl disaster, but to hear such a personal account really brought home the bravery of those involved,” said Rachel Hoare, Community Fire Safety Advisor from Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service. “Petr enjoyed watching the drills and was keen to learn more about our firefighting equipment.”

16 | In Attendance

Main pict ure shows Paul Blakeston, Station Manager at Saltash Community Fire Station, with former Chernobyl firefighter Petr Mararenko. Below left: Petr is pictured with firefighters from Saltash Community Fire Station and Saltash Fire Cadets as well as representatives from Cornwall Lifeline and the charity Chernobyl Children's Lifeline.

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Celebrating the Success of Cleveland Fire Brigade Staff Cleveland Fire Brigade is continuing to ask local residents to help them recognise their staff who have gone that extra mile, or above and beyond the call of duty by nominating them for an award. The Brigade holds its annual Celebration of Success to acknowledge all the great work its staff does across local communities. Your nomination could also lead to a national customer service award as the Brigade has teamed up with the charitable organisation The WOW! Awards. Nominating is simple - just visit our website at and complete the form. Alternatively, please send a short letter to Cleveland Fire Brigade, Communications & Engagement Team, Stockton Road, Hartlepool TS25 5TB.

Nominations for the 2104 award can be now made and if any assistance is needed please call Denise Lee, the Brigade’s Events and Community Engagement Officer on 01429 874042. In 2012 the Brigade won three national WOW! Awards for the categories ‘Best Organisation in the Community’ and ‘Best Newcomer’ to the WOW! Awards’, and Kelly Reed, Youth Engagement Co-ordinator, also won the ‘WOW! You changed my life’ Award. Remember you can join us on Facebook (/clevelandfb) or Twitter (@clevelandfb) to keep up to date with this as well as news and safety information.

The WOW! Awards work with various companies and organisations in the UK and worldwide, helping them to recognise exceptional work of their staff. You can also find out more about WOW! Awards by visiting

Ian Hayton, Chief Fire Officer of Cleveland Fire Brigade said: “We need you to let us know the great work our staff do every day, as recognising the achievements of our staff is essential and who better to ask than the communities we serve. “When members of the public feel they have received excellent customer service, or that staff have made that extra effort, they can now put them forward to receive an award.”

The 2012 Cleveland Fire Brigade staff winners pictured accepting their award.

SOUTH WALES FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE JOINS HARLEM SHAKE CRAZE TO PROMOTE TEST YOUR SMOKE ALARM MESSAGE South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) has used the current viral craze to promote the ‘test your smoke alarm’ message with its very own Harlem Shake video.

“This video was turned around really quickly, but of course it has to be to make the most of the latest viral trend as next week there is likely will be another craze out there”.

The video features staff members from across the Service dancing to the latest trend and holding test your smoke alarm umbrellas, smoke alarms and smoke alarm test-it sticks to promote the message ‘Test your smoke alarm on test it Tuesday’.

“We are continually trying out new and different ways of reaching our communities to promote our latest fire and road safety messages and our social media sites provides us another platform to do this”.

Chief Fire Officer Huw Jakeway, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said:

CFO Jakeway continued: “The message within the video is a simple but serious one – test your smoke

alarms one a week – it could save your life. A big well done to everyone involved”. The video is set to a track by DJ Baauer who first put the song online in 2011. To view the video visit: cue or Rescue Alternatively see SWFRS Harlem Shake on YouTube

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South Wales Fire and Rescue Service

Service takes ‘Control’ of Social Media South Wales Fire and Rescue Service launched its brand new approach to ‘Social Media’ on 12th June. SWFRS Fire Control Operators will now use the Service Facebook and Twitter sites to give timely updates on incidents. The Media and Communications department have trained Control Operators how to update the Service Social Media sites (Facebook and Twitter), and how to provide the best basic information possible for the public. Safety messages and updates are uploaded outlining any significant incidents that have taken place or are ongoing throughout the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service area. Huw Jakeway, Chief Fire Officer, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said; “Social media is used by an increasing number of originations to communicate what they feel may be of interest to their customers and communities and this is also true for our own Service Facebook and Twitter sites”.

CFO Huw Jakeway with SW Echo reporter

Principle Officers, Reporters (SW Argos, BBC, SW Echo) and Fire Control personnel

ACO Andy Thomas, Head of Control Jennie Griffiths, CFO Huw Jakeway, ACO Rod Hammerton, Deputy Chairperson Steve Bradwick(

“We know that Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites are used by a growing number of people of all different demographics and differing interests and is hoped that by enabling our Fire Control personnel to update our social media sites with incident information our communities will receive the most timely information possible, improving safety and even allowing them to plan their travel routes if travel links are being affected by an ongoing incident”. “Of course we will still be using our more traditional methods of communication as we recognise that social media is not used by all of our communities, however these sites allow us to complement the traditional channels of communication that we are already using”. “In addition to this, our followers will be able to see the latest news from SWFRS, fire and road safety advice and updates on community and recruitment campaigns and events”. “We want the local communities we serve to be able to engage with us in a way that is more convenient and accessible to them and social networking offers us that opportunity. For us, it is about making sure we are putting the information people want in the places they want it”.

Watch Manager Nicky Gladwin with reporters from SW Argus and SW Echo

18 | In Attendance

“We now have over 2000 ‘likes’ on Facebook and almost 6000 followers on

Twitter and we are hoping that this number continues to grow so that we can continue to communicate and engage with as many of our communities as possible”. Jennie Griffiths, Head of Control, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said; “This is an exciting project launch for Fire Control, the use of Social Media to reach the Communities and inform them of incidents we are attending, seasonal safety information, road safety information, closures or obstructions etc is an invaluable tool for us to share with and involve all Communities. Fire Control staff will tweet incidents we are attending and how they are progressing and welcome interaction from followers”. “Fellow tweeters will be able to read about incidents, seasonal activity, collaborative work with Welsh controls, joint working with other blue light agencies, training taking place at Fire Control, recruitment campaigns and general information pieces”.

For more Fire and Road Safety information: Visit us at: or ‘Like’ us on Facebook and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter.

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South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Fire and Rescue Minister Lesley Griffiths visits South Wales Fire and Rescue Service Training Development Centre Local Government Minister Lesley Griffiths visited South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS), Cardiff Gate Training Development Centre on Wednesday 19th June, to see the training facilities and a demonstration of Firefighters’ skills. The Minister was shown around the facility after a meeting of the Wales Resilience Forum which was held at the centre. Chaired by the First Minister, the forum provides the opportunity for the Emergency Services in Wales to discuss issues surrounding emergency preparedness with Ministers and to work together to ensure the resilience of the services. During her tour of the centre, the Local Government Minister, whose portfolio includes responsibility for the fire service, watched several demonstrations which highlighted the vast array of work under taken by today’s Fire and Rescue Service including: • An explanation of the equipment carried on the `Incident Response Unit. This is one of three such vehicles within SWFRS and is part of the National Resilience fleet of vehicles. It deals with Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) incidents and those involving mass decontamination;

• A demonstration by crews involving a simulated gas fire on a Hazmat (Hazardous Materials) rig. This included displays of a curtain advance attack on the fire and a valve down; • A demonstration on the Rope Rescue Rig involving line and rope rescue crews, simulating a rescue of a casualty from a `gorge` area; • A demonstration of a rescue of a casualty from a Road Traffic Collision (RTC). The vehicle was effectively stabilized, space creation was created around the trapped casualty before the roof was removed and the casualty was extricated utilizing a long spinal board; • A demonstration by the `Bronto` aerial appliance and simulated how rescues can be effected at a large incident as well as how to utilize such a vehicle for an aerial fire attack within a large building; Local Government Minister Lesley Griffiths said; “I was very impressed with the facilities at the Training Development Centre and with the diversity and high level of skills shown by the Firefighters. It is very reassuring to know that such highly trained and brave people are on hand to help us when we need them”. Chief Fire Officer, Huw Jakeway, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said; “We

were extremely pleased to have had this opportunity to able to showcase the work undertaken by South Wales Fire and Rescue Service. “This provided us with an ideal opportunity with our training partners Babcocks to demonstrate the wide and diverse range of skills and capabilities of our operational crews at our joint facilities training and development centre at Cardiff Gate”. Under a 25 Year PFI venture Babcock is the Partner of choice for South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and at Cardiff Gate Training and Development Centre and is committed to ensuring the Centre delivers the highest possible standard of training. Entering its 9th Year the Centre became operational in September 2005 and is continually evolving to maintain world class training facilities and solutions to meet and exceed the needs and aspirations of our SWFRS. Ian Coombs, Cardiff Gate Training and Development Centre Operations Manager said; “We are extremely proud of our partnership with South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, having developed a strong working relationship where public and private sector organizations come together as one to deliver state of the art facilities and training excellence”.

Deaf Awareness Week South Wales Fire and Rescue Service (SWFRS) is delighted with the help and assistance of Sarah Lawrence, Director and Editor of SL First Magazine, promoting the Home Safety service in the deaf community. Personnel in the Home Safety Department at SWFRS strive to be deaf aware and are proactively learning British Sign Language (BSL) so that they can deliver effective information. During a visit to SWFRS HQ on the 22nd of April Sarah interviewed Cath Bradley, Home Safety Support Manager about the service and how SWFRS delivers their service in BSL. A simple Home Fire Safety Check provides an opportunity to make occupiers aware of the dangers that they face and, if they choose to, do something to reduce the risk of fire in their homes. Smoke alarms are available for people who are deaf or hard of hearing. If the

alarm is activated a light flashes on the unit that can be placed on the bedside unit or side table and the attached disc can be placed under the pillow or cushion and vibrates as a further warning. All specialist deaf alarm equipment is supplied and fitted by trained fire service personnel and fitted free of charge. Staff at South Wales Fire and Rescue Service HQ supported Deaf Awareness by experiencing a silent time and raising money into the bargain. They took part in a nationwide sponsored silence called “Zip It”. On Wednesday, 8th of May the whole of headquarters fell silent for 10 minutes. Staff prowled the building looking for transgressors. People shared just a tiny glimpse of living with hearing loss and with a little luck, making some sponsorship money at the same time. South Wales Fire and Rescue Service are committed to reaching out and

communicating with everyone in their communities. Ken Ralph, Head of Home Safety, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service said; SWFS are delighted to further their involvement with the deaf community and fully support Action for Hearing Loss in its aim to raise awareness of these important issues. The running total we have now raised is over £65 with more expected in the coming week! For more details of how to book a Home Fire Safety Check by text, web and e-mail and to view the SL First video of our services go to For more Fire and Road Safety information: Visit us at: or ‘Like’ us on Facebook and ‘Follow’ us on Twitter.

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FIRE SERVICE MUSEUM TRUST TO STAGE APPLIANCE SALE Saturday 31st July 2013, Weedon Depot, Northamptonshire Background to the Sale The Fire Services National Museum Trust is currently based at the former Royal Ordnance Depot, Weedon, Northamptonshire and was set up to preserve and record the rich heritage of the British Fire Service, including its fire vehicles and equipment that has been developed over the past 250 years and more. Although not yet formally open to the public, the Trust’s core collection and FireWorld museum project consists of representative fire engines from manually pumped and horsedrawn days, through the early motorised years, the fiery days of the World War II Blitz, right up to the sophisticated firefighting and rescue vehicles of the late 20th century. In addition, the Trust has a large amount of fire service equipment, small gear, uniforms, documents, books, photographs and models, that together with its fire engines, probably forms the largest such collection in the United Kingdom. The Sale and its Process Over the years the Trust’s overall collection has grown steadily through acquisitions, legacies and donations from many quarters but in order to facilitate suitable storage, it has become necessary to dispose of some duplicated fire

20 | In Attendance

vehicles together with those that do require major restoration work. Others may be suitable for spare parts and body components. Potential buyers are very welcome to come to Weedon Depot on Saturday 31st August 2013 to inspect the fire vehicles concerned. The sale vehicles reflect the years 1939 onwards. Please note that most are not in running condition and are all offered as seen and approved. During the day, potential buyers will be able to make bids placed in the sealed envelopes that will be available. Successful bidders will be notified the week after the sale. In addition to the fire engines for sale, the Trust is also offering a number of

trailer pumps and some larger items of equipment, which although not included in the sale list, will be viewable on the day. For further details of the Trust and the FireWorld project, visit or or call: 07866 632296 The Fire Services National Museum Trust, The Former Royal Ordnance Depot, Bridge Street, Weedon, Northamptonshire, NN7 4PS (near Jct 16 M1) Registered Charity No: 276571 The Trust’s 1927 Dennis Pump which is not for sale

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Fire Bosses Back Plan To Invest In Sprinklers Fire chiefs are launching a major campaign to get sprinkler systems installed in high rise blocks of flats across Cheshire. At a recent meeting of Cheshire Fire Authority Members agreed to earmark £160,000 to work with local housing associations on retro-fitting systems into at least one block of flats in each of the four local council areas.

providing some part-funding to get them put into tower blocks across Cheshire.” In a report to the Authority, fire officers said that a recent sprinkler retro-fit project in a high-rise tower block in South Yorkshire with 47 flats had been completed at a cost of £55,000 or £1150 per flat.

Fire Authority Chair Cllr. John Joyce said: “Sprinkler systems are proven to save lives and property as well as improving firefighter safety, reducing the amount of damage and limiting the impact on the environment.

On that basis, allocating £160,000 would be enough to fund 50% of the costs of installing sprinklers in at least four high rise tower blocks with around 60 flats in each. Initial talks with some local landlords have already indicated that they would be prepared to meet the other half of the installation costs.

“We have been urging landlords and businesses to install these for some time but now we are launching a real drive to ensure action is taken – including

“Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service has a national reputation for innovation and this programme is an exciting opportunity to kick start an investment in sprinkler

systems which are now a cost effective way of dramatically improving people’s safety,” said Chief Fire Officer Paul Hancock. “I am delighted that our Fire Authority Members have not only backed this project but also agreed to seek the formal backing of their councils for a campaign aimed at making the fitting of sprinklers mandatory under building regulations.” The Service recently staged a live fire demonstration which dramatically demonstrated the impact of sprinklers in putting out a fire – see the special video on the Service’s website – or by accessing the following link qciXDBT7c

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Service celebrated success at its Annual Awards Ceremony Dorset Fire and Rescue Service’s annual Awards Ceremony took place in June at Lulworth Castle, Lulworth, Dorset. Fire Brigade Long Service and Good Conduct Medals (LSGCM) were given out to four recipients, including FireFighter Robbie Tompkins from Poole who was surprised by the Chief Fire Officer whilst descending from the castle roof with the Technical Rescue Team. The evening was packed with various other presentations such as the Chief Fire Officer’s Certificate of Commendation which this year went to DFRS Community Volunteer Carl Bulman. On returning from a day working with one of our Home Safety Advisors, Carl came across a Road Traffic Collision which had obviously just occurred. Carl’s previous professional experience meant he remained calm in the face of a trauma and did a great deal to assist the injured parties and the emergency services.

The Chief Fire Officers Commendation presentation to volunteer Carl Bulman, with CFO Darran Gunter and Rebecca Siebenthal, a DFRS Home Safety Advisor. Rebecca and Carl are based at Photographs courtesy Dorset Fire & Rescue Service Bridport Fire Station.

There was a Community Safety Award presented to Chief Executive of East Boro Housing, Mr Kevin Hodder. These are awarded to an individual, team or external organisation for demonstrating a significant contribution to the strategic aim of Dorset Fire Authority. Mr Hodder

Long Service medal presentation to Robbie Tompkins (wholetime firefighter at Poole and on-call firefighter at Dorchester)

22 | In Attendance

has supported DFRS in a number of ways, from attending meetings to explore the most effective ways that we can improve and develop our education to stakeholders about the benefits of sprinklers, to being one of our guest speakers at events to help us to influence an increase in the use of such systems.

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Wessex Fire & Security hosts important seminar Over 100 delegates attended a CPD seminar hosted by Wessex Fire & Security. A senior representative of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service delivered the key note presentation detailing the events and consequences of the Rosepark tragedy in South Lanarkshire in 2004 - a blaze in which 14 elderly residents perished.

Long Service medal presentation to Andy Cobb, Watch Manager at Wareham fire station.

Dorset’s Chief Fire Officer Darran Gunter said: “My sincere thanks go to the Weld family, who once again, very generously allowed us to use one of the most prestigious venues in the county to host our annual awards. He added: “I am very proud of the service we deliver to Dorset and of all those who make up that service. In addition to recognising the members of staff who have worked within Dorset Fire & Rescue Service for twenty years, I was delighted to be presenting awards in four other categories. This allowed us to praise the excellent work being done above and beyond the call of duty with regards to work within the community, making a difference to the service, young achievers and professional achievements.” Rebecca Knox, Chairman of Dorset Fire Authority said: “I was delighted once

again, to be able to celebrate the achievements of Dorset Fire and Rescue Service staff and members of the public who have taken extraordinary actions. As a Fire Authority we are keen to invest in our people and I am always proud to present certificates to those members of staff who have achieved professional accolades. She added: “Further to this, it gave me great pleasure to recognise external agencies that have made a significant contribution to the strategic aim of the Fire Authority. This year I was pleased to be recognising the work of East Boro Housing with regard to sprinklers. Dorset Fire Authority has been leading the national campaign for sprinklers as part of the Local Government Associations working panel. I hope other organisations will follow the excellent example set by East Boro.”

Event-goers were among the first people in the country to see a video about the fire and looked on in silence as the story was told about its lethal consequences. The seminar held at AFC Bournemouth’s Goldsands stadium attracted a wide range of delegates from Wessex Fire and Security’s customer base including local authorities, educational establishments, health care providers, housing associations and industry. A number of local fire and rescue brigades were also represented. Dorset-based Wessex Fire & Security works across the south and looks after some of the most important buildings and sites in the region. It provides fire and security protection for domestic customers as well as businesses and all parts of the public sector. The annual seminar is a chance for those within the industry to come together to hear talks and discuss the latest laws and technology. Mark Taylor, Fire Business Development Manager at Wessex Fire & Security, spoke about fire safety and the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order, including non-compliance and examples of prosecutions. Group Commander David McCarrey, of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, showed the film about the Rosepark fire and took questions from the floor. Then Don Scott from the Fire Industry Association gave an update on the BS5839 Part 1 2013 fire standards. Donald MacFarlane from Gent by Honeywell delivered two CPD presentations. The first on system protocols and the second on European Standard EN54-23 and its impact on system design. Mark Taylor said: “It was very productive morning and it was especially good of David McCarrey to come and share his knowledge about the Rosepark fire. “It just shows how a few small problems can come together to create a huge tragedy. “It really is an important film, especially in a place such as Bournemouth where there is a high density of care homes. “We were also very grateful to the other speakers and feedback was very positive. A lot of information and experiences were shared, which will hopefully benefit the industry.”

The Community Safety Award presentation to Kevin Hodder, Chief Executive of East Boro Housing. This was presented by Cllr Rebecca Knox, Chairman of Dorset Fire Authority.

Wessex Fire & Security is part of the Wessex Group, which is based in Shaftesbury and is this year celebrating its 50th anniversary. •

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Independent report finds scope for millions to be saved in fire service A recently published independent report by Sir Ken Knight highlights the scope for the fire and rescue services to find millions in savings whilst safeguarding emergency operations and protecting public safety. In the last decade there has been a forty per cent reduction in call outs and incidents, and accidental deaths from fires in the home have reached an all time low yet expenditure and fire-fighter numbers have remained broadly the same. Sir Ken found that services continue to spend according to the budget they are given rather than to the risks they have to manage. Huge variations exist between how the 46 different fire authorities operate, with the cost per head of providing a service almost double in some areas to that of others. This does not seem to be related to whether they are large or small, rural or urban, deprived or affluent. The report states that if those authorities spending above the average found ways to reduce their spending to the national average, then the money saved or reinvested could amount to nearly £200 million per year.

The report identified that the 46 fire and rescue authorities across England each had their own management structures, senior leaders and operational differences. This often leads to widespread duplication of the design, commissioning and evaluation of fire-specific products and demonstrates the potential for much closer co-operation and reconfiguration of services. In conducting the review, Sir Ken also found that fire and rescue authorities had high levels of capital reserves. Between 2008-2012 total reserves held by standalone fire and rescue authorities increased from just over £200m to more than £400m. This highlights the potential for investing in spend-to-save type projects. In December the Fire Minister asked Sir Ken Knight – with over four decades of experience as a firefighter, including as a fire chief of three fire services, and a former London Fire Commissioner – to carry out an independent review into the ways in which fire and rescue authorities may deliver further efficiencies and operational improvements without

reducing the quality of front-line services to the public. Sir Ken Knight said: "As a firefighter for over 40 years I know the Fire and Rescue Service in and out. I know firefighters care deeply about public safety and do the best possible job. I’ve seen their capacity to adapt, even in the most trying of circumstances, but my report highlights that there is much more that can be done by the service leaders to make the service as effective and efficient as possible. "My starting point was to maintain the quality of the service and to protect the safety of the public and firefighters. As I carried out this review I spoke with many services and found that there is wide spread variation in the running costs and management decisions. This presents a real opportunity to get to grips with what is happening and to save public money. "Government and the 46 Fire and Rescue Authorities should use it to decide how to transform the service to reflect the modern and safer world we live in today."

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Biggest Fire Yet Tackled By West Midlands Fire Service Billowing plumes of acrid black smoke could be seen 60 miles away as crews fought to control the blaze at the large recycling plant in Smethwick containing 100,000 tons of plastic that broke out on

Photographs courtesy of West Midlands Fire Service

1st July. It is thought that the blaze was caused by a Chinese lantern and is the largest fire yet tackled by West Midlands Fire Service since its formation in 1974. The blaze engulfed the Jayplas factory unit, in Dartmouth Road, sending flames shooting more than 6,000ft into the sky and causing plumes of acrid smoke that could be seen from as far away as Kettering in Northamptonshire. Roads were closed, buses diverted and a school shut by the huge blaze, while 11 firefighters were been treated for heat exhaustion, smoke inhalation, eye injuries and a minor burns as the major firefighting operation and damping down went on for several days. Mike Maxwell, the operations manager at Jayplas, said: "This is a tragic accident over which we've had no control. Jayplas would like to thank the emergency services for their speedy response and dealing with this incident in an extremely professional manner." West Midlands Fire Service said 40 engines and 200 firefighters attended the scene, including seven pumps from Staffordshire and three from Hereford & Worcester FRS. Chief Fire Officer Vij Randeniya said it was the 15th fire at a waste recycling site in the West Midlands this year and confirmed he was calling for a meeting with plant operators and for a review into the use of Chinese lanterns. In Attendance | 25

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ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Some Classic Fire Engines of the Past 1. A gleaming new Dennis pump escape of London Fire Brigade manned by a crew of four pictured in the drill yard at Southwark Headquarters, c1933. The LFB ran a large Dennis fleet both pre and post Second World War.


2. A 1935 Bedford pump of Horsham Urban District Council Fire Brigade believed to be pictured at the time of its delivery. 3. The other significant marque in the pre-war London FB fleet were Leylands. This FKT1 dual purpose pump is shown running as a pump escape. It went on the run in 1939 and saw active wartime service before retirement in 1961. This view was taken c1955. 4. Another classic badge seen fairly widely across post-war UK brigades was the AEC Regent. Here Merthyr Tydfil Fire Brigade's 1952 AEC pump escape poses for the camera c.1960. The escape ladder is an all-metal Merryweather 50ft version.



(All images are from Neil Wallington's collection)

4 COMING IN THE NOVEMBER 2013 EDITION OF IN ATTENDANCE • Responses to Sir Ken Knight’s independent review of the Fire and Rescue Services in England including Fire Minister Brandon Lewis MP • A look at the future development plans of the Fire Service College • Latest developments in Fire & Rescue vehicle design • Fire Behaviour Training • Personal Protective Equipment • Historic London Fireboat Massey Shaw: Return to the Thames

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