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Editor: V.Gatalska Author: Winnie the Pooh

Project: Dolce Vita

Winnie’s Travel Diary



Created by the participants of the project from Ukraine, Estonia and Turkey 1

This book is the result of fruitful collaboration of partners from Ukraine, Estonia and Turkey. I am very happy to have so many friends, who helped me to travel around Europe, find ‘right’ honey and create this book. Sincerely yours, Winnie the Pooh


Introduction Hello, dear readers! My name is Winnie the Pooh. I am sure you know me and my adventures. Once upon a time, I went out for a walk around One Hundred Acre Wood and after a while I encountered the "wrong sort of bees". After some adventures with bees, I got into trouble and had to think about it. So, I decided to travel around Europe and look for the home of ‘right sort of bees’ in order to bring them to One Hundred Acre Wood for ‘right honey’. I asked my friends from Troyeshchyna Gymnasium, which is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine, to help me. And they agreed. What is more, they created the eTwinning project ‘Dolce Vita’ and invited eTwinners from different countries to participate. I was happy! After a while I went on tour. While travelling around Europe, I learnt a lot about local bees and found ‘right’ honey. I took my notebook with me and it helped me to collect a lot of interesting information and photos for this book.

These are my friends from Troyeshchyna Gymnasium.


Most of these teachers are also my best friends. They helped me to travel around Europe.


First, the teachers-participants of the project coordinated my tour itinerary.


Before my departure Before my departure my best friends from Troyeshchyna Gymnasium and the cartoon friends came to say good-bye to me. We had a wonderful farewell party!

My friends decided to send a red puppy, a symbol of the coming New Year, as a gift, for my Estonian friends. So I took it with me.

I had my passport and a notebook with my friends’ short letters to my hosts in Europe.


My visit to Estonia My fist country to visit was Estonia. I went there by plane. It was a nice journey. My new friend, the small puppy, was very funny. We enjoyed travelling together.

My hosts live in the city of Narva, the third largest city in Estonia. It is located at the eastern extreme point of Estonia, on the Narva River which drains Lake Peipus. The population is more than 57 thousand people. So I went to kindergarten Pongerjas to see my new friends. It was a very warm meeting!

This is me, Winnie, with the puppy of the year, the present for Estonian kids.


We had a lot of fun together in Estonia Most of all I enjoyed Skype meeting on the eve of Christmas with my friends from Kyiv. Estonian kids loved the meeting, too.


Some facts about Estonia Estonia is situated in Northern Europe. It is a small and beautiful country. Capital: Tallinn Area: 45,227 km2 Population: 1,319,133 people Currency: Euro Official Language: Estonian National flower: cornflower National animal: barn swallow

Narva is a very interesting and beautiful city.


Honey from Estonia Estonian honey, which is collected in Nordic climate, has a special value. Estonia is located in the northern part of the temperate zone and the nectar from Nordic plants is a source of vitality. Estonia has the perfect areas and climate for honey bees: more than half of this country is covered by forest, very sparsely populated and with high biodiversity in general. Honey is collected from different flowers of blueberries, willows, maple, white clover, dandelion, raspberry and others.

This creamy honey mixed with 100% natural freeze-dried wild berries has an appealing look and a very unique taste. It’s delicious!


Letters from Estonian kids in my diary


My visit to Turkey I left Estonia for Turkey on 23 December, 2017 with my passport, notebook and a lot of presents. I celebrated Christmas on board. It was funny and unusual. I arrived in Turkey on the eve of New Year. My Turkish friends were very glad to meet me. I celebrated this great holiday with my new Turkish friends. My hosts live in the city of Sahinbey. It is located in the south of Turkey. The population is more than 730 thousand people. So, my new friends invited me to see their school. We were very glad to meet each other! We also had an online meeting with my friends from Kyiv. It was funny. My Turkish friends told me a lot about their bees and honey. I was amazed to learn that Turkey is the 3rd world producer of honey. I was very happy and excited!


Some facts about Turkey Turkey is a transcontinental country in Eurasia, mainly in Anatolia in Western Asia, with a smaller portion on the Balkan Peninsula in Southeast Europe. Capital: Ankara Area: 783,356 km2 Population: about 81 mln people Currency: Turkish Lira Official Language: Turkish National flower: tulip National animal: grey wolf


The country is encircled by seas on three sides with the Aegean Sea to the west, the Black Sea to the north, and the Mediterranean Sea to the south.


Honey from Turkey Turkey ranks the third of largest honey producing countries in the world. The bees, which live here, are called Caucasian bees. They produce some of the sweetest and tastiest honey on the market. The flower honey from Turkey's south-eastern province of Hakkari has much very high antimicrobial capabilities. Several kinds of Turkish chestnut and oak honey also showed higher antibacterial properties. The scientists say that Antioxidant properties are richer in dark coloured honey, whereas antimicrobial activities are higher in lighter coloured honey. Turkey is very famous for its fragrant, flavourful honey gathered from the forests and fields of Anatolia. Many areas produce superb honey, including the mountains along the Mediterranean shore near Marmaris, the mountains near Konya, and even in Kars in extreme north-eastern Turkey. This is what I learnt from my Turkish friends about honey. Turkish name of honey Çam Balı Çiçek Balı Fer Özel Balı Ihlamur Balı Kekik Balı Kestane Balı Kirçiçeği Balı Narenciye Balı Petek Balı Sepet Kovan Balı Yayla Balı

What kind of honey is it? Pine-forest honey, particularly from the Aegean region "Flower honey," collected from hives near fields of flowers Specially bright and clear honey Linden flower honey Thyme-flower honey Chestnut blossom honey Wildflower honey Citrus flower honey, usually from the Mediterranean coast Honey in the honeycomb "Basket hive" honey Mixed wildflowers from high mountain pastures


Letters from Turkish kids in my diary


My visit to Yelanets, Ukraine I left Turkey in February and arrived in Yelanets on the 8th of March, 2018, a town in Ukraine. My Ukrainian friends met me with greetings and sweet presents. In Ukraine it was a nice holiday, Women’s Day and we celebrated it together. I tasted a lot of sweet tasty dishes with honey. My hosts live in the town of Yelanets. It is located in the south of Ukraine, in Mykolayiv region. The population is about 6 thousand people. So, my new friends invited me to see their gymnasium. The children were so excited to see me, so did I! My Ukrainian friends presented me with their local honey and dishes. They told me about Ukrainian bees and honey.


Some facts about Ukraine Ukraine is a sovereign state, which is situated in Eastern Europe. It is a large country, washed by the Black and Azov Seas in the south. The landscape of Ukraine consists mostly of fertile plains crossed by the rivers. The longest river is the Dnipro. The Carpathian Mountains are in the west and the Crimean Mountains are in the south. Capital: Kyiv Area: 603,628 km2 Population: about 42.5 mln people Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia Official Language: Ukrainian National flower: sunflower National animal: white stork


Honey from Ukraine Beekeeping in Ukraine is one of the major economic activities. 700,000 people, 1.5% of the Ukrainian population, are engaged in the production of honey. Ukraine is ranked as the number one country in Europe and among the top five countries in the world for honey production, producing 75 thousand metric tons annually. Ukraine produces the greatest quantity of honey per capita in the world.


Letters from Ukrainian kids in my diary

Valentyna Melnik, the principal of Yelanets gymnasium


Home, sweet home! I arrived in Kyiv on the 12th of April. I was very glad to come back home. My friends were very happy to see me. We had a great party together and took photos.


My project photo galley Young artists’ studios

Young readers’ club


My friends created greeting cards for me! I was amazed!

Skype meeting during my European tour


Team work and other activities at the lessons

My photos for the project from Soyuzmultfilm


Thank you, dear partners from Estonia, Turkey and Ukraine for your project! It was really a great fun! I have got the best honey in the world now!

Winnie the Pooh

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Winnie's travel diary  

This book is about the collaboration between partner-schools of the eTwinning project ‘Dolce Vita’.

Winnie's travel diary  

This book is about the collaboration between partner-schools of the eTwinning project ‘Dolce Vita’.