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PROJECT 2017-2018 ISSUE 1


CONTENTS Editorial staff Welcome to VIP-MAG Who is VIP? VIP news from partners Ukraine Kyiv Troyeschyna Gymnasium At the English lessons Meet our project team Our holidays


EDITORIAL STAFF Teacher: Valentyna Gatalska Students: Katya – chief editor, photographer Olya – journalist Lev – designer, journalist Artem – journalist Polina – journalist


Welcome to VIP-MAG! We are proud to introduce our first issue of a new VIP- magazine, VIP-MAG. The first issue is about Ukraine, its capital, and its interesting places. We are going to tell you about our gymnasium and our team. Every month our project main character, VIP, Very Interesting Parrot, will travel to a partner’s country to meet his members of ‘VIP club’ and have a lot of activities. VIP will also help his host to create the issue of his VIP magazine about a host country and his visit. Meet our VIP and have fun! The Editorial Team

The countries, participants of the project: • • • • • • •

Albania Finland Moldova Romania Turkey Ukraine United Kingdom


Who is VIP? VIP is a very funny toy-parrot that can ‘speak’ any language. His hobbies are travelling and learning languages. Every month, VIP is going to travel to a partner’s country to meet his members of ‘VIP club’ to study their native language, to visit interesting places and have a lot of activities with new friends.


VIP news from partners We are happy to inform our project partners and VIP-MAG readers that VIP is ready to go around Europe. We have set the VIP itinerary for the whole project. Here it is. The first destination is Finland. It is fascinating! Read more to know why.

Happy Anniversary, Finland! Finland celebrates 100 years of Independence in 2017. The Finns achieved independence on December 6, 1917. The nation celebrates its 100th year with numerous events in Finland and all around the world. Congratulations, Finland! VIP is going to celebrate this great holiday with his Finnish friends in Finland! How lucky you are, VIP!

Troyeschyna Gymnasium Team


Meet Ukraine! Author: Artem

Ukraine is an independent democratic state. The head of the state is the President, elected by popular vote for a five-year term. Ukraine is situated in Eastern Europe. It covers 603,628 km2. The population is 42.5 million. Ukraine is washed by the Black Sea and the Azov Sea in the south. There are the Crimean Mountains in the south and the Carpathian Mountains in the west. The longest river is the Dnipro, which flows across the country from north to south. The capital is Kyiv. It stands on the Dnipro River. The official language is Ukrainian. The climate is temperate, with warm summer and mild winter. The Carpathian Mountains

Lake Synevyr


The capital of Ukraine Author: Olya

Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is situated on the banks of the Dnipro River, the longest in Ukraine. The population of Kyiv is more than 3 million people. It is the political and financial centre of our country. It is also an educational and scientific centre. The Academy of Sciences of Ukraine is here. There are a lot of schools and universities here, too. The cultural life is rich here. There are a lot of museums, theatres and cinemas. My favourite theatres are Ivan Franko Theatre and Opera and Ballet Theatre. There are many churches in Kyiv. I like visiting St. Sophia’s Church and St. Michael’s Cathedral.

The Dnipro River

Kyiv is large and beautiful. There are a lot of parks and squares in Kyiv. My favourite park is Victory Park. Our city is very green with a lot of trees, like chestnut, willow or maple. They make our city beautiful in every season. In spring, for example, people like strolling along Khreshchatyk Street, when chestnuts are in blossom. A lot of people visit our Botanical Gardens when lilac or roses are in blossom. Come to visit our city! You will never get bored here.

Kyiv National House Kyiv Opera National Opera House

Marinitsky Palace


My favourite places in Kyiv Author: Kate

Kyiv is very old and beautiful. There are a lot of places to visit. I want to tell you about some of my favourite places. St Sophia Cathedral The first place is St. Sophia Cathedral. It's situated in the center of our city. St. Sophia Cathedral is one of the oldest monuments in Ukraine. There are a lot of unique mosaics on its walls. The founder of the Cathedral is Yaroslav Mudryi (Yaroslav The Wise). Today it is not only a church, but also a cultural center. From time to time different exhibitions and art events take place there. In winter the square in front of the Cathedral becomes the favourite place of rest for all people in Kyiv because of the Christmas tree. The second place I like to visit is Vozdvizhenska Street (Vozdvizhenka). I like to walk there. There are a lot of old colourful houses, but almost nobody lives there. It is a very calm and peaceful place. I like to take pictures there because they are very bright and nice. I love my city!


Troyeschyna Gymnasium Author: Lev

Our gymnasium is 25 years old. It is a type of a secondary school. The students who study here are from 10 to 17 years old. To enter our gymnasium you need to pass the tests. Our gymnasium is on the12th place among the secondary schools in Ukraine in rating list according to the results of matriculation exams. 940 students study here from the 5 th form, aged 10, to the 11th form, aged 17. We study different subjects. And we have different extra curriculum activities. We like eTwinning projects because we can meet new friends and learn more about different schools and countries, and, of course, practice our English.


Meet our team Author: Polina

My name is Polina. I want to tell you about our team. We are classmates. Our team consists of 16 pupils. In our team there are eight boys and eight girls. The boys’ names are Lev, Artem, Serafim, Igor, Alex, Vitaliy, Artem and Vlad. And the girls’ names are Rina, Anna, Sonya, Eugenia, Kate, Olya ,Alina and Polina (me). Everyone has a hobby. We like dancing, swimming, playing football or basketball and listening to music.


At the English lessons Author: Polina

At the English lessons we take part in different projects and write letters to our penfriends from different countries. We like English because we can do a lot of interesting things here. We listen to native speakers at every lesson thanks to the English courseware created by our English teacher. We learn different songs and speak to each other. We talk to children from different countries thanks to eTwinning. We enjoy spending time together. Our team is very friendly!


Holidays in October Author: Artem

We celebrate Teacher’s Day on the first Sunday in October. Last October we prepared greeting cards in the shape of apples for our English teacher. We usually celebrate this holiday on Friday at school. This day is usually funny.

Halloween We usually have autumn school holidays, at the end of October so we celebrate Halloween before the real holiday. We prepare different crafts for the holiday. We also prepare lapbooks or some funny stories about Halloween. Sometimes we have parties at school.


Halloween in Finland Author: Class 6b, pupils from Finland

In Finland, we celebrated Halloween on the 31st of October. We had a Halloween party at school. It was an exciting party! We dressed up in different costumes. We saw monsters, ghosts, aliens and different animals. In the evening some children went ‘trick-or-treating’. They wore their Halloween costumes and went from house to house.


How Finland is going to celebrate its100 Anniversary The theme for the celebratory year is “Together,” showing that everyone – Finns and friends of Finns – is welcome to take part, just as creating and building the nation were joint efforts. At two o’clock on December 5, the day before Independence Day, people all over Finland have coffee and cakes together in anticipation of the holiday. Celebrations officially kick off the evening of December 5, when Helsinki’s Market Square becomes illuminated in a blue-and-white light show. The same day, large and small parties get under way at libraries, concert halls, schools, town squares and, yes, even karaoke bars, all over the country. On December 6, flags fly high and the concerts and parades continue, and a multicultural Independence Day celebration takes place at Finlandia Hall in Helsinki, with First Lady Jenni Haukio acting as the honorary guardian of the festivities. She has time to make it back to the Presidential Palace by evening for the annual televised Independence Day Reception. The assembled dignitaries, a couple thousand of them, line up and shake hands with the presidential couple on the way into the hall. New passport design: In 2017, Finnish passports and ID cards gained a new look with artwork portraying the landscape of Finnish Lapland, the Northern Lights, and snowflakes.


PICTURES & PHOTOS are taken from:  Open sources on Internet  Wikipedia   V.Gatalska

Troyeschyna Gymnasium Kyiv, Ukraine


Vip mag issue 1  

The first issue of VIP-MAG is about Ukraine, its capital, and its interesting places. It is also about our gymnasium and our team.

Vip mag issue 1  

The first issue of VIP-MAG is about Ukraine, its capital, and its interesting places. It is also about our gymnasium and our team.