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gaspard Hex Jewelry 2018 catalogue

How to order we like to be in direct contact with our customers. if you want to order anything, Send us an email at with the piece (and eventually the size) that you would like to be crafted for you. Each piece is crafted on order so you can customize them in many ways. it takes between 10 and 15 days to produce a piece. if you have a specific project in mind, you can also get it designed and crafted by gaspard. Payment terms are 50% deposit on order And 50% before shipping. if more convenient, you can also pay 100% on order. additional photos of the pieces can be sent on request pieces can be returned within 15 days for an exchange, Shipping fees being at your cost.

Handcrafted in the heart of Paris, The unisex Jewelry created by Gaspard Hex tries to redefine the purpose of Jewelry in nowadays world, by proposing to its wearers meaningful jewels, artifacts of a new world. Bringing back to life Philosophy of Nature, Shamanism, Druidism and so on, Gaspard Hex speaks about Transmutation, Talismans, CG Jung’s theory of archetypes and combines harmoniously opposites such as past and future, microcosm and macrocosm, showing that everything connects together.

Each of these mainly sterling silver jewels are unisex and handcrafted in Le Marais, Paris, in a 200 years old workshop.


Bark Rings Sterling silver Small (4/5mm) 155€

Medium (7/8mm) 175€

Large (11/12mm) Polished / Oxidized 210€ Add white diamonds: 1,5mm : 22€ each 2mm : 50€ each 2,5mm : 76€ each Add black diamonds: 1,5mm : 14€ each 2mm : 22€ each 2,5mm : 34€ each

Decadent Ring Sterling silver 280€

Neolithic Rings Sterling silver Small 175€ Big 210€

Acolyth Ring Sterling Silver 260â‚Ź

Triangle Seal Ring sterling silver 290â‚Ź

Vortex Rings Sterling Silver Small 230€ Large 260€

Bark Flux Ring Sterling Silver 165€

Adept Ring two sides sterling silver 320€

Cromlech Ring Sterling Silver / Gold plated bronze 175â‚Ź

Triple Cromlech Ring Sterling Silver 335â‚Ź

Ascension Ring Sterling Silver 380€

Altar Ring Sterling Silver 550€ To add optional stones as shown here go to Stone Options

Vitriol Rings Sterling Silver 235€ To add optional stones as shown here go to Stone Options

Large Vitriol Ring Sterling Silver 440€ To add optional stones as shown here go to Stone Options

Maelstrom Ring Sterling Silver 375€

Magma Ring Sterling silver 290€

Eschaton Ring Sterling Silver 350€ Small 275€

Pentagonal Seal Ring Sterling Silver 350€

Split Signet Ring Sterling Silver 390€

Square Signet Ring Sterling Silver 390€

Enge Ring Sterling Silver 300€ With 2mm black diamond 355€

Stellar Seal Ring Sterling Silver 350€

Solar Rings Sterling silver/Plated Gold 340€

Sol Invictus Rings Sterling silver Small 165€ Big 235€

Batman Rings sterling silver 180€

Materia Prima Rings Sterling Silver 170€ To add optional stones as shown here go to Stone Options

Apophis Ring Sterling Silver 420€ With ruby eyes 570€ To add optional stones as shown here go to Stone Options

Excavated Ring

Rose Ring Sterling silver

Sterling silver



Flood Ring Sterling silver Polished/Oxidized 280€

Silk Shield Ring

Mutation Ring

Sterling silver 320€

Sterling Silver 175€

Impact Ring Sterling silver 425€

Meteor Ring Sterling Silver 165€

Mayan Ring Sterling silver Polished/oxidized 410€

Dionysian Claw Ring Sterling Silver 475€

Crown of Thorns Ring Sterling silver 195€

Beast Ring Sterling Silver 295€

Neo Ring Sterling silver, Amethyst/Peridot 350€

Stone Eater Ring Sterling silver 460€ Available with citrine, amethyst, red garnet, onyx.

Opal Eater Ring Sterling silver rough opal 425€

Hydra Pearl Ring Gold Plated bronze Or sterling silver Black Tahitian Pearl 460€

Hydra Ring Sterling Silver Peridot 460€ Available with other stones

Pearl Impact Ring Sterling Silver, Black Tahitian Pearl XS with Keshi 220€ Small 410€ Medium 475€

Engraved Pearl Ring Sterling Silver, Hand-engraved Black Tahitian Pearl 525€

Black Star Labradorite Diopside Ring Ring Sterling Silver, Labradorite S 400€ L 485€

Sterling Silver Black Star Diopside 375€

Faceted Opal Rings Sterling Silver, Faceted Opal Available with Oval (left), Trillion(right) Rectangle, and round shapes With a 1 carat Opal 400€ With a 2 carat Opal 465€

Diamond Eye Ring

Ruby Eye Ring

Sterling silver Navette Cut Diamond

Sterling silver Navette Cut Ruby (or sapphire)



Opal Eye Ring Sterling silver, Opal 220€

Moonstone Ring Sterling Silver, Moonstone 235€

Ouroboros Rings Pinky rings or phalanx rings or until size 52 Sterling silver With ruby/emerald/saphire/ black diamond/yellow saphire 190€ With white diamond 290€

Maze Rings Sterling Silver / Plated Gold 295€


Cubical Studs Sterling silver

Polished/Oxidized 70€ each With Emeralds 175€ each With Rough Opal 100€ each w/ Black Pearl 105€ each w/ Black Tourmaline 100€each With Quartz 100€ each Each one varies Add white diamonds: 1,5mm : 55€ each 2mm : 125€ each 2,5mm : 190€ each Add black diamonds: 2mm : 55€ each 2,5mm : 85€ each

Cubical Chain Earrings Sterling silver Polished/Oxidized 105â‚Ź each to add optional stones as shown here Go to Stone Options

Dionysian Studs Sterling Silver Polished/Oxidized/Plated Gold From up to down Mono 65€ each Tria 80€ each Penta 80€ each

Triangle Studs Sterling Silver Oxidized / Polished 60€ each

Pi Stud Earring Sterling Silver Oxidized / Polished 60€ each

Double Spike Stud Sterling Silver Oxidized / Polished 240€ each

Lithos Earrings Sterling Silver 115â‚Ź each

Lithos Studs Sterling Silver 95â‚Ź each

Fusion Earrings

Flood Studs

Sterling silver

Sterling silver / Gold plated Bronze

Oxidized/Polished Small 300€ Big 350€


Labradorite Earrings Sterling silver, Labradorite Small 300â‚Ź Large 475â‚Ź Each one varies

Seed Spike Earrings Sterling silver 100€ each w/ Citrine 175€ each w/ Green Tourmaline 200€ each To add optional stones as shown on the right go to stone options

Seed System Earrings Sterling silver 110€ each w/ Citrine 185€ each w/ Green Tourmaline 210€ each w/ 0,15cts drop shape GVS white diamond : 1075€


Inner Revolution Bracelet Sterling silver Polished / Oxidized 220â‚Ź

Fusion Bracelet Sterling silver Polished / Oxidized 440â‚Ź

Constellation Cuff Oxidized bronze 310€ Sterling silver 850€ Each one varies

Orion Cuff Oxidized bronze 265€ Sterling silver 475€

With 8 black diamonds 950€ With 8 white diamonds 1450€

Oracle Cuff Oxidized Bronze Small 250€ Large 315€ Sterling Silver Small 440€ Large 875€

Unity Chain Bracelet Sterling Silver, 18k Gold With bar 775€ With clasp 800€

Mutation Chain Bracelet Oxidized / Polished Sterling Silver 920€

Mutation Chain Oxidized/Polished 45cm, two clasps. Sterling Silver 1600€ 90cm 2950€

Coatl Chain Bracelet Sterling Silver 475â‚Ź

Coatl Chain Sterling Silver, One meter long 2350â‚Ź

Glyphic Cuff Small Sterling Silver 410€

Glyphic Cuff Large Sterling Silver 525€

Pentagonal Chain Bracelet Oxidized/Polished Sterling Silver 725€

Saurian Cuff Oxidized Bronze 250€ Plated Gold 450 € Sterling Silver 525€

Dionysian Cuff Oxidized Bronze 350€ Plated Silver 500€ Plated Gold 625€ Sterling Silver 975€


Ouroboros Pendant

Bark Pendant

Lapis Pendant

Lithos Pendant

Sterling silver silver chain 240€

Sterling silver, silver chain 240€

Sterling Silver 195€

Sterling silver, silver chain 195€

Seed Pendant Sterling Silver With Citrine 270€ With green tourmaline (right) 295€ With 4x3mm GVS White diamond 1170€ Available with many other stones upon request

Dionysian Pendant Sterling Silver Polished/Oxidized 245€

Quartz Inclusion Pendant Sterling silver, rutilated, phantom, or smoky quartz Small 375€ Medium 450€ Large 550€ Xlarge 650€ Each one varies

Concentric Pendant

Cracked Pendant

Sterling Silver 450€

Sterling silver 280€

Crowned Ouroboros Pendant Sterling Silver 260€

Coatl Pendant Sterling Silver 240€ With 2mm White diamond 365€

Glyphic Pendants Two sides

Sterling Silver Small 255€ Large 425€

Big Horn

Small Horn

11cm Silver chain

6cm Silver chain

Oxidized bronze 350€ Plated Gold 550€ Sterling silver 700€

Oxidized bronze 300€ Plated Gold 400€ Sterling silver 400€

Mercurius Pendant

Solar Pendant

Aurora Pendant

Maze Pendant

Sterling Silver 240€

Sterling Silver 275€

Sterling Silver 215€

Sterling Silver 250€

Embryo Pendant

Vortex Pendant

Fusion Pendant

Metempsychosis Necklace

Sterling Silver 195€

Sterling Silver 250€

Sterling silver silver chain 250€

Sterling Silver, silver chain 425€

Pentagon Pendants Oxidized / Polished Sterling Silver 240â‚Ź

Pentagonal Chain Necklace Sterling silver Oxidized / Polished 725â‚Ź

Pearl Universe Pendants

Pearl Root Pendants

Sterling Silver, Black Tahitian Pearl

Sterling Silver, Black Tahitian Pearl

Small 335€ Medium 425€ Large 520€

Small 335€ Medium 425€ Large 520€

Each one varies

Each one varies

Engraved Pearl Pendant

Pearl Impact Pendants

Sterling Silver Hand-Engraved Black Tahitian Pearl 525€

Sterling Silver, Black Tahitian Pearl Small 370€ Medium 450€ Large 575€

Each one varies

Each one varies

Moonstone Egg Pendant Sterling Silver Moonstone 265€

Labradorite Egg Pendant Sterling Silver Labradorite 270€

Wormhole Pendant Sterling Silver, tahitian pearl, Silver chain 500€

Black Tourmaline Pendant

Bismuth Pendants

Sterling Silver, Black Tourmaline Small 260€ Medium 300€ Large 335€

Sterling Silver, Silver chain Small 275€ Large 350€

Each one varies

Each one varies

Faceted Opal Medallions Rough Opal Pendants Rough Opal, sterling silver, Silver chain Small 265€ Big 315€ Each one varies

Faceted Opal, Sterling Silver, Silver Chain Available with Emerald (left), Trillion(middle) Navette (right), oval, pear and round shapes With a 1 carat Opal 370€ With a 2 carat Opal 440€ Each one varies

Obsidian Pendant

Portal Pendant

Sterling Silver, Obsidian

Sterling Silver Stone Slice (here green tourmaline)



Each one varies

Dioptase Pendant Sterling Silver Dioptase

(Price can vary depending on the stone)


Each one varies

Each one varies

Galactic Pendant

Comet Medallion Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver 390€

With 6 white diamonds 950€ With 6 Holes 350€

Orion Pendant Sterling Silver With 8 white diamonds 800€ With 8 holes 350€

Ankh Pendant Oxidized Bronze 335€ Sterling Silver 600€

Leviathan Necklace Silver chain Plated Silver 775â‚Ź Plated Gold 900â‚Ź

Shaman Pendant Oxidized Bronze 850€ Silver Plated 975€ Gold Plated 1175€


Charms Charms can be attached to anything A chain, an earring, a zipper, a wallet… Sterling Silver Ouroboros Charm (left) 80€ Maze Charm (right) 80€

Black Tourmaline Charm 110€ Rough Opal Charm 110€ Materia Prima Charm 80€ To add optional stones as shown here Go to stone options

Bark Elastic Bracelet /Hairband Can be worn as bracelet or in the hair Sterling Silver, Elastic Hairband Polished/oxidized 135â‚Ź

Mutation Keychain Sterling silver, 450€

Coatl Mutation Keychain Sterling silver, 450€

Dionysian Keychain Sterling silver 525â‚Ź

Bark Belt Sterling silver, Calf leather 450â‚Ź

Stone options Stones can be added to any piece Other stones and sizes are available on request Black Diamond 1,5mm +35€ each 2mm +55€ each 2,5mm +85€ each

White Diamond

Storm Diamond

1,5mm +40€ each 2mm +85€ each 2,5mm +130€ each

1,5mm +55€ each Quality : 2mm +125€ each G – VS 2,5mm +190€ eachCut grade excellent 3mm + 475€ each

Light Brown Diamond/Cognac Diamond 2mm +105€ each 2,5mm +140€ each

Chocolate Diamond

Natural colors

Highest quality of brown diamond

2,5mm +210€ each

Olive Diamond

Natural khaki green diamond

2mm +250€ each 2,5mm +350€ each


1,8mm +30€ each 2,5mm +85€ each 3,5mm +210€ each


1,8mm +35€ each 2,5mm +85€ each 3,5mm +210€ each

18k gold used as a stone +45€ each

Each piece is handcrafted in Paris, France with each one comes an handcrafted box necklaces have a sterling silver “Hex” Label on the chain Chains can be asked longer (60/70/80cm) for extra 5/10/15€ rings can be made in any sizes, in french / US / Japanese or other sizing systems Shipping and international customs taxes are not included

Profile for Gaspard Hex Jewelry

Gaspard hex catalogue april 2018  

In a universe where post-industrial ruins and primordial nature fuse together, Gaspard Hex works on matter with his own techniques. A rou...

Gaspard hex catalogue april 2018  

In a universe where post-industrial ruins and primordial nature fuse together, Gaspard Hex works on matter with his own techniques. A rou...