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Short Synopsis 1979. Following the death of their teenage son, a couple relocates to a sleepy New England town. After a series of eerie events, they soon believe the spirit of their deceased child inhabits their new home – unaware that the ancient force bubbling up from their cellar is older than time itself… and insatiably hungry.

The Hook WE ARE STILL HERE is a highly-marketable horror feature, set within the successful “haunted house” sub-genre, that keeps audiences terrified as they try to discover just who – or what – is responsible for the eerie events afflicting a terrified couple.

The Potential The screenplay for WE ARE STILL HERE was birthed out of a deep respect and understanding of the horror industry, as well as calculated industry savvy. The horror genre is an ever-changing landscape, but over the past five years, has seen lo-fi haunted house films flourish with unprecedented success. Ti West’s HOUSE OF THE DEVIL, made for $1.2 million in 2009, became an overnight success, catapulting the director and his crew to instant fame. Similar “old dark house” pictures – which rely heavily on singular locations, limited cast and crew, and low budgets – soon appeared, the most successful of which being James Wan’s INSIDIOUS (2010) and Scott Derrickson’s SINISTER (2012). Both focused on traditional scares coupled with a talented cast and top-notch special effects – bucking the trend that successful genre filmmaking has to break new ground, and rather, focuses solely on the delivery of quality scares. INSIDIOUS, shot for slightly over one million USD, achieved a worldwide box office of nearly one hundred million dollars. SINISTER, shot for three million, brought in $77M worldwide. Both are slated for highly-anticipated sequels in 2014. The modern haunted house genre has proven itself successful time and time again, yet the horror market is not flooded with these titles, as it currently is with zombie films. This allows for a mark to be made, both creatively and financially, with WE ARE STILL HERE. The project was very carefully crafted to be a thrilling, atmospheric ride, easily accessible to both die-hard horror fans and mainstream audiences worldwide.

The Production WE ARE STILL HERE has attracted the attention of numerous genre luminaries, from actors and actresses to producers and special effect artists. Writer/director Geoghegan has spent the past decade in the horror film industry, and has built a strong, trusted reputation amongst his peers. The response to his screenplay been extremely strong, and many talented cast and crew have agreed to work on the film for scale or less, simply to be a part of it. The power of the script – and an urgency to be a member of its team – are only two of the ways this theatrical-caliber film will be made for a slim margin of what a traditional film of this nature would cost. WE ARE STILL HERE’s production team has scouted locations, spoken to film councils, and discussed every possible opportunity to complete this film on its intended budget.

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