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Hi Folks! On behalf of the Chair and Committee a happy new year! I have been enjoying “The Palace Peeper”, the journal of the New York G&S Society. Among the plenitude of articles, a production of “HMS Pinafore: Her Majesty’s Starship”, with “We sail the Milky Way and our saucer ship’s a beauty!” It is set in the future, as imagined in films and TV from 30 or 40 years ago. The cast were without pointy ears or space suits – mercifully! Sir Joseph Porter KCB (I prefer Riaan Hunter’s KFC!) is described as the Ruler of The Galaxee. Dick Deadeye is portrayed as a three-cornered alien mutant –oo, er! Another item is the NYGASP’s foray into Wikipedia wherein may be found a fount of knowledge and information, thanks to Sam Silvers. Be sure to check out We had a wonderful time on 16 December at the 2009 Opskop!! Thank you to everybody who joined us for the social prior to Pinelands Players’ evening performance of “A Christmas Carol – A Pantomime”. We had such positive feedback on this ‘new’ way of spending 16 December together, that it makes one wonder what the 2010 EXCO will have up their sleeves for this year’s gathering… ;-)

. . . OUR 2010 G&S PRODUCTION! !! AUDITION NOTICE !! You are invited to audition for the G&S 2010 musical production of “Annie” Director:- Kyla Thorburn Musical Director:- Alastair Cockburn Choreographer:- Roxy Levy Set Design:- Dicky Longhurst

Production dates: - 12th November to 5th December 2010 At the Artscape Opera House The company will include +/- 80 performers, including 2 casts of children (11 girls in each cast – including Annie), 6 Principals & Supporting roles, 2 Cameo roles, 14 Dancers and a Chorus of +/- 24. This includes a supporting (performing) cast for all the Principal & Supporting roles.  Auditions are to be held on:st o Sunday 21 February:- Chorus (Male & Female) from the ages of 18 to 60 o Saturday 27th February:- Children (Girls only) from the ages of 8 to 15.


o o o


Sunday 28 February:- Principals / Supporting roles / Cameo’s. (See table below). Saturday 6th March:- Call-Backs Sunday 7th March:- Dancers (Male & Female) from the ages of 18 to 30.

 All auditions will be held at Springfield Convent School, Wynberg, in the Centenary Hall.  To book an audition slot, please contact:CHILDREN (Girls ages 8 to 15 years) Benita Faiers on or or 0791568384 ADULTS Jennifer Moss on or 0745589283  Please refer to the Cast Table below with regards to the specifications of roles available and what to prepare. All song are from the musical “Annie”. A pianist will be available for accompaniment. If you wish to bring your own pianist, your are most welcome. You may use a backing track as long as there is no vocal accompaniment in the backing track. A CD/tape deck will be available or you may bring your own.  Auditionees will either be told at their first auditions or via e-mail/telephone if they will be required to attend call-back auditions and what to specifically prepare for these auditions.  You are free to audition for more than one role. If we consider you have the potential to fill another role we may ask you to prepare an additional song from the show as part of the call-back audition. This does not mean you are eliminated from the prime role you are auditioning for.  Please note that this is an amateur production and there will therefore be no remuneration. TYPE ROLE



Oliver Warbucks

Grace Farrell Miss Hannigan




Billionaire Private Secretary to Warbucks Orphanage Matron Gangster brother of Miss Hannigan Roosters "Dumb blond" Girlfriend



Girl aged 11 (or looks like 11) Act / Sing / Dance

WHAT TO PREPARE Song:"Tomorrow" Poem:- No longer than 30 seconds


Song:"Something Was Missing"

2 Casts Supporting cast needed. Has to be totally bald (shaven hair) for the run of the show.

Song:- “Gonna Like it Here”

Supporting cast needed

Song:- "Little Girls"

Supporting cast needed


Man aged between 45 & 60. Act / Sing Woman aged between 25 & 40 Act / Sing Woman aged between 40 & 60 Act / Sing


Man aged between 30 & 45 Act / Sing

Song:- "Easy Street"

Supporting cast needed


Woman aged between 25 & 40 Act / Sing

Song:- "Easy Street"

Supporting cast needed





Girls aged between 8 & 15 Act / Sing / Dance

Bert Healy

Famous Radio Announcer


Man aged between 30 & 50 Act / Sing

President Roosevelt

President of USA (1933)


Man over age of 50 Act / Sing





Multi characters / cameo's Multi characters / cameo's

Male & Female. All ages needed. From 18 to 60 Male & Female. All ages needed. From 18 to 30

Song:- "Fully Dressed Without a Smile” Poem:- No longer than 30 seconds

Song:- "Fully Dressed Without a Smile" A Franklin D Roosevelt Speech (no longer than 1 minute) Song:- First few lines of “Tomorrow”

Song:"Hooverville" Song:"Hooverville"

2 Casts (10 in each cast) Supporting cast needed. Will swing as chorus member when not performing as Bert Healy.

2 Casts Will be asked to read something in an American accent Should be out of school and will need to sing

“As you can see there are a lot of opportunities for acting roles, superb singing roles both in principal and supporting roles and a lot of lovely little acting cameo roles plus a large chorus of many characters. You will certainly be busy and will never be bored. Hope to see you at auditions!” Kyla & The Auditioning Panel

BUT WHERE DID IT ALL START? As we will be in the company of this famous little girl for quite some time, I thought it might be interesting to find out a little more about her… Isn’t the internet just a wonderful resource?! In 1924, Harold Gray created Little Orphan Annie for the Chicago Tribune. Gray's original concept starred a boy named, Otto. (That's right, Little Orphan Otto!) Thankfully, there were many strips featuring boys and none about a girl, so Gray changed the protagonist's gender and name. Comic strips in the 20's were very different from today's strips. Dailies were printed in a much larger format and often only one Sunday strip appeared on a newspaper page. Adventure strips ran stories for many months and sometimes for more than a year! Little Orphan Annie was different; she met do-gooders, crooked politicians, gangsters, and fought the Nazis. The strip had elements of the supernatural. There were ghosts, leprechauns, and Mr. Am, who has lived for "millions of years." After months of fending for herself, travelling through the small towns of America, "Daddy" showed up for an adventure before disappearing again to allow Annie some adventures on her own. Harold Gray died in 1968 and never saw his little orphan girl’s big moment when “Annie, the Musical” had its world premiere on August 10, 1976 at the Goodspeed Opera House in East Haddam, Connecticut. The original Broadway production opened at the Alvin Theatre on April 21, 1977.


This success story was followed by, you guessed it… the film

This Columbia Pictures’ movie was released in 1982 and starred amongst others Aileen Quinn as Annie, Carol Burnett as Ms Hannigan and Albert Finney as Mr. Warbucks. But let’s get back to our original Little Orphan Annie and two of her fellow Comic Strip Friends… Little Orphan Annie began with Annie in a home for orphans run by Miss Asthma, a dour, severe disciplinarian. Annie had been an occupant of the home since infancy. When later asked, the first thing she remembered, she replied, "Bein' in th' "Home" and how mean Miss Asthma was. I guess I must have been there, right from th' time I was born, almost." Family records existed in Miss Asthma's safe; indeed, on one occasion, Annie came close to overhearing details of her family history. But the records were destroyed in the fire which gutted the home on November 18, 1928 and not even "Daddy" was able to persuade Miss Asthma to reveal what she remembered, beyond the comment that Annie had been left as a waif at the door of the home. Annie In January 1925, Annie rescued a small pup which was being teased by a group of boys behind Mrs. Bottle's store. The pup was a sandy-colored mongrel, part Airedale, part Collie--later expanded to "dozens o' breeds!"--with a black left ear, a black patch on its back and a white tip on its tail. Annie named him Sandy. Since she was not allowed to bring the pup into the Bottle home where she was staying at the time, she entrusted him to the care of Paddy Lynch. There, he remained when Annie fled the Bottle home on her first "road" trip. In the course of that first journey, Annie was kidnapped by a group of Gypsies. As she was being abused, a full grown Sandy came to the rescue. From then on, with occasional short intervals, the two were inseparable.

Sandy's vocabulary consisted mainly of the famous line, "Arf!"

"Daddy" Warbucks was born about 1894, near the small town of Supine. His father, a section boss on the railroad, was killed when he was a month old. His mother was left with only "gumption" and a house in which she was able to keep boarders. His early youth in Supine involved cornering all the marbles in town at age nine, serving as a messenger for the telegraph company, having a girlfriend named Millie, fishing, swimming and raiding melon patches with Spike Spangle and beating up the son of the banker who planned to foreclose on his mother's house. Then on June 7, “Daddy” Warbucks 1905 when he was only 11, his mother died at age 30, of typhoid. On the night of the funeral he was put on the outbound Limited. Presumably he later spent some time in the city for he and Paddy Cairns were companions together in the old 8th Ward. For a few semesters he attended college studying engineering but found no time for football or girls because he had to work seven nights a week and Sundays in the local steel mill to pay off a debt. His family background and lack of prep school education kept him from entering a fraternity. He eventually became foreman in the rolling mill, married Mrs. Warbucks, worked and planned for a family, kids, and house of their own. When "Daddy" began to make big money the marital happiness was lost but he retained his identity with the common people.


CATA Awards Evening - 22 March 2010 Congratulations to all our G&S Members who are nominated for the 2010 CATA’s! We are very, very proud of you.  The Awards Evening will take place on Monday, 22 March at 7:30 for 8:00pm. Dress is smart, but not formal. Champagne will be served upon arrival and a finger supper will follow the proceedings. The prizes will be presented by Paul Griffiths, well known professional actor and director. Bookings are open and we therefore encourage all nominees and members to book early to ensure your seat. There is no cost to attend, but due to limited space you must book in advance. Remember to mention whether you are a nominee or not! Please contact Hayley Fargher to make your bookings on 021-788 6999. She is available for booking on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10.00am till 1.00pm. Here is a list of the Categories and respective Nominees:


Teddy Davies – HMS Pinafore (G & S) Other nominees: Birga Thomas – Hello, Goodbye (MADS) ; Marlisa Doubell – Private Lives (Milnerton) ; Barrie Howard – Time of my life (Constantia) ; Sue Bolton – Breath of Life (CDS) ; Graham Boxall – Isn’t it romantic (CDS) ; Kyla Thorburn – A Christmas carol (Pinelands)


Kyla Thorburn – HMS Pinafore (G & S) The other nominee: Kim Harris-Dalla - A Christmas carol (Pinelands)


Riaan Hunter - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Other nominees: Wesley Figaji - Hello, Goodbye (MADS) ; Trevor Joubert - Private Lives (Milnerton) ; Dennis Benneyworth - Time of my life (Constantia) ; Shaun Browne - A Christmas carol (Pinelands) 


Julie Harris - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Sian Atterbury-le Roux - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Other nominees: Yvonne Copley - Breath of Life (CDS) ; Suzy Gehr - Hello, Goodbye (MADS) ; Tamryn Spiers - Private Lives (Milnerton) ; Jane Cohen - Time of my life (Constantia) ; Carey Wallace – Haunting of Hill House (FHDS) ; Jo Darby – Abigail’s party (Constantia)



David Bolton - HMS Pinafore (G & S) John Carne - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Other nominees: Theo Swartz – A lesson from aloes (HHDS) ; Alastair Duff – No sex please, we’re British (FHDS) ; Gordon Molloy – Trap for a lonely man (Milnerton) ; Scott Cooper – Appointment with death (MADS) ; Michael Harris - A Christmas carol (Pinelands)


Gary Kok - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Heather Earp-Jones – HMS Pinafore (G & S) Riaan Hunter - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Sian Atterbury-le Roux & Ferdi Oosthuizen - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Kim Harris-Dalla, Victoria Harris, Jennifer Moss, Christine Thonissen - HMS Pinafore (G & S) Other nominees: Margaret Mortelmans - Private lives (Milnerton) ; Phoebe Snayer – Rodgers and Hart, a celebration (Milnerton) ; Glenda Carmichael - A Christmas carol (Pinelands) ; Jennifer Moss - A Christmas carol (Pinelands) ; Laura Bosman and Graham Stabler – A Christmas carol (Pinelands) 


Lynn Moss - HMS Pinafore (G & S) The other nominee: Jane Philbrick - Haunting of Hill House (FHDS) 


Denise Dubber - Time of my life (Constantia) ; Trish Sutton - Time of my life (Constantia) ; Michelle Belknap - Isn’t it romantic (CDS) ; Victoria Harris – Return from Oz (CDS) ; Laura Bosman - A Christmas carol (Pinelands) ; Jennifer Moss - A Christmas carol (Pinelands) 


Kevin Smith – Play Misty for me (HHDS) ; Angela Lee-Wright - Haunting of Hill House (FHDS) ; Thomas Agates – Spring and port wine (HHDS) ; Curtis Dunn – Abigail’s party (Constantia) 


Jane Philbrick and Margi Blewett - No sex please, we’re British (FHDS) ; Anne Coetzee – Play Misty for me (HHDS) ; Debbie Bentley-Buckle and Barrie Howard - Time of my life (Constantia) ; Finn McCormick – Trap for a lonely man (Milnerton) ; Debbie Bentley-Buckle and Barrie Howard - Abigail’s party (Constantia) ; Richard Whittaker - A Christmas carol (Pinelands) 


Roland Sweet – Special occasions (Milnerton) ; John Blewett - Time of my life (Constantia) ; Gary Fargher – Isn’t it romantic (CDS) ; Andrew Ward-Cox - Trap for a lonely man (Milnerton) ; Gary Fargher - Haunting of Hill House (FHDS) ; Dylan Ford - Haunting of Hill House (FHDS) ; Grant Faiers - A Christmas carol (Pinelands) ; Kyla Thorburn - A Christmas carol (Pinelands)


A FUN THING TO DO ON VALENTINES DAY!! Attend the G&S Concert at the Masque Theatre Ten years ago, Lorna Hansen was asked to give a lecture on the work of Gilbert and Sullivan to the Fine and Decorative Arts Society. She thought that an unillustrated lecture on the works of our boys would be deadly dull, so she opted to round up a group of people from the Society, who illustrated the talk with different numbers from each of the operas in the canon. This group has, with some additions and alterations, been performing around Cape Town and surrounds since then.

be singing them (with Mike Nixon, who usually conducting, and Helen Broekmann at the piano).”

plays the

Lorna says:” At the end of last year, we were asked if we would give a Valentine's Day Concert at the Masque on Sunday 14 February, at 15h00. So we have chosen a whole lot of songs which have something to do with LOVE. We’ll trombone in our orchestra,

If you are interested in having a fun afternoon, and supporting your Society at the same time, contact the booking office at the Masque on 021 7881898, and book. R50-00 per seat for members of the Masque, R60-00 for non-members. You can also get G&S Society prefs at R50-00 per ticket by sending the money, with your name and contact details to Lance, our Treasurer (, and he will ensure that your ticket(s) are either delivered to you, or left in an envelope with your name on at the box office on the day. Hope to see you there!

2010 AGM – 02 March An official notice with more detail will be distributed to our members in due course, but be sure to pencil the date in your diaries so long!


2010 G&S MEMBERSHIP FEES A reminder from our Membership Secretary, Michele Bellknap: Membership fees and categories are as follows: Single: R80 Couple: R110 Student/Pensioner: R50 Patron: R600 If you prefer not to pay your subs at the AGM, you can send The Treasurer a cheque, or do an electronic transfer or do a direct deposit. Our banking details are as follows: Cape Town Gilbert & Sullivan Society Standard Bank Thibault Square Account number: 070820767 Branch Code: 020909 Please put your name as reference!

Cheques can be posted to: The Treasurer Gilbert and Sullivan Society P O Box 23941, Claremont 7735

If you are unsure whether you have paid or not, or if you have any queries, you are welcome to contact Lance Kotze, our Treasurer at or on 082 770 7782.

AN UNDOUBTABLE FACT! I’m off to the Masque Theatre to go and support our Membership Secretary, Michele, who will be in the Muizenberg Dramatic Society’s “Improbable Fiction” from Friday, 05 February until Saturday, 13 February!! This comedy is directed by Coleen van Staden.

To quote Michele: “It is quite zany and a good laugh!” To book, contact the Masque Theatre during office hours on 021 7881898.

Cheers Adrian


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