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Gas Chlorinator Features You Should Know Before Buying Your Treatment System The gas chlorinator is the hidden power behind keeping water free of bacteria and algae which can destroy the safety of a swimming pool or cause even greater damage in industrial settings. While the systems may be hidden behind the scenes, their role is not hidden from people who understand the dangers of poor water quality. Features You Should Watch for When Buying a Gas Chlorinator While you may have it firmly entrenched in your mind your chlorination system only requires a simple tank, meter, and pressure feed device, the reality is much different. Those components may cover the basic description, but their implementation varies widely between applications. Imagine having a mission critical system in your factory which requires a consistent flow of bacteria free water. If your gas chlorinator tank runs empty you have a big problem. You need to be able to stay running while the tank is changed out. In this type of setting you should consider an auto switchover system. An auto switchover system detects when the first set of tanks is empty and automatically drops over to the second set. This keeps your flow of clean water moving while you can change out the first set of tanks. This level of protection is essential in settings where you cannot stop a production line or system at any time without significant loss. The Basic Setup May Be All You Need, Or Is It? In many environments temporary shutoffs while changing tanks is not a problem. The system may only operate for certain portions of the day, or on a single shift anyway. In these cases a very basic gas chlorinator system which is directly mounted on the system and vacuum controlled is the low cost option. These basic systems cover the needs of many environments. Before committing to the lower end system consider your future growth and business development plans. Will you be adding a shift in the near future? Is your need for chlorinated water rising with each passing week? Have you taken the time to evaluate the cost difference between a basic system and an auto switchover system? Do Not Buy Without Doing a Return on Investment Study No matter whether your use is for a public swimming pool, a factory, or for a medical environment, you should consider your true return on investment. While the low cost system may seem the obvious choice take a few minutes to think about the cost of

shutting down a production line for 20 minutes to change out the tank. Consider the implications of discovering the tanks went empty overnight at the swimming pool and the water is high on algae or bacteria the next morning. In both of those circumstances you could incur lost income. You may discover buying a higher priced gas chlorinator which allows you to keep the system running full-time is the most effective investment. Low cost of acquisition is not always the best investment. If you are unsure of how to make the decision then speak with a gas chlorinator expert and let them explain all the options and costs of different systems. When you have all the facts your choice will become obvious.

Gas Chlorinator Feature You Should Know Before Buying Your Treatment System  

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