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Welcome To the German All Stars Bangkok, the participating teams, referees and the organizing committee of the 28th Far East Football Tournament 2010. This year will have again many sporting highlights on the calendar. The biggest event in the world of football will be of course the World Cup played in South Africa, but let us not forget the 28th Far East Football Tournament in Bangkok. Amateur football players from all corners of the globe and spectactors will come together over the Easter weekend to play and to watch the sport of their heart. Over all the years this annual event has created many friendships amongst the participants and I‘m certain that this year more new friends will find together. Everyone should keep in mind that the success of this tournament depends upon the cooperation of all involved throughout the weekend. Here my message is a simple: Go into the games with passion but at all time remember «Fair Play». Now I wish all of you a weekend full of exciting football games, lots of fun and may the best team lift the trophy after the final whistle. Yours sincerely

Carlos Alberto Captain of the 1970 World Cup winning Brazilian Team

28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Welcome




Welcome by Carlos Alberto ................. 1

Shanghai Krauts FC ............................. 6

Kaizerchiefs FC ................................... 48

Welcome by GAS coaching team ........ 3

German All Stars Bangkok .................. 8

German Old Stars Bangkok ................ 50

Open Competition, results 2009 .......... 4

Vietnam Reunited ............................... 12

Sexy All Stars FC ................................. 52

Rules of competition ........................... 44

Latini FC Singapore ............................ 14

Red Lions Taipei .................................. 54

Referees ............................................... 45

Swiss Club Singapore ......................... 16

Fat Bold & Ugly FC .............................. 56

Masters Competition, results 2009 .... 46

Olympique de Saigon ......................... 18

Red Star KL .......................................... 58

Goodbye Mattze, Timo & Raphael ..... 51

Taiwan Mongrels ................................ 20

German Old Stars Singapore ............... 60

Thanks to all sponsors ........................ 63

Bayon Wanderers FC .......................... 22

Hibernians FC Singapore ................... 62

History .................................................. 64

Manila Nomads ................................... 24 Wanchai Spartans FC Hong Kong .... 26 German All Stars Singapore ............... 28 London Panthers ................................. 30 Panthers Inst. of Soccer Superstars ... 32 Carnegies Taipei FC ........................... 34 Farangutans Chiang Mai FC ............. 36 Hanoi Croatia International ............... 38 Saigon Raiders FC ............................... 40 Robin Hood FC Bangkok ..................... 42


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Hello and welcome to the 28. Far East Football Tournament 2010 in Bangkok This season’s tournament is upon us once again and it’s time to find out if all the hard work is going to pay off and time to ask ourselves “Just how far do we think we can go this year?” I can already hear some wag saying “We have already beaten this other team, beat that” Yes, the mind games are sure to be out in force but it will take more than them alone to win this tournament, many thanks to all of you who have taken the intrepid journey to be here. But is it now time to find out who wants it the most. We agreed to help run the tournament on the condition that we aim as high as we can and stake our claim to be a tournament associated with fair play and having a very positive attitude both on and off the pitch, these are very important to us, but we’re also keen to point out that each team have some talented players but its all so about the “12th” man - the supports who have travelled with the teams, Getting all four attributes in places creates the right environment and culture within the tournament, which in turn will help’s it thrive and continue to grow, i believe we have succeeded in doing this. It just remains for us to say to everyone to enjoy the football this weekend wherever you play or watch and however you are involved. Yours in football Wolfgang, Gerd & Alex Coaching team of German All Stars Bangkok

28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Welcome


Open Tournament


Pictures of 2009

28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

Results 2009 Semi Finals: Shanghai Krauts FC – Les Gaulois 2:0 Vietnam Reunited – German All Stars Bangkok 2:0 after penalties Final: Shanghai Krauts FC – Vietnam Reunited 2:0 CUP 1 Shanghai Krauts FC 2 Vietnam Reunited 3 Les Gaulois 4 German All Stars BKK 5 Latini FC 6 Farangutans FC PLATE 7 Spartans FC 8 Bully’s FC 9 German All Stars Singapore 10 P.I.S.S. 11 Red  Star KL 12 Swiss Club Singapore BOWL 13 London Panthers 14 Bayon Wanderers  15 Hibernians FC  16 Taiwan Mongrels  17 German All Stars HK 18 Red Lions Taipei


Almost unbearable how long a year lasts! But all the waiting has an end and here we come again for the sixth time. With best memories to the last Easter, the Krauts rocked their way from Shanghai to Bangkok. As Runners-Up in 2008, in 2009 the team did exactly what their were told by the Praesidium and Team Management – perform just a little bit better – and finally got what they have been waiting for all these years: the Asian Crown …and the coldest beer in Nana Plaza. Success in 2009 continued – despite the turmoil on the global financial markets and the slump of Krauts’ stock price on Shanghai Stock Exchange (ticker: 0815) – with winning the 1st Division of the SIFL and to secure promotion to Shanghai “Finests”.   So what’s in for Krauts this year? Well, this depends who will make it …as usual. The prospects of displaying schicken Fussball are good with 42% of the 2009 winning squad, some newcomers from Shanghai and friends around the globe. And at least, the team management and with it the original idea of winning and how football should be played will remain unchanged.   Well, whatever happens today and tomorrow, Krauts is happy to be back and to catch-up with old friends. Let’s play fair and compete well. Thanks to the GAS BKK for organising yet another football highlight in Asia.   Zicke Zacke, Shanghai Krauts


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

Founded in 1968 President: HARTWIG SCHÜLER


MBMG Bangkok International League, 1st Division







08.04.1965 / Goalkeeper

10.10.1983 / Defender

10.05.1977 / Defender







27.08.1974 / Defender

02.06.1977 / Defender

08.02.1972 / Defender

28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition







19.01.1970 / Midfielder

20.10.1986 / Midfielder

06.10.1977 / Midfielder







12.09.1981 / Midfielder

16.06.1983 / Midfielder

24.07.1985 / Midfielder

The German All Stars Bangkok are a fun loving, party addicted, socially unchallenged football team in Bangkok who ply their trade in the Bangkok Casual‘s Somtam league. The current squad compromises of players from different parts of the world including: Germany, Switzerland, England, Argentina, France, Holland, Chile, Spain and Thailand. There are a number of people who continue to be very influential to the club and it is important to take the time necessary to extend our gratitude for everything that they do and for their continued support of the GAS. Hartwig continues to take on the role of President in a very professional and thorough manner. Wolfgang has taken on the role of head coach with his very able assistants Alex and Gerd. Michel continues to do an outstanding, prompt and thorough job on our very own website ( Timo and Torbjorn have continued to arrange healthy, social activities and tours throughout Asia and finally as the veterans have developed we need to acknowledge the hard work of Mattze this season. Last year we won the second division without losing a game so confidence and spirit was high going into this season, especially with a new coaching team in place with new training methods and fresh ideas. The season started quite slow but since the start of 2010, at the time of writing this report, we remain unbeaten in both the league and cup competition. Every year we enter 2 or 3 football tournaments throughout Asia so i‘m sure you‘ve seen some of our silky skills and sexy football on your travels but you‘ll be pleased to hear we save the best for our very own world famous Easter Tournament. Good luck to all teams taking part this weekend.



28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

Fresh from the streets of Saigon, Vietnam Reunited are returning to the tournament for the 4th successive year and despite reaching the final last year have no such aspirations due to combining the GAS tournament with the stag party for Matty the Massive Masson. Between the sticks, we have “Glenn “Glenda” Malcolm who will be making the most of the sunshine before he heads off to Moscow and -40. La defense, will be propped up by Matt “The Stag” Masson who as the name suggests will be in no fit condition to play. Luckily Ben “Peado” Peadon, fresh from his virgin performance last year will be ably backed up by tour virgin Iaian “Sweaty” Campbell and seasoned Soi Cowboy campaigners Chris “QE2” Currie and Gazza “Rodeo” Morris together with the return of Mad Max Phelps all the way from Down Under. The midfield sees the return from the desert of experienced tour campaigner Scott “Sneaky” Lambert who will be looking to give some fatherly advice to tour virgins Chris “Brownie” Brown and Erdum the Unknown Turk. They will be backed up by Greg “The Shadow” Carr and Mark “The Villan” Symmonds. We will also be looking to unleash our secret Japanese


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

weapon Naoki San who will be making his farewell appearance before returning to the land of bukkake and BeoWulf wannabee Jacob “the Viking” Bjerregaard. Rumour has it that perennial squad players Daniel “Silky” Fairburn and Moet Dave Askham will be turning up “for t’kick round” but lets see on the day shall we. Up front Steve “Budge” Baker and tour veteran Rob “Porridge” Russell will be looking to better last years tally of 8 goals together with tour legend “Big Nick” Walker and other GAS tour virgins in “David “Rosie” Rosenberg and Damien “Damo” Cupitt. All will be vying for the strikers positions, health permitting. So again a squad packed with experienced tour campaigners and fresh meat this time prepped, trimmed and marinated by tour manager Chris ”Raffa” Honour who without his sidekick will have to drink less. We all look forward to taking part again and a big thanks to the GAS for organizing a splendid tournament.

Latini FC successfully competes in the Cosmo League (finishing 4th in season 2008/2009) which is Singapore’s longest established and most competitive amateur football league.

Formerly known as the Italians, Latini FC has been renamed to reflect the kaleidoscope of nationalities that make up the team and the way it aims to play football – namely the Latin way – with passion and flair. The team is made up of professional expatriates working and living in Singapore, with French speakers (French, Swiss and Belgian) representing the backbone of the team as well as players from all corners of the globe, including the UK, Germany, Norway, Japan, Italy, the US, Australia and India. Latini FC tries to live up to its motto “forza e onore” and has a tradition of playing quality and spectacular football. The aim of the team is to enjoy itself on and off the field and team spirit is fostered by very frequent team gatherings, social activities and participation in various international tournaments around Asia, including the Easter Tournament in Bangkok and the Phuket 7s. Latini FC is proudly sponsored by the following restaurants Senso, Spizza, La Villa, La Nonna with 20% VIP discount card granted to the players. We also receive generous support from Mondial Assistance, Noble Energy and EuroFin Asia Group, not mentioning priviledged access to“


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

SWISS CLUB SINGAPORE Here we go again...for probably the 18th time in a row, the Swiss Club Singapore is delighted to be part of the (in)famous Easter tournament of the German All Stars Bangkok. After a successful expedition in 2008 where we finally put our hands on the winners’ trophy after a nine year draught, we came to Thailand with high hopes last year. However, even though the players were reminded that to win a tournament is easy (who ever said that?), but to defend a title was difficult it did not work. The team performed well below its potential and never had a chance to get far in the tournament. Since then, we have added (and lost) a couple of players, but essentially it is a similar team to the one that travelled last year. Hopefully, the players are by now no longer distracted by the night activities in Bangkok and can therefore fully focus their energy on the activities on the football pitch. In the domestic Cosmo League in Singapore, the team finished last year in 5th place and in the current campaign is again in the top 6. Swiss Club Singapore would like to thank GAS Bangkok for once again putting together the finest football tournament in South East Asia.


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

Olympique de Saigon Olympique de Saigon has been created in 1994 and is mainly composed of French speaking players living and working in Saigon. O.S. is sponsored since its starts by the professional team O.G.C. Nice (Ligue 1, France) whom we wear the black and red colours. Some Olympique players participate regularly in international tournaments within Asia and keep high „Les Bleus“ spirit around the region with fellow teams Olympique Gaulois Singapore and Gaulois Bangkok. But this year, l‘Olympique comes back with a full team from Ho Chi Minh, Bangkok and Singapore. Our target is to win! And we hope to get a good result fro our 4th German All Stars Tournament. + Saigon International Football League Champions in 2008/2009 + Saigon International Football League Champions in 2007/2008 + Saigon International Football League Champions in 2002/2003 + SIFL Cup. Runner‘s up 2009 + SIFL Cup. Winners 2008 + Phuket 11‘s Tournament, Thailand. Winners in 2001 and 2002 + Bangkok GAS International Tournament, Thailand. Third Place in 2009 + Bangkok GAS International Tournament, Thailand. Third Place in 2008 + Bangkok GAS International Tournament, Thailand. Runners Up in 2007


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

THE BARBARIANS OF FOOTBALL The Taiwan Mongrels are to football what The Barbarians are to Rugby. Well, not quite, but there are some interesting comparisons. Both teams are open to players from all other clubs (although we do not issue personal invitations or study individual form too closely). Another similarity lies in our mutual commitment to an attacking, free-flowing game (although in this case they might have a tad more success than we do). One big difference, though, is that while we encourage gentlemanly conduct on the field, we do not, like the Baa Baas, expect members of our pack to remain on their best behavior when they are out and about town. After all, there is no point in asking for the impossible. This is our sixth year on tour, and we plan to enter a team into many of these great tournaments across S.E. Asia, so please come and have a beer with us – before the game, if we are drawn to play. Cheers!


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

The impressive twelfth century Angkorian «Bayon» Temple lends its name to this elegant team, which was established exactly 15 years ago. The strength of the Angkorian Empire is reflected in the depth of this team’s character. The beauty and elegance of the temples is noticeable in the poise and grace with which they take to the field and is clearly seen in their flowing passes and general movement around the pitch. Bayon are led by their coach, goodold Billy with his unique brand of total football, developed in his youth, around the time of Jayavarman VII. He intends to pass this on to all his players, who


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

will try to write history in Bangkok. The Bayon Wanderers F.C. is a real team of «Wanderers» as the players are coming from all directions of this earth-ball. At the moment there are 20 different nationalities playing in the club. The team heading for Bangkok exists out of a mix of young and old male warriors. Making their first appearance are the American Gordon and the Cambodian Vannarak with two French nationals. The “veterans” among this team are Laurent, Alex, Francois, Phyrun, Ben, Sidon, Bo, Nelly, Billy, Chhay, and Farid. As every year the expectations for a good result are very high and these players will try their best to reach the highest!

After an absence of three long years, Manila Nomads return from the wilderness and once again bravely venture across the South China Sea in search of glory and …… other stuff. There are new faces and old faces, in no particular order tourists include: Randy Musters – Tall dark and handsome or cool calm and collected, these are just some the descriptions Randy has of himself. Lazy Dutch Cunt is more accurate. Michael Denison – Very delicate and extremely sensitive, capable of starting a row in an empty room, likely to use his serious voice at least once on tour, probably towards Ellis. Mark Cocks – They say there’s small child in all of us, there’s definitely one in Coxy, the one he had for lunch. Sammy Fogg – The model of the group – shaves his chest and appears on TV commercials getting knocked out by Manny Pacquiao. Danny Williams – A taffy who can play football – that makes two of them. A little too fond of Sammy... (good thing Dolans’ not on tour) Graham Ellis – Johnny no mates who has to go on tour with foreigners as nobody likes him in Malaysia, not even Canadian school teachers. Don’t tell him but we don’t like him either. Phil Connolly – Cocky big mouthed Liverpool fan – massive early favourite for pick of the tour and a smack from Denno. Colm McKay – Used to shout “Get me on!” but sadly gave up the game after spending a lifetime on the bench. Looks like he eats footballs for breakfast. Kevin Moylan – Pretends to be Irish and supports Leeds United. Get the picture? Geoff Bradley – Football section tour virgin, although no virgin


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

to touring, unlikely to be seen in daylight and unlikely to read this programme – big fucking gay fat bastard. Tal “Tuggy” Sidi – Palestinian tour virgin & another Liverpool fan. Bartered his foreskin for a week in Boracay. Paul Hynes – Supports the scum and prone to the odd woody in the showers, although no one has ever particularly noticed. Looks like the oldest man on tour but really he’s 19 with an IQ to match. Antonio Severino – accomplished after dinner speaker. Very excitable when overseas, usually drinks too much, smokes something that wasn’t manufactured by Philip Morris and disappears for a couple of days. Shane Cosgrove – Has recently increased his conversational vocabulary by 33%. He can now bore the shit out of you on the subject of the Nomads B team as well as the scum and boxing. Matthew Freeston – “The Cat” or “The Twat” – you decide Darren Hartmann – Enthusiastic energetic youth team coach or pedophile … stop it. Tony Stow – Claims to have played for Everton Ladies Catholic Thursday Afternoon XI until he was dropped. Died several years ago but refuses to accept it. Arthur Conn – Big fucking useless jock, frightened to death of small brown Asian females. David Hodges – Always cheerful and pleasant never a bad word for anyone. Has been on more tours than the Rolling Stones and probably shagged more birds then they have. Likely to spend close to THB100,000 over the weekend and come back with nothing but an empty sock and headache. NSC would like to thank GAS for the invitation and apologize for everything in advance

Since we last saw you the good times have continued to roll for Hong Kong Spartans. Domestically we have registered our best results in recent years and are leading both Yau Yee Division 2 and also the Saturday legal league, neither of which are of any real standard. More so than any other year, our trademark “Laguna” brand of football, which features low quality football skills complemented by buckets of colorful flair has come to the fore. At International level this term we have been victorious in the Singapore St Andrews Society 6 aside tournament, complemented by poor finishes in Manila 6’s (after team fragmentation), and our very own Hong Kong 9’s (where we simply weren‘t good enough).   So it  is with this mixed bag of results under our belt, and the usual unbridled enthusiasm that the Hong Kong Spartans head to the Far East Football Tournament in

mistake ridden with an unintelligible Scottish lineup supporting our aging veterans:- Bobby “ruse” Tsang, Benny “the tracksuit” Phillips, and Steph “soon to be dirty” Kelly and in nets will be the specially imported Nikhil “thought the c#nt left” Pal. Sadly this year we will be without club stalwart and closet bandit Terry “dude looks lady” Graham. Midfield pairing of Steve “my chips are too salty“ Gordon and Mike “tits on the glass” Knowles, should allow for minimal work off the ball and a strong base for Spartans historic blame culture. They will be ably supported by notorious whiner Dimitri “Azzurri” Lamarlere, progressively slowing James “Maverick” Ross and the relatively unknown Hugh “first time” le Small to ensure the centre of the park will be a disjointed affair. Up front will be the doyen of back heels, camel jockey Mehdi Selhi, partnered by the interestingly nicknamed George “mitch” Mitchard. USRC ringers Gazza and David along

Bangkok in 2010. Coming off a surprise Bowl win 3-1 in 2009, the current lineup could not be in starker contrast to last year’s victorious squad. A rare sniff of success has seen the Spartans apply an over confident player development strategy in assembling what has been dubbed the “team of the decade“ as it may be the weakest team to be sent abroad in living memory. After a long year of in-depth scouting the team squad has been contained to barely enough, with more players worthy of the bench than the pitch. Leading the lads into the searing heat will be Jonathan "flabbo“ Southgate, whose deteriorating football skills will see him marshalling the troops from the back in contrast to years gone by (a move that has been greeted with shouts of “thank f#ck” from supporters). His half time team talks have been known to inspire us to many narrow losses and even draws, and will surely be pivotal again in this tournament. Regular sergeant at arms Henry “bye bye bye mate” Vera, will again be by his side, struggling to see, and hopefully  cleaning up his mistakes. Defensively the Spartans will remain loose and

with newbies Pete and Phil will complete the shenanigans and play where they are told. As always we thank the German All Stars Bangkok for their special effort in organizing the tournament and also providing us with a 9:00am start on Sunday, edgy German food, and a throng of aging perverts that stare at our girlfriend’s tits. To all our friends from previous years we will be sure to see you for a beer at our silent sponsors who do so much to keep us coming back through an endless supply of quality clunge:- baccara, tilac, long gun, lollipop, playskool, rainbow 4, angel witch and bossy club


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

And finally, the Spartans Hong Kong credo will as always be the immortal words of our inspiring manager Flabbo….  

"F#ckin hell lads, we’re f#ckin here now, lets have a f#ckin go ay“

As every year a crowd of well trained good looking guys with «stramme Wadeln» is looking forward to join the Easter tournament in Bangkok. After a mixed season in Singapore Cosmoand Midweekleague due to a lot of changes in the team we’re happy to show our mainly German football skills in one of the most exciting tournaments in asia! Asking for permission and green light by wife, girlfriend or maid nearly twenty are ready for the trip. For the 28th edition we are well prepared. Juergen K. send us some statues for the trainingscamp to improve our mental skills. For the physical fitness arriving early in Bangkok to get familiar with the local bars and people seems to be the best plan. This plan never worked out, but it is a lot of fun… maybe we


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

have to try harder! The average age is higher than ever, like red wine it must be a sign for an improvement in quality and taste. For both teams, open and masters, you can expect many motivated players, fair play, exciting new shirts and Kampfgeist!

Looking forward to be a part of this amazing tournament we try our best to get some silverware!

B52 Carnegies Football Club

Taipei, Taiwan

B52 Carnegies Football Club, were formed back in 2001 by a group of expats wanting a kick around before the pub on Saturdays ~ and since those days have gone from strength to strength to bring us to our current position where we strive to be  the team of choice for new expats arriving in Taipei. We have gradually become regular winners and runners up in competitions (in 2007 & 2008 the finalists in the Taichung Summer Cup  tournament, 2007 Taipei League Champions, 2009 Manila 6s Plate Winners), we have at least one overseas tournament each year, have a great sponsor in the way of „Carnegies“ bar & restaurant and overall we have a solid organisation of individuals from various industries and backgrounds with players  ranging in age and skill levels from their late teens to their late 50‘s, with skill levels from ‚can recognise a football but don‘t know what to do with it‘ - to excellent players who give us the results.  

While our players love to play and win at football, we are not just about football, we also like to encourage social events, drinking games, bar dancing, other sports events and social interaction within the squad.


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

For its 4th participation in this tournament, the Hanoi Drink team will welcome some players and mates from domestic league rivals (Roots club and Minsk club). This whole Hanoian package will then be mixed with some other friends arriving from Croatia, Serbia and Argentina. It should be a nice cocktail. But will it be efficient, tasty and explosive? We’ll find out on the pitch eventhough we have no doubt for the answer concerning the rest of the entertainment.


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition



Saigon Raiders formed in 1990 and was the first expat team to be formed in Vietnam. Originally Scandinavian, they now boast members from all over the world including Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Germany, South Africa, Spain, Vietnam, Australia and the UK. Competing in the SIFL since its inauguration in 2000, the Saigon Raiders continue to aid the development of amateur football in Saigon, the privilege of the first ever chair of the newly formed SIFL committee falling to the club. Through their Danish origins they attend the ‘Viking Cup’, a competition held around Asia once a year. In 2005 the VC was held in HCMC, 2006 in Shanghai, 2007 in Bali and in 2008 Hong Kong and Macau. Another Raiders regular is the Manila Nomads tournament held annually in the Philippines, featuring 32 teams from across Asia.

Honours: SIFL – Champions 2000, 2001 Viking Cup – Winners 1999 (HCMC). Plate Winners 1995, 2005. Soccer For The Streets Charity Tournament : Winners, 2006. Phuket Spicy 7‘s - Winners 2010


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition


ROBIN HOOD FC is looking forward to playing in the GAS Far Easter Tournament for the second consecutive year. 8th place last time out (as Bully‘s FC) was considered a good showing, but  after a hard season‘s  graft  in the Bangkok Casuals League and midweek Premier League, the signs are promising and optimism in the camp is growing. However, given the ageing legs and creaking joints some of this bunch of merry men are more likely to be spotted on the sidelines enjoying the festivities than on the pitch. As a Bangkok based team a good turn out has to be expected, including the following familiar faces... ANAND KOGHAR: The Cougar has been in prime form this season on and off the pitch, pouncing on anything that dares to stray near his well protected six yards/inches. Season highlights include a string of penalty saves and an implausible 30,000 Baht bender that literally broke the bank (not his). Strikers and ladeez, you have been warned! RICHARD COGLEY: The Rockets legendary turn of pace and lightning acceleration has  attained almost mythical status within the squad, but no-one  on the field need worry, as he‘ll probably be sobering up for most of the day, before racing to the bar at the final whistle. ADY ‚PSYCHO‘ BARSBY:  Buspass is a  Robin Hood original who‘s been  with us  from the beginning. Taking his inspiration from England‘s greatest ever left back, he‘s an all action performer. For 2, very expensive, minutes. PETER ‚BEEFY‘ THOMPSON:  Although  our aerodynamic centre-half  likes to believe his nickname


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Open Competition

comes from his manly playing style, an uncanny resemblance from the forehead up to Frank Lebouef is the more accurate version. His fancy footwork is more likely to be seen on the dance floors round town than within a 100 miles of the footie pitch. CRAIG «VIDIC» MASSEY: Taking inspiration from his favoritest, bestest player, this temperamental star will fookin‘ murder any  dead balls around the penalty area... as well as  any team mates who fail to live up to  expectations.  A summer move to Real Madrid awaits. STEVE WHITE:  Another all action performer, this geordie centre back has recently broken into the team through the back door. He certainly loves using his head, but unfortunately for us its more often in Pattaya than in the city of angels. ALEX HILTON: One of the team‘s most consistent performers,‘Shilts‘ has filled almost every position for the hood, from keeper to striker, but in a bizarre statistical quirk actually managed to score more goals starting in nets than up front. Work that one out. TOM KING: A mainstay of the midfield, Kingie never knows when he‘s beaten. Whether its tracking opposing players for 90 minutes, or keeping up with his birthday shot clock, he always ends up a soggy mess. And loves every mintue of it. LENG: Our most reliable Thai player, Leng has been notching on a regular basis pre- and post- the final whistle this season.

Rules of Competition 2010 In general, all FIFA rules apply to this Tournament. Major exceptions and clarifications are described below. In line with officially practiced FIFA rules, the Referee’s decisions are final. No one shall dispute his decisions in any way, on or off the field during the Tournament. There will be only one Referee during each match. In short, 28th Bangkok Far East Football Tournament will have a “no-age-limit”, “11-a-side”, “11-a-half”, “full-field”, “no-offside”, “rolling-subs”, and “yellow-card-sit-out-the-half” format Tournament and a “over 35-age-limit”, “7-a-side”, “7-a-half”, “half-field”, “no-offside”, “rolling-subs”, and “yellow-card-sit-out-the-half” format Tournament. This Tournament will be played on a natural-grass pitch according to FIFA rules. This year, all matches shall be played at Bangkok Patana School, Sukhumvit Soi 105, Bangkok, Thailand during the Easter weekend of 3rd & 4th of April 2010. The participating teams shall be divided into “X” groups of “X” teams for the round-robin Group Phase matches. The Groups Draw shall take place during the Captains Meeting on 2/Apr/2010, the Good Friday night before the Tournament, at Old German Bierhaus (Sukhumvite Soi 11) Players shall be allowed to play for more than one (1) team in the entire Tournament, if and only if the Captains of the two (2) relevant teams and the Player who is switching teams agree to it. According to FIFA rules, shin-guards are mandatory equipment. In the Group Phase, each team shall be awarded with three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a draw, and zero (0) point for a loss. In addition, one (1) - and, only one (1) - extra bonus point shall be rewarded to the winning team that can score three (3) or more goals in one (1) match. This means a maximum of four (4) points per match for any winning team. All matches shall be played according to the Tournament Schedule as announced by the organizers during the captains meeting. Any team arriving more than five (5) minutes late after the scheduled kick-off time of their match shall be considered forfeiting the match with a score of 2-0 walk-over. The punctual team shall be awarded with two (2) goals and three (3) points. If both teams are late (usually Sunday early morning matches!), they shall both be penalized with a 2-0 loss. Match playing time will be announced by the organizers at the captains meeting. There shall be a short break between each half. However, for an added touch of suspense, the Final Matches in all competitions shall be played as a thirty (30) minute match of two (2) halves of fifteen (15) minutes with a five (5) minute half-time break. A team must have minimum seven (7) Players at the start of each of their matches; otherwise, the team shall be considered forfeiting the match with a score of 2-0 walk-over. The opponent team shall be awarded with two (2) goals and three (3) points accordingly. Unlimited rolling substitutions (“rolling-subs”) are allowed, and Players who are substituted are permitted to return to play at a later time within the same match or later matches. Substitutions shall be made as the two (2) playing teams see it fit without stopping the match. Since it is rolling-subs, the on-coming substitute shall exchange places with the out-going player at the same spot on the same sideline. In the interest of fairness and controlling rough tackles & late hits, any Player receiving a yellow card during either half of a match will be sent off, without being substituted, until the end of that half during that match (“yellow-card-sit-out-the-half”), leaving his team one (1) player less for the remaining minutes of that half. The yellow-carded Player shall be permitted to return to the same match in the 2nd half or play in his team’s next match. A Player with two (2) yellow-cards collected in one (1) match shall automatically be sent off, and is suspended for the next match. A direct red card shall also lead to an immediate send-off from the match as well as an automatic penalty of one (1) match suspension, with the possibility of further disciplinary action by the Organizing Committee. After all the round-robin matches in the Group Phase are completed the Organizing committee will announce the knock-out Elimination Phase games and schedule. The following four (4) criteria shall apply so as to decide the group rankings: [1] Bigger goal difference, [2] More goals scored, [3] The score of the match between the deadlocked teams, [4] Sudden-death-penalty-shoot-out. The winning teams in all competitions shall continue on playing through their Quarter Finals, the Semi Finals and the Final. In case the teams draw at the end of the regulation time for the matches there shall be a penalty shoot-out immediately, without playing any extra time, following the match to decide the winner of the match. The following rules shall be observed for all the penalty shoot-outs in this Tournament: Before the shoot-out, each team shall select their initial three (3) penalty taking Players from within the entire roster of their squad, and register their names & numbers with the Referee. In case it is still a draw after the initial three (3) penalties of each team, the winner shall be decided based on the suddendeath penalty shoot-out rule. In case it is still a draw after all the Players in either of the team’s roster have taken penalties, then the turn rotates and re-starts from the first (1st) Player in the initial three (3) penalty takers based on the sequence of Players and their shirt numbers as recorded by the Referee. The goalkeepers of the teams during the penalty shoot-outs can be chosen from any Player within the entire roster of their squad; however, (barring a serious injury situation) teams shall not change goalkeepers during the middle of a particular penalty shoot-out. The winner of the Final Matches (whether in regulation time or after a possible penalty shoot-out) in all of the competitions shall be declared as the champions of their respective competitions; whilst, of course, the winner of the Cup Competition being the Tournament Champion. Any event not covered above shall be discussed and decided by the Organizing Committee of German All Stars-Bangkok during the 2-day Tournament in consultation with the Referees Committee. Inevitably, but authoritatively, their decisions are final..!


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010

Referees 2010

This year our FIFA approved Referees will be Prapassorn Subniyom (Mr. Bang), Leiha Daungporn, Sirichai Tongkam, Littipn Sawettadit, Udumled Pengdon, Prapat Roamsoongnean, Wimon Mailieam, Ruj Buppamas, Mr. Gray, Mr. Augusto and Mr. Kumar. Thank you very much, Gentlemen.


Masters Tournament

Results and pictures of 2009

Final: Kaizerchiefs FC - GAS Legends 3:0 Final results 2009 1. KAIZERCHIEFS FC, Phuket 2. GAS Legends, Bangkok 3. Fat Bold & Ugly, Phuket 4. German Old Stars Singapore 5. German Old Stars Bangkok 6. Sexy All Stars FC, Beijing 7. Hibernians Legends, Singapore 8. BC Exiles, Bangkok


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition


The Kaiser Chiefs are returning to defend our title for an unprecedented third consecutive year and we‘re taking no prisoners. The squad is almost the same as last year: Soony «Flying Fox» Leontoorn Marcus «the Iron Wall» Benzinger aka „the Kaiser“ Andrew «Big Gun» Hewett Simon «Le Bon» Smith Stevie «Boy Wonder» Smith Tim «King» Cocking Andrew «Hurricane» Higginbotham «Mighty» Joe Carre   Sadly missing is „Fast“ Freddie van Dyk who‘s out with injury and Andrew „the Terminator“ Combellack, who has to return to England for this period of time, but our replacements Mighty Joe and Hurricane Higginbotham are more than capable.   So come and ‚ave a go if you think you‘re ‚ard enough!!!   Thanks to GAS for organising such a great event year-in year-out with so much dedication and commitment! Well appreciated ...


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition

Going for silverware is always the target of the GAS BKK Vets team (also known as the heaviest team in Asia) and this year we already achieved this for 2 times, with the biggest success of the 2nd place in the Hoffenheim Supporters tournament. Our Lads are not the youngest anymore and for sure not show the body sculptures of the Adonis players of our Casuals team, but we are still there if it counts. This includes playing on the pitch and off the pitch in Bangkok’s nightlife, on all parties (just to remember the Party animals like Fahri, Timo, Hartwig, Raphi or Matze, and all the others which did not like to be mentioned here,…), all GAS BKK events, but also at all social contributions we can do. The Olympic idea – participating is more important than win – is one of the none written laws of the GAS BKK Vets and to be together as a team, with fun, no pressure, no screaming and trying to play sexy football. We still try to guide our young boys within the club and make “real men” of them, with all the responsibility a GAS BKK member has to have. All the players have been in training camps over the last weeks and livers and lung breath are in perfect conditions, as well as the bodies (as everybody will see). We are proud on our weights, sexy football and the fact that we still can laugh and party even we are not winning the tournament. But… be careful … do not underestimate us – if we roll we roll and nobody will stop us, especially not at the end of the days, either in front of the “Cocktail Bus” or the “Band”. Lets rock and “roll” , enjoy the weekend make friends (not only with the bottle in your hand), give our liver something to do, support the band and support all other teams – make it another memory in the rest of our brains we have. Greetings to Greenpeace as they could not pull us back in the sea last time at the beach in Phuket Greeting to the Blue Cross – it is still not time for us – “cheers” Greetings to Jogi Löw – if you need us we are ready for South Africa – zicke zacke Greeting to the Weight Watchers – you will never get us


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition

This year three members and good friends of German All Stars will move to pastures new ...

GOOD BYE MATTZE (aka Matt the Cat) will leave to Singapore in July to give the local GAS there some more weight. We will badly miss his organizing talent on and off the pitch as well as his unforgettable singing and whistling performances.

TIMO (aka Timooo) is already back in Germany, in the well known city of Paderborn (the origin of Go-Go‘s and Massage Parlors ... he said). Timo is just a great guy and everybody at GAS and above all the ladies up and down the Chao Phraya are endlessly sad about this huge (and unexpected) loss.

RAPHAEL (aka der Botschafter) will very soon be called back to Berlin by the Fatherland for other duties. His move will not only leave a big gap in the GAS Vets team but also grievously weaken the gang of GAS party animals.

Thanks for all you did for the German All Stars! We wish you best of luck and a good start into your new lives. We will miss you. Take care and keep in touch.

Sexy FC (1996) has a unique and sordid past, playing in PINK long before the Italians thought it would be cool and trendy. The team went from mediocrity (an entire season in their opening league campaign without scoring a single goal) to greatness (winning the League and Cup in the Beijing Expat first division in 2008). The team will be looking to finish better than the 6th place last year and (at the time of writing) have assembled the largest line up of immature, sexually deviant geriatrics since the Mongolian Tour (against the National team) back in 1994! Alan Hough Goalkeeper. English. Huffster is a Miserable Twat who will likely moan and moan and moan at the players throughout the whole tournament because he will be the busiest player on the field cause the rest of the time are shite! Any happy ending for this player will only come off the field and he will have to pay for even that! Mike Purefoy Defense English. PJ is a rock in defense (think of Gibraltar) and the team are especially nervous as the PJ “Ankle” may go at any moment, considering he is over 100kg, the “Ankle” is as nervous as the young waifs he will likely jump on (poor little things).

Alex Lee Midfield. English. “Little Alex” (Don’t ask me, it’s only what I heard last year) is our resident “high roller” and the locals will surely fall for the posh English accent and expensive clothes and cigars. I don’t have the heart to tell them that the girls here don’t give a shit, they just want his cash! But who is going to tell him? Kemal Ayyildiz Midfield. Turkish. Christened “Creamy” and man of the tour in Mongolia, Creamy has an insatiable appetite for…….. Well, let’s just say it…SEX. It is a poor show when a teammate puts Sex before Beer, Mates and Football!! If he can drag himself out of bed, he can play quite well, although where he gets the energy from beats me.

Jens Hoydem Defense. German. Nobody really knows how “Zee Germans” ended up on an English team but we are glad because the “Gladiator” is one of the pillars of the club, and when you see him, you will see I am flattering the pillar. Is capable of moments of pure genius and the cheeky “nutmeg” is his trademark, he will need to earn serious brownie points on this tour because he went shopping with his Mrs. on the last one (I kid you not! ).. Maximilian Von Reden Defense. German. Where do you put someone who is crap, 6’4 and 120 kilos? That’s right; you put them in the middle of defense and make life difficult for the strikers. “The Rock” aka. “HandJob” (as he is known) will no doubt live up to his name as he is a local resident who knows all the back alleys. A useful man to know! Alexander Von Reden Defense. German. SPERMY (HandJobs brother) is equally shit, but weighs less! It’s absolutely impossible to have them both on the field at the same time unless we are winning 10-0 with 1 minute to go. Spermy is the team manager and is flying in from Germany for the occasion which obviously means he isn’t getting any over there! Chris Murphy Defense /Midfield. England. The CEO of the club, “Merve” is the heart and soul of what Sexy FC is. Married with two children, I can confirm that on tour he is a magnificent humanitarian who assists in the upkeep of the Thai economy by providing language instruction to young ladies looking to escape the depravity of their surroundings. A Nobel Prize no doubt awaits this wonderful human being. Derek Davies Midfield. Welsh. Del Boys is our resident man of “Granit” and a shady bastard off the field as he sneaks off (but does get a round in before he vanishes). He was tour virgin a few years ago but being the oldest player in the team (and still the fittest) I can assure you that the term “Virgin” does not really fit. Is obviously doubling up in Bangkok with a trip for liposuction judging by his Abbs! Bradley Way Midfield. USA. Brad is famous for scoring the longest own goal in the history of the club at over 50 meters and has not played the “wonderful game” for many years so should be well rested. The problem with this is that we have to explain all the rules again to this idiot. Sigh…

Andrew Barnes Midfield. English. Barnzee is a former club captain and rumor has it that when he left Beijing the Mongolian economy crumbled! Has age matured this former leader off and on the field? And will he lead by example off the field? Watch this space! Gary Saunders Midfield. English. Our “Ginger Ninja” is more famous for fast drinking that fast running, but if his “knee” holds up, could well be a vital player on the field. Off the field it could be his first time in Bangkok without his Mrs, but she need not worry, Thai girls don’t like “Ginger”! Martin Kuehl Midfield. German. “Daddy Kuehl” or “the Viceroy” is another elder statesman of the team and the vice-captain in one of our most successful seasons. If fit will be a vital member of the team and a better German passer of the ball there is not, the main concern for the team is keeping him away from Creamy and if we can do that, he could do quite well! Michael O Neil Midfield. Irish /English. “Hanoi” is another “Man of the tour” recipient (Vietnam) and is a work horse on the field; note I did not mention anything about skill! Holds the club record for getting married and inviting nobody! A tighter bastard with money you will not find but he is a nice bloke! Ross Parsonage Forward. English. Rossmundo was (and I remember) once the youngest member on a tour, and those days are now LONG GONE. However, he is still quick on the field and equally quick off the field and finally (at long last) can hold more than two beers without falling asleep, throwing up, or starting a fight! Max Tunon Forward. Panama. Max holds the illustrious title of most hated player in Beijing, a natural scorer on and off the field, he brings that Central American “feel” to the team, and by that I mean: always late, never passes the ball and rarely gets a round in.


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition

Bangkok 2009. The first game. The first second. The first goal of the tournament conceded. The fastest in tournament history. Not – it must be said – the Red Lions’ finest moment. But did it get better from then on? No. It shaped our weekend. All those kind-hearted souls who were busy pampering to those unfortunate homeless girls that they found wandering the streets of Pad Pong and Nana Plaza would have missed the audacious 60 yard lob, over the flailing keeper. Such acts of selflessness often go punished. No wonder it’s called the City of Angels, with so many men eager to offer shelter and breakfast to young ladies who are unable to afford meager accommodation of their own. But it’s 2010. A new year, a new tournament. The Lions have learnt from the mistakes of the past – we’ve entered the 7-a-side vets tournament, the goalkeeper will be glued to his goal line, and not in a central midfield position like last year, and there is a rumour we might actually be able to field a full team. Chairman, goalkeeper, and loud-mouth extra-ordinaire, Rob “Howler” Fowler is under strict instructions to stay between the sticks.


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition

Defensive stalwart George teams up with veteran Red Lion Tony Hewitt, who is flying in from Shanghai, getting time away from his wife under the pretense of a business trip, and Mr Red Lions himself, Paddy O’Sullivan. Paul “Ginger” Hemingway is making his debut appearance at the GAS Easter tournament, and without putting pressure on him, we’re expecting him to be the one sober Lion on the pitch. A strong midfield combination of captain Andy Rooney alongside the bouncing Czech, Frank Beloch will run rings around all opponents, especially in the warm up. Pairing up with the Germans Mirko Messner and Volker Nagel, the midfield resembles more a nuclear power station than a dynamo. In a break from footballing tradition, we’re not planning on bringing any attackers. History has shown us that prying our own pole-dancer away from the professional pole-dancers has proven impossible. We’ll just leave Rob “Polack” Iwanicki in the bars. He might turn up late afternoon for the final game, once he’s sobered up just a little.

Fat Bold & Ugly FC FAT, BOLD & UGLY are happy to participate for the third time in South East Asia‘s best tournament. Like every year, our team consists of our regular players: Sven „the Tank“. Franz „the Fat“. Manni „the Bold“, Jens „the Ugly“ who is also our Sponsor, Alberto „the Professional“, Graham „the Hare“, Peter „the Bull Terrier“ The only current vacancy is the position of our top scorer of the last year, the national player from Thailand called „Maradona“ alias „the Hand of God“. Participating in 2008 for the first time, we surprizingly reached the 2nd place in the tournament and were called the SURPRISE TEAM. Less surprising was the third place in the next year. We hope to compete well in 2010 to be among the three best teams. We will strive for a victory in 2011 to honour Franz, our captain, who will celibrate his 50th birthday by then. (The average age of our team is 48,67 years.) We know this will be a great challenge as the KAIZER CHIEFS were vastly superior to us in the last two years. The captain of the KAIZER CHIEFS, Marcus, initiated the start up of our team. THANK YOU MARCUS. We hope you will enjoy the upcoming competition with us. Also, we managed to arrange a comeback of Willi who will supply us with his well-tried magic potion.


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition


(Red Star at their first Bangkok tourney in 1849) So are they……GOOD OLD BOYS OR DIRTY OLD MEN???? YOU DECIDE???? This year it’s a controversial decision as for the first time ever we have entered the Masters? We’re just too old and shite for the Open and as our wives keep telling us this is…..

But we’re here none the less, often we wonder why we keep coming back is it the pulsating football, the chance of silverware or could it be something else……hmmmmmm And as always the legends are…………..


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition

Gordon ‘The Guvnor’ Sutton, Red Stars spiritual leader and guru returns to show you how to order a drink in a lady bar without swallowing more than you can errrr chew? Mark ‘a Go Go’ Hemstedt, our resident loud hailer ‘come’ marriage guidance councilor who continues to pay unfeasibly large bar fines, and still remains the most eligible batchelor in Romford? Richeee O ‘Yoga for blokes’ Overton, another bar fines black belt who retired from football in the seventies but is making a special come back for the sake of mankind, football and new positions in Nana? Rashid ‘really expensive wine’ Ghazali, our resident VIP comes along once again in case we have to open a supermarket, launch a charity or remind the Germans that selling Blue Nun and Black Tower really is a crime against humanity! Rob ‘mines a steak and kidney’ Davies, the pie man will be along to provide the half time chicken and mushrooms as well as remind us all what it’s like to be normal? In fact Rob is so normal he’s actually quite weird????? Richard ‘Slugger’ Sandall, no Red Star squad would be complete without ‘Old Spice’ reminding us that you don’t have to be pretty to be a massage girl! Neil ‘Cock of the North’ Outram, doesn’t own a whippet, didn’t work down a mine, favourite food is not fish and chips with mushy peas and you won’t see him down Nana wearing a cloth cap but don’t be fooled he’s still a Northern Bas*+#d. Chris ‘I’ve got one thing to say’ Neoh, back by popular demand, our resident expert on communication skills, half time talks, poker, penalty taking, blow jobs et all is taking time out from re-writing Wikipedia to ‘entertain’ us all once again. Jason ‘I’d rather be playing Aussie rules’ Flanagan, returns from the outback to quietly suggest to referees why they may possibly have made a slight mistake?! Well that concludes our line up of legendary lotharios all ready to once again shoot their load over, I mean for each other on the ‘playing fields’ of Bangkok It Doesn’t Get Any Bigger, Big Kiss The Guvnor!


Since the legacy of the German All Stars Singapore is growing and growing, for the second time we’ll be entering the Veterans tournament as well, hence doubling our chance for Cup Glory (Pretty smart you think? It’s just simple math lah). To another edition of skillful football, excellent team spirit, fair play and an all-round fantastic weekend superbly organized by the German All Stars Bangkok. Thanks guys for you continuous effort in making this tournament the highlight of our annual football calendar! Nothing on earth could ever make us miss out on this fantastic, stunning, beautiful thing called 28th Far East Football Tournament Bangkok. Zicke Zacke Zicke Zacke, heu heu heu!


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition

People 2009


Hibernians FC Singapore

Hibernians FC is a big club these days. We have more staff than Portsmouth FC and field five 11-a-side teams in various Singapore leagues, including the Cosmo league, widely considered to be the pinnacle for amateur expat footballers in Singapore. But based on last year’s performance in Manila you wouldn’t guess that the men in green were part of such a large and prestigious club.... Opta statistics show that our more resilient tourists are well over 35 years of age so we’ve taken the decision to focus on the Vets tournament this year. The 11am kick-offs might also have something to do with it, Hibs having often been described as an ‘afternoon team’...


28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | Masters Competition

The Hibs are well known in Singapore for being a very sociable club and we are always well represented at our sponsor’s bar, Muddy Murphy’s, which is located on Orchard Road, opposite a rather large den of iniquity known as Orchard Towers. So, it is no wonder that we feel at home in the pubs and clubs around Nana Plaza and that is where you’ll find us during non-footballing hours!

THANK YOU! DANKE SCHĂ–N! KOP KUN KRAP! On behalf of all members of the German All Stars Bangkok and all other involved in the 28. Far East Football Tournament 2010, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors listed below for making it possible to let this wonderful and unique event happen again. With their generous support, this year‘s tournament became even more popular. We are delighted to continue this longstanding Asian tradition in a fine way.



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28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010 | History

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28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010  

Asia's premier football festival is organized by the German All Stars Bangkok. This tournament is for teams (expats and locals) playing in c...

28. Far East Football Tournament Bangkok 2010  

Asia's premier football festival is organized by the German All Stars Bangkok. This tournament is for teams (expats and locals) playing in c...

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