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The excitement starts here. Welcome to the World of Yamaha. Last year, Yamaha proudly celebrated its 50th anniversary; a milestone marking the progress of a remarkable brand that has developed, by sheer technical innovation, product excellence and a customer-led philosophy, to become The World's Favourite Outboard! It's a fact. Visit a boating area anywhere in the world, from the busiest marina to the quietest fishing harbour, and you will see the evidence all around you; Yamaha builds the world's most desirable and popular outboards.

Unmatched Pedigree = Turnkey Reliability The Yamaha reputation for turnkey reliability is legendary. No outboard brand has more engine hours behind it - or more customers so fiercely loyal to it … watersport enthusiasts … family cruising people … tough and demanding professional users. To match that trust, Yamaha Authorised Dealers form a global sales, parts and service network that is the envy of our competitors and invaluable to our customers! So as a Yamaha owner, you can rely on professional advice, assistance and support wherever you are; it's yet another benefit of joining The World of Yamaha.

The main reasons for such long-term customer loyalty are easy to see. Huge choice, supreme performance and a reputation for quality and durability that is second to none. No other outboard line-up can match Yamaha on any of these points - never mind give you the perfect combination of them all.

Huge Choice = Perfect Match Yamaha brings you the world's largest range of outboards, helping you make the perfect match for your boat; more than thirty 4-stroke and 2-stroke models, stretching from a super-portable 2.5 to an adrenalin-boosting 300hp … and electric engines too! The availability of around 100 model variants makes choosing easy, from choice of steering and starting method, to tilt system and transom height.

Innovative Technology = Supreme Performance Every Yamaha outboard is the direct result of years of intensive development and class-leading innovation. Inside those sleek, silver-grey housings, the very latest in marine engineering and low-emission technology is at work, delivering an unbeatable combination of responsiveness, acceleration, speed, smoothness and quietness. The next few pages provide a confidence-giving insight into some key Yamaha technical features that contribute to what our owners identify as The Yamaha Difference.

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New for 2007

Even after 50 years, nothing stands still at Yamaha! You'll find the proof on the following pages; in the shape of the sleek new F15 and F20 … both of which have features usually only found on larger engines … in the technical upgrades to our top-of-the-range F200 and F225 … and in the tempting new range of Digital Network Gauges linked by Yamaha's sophisticated Local Area Network (LAN) system. All 2007 models with EFI or HPDI fuel systems are fitted with the linking port for this advanced LAN network and NMEA 2000 compatibility also makes it easy to connect navigation aids and equipment from other manufacturers.

Contents The Yamaha Difference

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Four Stroke F2.5 - F8

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F9.9 - F25

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F30 - F60

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F80 - F150

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F200 - F250

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FT8 - FT60


Two Stroke HPDI 150 - HPDI 300

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Vmax HPDI 150 - 250

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Electric Drive M12 - M26


Flexible Rigging


Digital Network Gauges

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Yamaha. The widest choice on the water.

Four Stroke models – Pages 8 - 18 The Yamaha Four Stroke range now runs all the way from the smallest, pick-up-and-go F2.5 through the mid-range EFI engines (F50–F100) up to the awesome F250. The special range of five FT (High Thrust) models from 8 to 60hp, are designed for special applications where power, rather than flat-out speed, is what's needed.

Two Stroke models – Pages 20 - 23 To satisfy the demand from drivers who still want the aggressive acceleration and unique excitement provided by lightweight, high performance 2-strokes, we complement our Four Stroke range with a line-up of no fewer than 8 HPDI (High Pressure Direct Injection) and Vmax HPDI models, ranging from 150 to 300hp.

Electric models – Page 24 Is there an outboard in your boating future? The answer, whether you're a recreational boat owner or a busy professional, is almost certainly a resounding ‘yes!' And, more than likely, it's going to be a Yamaha - simply because that's where you'll find the latest and most exciting design innovations, technical developments and user-friendly features.

Clean. Economical. Quiet. Smooth.


Alongside the constant drive for yet higher standards of performance and reliability, are the incredible advances that have been made in creating outboards that are quieter, more economical, and cleaner than ever before; and remarkably, Yamaha has delivered all these advantages without compromising power or performance in any way.

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Initiated by the need to help preserve the marine environment we all enjoy, Yamaha engineers have developed new clean-burn technologies which have not resulted in the downside compromise on power, performance or usability many expected at the start. On the contrary, ingenious ways have been found to turn obstacles into solutions that actually work to your advantage. And the results are impressive; just drive one of the latest Yamaha models to see for yourself!

From ultra-portable to ultra-powerful. When it comes to outboard technology, we've got yet another ace up our sleeves. Because no one gives you a bigger choice of models to suit your boat and your boating style.

For the quietest moments, we recommend one of our compact, powerful electric outboards. There are 4 models to choose from, each with the switch-on-and-go simplicity that makes them perfect for fishing and wildlife observation; and for exploring those peaceful, hidden creeks. So for a yacht tender, RIB or family runabout, for a ski and sports boat, a tough work boat or a high performance cruising machine, there's certainly a Yamaha outboard that's the perfect partner! Read on to discover more about the exciting world of Yamaha.

A Yamaha Outboard. Sheer Turnkey Pleasure.

The Yamaha Difference Yamaha's 4-stroke technology It's Difference Number One! A Yamaha 4-stroke seems to think it's a 2-stroke! That's because in recent years, our driving ambition in outboard design has been to combine the lightness and compactness of the incredibly reliable, high performance 2-strokes that made us so famous, with the superior economy, smoothness, sophistication and environment-friendliness of 4-stroke engine technology. It's been an elusive goal, but those years of intensive research and on-water testing truly bore fruit. The Yamaha Four Stroke line-up now offers the previously impossible: A complete range of 4-stroke engines, all of which are comparable in weight and size to 2-stroke outboards in the same power class.

There are a great many exciting and exclusive features which set a Yamaha apart from every other brand, and which have helped create the unique Yamaha reputation for user-friendly performance and turnkey reliability. Whilst it is impossible to list them all, particularly in the detail required for the more technically advanced or specialist types of engine, the following pages offer a brief summary of the more important and helpful features, many of which are to be found on most Yamaha outboards; they are the special ingredients which add up to create the Yamaha Difference! To see whether your chosen model includes a particular feature, please refer to the individual engine descriptions or the specification charts on pages 28 - 31.

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So how did Yamaha's engineers achieve this? Purely and simply by innovating: look at our Four Stroke range and you'll see technologies like CDI ignition, advanced EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) systems, revolutionary engine layouts, ingenious intake and exhaust systems ‌ even VCT (Variable Camshaft Timing). Overseeing all this is a ruthlessly efficient system of micro-computer control, monitoring every aspect - from fuel mix - to combustion efficiency - to maintenance scheduling; it's no accident that a Yamaha Four Stroke outboard holds the world record for fuel economy. Above all, Yamaha's 4-strokes succeed so admirably because from the very start, we never tried to adapt ordinary, everyday automotive engines, as most others have done. We built only pure marine-specification 4-stroke engines from scratch: every cubic centimetre, inside and out, designed with on-water performance in mind and dedicated to your on-water pleasure!


The Yamaha Difference

Micro-computer ECM (Engine Control Module) Standard on most Yamaha models. The ECM is a very sophisticated, yet reliable microcomputer which is the 'brain' behind so many of the functions that make Yamaha such a reliable, userfriendly outboard.

'Start-in-gear' Protection

CDI/TCI Ignition Systems

Standard on every Yamaha.

Standard on every Yamaha.

'Start-in-gear' protection prevents the engine being started when Forward or Reverse is selected. On Manual Start models, setting any gear other than Neutral will cause the recoil starter to lock. On Electric Start versions, the power supply to the starter motor is isolated unless Neutral is selected.

• Reliable and easy starting • Strong, steady spark generation at all speeds • Consistency of spark allows longer plug life • Maintenance free system

In fact, the ECM monitors and controls a variety of functions and features, depending on the model, and is responsible for everything from running the ignition timing and controlling PrimeStart™, to activating the many warning and protection systems that look after the engine and the user. In reality, it is almost the 'heart' of a Yamaha as well as the 'brain'. On all models from 50hp upwards, a simple hook-up to a laptop computer via the convenient access port, allows instant engine diagnosis, on the spot. Now that's real progress! • • • • •

Constant monitoring of all data inputs and settings Maintains smooth running, trouble-free performance Advanced software optimises ignition timing in all conditions Monitors and activates warning and protection systems Computer engine diagnosis on all models 50hp and above

ECM (Engine Control Module)


Personal Computer

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Yamaha's CDI and TCI ignition systems are 'solid state' components, with no moving parts. This plays an important role in creating the remarkable record of easy starting, reliability and faultless performance for which Yamaha outboards are well known around the world.

Warning Systems for engine protection and safety Standard on every Yamaha.

PrimeStart™ Exclusive to Yamaha, the PrimeStart™ Auto-choke feature is standard on many models. As easy as starting your car, it enables the driver to start an engine from cold by simply turning the key! The system eliminates the need for a conventional choke and controls the 'warming up' process automatically. So there's no longer any need to 'warm up' by revving the engine in neutral.

All Yamaha outboards feature comprehensive monitoring of major functions, such as oil level, engine overheat or over-rev. There are various warning devices fitted to alert the user, including cowling-mounted lamps, instrument lamps, and buzzers.

Buzzer Low oil pressure Warning lamp

Overheat Warning lamp

In the unlikely event of a problem, the system will automatically reduce the available engine rpm, providing maximum protection for the engine while the fault exists, and allowing the best opportunity to get the boat back to shore without damage.

Wide Range Power Trim & Tilt

Shallow Water Drive

Fresh Water Flushing System

Standard (or available as an option) on most models 20hp and above.

Standard on most Yamaha models.

Standard on all models 6hp and above.

Yamaha's compact and light, yet powerful PT & T system is the envy of the industry. Quick response from the convenient push-button control makes trim and tilt very smooth and easy, and the -4° to +16° position range enables the driver to get the best possible performance from the hull in all conditions. The negative trim setting (-4°) improves acceleration Tilt up and brings the boat onto the plane more quickly.

• Enables boat to be operated safely in shallow water • Protects propeller and allows manoeuvring close inshore

Another user-friendly and simple idea from the Yamaha engineers! Just connect a garden hose to the easyaccess, front-mounted connector and flush away the salt and other dirt that accumulates in the engine waterways. Obviously it helps reduce any corrosion and extends the life of the engine still further. And there's no need to even start the engine to carry out this simple maintenance procedure. • Reduces corrosion and extends engine life • Convenient, simple connection and operation • Flush with no need to start or run the engine

69˚ +16˚ or +20˚

-4˚ Trim

From the fresh water supply To Engine

Fresh Water


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The Yamaha Difference

High-output Alternators

Autolube Multipoint™ Oil Injection System

Dual Battery Charging System

Standard on most Yamaha models.

Standard on all HPDI models.

Option on F200 • F225 • F250 and HPDI models.

Compared with most competitive models, Yamaha engines have a high-output alternator to ensure that plenty of power is always available to start the engine, even after prolonged periods of idling, or using multiple accessories when running at low revs.

Oil Tank

Built-in Oil Tank

Oil Filter & Oil Level Sensor Buzzer

Two batteries are charged at the same time, to ensure that there is plenty of power available for starting the engine, even after long periods of trolling at low revs.

Oil Pump Engine

Meter (Warning Lamp)



Battery A

Battery B


A unique operating advantage that's exclusive to Yamaha. The Autolube system not only eliminates the need to premix oil and fuel, but reduces running and maintenance cost by more efficient control of the oil/fuel mix during combustion.

Counter-rotating Propeller Models FL115 • FL150 • FL200 • FL225 • FL250 • ZL150 • ZL200 • ZL250 • ZL300


A standard twin engine installation (with both propellers turning clockwise) will always 'pull' the boat towards the port side, making it more difficult to steer, especially at higher speeds. To solve this problem, Yamaha offers certain models with a counter-rotating propeller, which when fitted alongside a standard model, delivers perfect 'neutral helm' steering control.

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The oil pump responds to both throttle opening and engine rpm, to inject the precise amount of oil required for all running conditions. And Multipoint™ means exactly what it says - the unique Yamaha system injects the oil at multiple points directly into the manifold, AFTER the fuel has passed the carburettor. This is a cleaner, more efficient mixing system that prevents any clogging or oil build-up.

Yamaha's Ideal Anti-corrosion Protection As a result of Yamaha's years of dedicated research, development and sheer on-the-water experience, every Yamaha owner can now enjoy the benefits of the most comprehensive and well-proven coating and protection system ever devised for an outboard. Or come to that, for a marine engine of any kind.

Digital Instruments and new Digital Network Gauges Digital instrumentation is available on many Yamaha outboards, either as standard, or as an optional accessory. Designed for optimal visibility and long term durability, these instruments provide accurate information to help achieve the best overall performance and efficiency from the engine. Three instruments are available: a Multifunction Tachometer that displays engine rpm, engine hours, trim angle, oil level and warning lamps; a Multifunction Speedometer that displays speed, trip, time, fuel and battery voltage; and a Fuel Management Gauge that monitors fuel consumption and fuel economy. For 2007 models with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) or HPDI fuel systems, an exciting new range of Digital Network Gauges, which work together with a new and sophisticated Local Area Network (LAN) system has been launched. See Page 26 for more information about this super-accurate, easy-to-read, simple-toinstall instrumentation.

High quality stainless steel* Anti-corrosive stainless steel is used for many components such as drive and prop shafts, steering arms and through tubes.


5-Stage exterior coating

This unique anti-corrosion aluminium alloy, developed by Yamaha, has proven itself to be the most effective material for the protection of exterior engine components.

A build-up sequence of tough primers, undercoats and acrylic resin coatings are sealed in (but only after being oven-baked for ultimate adhesion and hardness) by the final coat of clear urethane lacquer which gives a Yamaha its unique lustre and long-lasting gloss finish.

Self-sacrificing anodes* Large, but unobtrusive anodes are fitted in carefully calculated positions on engine casings, mounting brackets and lower units, and also inside the engine block and waterways of some models. The combination of high grade alloys from which these anodes are made, work together to ensure that the effects of saltwater are minimised and controlled as far as possible.

07 Special zinc coating An additional zinc coating is applied to all non-moving stainless steel parts. This increases resistance to galvanic corrosion and acts as an anode back-up. * Depends on model. Please consult your dealer.

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F2.5 - F4 - F6 - F8

F2.5 - F4 - F6 - F8

Four Stroke

The Powerful Four Stroke Portables!


These remarkable engines have won the hearts of owners of small boats all around the world because, thanks to Yamaha's pioneering technology, they've discovered a capable, reliable, lightweight and stylish 4-stroke outboard that's a joy to use and a pleasure to own. Yacht owners love them too, as they're great auxiliary motors.

to explore and enjoy your boating to the full. The superb handling and manoeuvrability, the rugged, professional feel of the controls and the way you know it will start so easily, combine to bring a new dimension to small boat adventures; the simple portability of these well-balanced engines, with their large, comfortable carry-handles, is another bonus.

These models all share the same frugal attitude to fuel consumption, the same simple controls and operating systems, the same vibration-free reliability. They all make life more relaxing too, giving you confidence

So choose the best and most trusted ‘friend' money can buy ‌ your Yamaha.

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F2.5 - F4 - F6 - F8

360° Steering (F2.5 and F4) Full 360° steering means exceptional manoeuvrability and full reverse thrust.

The Yamaha Difference Strong tiller handle with twist-grip throttle

Simple and comfortable to control

Emergency Engine-Stop wrist lanyard

Safety priority, especially for younger drivers

F-N gears with 360° steering (F2.5)

Safe and easy to manoeuvre

Forward-Neutral-Reverse gears (F4 • F6 • F8)

Safe and easy to manoeuvre

CDI/TCI Ignition System

For easy starting and ultimate reliability

Micro-computer Engine Control Module (F6 • F8)

Why a Yamaha is so reliable and efficient

High-output Alternator (F6 • F8)

Extra starting power, even after low rpm idling

‘Start-in-gear’ Prevention

Makes it impossible to start the engine in gear

Shallow Water Drive (F4 • F6 • F8)

Safer and easier inshore manoeuvring

Fresh Water Flushing System (F6 • F8)

Reduces corrosion and extends engine life

Yamaha’s Ideal Anti-corrosion Protection

Looks after your engine - for life

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Yamaha Outboards 2007 Catalog