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Technology is everywhere around us, including the palm of our hands. Mobile phones have evolved from being giant clunky boxes that required the strength of an Olympic strongman to carry, to being small futuristic boxes of information that can fit in the pocket of your jeans. Over 70% of the world’s population now has a mobile phone and with more and more phones containing a camera of some sorts it makes it much easier to capture important moments of your life on them. The problem I find is now that we have this technology we don’t use it to it’s full potential. Memories are stored on these phones and forgotten about, piled up amongst the pictures of yourself in the mirror or of a photo of your dog that you feel that everyone in the whole world needs to see on Facebook or Twitter. My attempt with Phonetography is to release the great photographs that we all take on our phones, the pictures that have a story to them or that tell a story themselves and show them to the world before they get deleted or become corrupt beyond salvation. This zine is the first attempt at this and I hope you all enjoy it.

rob helm - preston, england

thoughtlesshero - san francisco, USA

These are my legs...and I am well good friends with them. I use them loads.

I saw this couple on the bus when I was heading to work. They just seem like they stepped in from another era.

david perkins - preston, england

gary whitworth - chorley, england

My part time job can get incredibly tedious at times, espeically when the weather is nice outside. I combat this by pretending to do menial jobs and taking pictures of the outside world without my co-workers noticing.

alex aspinall - horwich, england

I stumbled across this in Manchester whilst trying to find a discreet place to burn a joint before going to see Queens Of The Stone Age. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture this uniquely poetic piece of street art.

On my street there is a Japanese noodle house, this man sits in a booth facing the street. The booth has glass walls so you can see him hand making the noodles everyday,a dying tradition.

thoughtlesshero - san francisco, usa

fiona dean - preston, england

thoughtlesshero - san francisco, usa

She danced naked to the threnody,a lifeless poem begging for air.

jason purcell - san francisco, usa

I took this photo walking home one evening. I pass a large church on a hill every day, and on this particular day as I was walking through the parking lot I saw this blue chair abandoned in the centre of the empty lot. I thought it was pretty incredible, seeing this chair alone, empty, and blue.

jason niebauer - san francisco, usa

While working on a ranch with friends in west Texas, we learned the true potential of an industrial leaf blower.

adam kurtz - baltimore, usa

A friend of mine was visiting New York at the same time that I was spending a week up there, and he wanted to get a tattoo. He made me promise to get one with him, and I agreed casually, but soon we were paying our deposit and scheduling an appointment. I had no idea what I was going to get but I figured I would think about

hakim shujaee - preston, england

it overnight and come up with something. An hour before we went I sat down and started doodling my usual go-to items -pencils, apples, ribbons, all of that. I carried my index cards to the tattoo shop and that was that, I got a big shaky handdrawn pencil tattooed on my arm forever.

I was to depict a celebrity’s personality through the use of their lost luggage. (Amy Winehouse) I decided to go for the public toilet setting. (In IKEA). After taking pics on my phone I left but was stopped by security. They said they had received complaints that they had seen a handbag sticking out of the

cubicles. They searched me and found the handbag. So there I stood, at the entrance of IKEA, whilst security emptied my handbag full of make-up as customers walked past. I was let go. Luckily I had not gone for another idea, which involved a pouch full of flour and a syringe. THAT would have been difficult to explain.

Phonetography Issue 1  

A collection of photographs taken only using mobile/cellular phones and the stories behind each one.