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Understanding Intellectual Property Law Protecting intellectual property protects the ideas of inventors, writers, and anyone with an original concept. This is important because when these ideas are protected, then people are more willing to share it with the world. Protection incentivizes future ideas. Here are some things to understand about Intellectual Property law.

Trademarks These are the brands, reputations, and all the way to packaging. These can be protected under intellectual property law. It makes it so that people can’t steal your name or use the same brand ideas. When we are talking about trademarks, they are usually a word, phrase, or symbol that identifies the source of goods or services

Copyright This is for any type of creative stuff. When we are talking about songs, music, films, writing, computer software, they all fall under copyright. Basically anything that is fixed in a tangible medium.

Patents Anything that is capable of industrial application. This is anything that falls under the technological inventions, pharmaceutical changes, or other new ideas that can be applied in different industries.

Trade Secret This is a secret that is protected as it gives a company or individual a comparative advantage in an industry.

What is the law about? It gives you the right to exclude others from doing what you have invented. It doesn’t give you a right to practice or build what you have protected. For instance, you may have a patent on a fuel injector that increases gas mileage. This does not necessarily mean that you have a right to build a whole car with this injector because you don’t have a patent on the car. This is an improvement patent and is much more narrow.

Time It usually takes around 18 months to get a patent. While your application is in there it is secret but by the end of the 18 months it is published for the world to see what you were trying to patent. This happens whether you get the patent or not.

Whether you are an inventor, singer/songwriter, or just coming up with original content as a writer, intellectual property law is something that you need to understand in order to protect your ideas and to make them work for you in the end. The reason that intellectual property laws were created was to protect individuals from big industries and government and give them ownership over their own ideas and inventions. The law has become more and more complicated as mediums for sharing ideas have changed. For instance the internet has opened the doors for many to copy and infringe on other people’s ideas. Not only is it important to protect your property as a contributor of new ideas to society, but it is also important to fight back when necessary. This is the reason that many inventors, artists, and the like turn to intellectual property attorneys in Salt Lake City. These attorneys know the ins and outs of the law and know what it takes to protect ideas and stimulate more for the future by doing so. Photo Credit: Ambrozjo,

Understanding intellectual property law  

If you want to protect your property it's important to understand the law that protects you from having it stolen.