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Contents: Real Lives, Support, Tarot Reading, Eat like A king, Food & Mental Health Linked ?

Issue 3 photo by Salvatore Vuono

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1/6/2008 10:19:24 AM

THE HIDDEN VOICES MAGAZINE What is the Hidden Voices and where does it come from? Well 3 years ago I was homeless and living in the Salvation Army feeling isolated and alone but angry at the system. As a single homeless person I found I was last on the list for housing and others were prioritised over and above me. So one day I decided to grab myself some cardboard and start my own little crusade and fight the system to be rehoused, I stood on the stairs of city hall with me myself and the symbolic piece of cardboard with slogans like THE COUNCIL SAY A HOMELESS MAN LIVING IN A HOSTEL FOR HOMELESS MEN ARE NOT HOMELESS. After a couple of days I mobilized a couple of others from the hostel and we stayed there every day for three weeks until we embarrassed the council into re-housing us, with the help of 300 signatures and

a speech in council chambers that raised more than a few eyebrows. I’m still campaigning but these days on the inside of the council not the outside, I was introduced to B.A.C.C. (Bradford Alliance & Community Care) and Neal Herd who has helped me gain the voice I was looking for, I now sit on the Bradford councils homeless core group, the provider forum and the service user committee. Over the last 2 Years I have taken an NVQ level 3 in housing and many other training courses to help me understand how things work within the system I had to fight. Now it’s my turn to give the people who use services and the homeless people of Bradford a voice and some information that is sometimes lacking. We also want the Hidden Voices to be a way of

moving on or changing lives through the involvement of homeless and ex homeless in the development, design, production and sales of the Hidden Voices magazine. We are going to be a new and interesting social enterprise that develops through involvement and we hope to see all providers using the Hidden Voices as a platform for their service users to send in their views & concerns as well as artwork, creative writing and photography, giving providers some new ways of engaging and involving their clients. My involvement within the system has given me a reason to live again after a time of desperation, drink and depression, I owe a lot to a lot of people for the support and direction I received. This is the first stage of The Hidden Homeless Foundations journey into the Homeless sector as a company limited by guarantee which hope to gain charity status that started 3 years ago on the city hall steps. We hope to develop the magazine and use profits to develop further work with homeless and ex homeless without relying on public sector funding, so becoming independent and not ruled by the powers that be and empowering our clients to direct what we do next in the support of homeless people without discrimination.

Some of the Hidden Voices Team PAGE 2

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1/6/2008 10:20:18 AM

MY LIFE Before I take you on a journey of my life, I would like to share with u something very important to me. You can join me by reading the “Hidden Voices” magazine every couple of month. I will be sharing with you, parts of my book that I am still working on, through the bi monthly issue of “Hidden voices”. You could call this a small part of me which I became confident enough to share with you since I moved into a women’s hostel, called ”Leigh House” which is part of the “Fairweather Project”, last Christmas eve. I was sent a Christmas present I could never have imagined! “Fairweather Project” is an organisation for women who have become homeless and vulnerable. Women get help and support with mental health at “Leigh House” and there are other hostels for women with all kinds of different needs and demands. I share this with you simply because there are far too many people who are suffering in silence when there is so much help and support actually out there, trust me, I am living proof of this. Anyway, I’m banging on now, I’m blagging my own head! I would like to dedicate the following rap to the “Leigh House” staff, “Fairweather Project”, you work far too hard ladies!


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“Leigh House” A few months ago, before you found me in that hole, too deep to think, breath, see three too many years I was lost, but now I can say I’m really not that fussed. You tossed me that rope, too many times I got to the point of no hope, sat rolling a joint I realised there is hope, while I choke as this one is tight around the throat, harsh on the old croak- sorry- now in everything I can find a joke- don’t smoke! My guardian angels have finally arrived, in the form of naturally beautiful head strong women “actually”, in my mind, you showed me the way, within moderation, you pushed me till I knew and began to take concentration , you made me realise, it’s easier to enjoy life, it’s not hard to get back on your feet, not hard to get to where you want to be, the understanding, the encouragement- I thrived, through your patience and faith in me, I grew and came from behind that shield I had so high. I must say I could trust you with my life, shit, mind yourself leesh I did, I said it oopsies, I forgot about them professional boundaries. Sorry laydees! If there were no boundaries, would you believe , that for no-one else do I have deeper respect , it would only be correct to tell you, that without you I would have been doomed to a life of nothingness and to you I would really like to stress, that what you do for people is beyond the best, that anyone could ask for, I’m pretty much sure, that at home in your drawer, there’s your very own halo, made up of the stuff that keeps you so pure, even though, you don’t show. I know, where I can always go, there’s no words that could ever show, the lengths that I would go, to grow and show my appreciation, if it wasn’t for my guardian angels I don’t think that I’d now be breathing, you guided me to happiness while at the same time, pushing me in a way that was gentle, it’s mental, you believed in me, even though you didn’t know me, I’ve never had that before , now take another look in your drawer and I thank you for being so honest and pure. I would like to call this “My Natural Beauty”, within time, you’ll understand, I’m sure, there’s nothing more! Steadily gripped by the core, you helped me open that door. You helped me understand the balance in life and so much more, I’m forever grateful for my light at the end of my tunnel and the beauty that surrounds it. I really do appreciate it. you can follow my journey in the next issue of the hidden voices

All my love Leesha T. xxx


1/6/2008 10:21:37 AM

EXPERIENCES OF BEING HOMELESS My name is Robert, I am 55 years of age and I have spent the last 18 months mainly in a tent. Throughout my life, I have stayed in Reception Centres, Hotels and Hostels etc. I have had Live in jobs, been married, divorced and became a dad to three children. I have spent time (plenty of it) in detention centres, borstal and prison but I have only been in trouble twice in the last nineteen years. Soon after my relationship broke -up, I decided to wonder around the Country and Europe always taking my tent with me whereever I went. The tent was my closes companion I gave her the name of Betty. I always managed to find employment whether it was casual of seasonal sometimes it was fruit-picking other times I would get a live-in job. All through my years on the “road” I was never lonely (it was always easy to get a one


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night stand) but I quite easily got bored. I could never stay in one place for any length of time, hence my homeless problems.

first time I feel as though I want to start a fresh and settle down and leave my tent Betty a long distant memory.

I have tried living in a flat (even in my relationships, I’d have to leave the house that I shared just to get away and either live in my tent or find work.

I realise that this is going to take monumental effort on my part, but I’ve got myself a really excellent project worker who seems to want to help me in achieving a settled way of life. It’s going to be hard but with this person’s help and a lengthy stay in the hostel I feel that I can settle down and maybe lead a constructive and productive way of life.

Houses and flats to me are just what represent BILLS this is my biggest down-fall in life. Once a bills arrives I’M gone, I leave most things behind irrespective of what these things may have cost me. I don’t make a plan I just bugger off. I have had hassle many a time with different councils up and down the country. I’m a very straight forward person. I believe if anything is to be said, get it said and bollocks with the consequences. Over the last few weeks I have been staying in the Salvation Army hostel. Its not perfect but where is? probably for the very

Having said that maybe my arthritis may have something to do with not wishing to stay in my tent any longer. I’v managed to get myself onto courses through Horton Training and I’m hopeful of becoming a volunteer, as its something I enjoy doing very much in deed. All in all I’m hopeful that the future maybe fruitful and rosy.


1/6/2008 10:21:38 AM

ANGER NEARLY DESTROYED ME! We all feel angry at times; it’s a natural response to threats and attacks, injustice and disappointment. Anger is a powerful emotion and releasing the pressure that builds inside you can be essential to deal with problems and moving on. But if anger isn’t dealt with in a healthy way, it can have a significant effect on your daily life, relationships, achievements and mental well-being.

why do we get angry:

Anger is one of the most basic human emotions. It is a physical and mental response to a threat or to harm done in the past.

someone going against a principle that we consider important

Anger takes many different forms from irritation to blinding rage or resentment that festers over many years.

facing a threat to ourselves or our loved ones being verbally or physically assaulted suffering a blow to our self-esteem or our place within a social group being interrupted when pursuing a goal losing out when money is at stake

being treated unfairly and feeling powerless to change this feeling disappointed by someone else or in ourselves

At any point in time, a combination of physical, mental and social factors interact to make us feel a certain way. It’s different for each of us. Our feelings are influenced by our emotional make-up, how we view the world, what happens around us and our circumstances. Like other emotions, anger rarely acts alone.

having our property mistreated or stolen

I know from personal experience how detrimental anger can be to our health and well being and the way we react to anger is essential, as anger almost destroyed me.

We may feel angry immediately or only feel angry later when we go back over a situation. Anger can surface years later that has its roots in abuse or neglect long ago. Sometimes anger stays locked inside us for decades because it wasn’t dealt with sufficiently at the time.

I had a past of violence and abuse from an early age, my father was a violent drinker and I was usually at the recieving end, I was then put into care and was mentally and physically abused by the care staff. This abuse was to give me a 0-60 scale of calm to rage in a split second and my black or white right or wrong moral line was very rigid and if anyone crossed it, I lost it big time no matter who it was, and every time I did it was me that suffered the aftermath, whether it be from the broken bones in my hands, beatings from gangs or court proceedings it all ended with the same outcome and it would be me that it cost in the long term. After some very serious incidents where i almost killed and was almost killed & a very bad divorce I recieved a prison sentence and 2 years probation plus an anger management course and I have to say even though it was telling me things I already knew it gave me the realisation that the only person that was suffering from my anger was me. I hope the rest of this article gives you some realisations of your own and helps you to think before you react... HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

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If we think someone has wronged us on purpose, this can make us angrier. If we’re having a bad day and are in a state of constant tension, we’re more likely to snap when something else goes wrong, even if it’s something that wouldn’t usually bother us.

How does anger work? As we go about our lives, we’re constantly weighing up situations and deciding what we think about them: good or bad, safe or unsafe etc. How we interpret a situation influences how we feel about it. If we think we are in danger, we feel afraid. If we feel we have been wronged, we feel angry. These feelings determine how we react to the situation. We translate meanings into feelings very fast. With anger, that speed sometimes means that we react in ways we later regret.

How do our bodies respond to anger? Many of our emotions are linked to a particular physical response. Anger gets the mind and body ready for action. It arouses the nervous system, increasing the heart rate, blood pressure, blood flow to muscles, blood sugar level and sweating. It also sharpens the senses and increases the production of adrenalin, a hormone produced at times of stress. At the same time as these physical changes, anger PAGE 5

1/6/2008 10:21:38 AM

is thought to affect the way we think. When we are first faced with a threat, anger helps us quickly translate complex information into simple terms: ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ for instance. This can be useful in an emergency as we don’t waste valuable time weighing up information that doesn’t instantly affect our safety or well-being.

Protect your mental health

But it can mean that we act before we’ve considered what else is relevant and made a rational decision about how to behave. It may be that we need to take more time to look at the situation and deal with it differently. When anger gets in the way of rational thinking we may give way to the urge to act aggressively,

Eat a balanced diet - some foods are more effective than others at supplying us with a steady flow of fuel to help us function well, while nutrients found in certain foods can affect mood in different ways.

propelled by the instinct to survive or protect someone from a threat.

People in good mental health are better able to cope when things go wrong; feeling stressed makes it harder for us to cope with problems. The following are some of the things known to be good for our mental health. Keep physically active.

Accept who you are and do something you’re good at.

researched by G Staniforth info can be found on the mental health foundation web site

How can I manage my own anger? when you feel the first surge of anger boiling up inside you, pause for a moment. Think about what has made you angry, think about the consequences of exploding in a rage and then choose how to respond. Even in the middle of an argument, it’s not too late to take a deep breath and choose to express your feelings differently. Give rational thinking time to kick in. Count to ten before you act. Drop your shoulders and breathe deeply to help you relax - your instincts may be telling your body to get ready to fight, but your rational self can reverse this message by telling your body to chill out. If you feel the urge to throw something or hit out, remove yourself from the situation and try taking it out on something soft like a cushion that you won’t damage and which won’t hurt you. Try screaming if it won’t disturb people near you or scream into a pillow to release your tension. Talk yourself down – imagine what your calmest friend would say to you and give yourself the same advice Imagine yourself in a relaxing scene. Distract yourself or take yourself out of the situation that made you angry - read a magazine, do a crossword, listen to soothing music, go for a walk. Pour out how you feel in writing or redirect your energy into another creative activity.

photo by graur razvan ionut

Offload to a friend who will help you get perspective on the situation.


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1/6/2008 10:21:39 AM

CREATIVE CORNER That chased dragons, Fickle, Ferocious Flames, Do coil around the naked soul, In a dance macabre Shivering shakes; As upon a restless tide’ Which Commands, Controls, With a ruthless need, An urgent directive to feed Off Destructive medications prescriptions A scripted poison Indeed, Agreed. And then what bitter ice cold cynic But Greed’s chill resort. When all hope feels lost And it’s all about cost. Then Drear sanity Farewell. As I launch into those colder eerie winds That dance along the cliff top edge Of a brief refuge’s respite. Only to return to the mechanisms of a dark diatribe To swift, recompense; (sigh) of an unwilling host. And so ejected from our social grace, Cast outside Homeless Into the long, long cold nights. Of Fear and loneliness Where the too sharp edges Of a cruel reality drive. The Battered soul, To seek the obligation of A drink, a drug, some fix To dull the unbearable raw reality

A Tiny Girl A tiny girl who fends for herself A tiny girl hit with a belt A tiny girl marked by beatings so cruel A tiny girl yet again doesn’t make school… A tiny girl who has to fight for her life A tiny girl who knows nothing but strife A tiny girl hid the bruises so well A tiny girl who never must tell… A tiny girl social workers fail to see A tiny girl screaming rescue me A tiny girl prays to God above A tiny girl craving stability and love… A tiny girl damaged by a childhood life Grew to an adult that knew wrong from right A tiny girl with a ghost of a life Now has a voice, Now has a fight... The tiny girl is no more Pain n’ confusion no longer knock at her door A life of abundance, acceptance and light Helped rid the past that so damaged this mite; She now has a future so blessed and so bright But worries for others that still have to fight. by lisha king

Of Such a dark, distempered, dissonance Where, There is no Rhyme or reason....... There is no Rhyme or reason.................. Addiction by Sean Thornton HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

Issue 3.indd 7


1/6/2008 10:22:51 AM

CREATIVE CORNER A Tractor Roars – Thomas; Age 71 A tractor roars, Its plough digs deep It turns the earth While creatures sleep. A hedgehog fat and spiky, Crawls beneath the undergrowth. Pylons tower to the sky, The wires hang like a bowman’s string. I feel now winters coming in. A scarecrow ragged, tattered and torn Stands in a field, is all alone. His head has fallen to the floor, He’s done his work, he’ll do more. A farmyard full of odds and ends There’s an old tractor A Mercedes Benz.

All the young bullocks are penned away, They’re eating silage and lots of hay. There’s a muck spreader loaded ready to go, It’s hooked to a tractor, you should hear it roar. It won’t be long before the snow will fall, The sheep are in the hills, You can hear them call. Their thick fleecy coats will keep them warm Till spring arrives And they’ll be shorn


Issue 3.indd 8

Thomas who is 71 years old started working in security at a young age and then started his own his own security business. Thomas worked all over Britain and even abroad. He did very well for himself earning plenty of money and living a comfortable lifestyle. The job was very dangerous and Thomas suffered many injuries over the years from being stabbed to severe head trauma. In 1989 whilst working as a bouncer, Thomas was assaulted and suffered a brain injury. Approximately 7 Years later and seemingly out of no where, Thomas collapsed and was taken into hospital. It was at this point Thomas lost eight years of his life through not having any awareness of anyone or anything around him. Thomas spent some years in Lynfield Mount before moving to the residential home he now lives in. Thomas has ongoing physical and mental health problems and has lost many of the everyday skills he once had, but despite this he has relearned these skills he once knew and is working his way towards getting his independence back. Thomas is learning literacy and numeracy and has also completed a bespoke tailoring course. Thomas has a great interest in poetry and has plans to write a book about his life. Thomas is in the process of regaining his independence and plans to live out in the community once again.

pictures by Daniel Kime HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

1/6/2008 10:23:46 AM


Trailing The Darkness……

Loungers, straw hats and Tesco deals on booze

My head on the floor is scattered in trails,

Children with ice cream faces and jelly shoes

Thoughts are like fog & fear numbed down by pills,

Burnt barbeque food due to missing tongs

This bathroom holds no light the shades shut tight,

The Aunts are comparing their new Asda thongs;

Was this meant to be my resting place in life?

Sunshades, tan lines, lotions on skin

The violent train of past memories & mistakes abound,

Smiles on all faces cos’ summer is in. I can hear all the laughing through my tightly locked door While I scrub and I scrub an already clean floor The curtains are closed so people can’t see How jealous I am that they can’t include me I don’t want to be housebound, I don’t want OCD I want to be normal…I want to be free!

Yet the struggle of my hidden voice still lingers low & echoes, Failing to win against the darkness is not now an option, Where is my sanctuary & care plan oh dear Doctor now? Blister packets & bottled prescriptions leave no solutions, Take my hands please & reassure me someone soon, Get me off this white tiled pitted floor forever more,

Mental Illness The mechanics of thought, When cast adrift, Amidst the confusion,Of the shifting sands,

Lead me to the light of life’s goodness to rest, to sleep.

By Dave Bottomley

Of reasons loss, Can find no peace, Imprisoned in solitudes bitter solace, Where time and tide are misgiven, and all is a grey dominance, How can one find answers? When unable to ask questions; As lost, Flotsam and Jetsam Outside, in too many ways, That Inculcate, Inebriate, Invalidate All set upon a sea of errors, Beneath a sky of pain

By Sean Thornton


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1/6/2008 10:23:49 AM

CREATIVE CORNER LEFT: This is me stood in the middle of the picture, surrounded by a shield, stuck in a numb mood, with my anger on the outside about to explode. Then to the left I my path and I am walking around lost, not knowing which way to go. To the right are little bubbles of anger and depression

LEFT: In the middle of the picture at the top is anger, towards the left and depression is on the right hand side with roots growing through them. The roots are these emotions growing more intense. At the bottom in the middle is my mood when it is stable, and the fire that keeps me going. But the black roots are when depression creeps back in. Around the outside of the picture is when I am hyper.

pictures by Daniel Kime PAGE 10

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1/6/2008 10:24:40 AM

A POEM ABOUT MY LIFE I was once asked to write about my life and why I used to cut with a knife

I made up my mind I have to tell, all about my life, my personal hell;

Where do I start to describe my pain?

So I went and sat in this place, with tears streaming down my face …

If only it was as easy as walking down the lane Cuz you see I was abused for many years, which has left me with many fears I tried to tell someone I was abused, but back then my mouth refused So I turned to drugs even drinking, just to stop me from thinking; At times I just wanted to die, trust me that’s no lie At times I broke down to cry, but still I couldn’t say why…

I finally said my abusers name, I felt just full of shame I thought my Mum would be there, but to be honest she just didn’t care Now all my family I had lost, Oh My God what a cost Which makes me think of times I stayed silent Cuz thinking about it again one night I got violent And now I’m in Drake Hall covered in scars Spending my nights looking for stars …

I was scared and all alone, my way of life was just unknown

But life hasn’t got to be about hate, at times things are great

I started getting violent, my way of coping with being silent

I have two children whom own my heart, even though we are apart

Then I started self harming, some say that must have been alarming

I used to say leave things to fate, but now I say don’t leave it too late;

Still nothing would come out as to what it was all about …

No longer do I get so low, I keep myself on the go,

But upon one fateful night, me and my partner had a fight Oh God I couldn’t carry on this way, some time late the next day

So there’s a bit about my life, and why I used to cut with a knife – I hope this has given you some light, So please don’t judge me on first sight.

Together Women Project – Customer Poem – Lucy Lane

WELLBEING: PLANS Stonham Mental Health Floating Support Service was lucky enough to win £5,000 funding last year to put together a Wellbeing Plan guidance package. Wellbeing Plans are a tool to enable people with mental health problems to recover and take control of their mental wellbeing. They were originally designed by an American called Mary Ellen Copeland, a mental health advocate. There are lots of different versions available but they all focus on similar things. The idea of a Wellbeing Plan is to HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

Issue 3.indd 11

take the time to think about what good mental health is for an individual, what they can do to maintain it and what they can do when wellbeing deteriorates. There is a lot of emphasis on getting support and people with Wellbeing Plans are encouraged to give copies to anyone who supports them, paid or unpaid. Stonham used the funding from the Bradford Adult Mental Health Services Small Projects Fund to put together a guidance booklet which helps people complete their plans by giving ideas PAGE 11

1/6/2008 10:24:40 AM

and examples. There is also more information about the Recovery Approach. The booklet is supported by a DVD made by Stonham clients. In the DVD clients talk about what they have put on their plans to give further inspiration. The guidance package is loosely based on Stonham’s Wellbeing Plan but could be used with most plans. We think that Wellbeing Plans are an excellent tool for people trying to manage their Mental Wellbeing

and although the pack is primarily aimed at people with mental health problems, anyone could adapt it to meet their needs. The pack is available to anyone who would like a copy and Stonham are also working on getting the pack on their website. We would like as many people as possible to have the opportunity to have their own plan. If you would like a copy of the pack, more information or a presentation for your

Passionate about equality, empowerment and enterprise

Leigh House provides temporary supported accommodation to 5 homeless women who are experiencing mental health problems. Each woman has her own room whilst sharing the kitchen, living room, laundry and bathrooms with the other residents. The staff at Leigh House offer practical and emotional support to service users to help build the skills and confidence needed for moving on into independent accommodation. The team will work with other agencies to meet the more complex needs of the women, for example, probation, drug and alcohol services and debt advice services. Residents will be supported PAGE 12

Issue 3.indd 12

team, please contact Claire Blacka on 01274 223261 or claire.blacka@

to access services to help them achieve goals and aspirations in their lives and will be supported to find suitable move-on accommodation. Whilst living at Leigh House, women are encouraged to take part in house meetings and activities as a group such as baking and gardening. These are opportunities for residents to get together and do something fun! “As I lived at Leigh House I found myself becoming more calm and confident in myself. I was free to be myself therefore I found my true personality and became happy� Ex Leigh House Service user

a Direct Access scheme for homeless women with children (Rowan House), a supported housing scheme for homeless women with low support needs (Midstays) and a Floating Support service for women and men who need support to live independently and sustain their tenancies. Fairweather accepts self referrals and referrals from other agencies. To make a referral call the scheme direct: Leigh House: 01274 410956 Midstays & Floating Support: 01274 420092 Rowan House: 01274 773338

Fairweather also provides HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

1/6/2008 10:24:42 AM

GOVERNMENT REFORMS CAUSE PANIC The government's changes to the welfare system are having a "devastating" impact on hundreds of thousands of people with mental health problems and have driven some of the most vulnerable to try to take their own lives, according to charities and medical experts. A letter in the Guardian brands the government's drive to reassess 1.5 million people receiving incapacity benefit as "deeply flawed" and warns that the rapid pace of change is having dire consequences. "We've found that the prospect of incapacity benefit reassessment is causing huge amounts of distress and tragically there have already been cases where people have taken their own life following problems with changes to their benefits," the letter, signed by leading mental health charities and a senior consultant from the Royal College of Psychiatrists, states. "We are hugely worried that the benefits system is heading in a

direction which will put people with mental health problems under even more pressure and scrutiny, at a time when they are already being hit in other areas such as cuts to services." In April the government began to send out 7,000 letters a week asking people to attend a "work capability assessment". It is now sending out more than 11,000 reassessment requests and the first interviews will have taken place in June.

than 300 people claiming incapacity benefit, found that 95% thought they would not be believed at their assessment. "It is extremely worrying that so many people are so concerned," said Paul Farmer, the charity's chief executive. "Many of these people have been out of work for many years and are frightened by the prospect of being reassessed for something that makes a massive difference to their lives."

Critics say the test is not sophisticated enough to identify the challenges faced by people with mental health problems and warn that the process is increasing the pressure on those already suffering high levels of anxiety and stress.

Farmer signed the letter alongside Paul Jenkins, chief executive of Rethink Mental Illness, Professor Bob Grove, joint chief executive of the Centre for Mental Health, and Jed Boardman, consultant and senior lecturer in social psychiatry, of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

A recent study for the mental health charity Mind found that three-quarters of people it surveyed said the prospect of a work capability assessment had made their mental health worse and 51% said it had left them with suicidal thoughts.

The work capability assessment was introduced for new claimants of the employment support allowance in 2008 but critics are increasingly concerned that it will be used to reassess the first wave of incapacity benefit claimants from June.

The survey, which polled more

Liz Woollard, 48, who suffers from depression and anxiety, says she failed the test despite two GPs, a psychiatrist and a senior nurse stating she was not able to work. Following a 54-minute assessment, Woollard says she was turned down for employment support allowance. The subsequent report stated she "did not appear to be trembling ‌ sweating ‌ or making rocking movements". "It was a couple of weeks before Christmas and I had been out for a Christmas lunch with some


Issue 3.indd 13


1/6/2008 10:25:51 AM

CLAIMENTS SUICIDE ATTEMPTS friends and they made a lot of that … They did not have any sympathy or understanding of mental health issues. In that fortnight I had a major depressive episode that left me in bed for three days [but] they virtually brushed over that … In the written report they didn't mention that – they focused instead on the Christmas lunch I had managed to attend." Woollard, 46, appealed but had to wait 11 months for her case to be heard and the decision overturned. She has now been told that she will have to be reassessed again. Julie Tipping, an appeals officer for the charity disability solutions, said Woollard's case was not unusual. She said many people with mental health problems had had their benefits cancelled and appealed successfully, only to be told their case needed to be reassessed again. "This is having a devastating impact on people with mental health issues," said Tipping. "It is a constant reassessment process which is just absolutely relentless. It is almost like they want to assess you to death or reassess you until you can't face it any longer and drop out of the system altogether. It is like a deliberate grinding down process. It is devastating to see."


Issue 3.indd 14

Tipping said that in the last year, two of her clients had made "real attempts" at suicide after a decision that they were fit for work. Both were taken to hospital and subsequently sectioned. "These were really serious attempts, not cries for help, these were people who had just had enough and this was the final straw for them … do we really need to wait to such a stage where people are trying to throw themselves from a bridge before somebody listens to how chronically affected they are by their condition? Is that the kind of society we want to live in?" The government says it is committed to ensuring the work capability assessment is "as fair and accurate as possible"

adding that it has accepted the recommendations of an independent review by Professor Malcolm Harrington last year. "[We] have already put in place his recommendation to create a network of 'mental health, intellectual and cognitive champions' in each … medical examination centre to spread best practice and build understanding of these conditions," said a spokesman for the Department for Work and Pensions. "In consultation with charities including Mind, Professor Harrington is now looking at the way mental health is assessed in the work capability assessment and we look forward to receiving his recommendations later this year."


1/6/2008 10:27:01 AM


With Hidden Voices

Do you have what it takes to take on the hidden voices challenge? 1, Can you write your life experience down for all to see, can you be totally honest? or 2, can you use your imagination and create a fictional story that grabs our attention…? Win a trip to Wakefield paintballing for your service; Hidden Voices will take 6 service users and 2 support workers paintballing for the best short story or real Honest! life experience. We will also print the winning story along with a free advertorial for your service provider. Each ticket is worth £30 plus you will receive 200 paintballs worth £20, this package is worth a total of £560 We will however need £10 per person for travel… Just send your entries to us here at Hidden Voices email:

BACC works with disadvantaged, disabled and socially excluded communities and groups helping to get their voices heard, bridging the gap between these groups and planner/service developers. What we do: Newsletters, Regular open meetings

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September-Oct Open Minds on the Streets & Beyond! certain! Even our fleshy bio-suits we call our bodies are on loan to us from nature & cannot be replaced or part-exchanged like the Mercedes or BMW sat on the driveway! So heed this call for understanding that if we think we own wealth or possess something (even money) then it may in fact end up possessing us!

This month's Tarot comes as no great surprise : The Knight of Disks! A most appropriate double-edged warning for all of us to take a very good long look at our wealth, material views & money matters not only individually but collectively! This may seem obvious at first glance as the country's economic cuts & the state of our high street look the most unhealthy that most of us can remember in our lifetimes. Looking closer we see the Knight shielding himself & his steed from a sweltering Sun or heat; a warning against becoming enthralled or totally caught up by material wants & needs. As a people we have come to an evolutionary point where wealth & possessions are used by the majority to define ALL OUR successes in this journey through human life. Well The Knight of Disks challenges us on many levels, not to get wound up in what we may or may not have materially; as we do not actually own anything for PAGE 16

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August & September also brings something special with the planet Venus as it moves really close to Our Sun & transforms from being 'The Morning Star' to being 'The Evening Star', so apart from that what does it all mean? Because of this Venus-Sun combination during the next three months, it is advisable to prepare for situations in which self-interest will easily overpower concern for others. This could be useful for those who need to learn how to take care of themselves in a more central way. For those who may indulge too much in self-interest, this could be a good time to get in shape with making an effort to put others before the self. So here we have the planet generally associated with Love conjoined with The Knight of Cups & we can see that this brings us a time where charities, foundations & any groups dedicated to helping the many whom have found themselves suffering come to the forefront of society's need to stand up & help it's most needy. Here at hidden voices our team of thinkers have spent much time preoccupied with how we are going to make an impact, not just in Bradford, Shipley or Keighley but also in the greater

surrounding areas; as this time marks a change where we look out further, reaching out to many hopefully sharing our special 'Hidden Voices' workshops to show many more homeless & exhomeless people in recovery a way to tap into their creative self. This is a common way to feed the urge to make something more of life than just being in a day-to-day struggle for a shelter, supported home or help with issues of addiction, mental health or self-belief! Yes we all need a chance to let our Soul's shine forth regardless of whom we are, where we were from or indeed our class background. I can say that like everyone else on the Hidden Voices team I walked into that room the first drop-in for Hidden Voices brimming with ideas, just because someone (Gary Staniforth) had offered to listen to my story & to give me that chance at a time when my life was not viable anywhere else. So for August & September I challenge you each & all to take that step, the same one that I did, holding my heart in my hand (or possibly on my sleeve?) and get in touch with us; either call in to our drop in sessions, write with your opinions on what you've read or simply tell your story, have your say because at Hidden Voices WE ARE LISTENING & we welcome you to be a part of the revolutionary way of spreading creativity & positivity! by D, Bottomley


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Garlic Fried Chicken, Roast Squash, Tomato and Pumpkin Seed Salad 150g Chicken diced 4 Cloves of Garlic crushed and chopped 500g of Butternut Squash peeled and chopped roughly into inch cubes 4 tbsp of Olive oil Ÿ of Lemon Thyme (2 sprigs) 150g cherry tomatoes halved ½ teaspoon of light brown sugar 1tbsp Lemon juice 2 tsp Honey 1 tsp Balsamic Vinegar 80g of mixed salad leaves (preferably large leaved water cress and rocket) 1tbsp of Pumpkin seeds Method Preheat oven (200C/Gas mark 6) Spread out squash on a baking tray smear with olive oil sprinkle with Lemon thyme and roast for 30-40 minutes .place tomatoes on another tray sprinkle with sugar and season with salt and pepper bake for 20 minutes or when slightly charred then leave to cool .fry chicken in a pan with a clove of crushed garlic and a tbsp of olive oil until cooked and put to one side .For the dressing use rest of oil lemon juice, honey, balsamic vinegar, and the rest of garlic toss everything the dressing ,salad leaves and seeds and chicken in a bowl and serve. Alternative for Vegetarians You could use Hallowmas cut into 1cm thick slices smear with Olive Oil and fry 1 minute each side(if you have a griddle pan that would be better)and serve with the salad Also fresh chunks of tuna or salmon would work well Hello I thought that as we are focusing on health in this edition I would try a healthy option that would cover many of the foods that are linked to healthy living. Many of the projects in Bradford run Cook and Eat clubs we would like you to share your recipes with us if you send your favourite recipes and photos I will include them in my column HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

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REAL LIVES Me ‘n’ little Jack Have you ever felt so low that life isn’t worth living? Have you ever been in so much pain that the tears fall unknowingly down your checks? Have you ever been that scared that you don’t leave a small bedroom? Then you look into your innocent boy’s face. It’s a face that is just as scared as you and just as worried but has no idea what is going on. ‘Please help me’ I said through my tears to an answering machine leaving my number. The phone vibrated ‘Withheld number’. ‘Hello, Is that Emma?’ a strong Irish accent said ‘Yes it is?’ My strong Newcastle accent said back. ‘It’s Women’s Aid returning your call’ she


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said in that lovely accent. ‘Please help I’m so scared’ I begged down the phone. She took my details and she believed the things I was saying. My tears started again but this time someone other than my family believed me. She said there was room in a refuge but I declined locations over and over again because he had so many links to places. I choose somewhere I’d never heard of before. The train rolled into the station and my son and I got off. ‘Don’t think we’ve made the right choice Jack’ I said disappointedly. My phone went off. ‘Emma, a taxi is waiting for you outside the station’ the manager said.

‘Please could we have a description for the driver to recognise you?’ ‘Yes’ I said with a smile and a slight giggle, “I’ve got a bright yellow sports bag and my son has a Halloween mask on and he’s cuddling a Mickey Mouse’. Giggling from the other end of the phone she said ‘he won’t miss you two then!’ We got in the taxi it drove and drove and drove. Eventually we went over a bridge, willow trees hung over it, the birds twittered and the flowers sat beaming with colour. Relief fell over me. ‘We’re safe Jack. He can’t find us or hurt us now” We pulled up at an old building. It had bars on the outside, CCTV

everywhere. What had I done? Was this right? Should we just go home? The door opened and Karen stood there smiling ‘Come on in, you must be Emma and Jack.’ The door closed behind us. It was dark and hot, an unusual combination. We were shown around, met new residents and shown to our room. All I wanted to do was sleep. Jack played happily outside kicking a football. I was shown into the office. Paperwork continually needed signatures, the same questions were asked. ‘Mam, mam look I’ve got a new friend and he is on holiday like us’ Jack squealed with delight. “Come on son it’s bed time” I said wearily as the pain started throbbing


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through my skull from the head injury I had received from my ex. We made up a story that night as we fell asleep cuddled together in safety. The days dragged, the nights lingered, the sun shone, the kids got told not to make noise in the garden, the park was outdated, and the town centre was miles away. There was nothing to do. The police rang again. “Have you made your statement? We have threats coming in from him about you and your son. We need to do something” I screamed back at the police officer, “weeks ago this happened you didn’t want to know then so why now? I’m doing my job as a mother protecting my family but you aren’t doing yours protecting me!” I slammed down the phone and ran upstairs crying. The tears fell, my face became puffy and blotchy, my breathing eradicable. ‘I can’t cope! I just can’t cope with this anymore lets just go home son.’ I repeated the words feeling vulnerable, scared, alone and untrusting of anyone. A little voice said ‘Mummy don’t cry. I’m too scared to go home’. At that moment my sister Hannah rang my mobile. I told her everything. ‘I’m booking a caravan for HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

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us Emma and you need to stay where you are. YOU’RE SAFE!! I’ve sent you a box of treats.” When the box arrived a smile of joy lit my face. Sanitary towels, knickers, a bra and a vest top! Hidden among it all were sweets and chocolate. Yummy! Something so simple made such a difference! The holiday was booked. What a fabulous time we had I’d never stayed in a caravan when it was hot so it was a new experience for me. We played on the beach all day and come the evening we would watch the kid’s entertainment and then go back to the caravan to eat naughty treats and watch a film. My sister and I talked till the early hours. What a fantastic time we had! When the holiday ended we got dropped off at the park and climbed on to the bus to go back to the refuge. ‘Mummy I don’t want to go back there. Can we go home with Auntie Hannah and my cousin Nicola’? Monday morning and Jack was back at school. He’d been there two weeks. He had gone from the bottom of the class to the top. He was happy in the school and made friends easily. After dropping him off I was talking to another resident at the bus stop. As I stood there I saw a silver VW Passat and the driver was staring at me.

The colour must have drained from me. My heart beat even faster. It felt like it was in my throat, my stomach felt heavy, I could be sick at this very moment. I ran across the busy road, hands shaking trying to ring my sister. ‘Hannah, his brother is in a car outside the school.’ ‘Don’t be daft’ she said ‘Hannah I’m scared’ I said as every parent looked at me and started to whisper. ‘Get into the school. He can’t touch either of you there. Ring the refuge staff and get help.’ We were escorted home and advised to pack our belongings. We had to be moved for our own safety. The night slowly dragged. I could not sleep. I tossed and turned and felt unsafe for the first time in 11 weeks. The next day the sun shined and we were told we were moving to Keighley Women’s Aid. Jack and I collected and packed a car and then set off on our long journey. We got lost. I rang the KWA office in tears. ‘Don’t worry, I will wait for you to arrive’ said the worker. Three hours later and in desperate need of a cup of tea we arrived.

bathroom though. I set the fire alarm off with my cooking! We met the staff and residents the next morning. The first day was a blur to us but within the short time of moving to KWA I have started to learn to trust people again. Simple things like laughter, I’d only previously done when with my family. We are enjoying the uncomplicated ways of life and enjoying the new experiences we are going through. We were dealt a rough hand recently but there are safe places full of families going through what we’ve experienced. It’s hard seeing sorrow in children’s eyes and hearing stories that would make any horror story seem mild. Seeing scars not only on women’s bodies, but across their hearts, from men they loved and in many cases still do. Each person has their own story to tell and their own way to handle what they have been through. My reward is looking into my son’s beautiful blue eyes and seeing that I’ve made the right decision. I’ve lost everything but I’ve still got the best thing ever - my son’s unconditional love. I love you Jack!

The refuge was small. Our room was just “a wardrobe!” We did have our own kitchen and PAGE 19

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DEPRESSION AND THE FOOD YOU EAT We live in a society obsessed by looks, just take a magazine off your local newsagents shelf and flick through, you’ll find new diets galore promising you miracle results – I lost 14lbs in a week; or fat burning pills guaranteed to transform your life and make a wonderful new you so you can go out and live a fairytale life where all your wishes come true, well that’s what the marketers and media would have you believe. You may think that this market is female dominated however the men’s market in nutritional supplements, cosmetics and general health & wellbeing is fast overtaking what was once a women’s domain in the vanity = happy ever after section of life; “I must not age, I must not get fat, in fact I must be perfect”. If all else fails try Botox and turn yourself into an unrecognisable ageless expressionless version of the person you used to be… surely I’m happy now I have no wrinkles…I look perfect?! We live in an age where we judge ourselves and everyone around us by what is on the outside, our image, our standing in society, how much money we earn, where we live and so on. How rarely do we take time to stop and look at what is on the inside and how we really feel. We are bombarded every day with rules on how to be happy, if your stuck in a crap job get a new one, if your not happy with your wife/husband get divorced, if you haven’t got the latest iphone your not “REEM”!! An endless update of rules on happiness that leave us feeling more inadequate and worse off PAGE 20

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than ever as the aspirations of happiness and how to achieve it change daily. Shocking news then that in this society of instant gratification and my needs first depression is on the increase, the world health organisation estimated in 2001 that 450 million people world wide suffer with some kind of depression or mental health related illness. So why is depression such a taboo subject, so hidden away and still so unacceptable in today’s perfect society?

contaminated with brain, spinal cord or digestive tract of infected carcasses (mainly cows) and has a devastating affect on the body & brain eventually leading to death. In humans the disease is known as Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease and by October 2009 it had killed 166 people within the UK. Between 460,000 & 482,000 BSE infected animals entered the food chain before safeguards and strict controls were introduced in 1989 to prevent this happening again.

There are many types of depression from mild depression, anxiety, post natal depression, bipolar disorder (manic depression), clinical depression and sad (seasonal affective disorder), some types of depression are hereditary. Symptoms of depression vary from each type but normally manifest in signs such as insomnia or sleeping more than usual; loss of apatite to ravenous eating, anger & aggression, feelings of despair, worthlessness, guilt, suicidal thoughts and withdrawing from society.

Our brain and bodies work in conjunction with each other and yet we still know very little about our brain. There are more than 100,000 chemical reactions in your brain every second. Your brain sends out electrical wave signals, a little known fact is it continues to send out these signals for as long as 37 hours after death. Our bodies and brains are affected by all natural and manmade chemicals; therefore what we eat and drink really does effect how our brain and body respond. Our bodies composition is made up of muscle, fat, bone & teeth, brain & nerves, connective tissue, blood (accounts for 7% of body weight), lymph, digestive tract including intestinal gas, urine and air (in the lungs).

More and more research within the scientific community is looking at the link between the food we put into our bodies and the affects it has on our mental health. Most of us are more concerned with calorie intake or low fat brands and consider that we have a healthy diet but do we really? Go back 26 years to 1985 when “Mad Cow Disease” (BSE) hit the UK. This was a disease which was transmitted to humans through eating food

Our brain naturally produces chemicals to control our mood, most of us have heard about Serotonin, a happy chemical but do we know why our brain produces it along with Dopamine and Acetlycholine – these are our brains mood regulators and can be strongly affected by what we eat and drink. HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

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IS THERE A LINK? Serotonin is our happy chemical, it is a hormone released when we experience pleasure (chocolate and sex are well known as Serotonin releasers). It acts as a neurotransmitter and helps relay messages within the brain. Serotonin helps keep your mood under control, helps you to sleep and relieves depression. 90% of our Serotonin supply is found in the digestive tract and our blood platelets but most people associate it with the brain. It has been proved that long term stress and stimulants such as caffeine, alcohol, drugs and tobacco deplete our body’s stores of Serotonin. Vitamins and minerals that help raise Serotonin and Dopamine levels are Vitamin B6, Zinc, Magnesium, and Calcium. Exercise also increases your serotonin levels. Another chemical our brain produces is Dopamine; this chemical makes us talkative, sociable and excited. It also controls our movement responses, emotional responses and our ability to experience pleasure and pain. Protein helps in the production of Dopamine which helps with our alertness and energy levels. An important factor in the link with our mood is our blood sugar levels. Blood sugars are a specific type of sugar in the brain known as Glucose which is the brains main source of energy. Depression is directly linked with poor blood sugar management and changes in energy and mood. So which food groups can help us manage symptoms effectively when dealing with depression? They are Omega HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

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3 fats, proteins, non starchy vegetables and good carbs’.

Processed sugar, white flour, alcohol

Essential fatty acids are a crucial part of diet for controlling Serotonin production in the brain, they are known as Omega 3’s and are found in fish oils. It is important that these fats are not confused with saturated fats found in hamburgers, chips and most processed meats. These are not good fats as they delay the neurotransmitters in the brain which carry serotonin and dopamine from working properly by causing the blood cells to become sticky and clump together resulting in slow thinking, exhaustion and poor circulation not just to the body but to the brain too.

As we can see food plays a major part in health, energy and wellbeing of mind and body. Food supplements can help. As we know depression is difficult to live with, but if you can help towards giving your brain and body a balanced diet it will have a positive effect on your general well being and ability to cope with the strains and stresses of modern day living.

• Protein – it is a source of amino acids which helps to aid the production of neurotransmitters which are a must for good brain function and can help to lessen or prevent depression. Fish and shellfish are very high along with chicken, turkey, beef, port, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, beans peas and seeds. • Calcium – cheese, milk, almonds, brewers yeast, green leafy vegetables, fish (including bones) and soy beans • Magnesium and B Vitamins – brown rice, chicken, turkey, eggs, nuts, some fish • None starchy veg – spinach, cabbage, tomatoes, broccoli, carrots, leaks, mushrooms.

One final thought on depression is how it effects the homeless, the hidden voices of those who are living below the poverty line and do not have financial means or access to a healthy diet. Homeless people suffer poorer health due to many factors but poor diet has been proven to be a key factor in this. It is estimated that almost one in three homeless people eat less than 2 meals in 4 days. Eight out of ten homeless people have physical illnesses which affect their ability to cope with daily life. Seven out of ten homeless people have mental health needs. Be kind to your body, be kind to your mind and be grateful for the food on your plate, with food prices rising and many living in poverty food should be viewed as an important part of your daily life and not wasted or taken for granted, there are many who will not have eaten while you have read this article. By Lisha King

• Good Carb’s – Beans, rice, butternut squash, potatoes •

Foods to avoid – PAGE 21

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HOMELESS BROTHER MISSING! Has anybody seen my dog, my brother?? He is a brindle and white Staffordshire bull terrier, he is 3 to 4 years old, well-built short staffy with a shiny coat. He has 3 white socks and 1 white stocking, 1 black toenail on his front paw and one on his back paw, all the rest are white. He has a white spike on his head in the middle of his eyes, he has a white chest, belly and neck, the white on his neck comes halfway round the top of his neck. His bottom left hand tooth is broken in half and the smallest white tip on the end of his tail. His fur is white around half of his nose and under his chin and he has a couple of scars around his nose, very faint though. He has an excellent temperament and is a fully trained house pet. He is a very much loved member of my family and it feels like I’m looking for my child… just imagine how you would feel if your daughter, son disappeared and you was worried about them being used

for fighting… I feel sick at the thought of it! He is not just a dog to me he is my brother who I lost when I was 2 years, to a cot death, but it’s ok because he came back to me through spikey my dog, I can’t lose my brother again, please return him to me! HE IS NOT A FIGHTING DOG! He is too soft. This dog has got me through so much trauma and sadness! He made me stop being angry 2 as it scares his perfectly calm nature! He stayed with me the whole time I was homeless, if I didn’t have him when I lived in my van so hurt and angry

and lost, them thoughts of suicide would of come true, I was so lost blank, but to spikey this was time for a walk as he passed me his lead to take him out as I thought about how I was going to end it, he could feel everything I felt an then became my savvier as he looked at me, pushed my hand with his nose, let out a little whimper, dropped the lead on my lap and give his tail a little wag, as if to say, “ I love you mummy, please stay with me.” He kept that little bit of fight in me so I could take care of him while he gave me all his love. Now my brother has bee n taken from me now I got better, I feel like I have let him down and I miss him dearly. Please return him to me. My mob, 07875858522, I am Elisha, owner, there is a very large reward for the return of my brother, thanx for listening. LeeshaTx

Big Issue seller becomes children’s book illustrator A Big Issue seller in Bath has landed his dream illustration job after a chance encounter.

a comment about illustration to a passer-by and was invited to sketch some drawings.

Jon Brown, who lives in a caravan near Bath, was selling the Big Issue outside Waterstones.

He has since designed the book shop’s window display and is in the process of illustrating three children’s books.

While at his usual pitch he made

Mr Brown said: “I was standing in front of the window selling Big Issues and a woman came up and asked me to move out the way so she could take photographs of the children’s books. PAGE 22

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“I just said, ‘oh I’d love to illustrate children’s books’ and it turns out she was writing a book about dragons and [she asked] could I sketch some.” HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

1/6/2008 10:27:13 AM

Mr Brown said after making a few sketches he had showed the staff in Bath Waterstones, who in turn asked him to paint a dragon window display to promote Inheritance, a book by Christopher Paolini. “Then someone else came to find me and they wanted me to illustrate three children’s books that are already written and hopefully that will lead to even more.”

Mr Brown said he had also been asked to proofread two further stories and do some sketches, but with the books in the early stages he was “not even allowed to show my mum”. A few sketches have turned into a large window display for Waterstones and a new book “I’m quite proud of it [the dragon], I see little kids walking past and by the

time they’ve got past it they’re making noises like dragons.” Marilyn, from the art shop where John buys his materials, said: “He’s really working himself up the ladder, through trying and working really hard. He’s brilliant.” While illustrating, Mr Brown continues to sell the Big Issue, a job for people who are homeless, housed in vulnerable

accommodation or the long-term unemployed. “Some days it could be good, but most days it’s not so good. You’ve just got to keep going with it. “It gives me extra stuff to get out of bed for and I’ve been getting out the right side of the bed since this all started.”

HIDDEN VOICES HITS THE STREETS The Hidden Voices has hit the streets of Bradford; we now have 2 new vendors on the streets of Bradford. David Oats (left) and papa smurf (right) good luck on your new venture, Hidden Voices wish you every success and will support you in any way we can. David who has recently had his bank account emptied by so called friends and is now sleeping on a friends floor also has chronic lung disease and has to wear a morphine patch daily to help with the pain. If anyone is reading this and would like to vend for the Hidden Voices please contact me, Gary Staniforth on: 07763969548 or call in the Bradford day shelter and ask… HIDDEN VOICES ISSUE 3

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magazine, street paper, campaigning for change

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