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Has there been a time when you attempted to concentrate on something for numerous hours in a row? In that case, you already know how exhausting that usually is and exactly how easy it really is to begin getting distracted. Perhaps you begin strongly, but after some time you notice that you are just staring out the window or doing something distracting surfing in cyberspace. That can also happen if you fail to take any breaks. Imagine this type of session just like a marathon session. Hour after hour, you simply keep plodding along and continue to go through your to-do list. The moment you've completed your list, you're so tired and unmotivated. You simply don't desire to do whatever else may need to be done. So here's a different option: Operate in short, concentrated bursts. See, rather than forcing yourself to focus for long periods of time, you instead focus in short bursts, for example 15 or 20 minutes. After this you stretch, relax... and repeat the process. Here's how it works... For starters, you'll want to attend to your necessary personal needs and whatever else that may distract you throughout your activity burst. Therefore prior to beginning you'll want to walk the dog, utilize the restroom, get something to eat or drink (if you're hungry or thirsty) and be mindful of anything or other people that could distract you throughout your burst. Next, prepare your work area for your task. For instance, for anyone thinking of doing some writing, you should make sure your resources, outlines along with other materials are near your fingertips. You won't want to waste your concentrated activity burst to do something relatively mindless like shuffle through a pile of papers or hunt for a website. It's also advisable to close out any distractions. That simply means closing any computer windows that you aren't likely to use, turning off your phone, closing the door and doing all that you can possibly do to eradicate distractions. Next, set a kitchen timer or another alarm to go off in 15 or 20 minutes. TIP: You might be inclined to set your mobile alarm/timer since that's so convenient. However, that means you will need to leave your mobile phone on and nearby, which could easily turn into a distraction. It's preferable to work with a dedicated, single-purpose timer in this particular exercise, for example a kitchen timer or alarm clock.

Another note: Make sure you select a timer that will not distract you. One example is, some kitchen timers produce a "tick, tick, tick" sound. That kind of sound may very well be distracting for you. Or at a minimum, it may continually draw your focus on the sound which means you look to see the length of time you've got left. In order to avoid the distraction of continuously checking the clock, place the timer or alarm on the opposite side of the room from you. Make absolutely certain that you can't observe the alarm/timer or any other clock face. After you have set your alarm or timer, then get moving. Focus 100% upon the task right in front of you. Don't pause. Do not take a rest. You can even pretend you happen to be part of a race or challenge yourself to discover how much (quality) work you can accomplish until alarm chimes. As soon as your time expires, stretch and have a two to five minute break. Then re-set the timer and repeat the process. When you have worked sixty minutes (or any time you start feeling fatigued) you might need to take a longer break. Test this technique and discover if this little trick helps you to skyrocket your productivity. It's one thing to get all excited about a new goal, project or just life. Following through and being successful takes planning, productivity. will provide comprehensive guidance by suggesting other sources to study in order to glean exactly the information that you are looking for.

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==== ==== To Get Started OnYour Personal Best! .......Click the link below: ==== ====

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