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With so many car stereos in the market today, an ordinary user like you may be confused as to which one suits their unique circumstances. This is the problem that the review below aims at solving. It identifies and explains, in brief, the outstanding features, pros, and cons of the ten best car stereos as of the year 2018.



If you have minimal storage space at your disposal, you can still enjoy your favorite music courtesy of this car stereo. It is indeed very compact in size and quite easy to use.

Outstanding Features

Seamless Connectivity

The stereo has the ability to connect two Bluetooth devices at a time. This means you are assured of all the convenience you possibly require.

Automatically Reconnects

You do not have to manually pair this stereo with other devices. You only have to switch on the Bluetooth of both devices and it automatically sets the connection.

Hassle-free Compatibility

It is also compatible with Smartphones. As such, you may use it to make calls over and above receiving your audio signals.


• Very cheap and affordable • Compact size • Easier to master and engage


• Battery takes too long to fully charge

2. Wikoo Car Stereo


If your search for the right car stereo is dictated by the need to play stored music, this stereo is yours for the taking. This is because it has all the required features as shall be seen in the minireview below:

Outstanding Features

SD and USB Card Playability

Apart from receiving FM signals, this stereo can also play music from the memory card and flash disks. It, therefore, confers great convenience.

Breakpoint Memory

This is a special kind of memory that differs from the others. It basically saves you play settings in case of a blackout. It saves you time and effort to resume your plays.

USB Charging

Apart from playing your favorite audio, this stereo can also charge your phone. This is thanks to the existence of the USB charging slot.


• May be controlled remotely • Receives and transmits signals via Bluetooth • Can also aid in navigation


• Moderately pricey and unaffordable

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Best car stereos on the market review  
Best car stereos on the market review