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==== ==== Tahiti is a familiar name to most people as an exotic travel destination but what do you really know about it? Learn more here. ==== ====

French Polynesia consists of many islands and one of the largest islands is Tahiti. Tahiti is otherwise known as the isle of love and it is a paradise on earth. Explorers have found the beauty of this island spell binding. The women of Tahiti are well known for their beauty. When a holiday to Tahiti comes up to mind, exotic images of dancers with flowers flash through. People can enjoy a peaceful and relaxing vacation here. Many of the tourist companies and travel agents offer competitive package tours to Tahiti. The location of this tourist destination being midway between Australia and South America has a diverse geographical terrain. Volcanic mountains are commonly found in these islands. The island is rich with tropical rain forest and it is possible to see several species of wild flowers here. The weather is hot and humid during the summer. Heavy rainfalls occur at the windward side of the mountains, and there are also chances of hurricanes during the rainy season. Papeete is the capital of Tahiti and it is a place worth seeing. There are package tours that allow a glimpse of the colorful life here. There are also many monuments, museums and beaches that can be seen through these tours. Beaches are busy with activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving and other water games. Beach enthusiasts can plan their trips concentrating on the water front. Package tours customize the trips according to the requirements of the travelers. Package tours are always a convenient option in strange land. Everything from airport transports to hotel bookings is taken care of by tour operators. Additionally, it is possible to plan a budgeted trip to this exotic island. These tours are generally all inclusive plans that include meals. It is possible to select a resort from the list that is available with the tour operators. They have a choice of resorts with economy rooms to luxurious suites.

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==== ==== Tahiti is a familiar name to most people as an exotic travel destination but what do you really know about it? Learn more here. ==== ====

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Tahiti has been romanticized in art and literature and movies have been made about its connection to the HMS Bounty. If you're intrigued by...