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==== ==== Bermuda is a mere 600 miles from the coast of North Carolina and a beautiful destination with great affordablility for many. Read more here. ==== ====

Cruising around the world to exotic locations, on giant ocean liners, can be the most exciting vacation you'll ever experience. But it may surprise you that you don't necessarily have to travel too far, because a perfect Bermuda cruise can spirit you away to crystal clear tropical waters and spectacular pink sandy beaches, and all this only six hundred miles off the coast of South Carolina. But what is considered a perfect cruise for young singles could prove to be a nightmare for families with small children. Similarly, seniors may find a more sedate and relaxed pace to be perfect for their taste, while honeymooning couples headed for Bermuda could easily find the same atmosphere to be extremely unromantic. This article will examine some of the important elements that go into making the ideal Bermuda cruise, and the specific programs and amenities that ensure each different group has the best possible experience. For instance, singles traveling alone will undoubtedly consider the perfect Bermuda cruise to involve lots of late night partying. Well most ships have about five or six different bars and lounges, but one Bermuda cruise features an amazing S-I-X-T-E-E-N bars and lounges. Holy Guacamole! It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know which ship would be more fun for the singles set. The same goes for swimming pools, one pool doesn't make for a whole lot of action, and it's obvious that singles would find it far more perfect on one of only two Bermuda cruises that have FOUR separate swimming pools. Families on the other hand, have a very different idea of what the perfect Bermuda cruise should be like. Fortunately for most parents, when the sun goes down the majority of the cruises offer a baby sitting service. Unfortunately for a few unlucky souls, one cruise line doesn't offer such a service. It would be extremely disappointing, and very far from perfect for a family to be booked on that Bermuda trip. Teens can also have a hard time being stuck with their parents all of the time, so it's pretty perfect that a handful of the cruise lines offer 'Bermuda Teen Shore Excursions' so the wild ones can go off on their own for a while. If you're a parent you need to make sure you're booked on one of those ships. Most seniors' idea of the perfect Bermuda cruise is, not surprisingly, entirely different than those above. Seniors tend to prefer things at a more sedate and leisurely pace.

But not all of the so called cultural enrichment classes that are offered to seniors are as perfect as they are touted to be. They don't all cover such interesting things as wine tasting, digital photography, foreign languages, oil painting and archeology. In fact, some Bermuda cruise ships don't have any classes at all and just settle for backgammon and shuffleboard. That doesn't seem too perfect to me. If a senior happens to be an avid golfer they will find that some cruises have a golf-pro on staff with a state-of-the-art simulator that analyzes your swing. One ship even has a driving range. But rather surprisingly other companies have nothing relating to golf at all. There is nothing more romantic for a couple than sailing off into the sunset together on a spectacular Bermuda cruise, so it is no surprise that Modern Bride magazine rated Bermuda in the top ten wedding and honeymoon destinations. If you happen to be looking for a perfect honeymoon you're going to want to make sure you are on the couple of ships that offer 'in-cabin' spa treatments, a dozen roses rather than a single puny long stem, and this is the clincher, a personal invite from the captain to tour the bridge. Now those kinds of little touches could make a Bermuda honeymoon or a wedding cruise extra perfect, don't you think? This article has tried to point out just a few of the critical elements that can help ensure that you have a great Bermuda cruise; one that is custom designed to meet your own specific Bermuda vacation needs. There are clearly great gaps in the services offered by the various companies, and we can't cover them all here of course, but for more information on how to make your trip to Bermuda more perfect, and in particular the best ships to take, then please visit me at the website listed below and I'd be delighted to help you choose the perfect Bermuda cruise for you.

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==== ==== Bermuda is a mere 600 miles from the coast of North Carolina and a beautiful destination with great affordablility for many. Read more here. ==== ====

How To Pick The Perfect Bermuda Cruise  

Bermuda is a mere 600 miles from the coast of North Carolina and a beautiful vacation destination with great affordablility for many. Read m...

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