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Morgan visual instructions

Beginner space 13

Parts: Extruder bowden adaptor - 1 Tightening cone - 1 Cap - 1 M3x30mm -2 M3 nuts - 3 M3 x20mm -1 Bowden cable -1

In order to finish the extruder body we need to adapt it to became a bowden extruder. We do this by adding the extruder bowden adaptor in the place where the hot-End should go and secure it there with the M3 x 30mm screws. Then in the top of the bowden adaptor insert the tightening cone and the cap. Attach the extruder assembly to the top platform your printer. Then add the bowden tube. You will need to unscrew both caps (extruder and tool head) and insert the bowden tube into the tightening cones. The thinner ends of the cones goes towards the front of the tube. Then screw the caps again and make sure that the bowden tube is secured in place and wont release it self in the middle of a print job.



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The third issue of RepRap Magazine. Interview with Nicholas Seward, Paste Extrusion, Hot-Ends, and much more.

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