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Eckstruder Block - 1 Eckstruder idler - 1 Thumb knob M4 - 1 Eckstruder big gear - 1 Eckstruder small gear -1 Nema 17 - 1 608 bearing - 3 Spring - 1 M4 x 50mm - 1 M4 washer - 2 M4 nut - 1 M3 x 10mm - 4 Threaded rod 20mm - 1 M8 hobbed bolt - 1 M8 nut - 2 M8 washer - 5 Start the extruder assembly with the eckstruder block and slide the idler into it. Them insert the 608 bearing into the idler and use the 20mm threaded rod to secure it in place. After that pass the M4x50mm screw throw the extruder block and idler and insert the spring, washer and the thumb knob (with the captive M4 nut) to holder the idler in the right place. After that attach the nema 17 into the eckstruder block. The small gear goes into the stepper motor shaft and is secure with an M3 grub screw. For last insert two 608 bearings into the eckstruder block and the hobbed bolt into the big gear. Then insert the hobbed bold in the bearings.



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The third issue of RepRap Magazine. Interview with Nicholas Seward, Paste Extrusion, Hot-Ends, and much more.

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