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Morgan visual instructions

Beginner space 9

Parts: Morgan arms PSI Morgan arms THETA Morgan tools head - 1 Tightening cone - 1 Cap - 1 Hot-End - 1 M3 x 30mm - 2 6805 bearing - 1 608 bearing - 1 M8 washer - 1 M8 washer 28mm - 1 M8 spring washer - 1 M8 nylon nut - 1 On this step first assemble both arms into the drive shaft. Insert the 608 bearing into the morgan arm theta A, and the two captive nuts into the morgan psi a. into

Insert the Morgan arms theta assembly the drive shaft them by order: M8 M8 M8 M8

washer nut spring washer 28mm washer

Then add the morgan arms psi sub assembly and secure it with an M8 nylock nut. You can cut off the threaded rod 10mm above the Nylock nut, and add an acorn nut to round it off.

The second part of this step is to show how to secure the tool head into place. First insert the 6805 bearing into the Morgan arm Theta b, and then insert the tool head into the 6805. To secure both arms subassembly together use the M3 x 30mm that pass trow the tool head and tight them on the morgan psi b. The role of the tightening cone is to hold the bowden tube into place. It fits around the bowden tube with the thin tip downwards. Tightening the cap will work the cone into the hot-End effectively clamping the PTFE bowden tube in place.



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