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Beginner space 6

Parts: Glass/Aluminium printing platform - 1 MK2 heated bed - 1 M3 stand off - 4 M3 x 10mm - 4 M3 nuts - 4 Leadscrew nut - 2 Spring - 1

To finish the building platform we only need to add the MK2 heat printing bed and the 200x200mm glass/Aluminium sheet. Use bulldog clips to secure the glass or 3mm Aluminium sheet in place. After it just insert the two leadscrew nuts and the spring into the Bed z bracket. The bottom nut sits tight against the partition, while the top one presses against the spring to limit backlash. You can adjust the amount of friction by inserting the top nut deeper. NB: When using Aluminium for your print surface make absolutely sure all electrical connections to the bed are insulated using some Kapton tape. Finish the frame assembly by doing the following: 1) Push the assembled drive rod into the lower Z-support. 2) push the smooth rods into the holes in the lower Z-support 3) Install the assembled bed module onto the rods 4) insert the Z-drive leadscrew in the nuts of the bed support bracket 5) lower the top platform with the top Z-support installed on it over the drive shaft and onto the smooth rods, 6805 bearing and adaptor. 6) Attach the PVC pipes to the top platform. Note that the PVC pipes will not want to go to their designated positions without a fight. This is so by design, and the tension keeps the PVC frame stable. Work carefully not to dislodge the nuts in the nut traps.



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