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Morgan visual instructions

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Parts: Bed arm left - 1 Bed arm right - 1 Bed Z mount bracket - 1 LM8UU - 4 Bed rear mount clips - 2 Bed front mount clips - 2 15mm brass pipe x 200mm - 2 Universal printing platform - 1 M3 x 15mm - 6

To assembly the printing platform we are going to start to insert the bed arms into the bed Z bracket and at the same time make sure to install the LM8UU linear bearings in their place. Check the bearing movement on a smooth rod. Bearing alignment needs to be good for smooth movement. Alignment can be tweaked by warming the arm slightly around the bearings with the rod inserted and applying pressure. In order to give this assembly more structure and to be able to attach the universal printing platform into it we are going to insert the two 15mm brass pipes into the bed arms. This should be a tight fit, but if its not use the pumblers tape to get a tight fit.

Insert the mountings clips into the pipes.

After this is done attach the printing platform into the mounting clips and secure it with screws. The platform in the DXF is a good choice if you want to use the 200x200 prusa compatible heated beds. Use it as a guide - only the position of the clip mounting and the four (three) mount points are important.



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