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Morgan visual instructions

Beginner space 4

Parts: Motor mount short - 1 Motor mount long - 1 M3 x 10mm - 4 Timing pulley 2.5mm - 2 M3 x 15mm - 4 M3 nuts - 4 M3 washers - 4 Pipes - 4 M4 x 40mm countersunk heads Mount the motors into the Motor mounts, both the long and the short using the M3x 10mm screws and them mount them onto the bottom platform. The motor mounts perform best when the support wings are facing the drive wheels. In this instructions we are using as a reference M3x15mm screws with respective nuts and washers but this depends on the thickness of your wood boards.

After the motors are assembled we can install the pipes on the bottom platform. Two choices are available: M4 nuts in the nut traps, or MDF panel screws self tapped into the pipe holders.



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