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Morgan visual instructions

Beginner space In this issue we will help some off our readers to assemble the RepRap Morgan, winner of the Gada Prize. A special thank you to Quentin Harley for his assistance on the making of this article, and for his detailed instructions.

As Quentin Harley, designer of Morgan, mentions in his blog this printer is bourne of “A dream to make it easy for anyone in South Africa, or anywhere else in the world to build a 3D printer without needing exceedingly expensive materials, hard to find components, stuff that has to be shipped at sometimes more than the cost of the components, requiring advanced tools.� In the true spirit of a RepRap printer it is named after a biologist, and is this case is Thomas Hunt Morgan: Biologist and geneticist known for his extensive research on the drosophila melanogaster (common fruit fly). He found that two very average looking flies could, through propagation of latent genes, spawn many unusually looking offspring. This is exactly what Morgan aspires to be. The unusually looking offspring of the RepRAPs before it, drawing from the best of what is currently available, but presenting it in a fresh efficient way. You can find the wiki page here, and the author website here. REPRAPMAGAZINE


RepRap Magazine Issue 3  

The third issue of RepRap Magazine. Interview with Nicholas Seward, Paste Extrusion, Hot-Ends, and much more.

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