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Hot-Ends review

it’s being fitted too, what size and type of materials you will want to run. And if you need/want different sized nozzles, along with faster extrusion or slow-but-fine oozefree prints.

Final thoughts


For Nylon I still prefer to use the J-head MK5 in 1.75mm (ideally with an Aluminum head seems to work the best for me) For Bowden-fed and/or fitted to a Delta printer again due to the light-weight design I would go for a J-head MK5

Most of my printers I use every day are fitted with either an E3D V4/5 or J-head. This is because I use both 3mm, but a lot more 1.75mm material and more of my machines are now Delta based or fast-movinghead designs.

For a feeling of adventure and any experimentation with multi-nozzle (colour/material/support), printing do take a close look at the Kraken, it’s a great design, easy to setup and smooth, fast printing results.

For Taulman T-glase and Colorfabb-XT based PET materials, the Prusa V2 is great, and I really like the clear, fast and well bonded results.

One thing this year of different hot-end testing has strengthened, is that I still find the most reliable drive mechanism uses gearing (like a Wade/Greg’s Design) rather than a direct-drive from the motor-shaft approach. The only reliable and longprint success I have had with Direct drive extruders has been with the Kraken, indicating it’s low force to extrude.

For PLA in both 3mm and 1.75 for a Cartesian based printer the E3D V4.1/V5 is without doubt my go-to hot-end of choice. If I did more ABS printing I would use the Prusa V2 Nozzle because it’s light-weight and requires slightly less extruder reversal and less extruder pressure than the Pico.



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