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Hot-Ends review


Similar but different - Left is a PICO nozzle, E3D in the middle and QUBD on the Right, all M6 thread, but different sealing configurations.

Having a standard length and fitting dimensions would help with greater compatibility with more printer designs and cooling / mounting options.

If the Prusa V2 nozzle was available in 1.75mm I would be using a lot more of them, especially on Delta’s in a Bowden configuration.

I would really like to see some lightweight hot-ends specifically designed for Bowden-driven and fast moving head printers.

If the E3D V4/5 was lighter weight, it would be great for Delta’s and fast movinghead machines. It may require a bigger melt chamber to get to really fast extruding speeds. I’m looking forward to what the next generation of design offers.

Do we have to use 3mm and 1.75mm filament sizes? - that’s a question I posed to a few materials manufacturers. It’s very possible to make bigger or smaller filaments, bigger machines with wider nozzles and faster extruding systems may benefit from an increased filament size. Smaller machines with tiny low-powered nozzles/ extruders and more tightly wrapped coils of filament, may benefit from a smaller diameter filament.

If the Pico allowed faster PLA printing and had a shorter melt zone (and required less torque to extrude) it may also be good for Delta systems although it too is quite a heavy nozzle being all stainless.

I plan to do some testing of different filament sizes later on this year.

The J-head manages to tick quite a few boxes for Delta and Bowden based printers, but it’s not designed for higher temperature materials and can’t always achieve as fast printing as some of the Stainless steel extruders.

If only...


Delta printers were on my mind a lot last year (and continue to be); many of the nozzles had one issue or another stopping them being ideal for Bowden / Delta or fast moving-head machines.

One nozzle does not do everything, so for one I’m delighted that we have such a range of different designs and capabilities, it may also not be feasible to make a design that does everything quite yet, so when selecting a nozzle, think about what machine



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