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Hot-Ends review


Another issue with PLA was manifesting as extruder skipping but this seemed to be during the first layer printing. Increased back-pressure from the PLA really seems to cause printing issues with first layer prints, where you are squashing the filament into the bed and also on solid fill or with many filled layers. I spent a very long time using the Pico, trying to understand how best to use it for many different materials and was never really comfortable using it with any type of PLA. Wood filled materials did not extrude well at all, too much force required even with a bigger 0.6mm nozzle fitted. I did not have a single successful print. I only had one attempt at using PET material and that constantly jammed during the first layer (3mm Colorfabb_XT) but I expect Taulman T-glase would be the same. For ABS, it’s a different story, I have managed faster and good quality print results, I found running at a slightly lower temperature of 240 Degrees C and a 2mm retraction provided good results.

Bear printed in ABS with the Pico on a Prusa i3 using a Bowden fed geared extruder.

ABS is a material I do not work with all that often so the Pico is of limited use because I could not get as good results with other materials.

Overall opinion and general recommendations

2. Not recommended for Bowden based printing (due to ooze and high extruder pressure) 3. Long melt zone but I only managed low speed with PLA. 4. Has it’s own mounting system - Standard groovemount aluminium adapter is available.


1. Good for ABS printing (3mm material).



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