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Hot-Ends review

Pico Nozzle V1 I was an early Pico tester before the recent and successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s a very interesting nozzle, almost a work of art in it’s production. It shares similarities with both the E3D having a removable Brass nozzle, and the Prusa V2 with having a complete Stainless steel path for the filament. It’s quite different in operation to many other nozzles and takes time to get the best from it. After using the Prusa V1 nozzle I was concerned about the use of an all stainless design, I know from experience over-cooling of the stainless, combined with a non-specific thermal break can cause all sorts of potential issues.

Pico bowden setup


As normal I started the testing with PLA, and had some issues with the 2finger test, requiring a higher force to manually extrude. The Plug test also showed up a long melt zone. I have to say this is the longest melt zone I have ever seen on a hot-end, and I do not believe it’s to a benefit for the user. Perfect and exact cooling of the stainless steel barrel was required for PLA operation, after quite a lot of testing and tuning of fan position and power I had a solution that I could get working for PLA, but I have not managed to get high speed printing. For reliable prints without barrel jams I have fixed it at under 30mm/sec for PLA printing. This is not at all what I expected as with a longer melt zone you really want to be printing fast to minimize issues with oozing and retraction based angel-hair stringing etc.

Pico on J-Head mount with cooling fan REPRAPMAGAZINE


RepRap Magazine Issue 3  

The third issue of RepRap Magazine. Interview with Nicholas Seward, Paste Extrusion, Hot-Ends, and much more.

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