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Hot-Ends review


Prusa Nozzle V2 With revision 2 came stability and still great results. The single piece stainless steel nozzle is retained and a heat-sink was added to the barrel. With some level of active cooling (25/30mm Fan) this hot-end performs in a much more controlled way. You don’t need very high temperatures, (192 Degrees C is adequate for PLA) and it’s still capable of fast speed printing (70mm/ sec) This is a great nozzle for ABS printing. I had the best results with PET material, very clear prints can be retained even at higher speeds (+60mm/sec) * Because it’s light weight it would make an ideal Bowden, but it’s only available in 3mm versions at the moment, this makes it great for most RepRap style machines, but anything that is using a Bowden feed like most Delta printers will usually benefit from using 1.75mm material. So I have not been able to implement it on a delta yet.

Prusa v2 nozzle

1. Best print results and performance with PET materials (220 to 235 Degrees C) 2. Great for ABS, even at high speeds, 3. Good for printing PLA fast (longer melt-zone), but more ooze than some other nozzles at low speed PLA. 4. ‘Industry standard’ Groove mount.

Using a lower temperature and a little more extruder retraction (I used 1.6mm) than normal really helps with the V2 nozzle, for me that resolved almost all issues I had with ooze and fine angel-hair strings on slow-printed intricate models using PLA.


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