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Community news OPEN-SOURCE LAB by J.Pearce Overall this is a book which is focused on the development of Laboratory equipment, mainly using open-source hardware such as RepRap 3D printers and Arduino microcontrollers. It will guide the inexperienced reader making him comfortable to embrace this technological and social advances in a very practical way, resulting in very significant cost reductions for researchers and teachers. Author: Joshua M. Pearce Release Date: 07 Nov 2013 Imprint:Elsevier Print Book ISBN :9780124104624 eBook ISBN :9780124104860 Pages: 300 Dimensions: 235 X 191

Open-source lab will focus its readers on building his own laboratory hardware to reduce research costs. The book will start by introducing the readers to a brief resume of what is Free and Open-source Software (FOSS) and from there takes it to the free and open source hardware (FOSH) and points some of the potential when they are combined. Divided in 7 chapters, the first being the introduction mentioned before, it takes its readers progressively on the benefits of sharing and the open licensing (chapters 2 and 3 respectively). These chapters are interesting enough for even those who have been part of the Open source movement for some time now, but are really interesting for people who are just starting to join this movement.

The reader will be introduced to the several licenses and chapter 3 will end talking about the Continued IP Challenges and its relation with open-source licenses and development. After this first 3 chapters of more theoretical content we get to the “hands on” part of the book! First we will start with the open-source micro controllers, with the available family and then focus on Arduino with a practical example “the polar bear open-source environmental chamber (chapter 4). Getting to chapter 5 we reach the RepRap project. This chapter shows the assembly of a printer, a Prusa Mendel reengineered primarily by Jerry Anzalone at Michigan Tech. After this chapter, the author focus on Digital designs and Scientific hard ware taking us through out many different scientific tools created with the things reviewed on the previous chapters and the book ends with some thought on the Future of Open-Source Hardware and Science.



RepRap Magazine Issue 3  

The third issue of RepRap Magazine. Interview with Nicholas Seward, Paste Extrusion, Hot-Ends, and much more.

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