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Would it be possible for manufacturers to have a set filament standard for spool size, shape and mounting?

Ask your filament supplier if they can support the standard, if they say no, ask them why and let people know the reasons. If you manufacture a 3D printer, what do you require from a filament spool? Sketch or design something, say what would work for you and your 3D printer, what’s not working now and how you solve it (or not).

Can the 3D printing community help develop that standard? Can we make it Eco-friendly and recyclable?

Does anyone want it?

Lets find out. If you want to get involved (and please do), a discussion thread on the RepRap Forum has started here. Start discussions wherever you want, and spread the word, lets make something happen.

Ideas spark more ideas!

The 3D Printing Association is providing support for this project and also looking for feedback and ideas to help with this campaign, both from filament manufacturers and everyone in the community.

We can see that many reels already have a 50mm mounting hole diameter, so this looks like a reasonable starting point. The inner diameter, bigger is better, but you need to allow enough room for filament without also having a very large outer diameter. A size of around 120mm for the internal seems to work well for most types of plastics and filled materials in both 3mm and 1.75mm sizes. A diameter of 220mm for the outer will allow for a typical quantity of filament depending on the width of the spool, 75mm shown here. Cardboard spool concept, 1Kg spool or 3 x 250g based on the same specification of mounting hole and overall size. The plastic dust cover/case is an item I would also like to see available (or 3D printed) - make it easy to mount on / in a 3D printer and refill with the recyclable cardboard filament spools.

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