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People who are currently serving or have served in the United States military have made great sacrifices for our country.

Military personnel try their hardest to make sure we are kept safe. Some spend countless days, weeks and months away from their families.

All of this because we are “the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.” Their dedication to our country should be rewarded.

One way that these brave young men and women can benefit for serving in the military is through a VA loan.

A VA (Veterans Affairs) loan is a type of loan that is supported by the United States government.

You can use this loan as many times as you wish as long as the prior loan is paid.

One of the biggest advantages of a VA loan is that you are not required to put down any money.

The terms are flexible and they could help veterans gain home ownership.

Private mortgage insurance is not required and they offer very competitive interest rates. This is the perfect type of home loan for military members or veterans. However, it is important to be prepared before you pursue a VA loan.

For example, being knowledgeable of the banks offering VA loans is extremely helpful. And to make the process easier the following list is composed of reputable banks that do provide VA loans.



This bank offers 100% financing and flexible qualifications. You can get a fixed rate with a 15 or 30-year life.



With a VA loan from US Bank, you have a minimal down payment; possibly even no down payment. You can prequalify online and then follow up by scheduling a face-to-face meeting with a loan specialist.



This bank was founded by military people so they understand the military.

They offer low rates, no down payment, and the closing costs can be rolled into the loan.



This bank underwrites its own VA loans. You can apply easily on the website and you can choose a fixed or an adjustable rate.



Chase bank offers numerous benefits for military personnel. One of the advantages is a VA loan which can be for 10, 15, 25, or 30 years.



It naturally makes sense that the Armed Forces Bank offers VA loans. With this loan, if you receive Basic Allowance for Quarters, you will use the allowance to pay for partial or all of the monthly payments.


Wells Fargo

This bank offers VA loans to military. You can get prequalified on the website.

In order to qualify for a VA loan:

You must have served 90 consecutive days during wartime or 181 days during peacetime. You can also qualify if you have spent 6 years in the National Guard or reserves or if you are the spouse of a military member who dies in the line of duty.

In order to receive a VA loan, you will be required to provide a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) from the VA. If you are looking for a new mortgage and have served in the military, a VA loan is probably right for you.

Mortgage Originator Jimmy Vercellino, specializing in VA loans, helps veterans use their VA loan benefit to their greatest advantage.

Be a proud homeowner today. For more details call 480-351-5904 or visit the site

VA Loans for Vets 7600 E. Doubletree Ranch Road #200 Scottsdale, AZ 85258 Phone: (480) 351-5904 Email:

Which Banks Will Accept VA Loans  

"Jimmy Vercellino, VA Loan Specialist helps veterans obtain the loans they are entitled to. He served in the United States Marine Corps, and...

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