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Our gift guidefor horse, rider, pet and loved ones… or perhaps you could use it to highlight items for your own wish list.

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As the cold weather takes hold turn to our annual guide to holidays on horseback both home and overseas.

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97 Best winter health

We’ve collated some top tips on Equine Winter conditions to help give your horse the best coat, skin and hooves this winter.

111 Plan it!

Planning a new arena? Grab some advice from the proffesionals before you start.

123 Classified directory Your indepensible guide to the best products, services and events.

Essential advice and product information to help you plan your horse’s winter feed and bedding


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Issue 13  |  SPRING 2017

Hazel Lomas & Alice McHardy

Printed by Stephens & George

Rob Stokes & Kathy Carter Joni Mann & Gary Burt

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Whilst every care has been taken in compiling this publication YOUR HORSE & COUNTRY MAGAZINE shall not be made liable for any inaccuracies therein. The opinions expressed in the magazine are not necessarily those of the Editor/Publisher.

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Time for a stable spring clean? T

he Animal Health Company are well known in the equestrian market for their NoBute range. They were the first manufacturer in the UK of this herbal liquid infusion of the devils claw root. The NoBute range is still one of their leading equestrian products. Among their other equestrian ranges, they also do a collection of cleaning and hygiene products called StableZone. StableZone products are suitable for all sizes of yards as they are available in sizes ranging from one-litre bottles for your smaller yard, up to 20-litre containers for larger commercial yards and facilities. Hygiene in the stable yard isn’t just for large commercial yards or competition venues, it should become part of your routine at every stable. By regular full clean-downs and using a good disinfectant, you can help to keep on top of bacteria, viruses and fungi. The Animal Health Company have a proven and tested disinfectant called Defence 7. The dilution rate is between 1:50 and 1:300, depending on the disease you need it to be active against. So a little can go a long way. Defence 7 is active against equine influenza, EVA, equine infectious bronchitis, ringworm,

glanders and strangles. Use in stables, horse lorries, on the yard, wash rooms, indoor schools, as a footbath etc. Defence 7 is on the approved list by Defra. For full details visit For a gentler clean, use QuipClean. This concentrated, low foaming steriliser and cleaner is very effective. Using half a cup in a bucket of warm water use to clean your yard tools, feed bins, water/ feed buckets, rubber matting, lorry walls, your horse’s snaffle (and other style of) bit, patio... even your wild bird feeders. For stubborn dirt, leave to soak for five to 10 minutes. Its low foaming action makes QuipClean easy to use and rinse off. To help reduce bedding waste and lower ammonia levels in stables, try adding StableZone bedding powder when you “bed down” your stable. This natural anti-bacterial powder is very absorbent – sprinkle it under the bedding where your horse normally urinates in the stable. The powder quickly absorbs moisture, helping your bedding and stable to stay fresher for longer. Don’t just use in the stable, try it in your lorry or trailer and for other unwanted spills, like

motor oil. Available in either 5kg tubs or 25kg bags. The final part of the StableZone range is Rug Clean. This non-biological liquid laundry detergent is active even at low temperatures, making it ideal for washing rugs, numnahs and dog beds, which can require a lower temperature wash. This detergent can be used in a machine or for hand washing. Rug Clean has been used by professional rug cleaning companies and is also available in sizes to suit the different needs of different yards. The Animal Health Company are a family-run business who take pride in their products and product development. Their products are manufactured here in the UK and available to wholesalers, retailers, equestrian businesses/yards and for general sale. They have an easy-to-use website as well as trained staff who are happy to help with queries. They have started to offer discounts through promotional e-newsletters and their Facebook pages. So sign up to be kept up to date with their latest offers and news. ■ Visit or call 01787 476400

Give your stables a spring clean with our StableZone products QUIP CLEAN (Free delivery) A powerful, concentrated detergent/steriliser. Suitable for cleaning all areas of your stable, yard, tools. It’s safe to use on your water bowls, feed bins, even your snaffle bit. Makes light work of even stubborn dirt. DEFENCE 7 (Free delivery) A total biocide active against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Dilute up to 1:100, so a little goes a long way. STABLE ZONE BEDDING POWDER (Free delivery) A natural anti-bacterial bedding powder. Very absorbent, helping to keep your bedding drier. Use in your lorry too.

FREE DELIVERY CODE AHM04 From the makers of

RUG CLEAN A non-biological liquid laundry detergent, For rugs, towels, bandages, dog beds etc. Effective even at low temperatures and when hand washing. Get your stables ready for winter with our Stable Zone products.

Get your stables ready for winter QUIP CLEAN with our Stable Zone products. (Free Delivery)

A powerful, concentrated detergent/steriliser. Suitable for cleaning all areas of your stable, yard, tools, it’s safe to use on your water bowls, feed bins even your snaffle bit. Makes light work of even stubborn dirt.

QUIP CLEAN (Free Delivery) DEFENCE (FreeCountry Delivery) 5  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse7 & Magazine A powerful, concentrated detergent/steriliser. A total biocide active against viruses, bacteria & fungi.

Suitable for cleaning yard, Diluteall up areas to 1:100,ofsoyour a littlestable, goes a long, it’s safe to use on your

01787 476400


Determined Ben’s riding high


Photo credit: Lens Vanity

Fairfax & Favor talk Badminton with their brand ambassador Ben Hobday


t’s spring, and Badminton, one of the toughest and most prestigious threeday events in the world is set to unfurl once again. One of only six four star events in the world, visitors can expect three action-packed days of world-class equine action. Fairfax & Favor will be making a return to the event this year with new additions to the Fairfax & Favor range, the Cadogan Travel Bag, Hurlingham Tote, Pembroke Handbag, Salisbury Purse and Walpole Wallet. In conjunction with the launch of the new collection we caught up with recently appointed brand ambassador Ben Hobday to discuss Badminton, his inspirational return to eventing and his Fairfax & Favor favourites. Ben Hobday is eventing’s man of the moment, having overcome adversity with astonishing resilience. Diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer in 2015, Ben’s remarkable return saw him bounce round Badminton last year to bag a double clear only six months after treatment. The heart-warming comeback prompted an overwhelming wave of

6  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

support from the eventing community and fans alike, simultaneously raising awareness for cancer with the hashtag #kickingcancersbutt. We’re delighted to have you on board as a brand ambassador. What is it about Fairfax & Favor that sparks your interest? Fairfax and Favor’s footwear fits in well with my style, the loafers, Chelsea boots and driving shoes are comfortable and practical and most importantly make me feel on point. Let’s talk about your V8 Supercob, Mr Mulry. What is it that makes him such a special horse? Mr Mulry is so special, not just because he’s awesome to ride and jump but because all the laws of physics say he shouldn’t do this job but he does and he loves it! He’s just an ordinary cob that does extraordinary things.

Winning gold and bronze at the Europeans was unbelievable – I felt so proud to be British

In December, the eventing world went mad for your wedding – congratulations! What product from Fairfax and Favor’s new collection would you treat Emma to and why? The wedding was amazing! Emma loves pretty much everything Fairfax & Favor have to offer but I do know that she’s been checking out the Cadogan Travel Bag. She fell in love with that one. What would you pin down as the proudest moment of your career and what makes Badminton so special to you? There are a few moments that stand out,

winning gold and bronze at the Europeans was unbelievable. I felt so proud to be British. However, jumping double clear last year six months after my treatment, looking back was quite overwhelming. The doctors said I wouldn’t or shouldn’t even start riding again. I was very, very tired but I remember carrying Willberry for Hannah. It felt very special. What single piece of advice would you give to a young event rider making their first foray into the eventing world? I say to anyone wanting to event the same as I say to myself – it's going to be hard,

7  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

but keep going, it will be worth it. You must believe you can. l Ben Hobday is now the patron of the Willberry Wonderpony charity set up in memory of Hannah Francis who tragically lost her battle with bone cancer in 2016. Ben, alongside the charity’s numerous supporters, ensures that Hannah’s legacy lives on. This year he will be riding at Badminton with the Willberry Wonderpony, the charity’s mascot, strapped onto his back. We’ll be rooting for him every stride of the way and wish him the best of luck for the 2017 season.

Botanica succeeds where all others have failed, used by top trainers, studs and riders around the world... Manufacturers of natural herbal creams, washes and sprays. Used to treat all skin conditions. Botanica’s herbal blends work to promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery without scarring e.g. rain scald, mud rash, cracked heels, girth scald, cuts, grazes, sweet itch etc.

Natural herbal cream, washes and sprays for skin conditions, created using a unique blend of natural ingredients that promote effective and complete healing... naturally! LCH Laboratory Paris tested. Can be used before, during and after competition.

I have been using Botanica Herbal Cream and Cleansing Wash for several years with great success. I have treated wounds, cracked heels, rain scald and pruritus (sweet-itch) all with positive client feedback.... Botanica products speed up the healing process and can reduce convalescence by half. Caroline Berry MvB, MRCVS

We have been using Botanica products for the past two years on a variety of conditions including: cracked heels, cuts and sores, rain scald, sweet itch, mud rash... it has always worked very well and we’re pleased with the results.

Auburn Equine Clinic, Co Antrim Alfonso Martin BVSc GPCertEP MRCVS,


8  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

“ Botanica is the answer for all your equine skin problems. A natural product that works... ✓ Mud rash ✓ Rain scald ✓ Wounds ✓ War wounds ✓ Sunburn

✓ Sweet itch ✓ Sore shins ✓ Cracked heels ✓ Sore tendons ✓ Over-reached wounds

Botanica International Ltd. Tel. +44 (0)28 4173 9151

We have been using Botanica Range of products for a number of years now with amazing results on cuts, grazes, rain scald, mud rash, girth scald, cracked & sore heels. In fact for most skin problems Botanica can be used. The Botanica wash and herbal cream are excellent products. We highly recommend Botanica products.


Email: YOUR HORSE & COUNTRY | 13 Visit:


In the heart of the Ribatejo region lies a peaceful quinta, home to a select group of Lusitanos who have been chosen as the perfect mounts for trail riders from around the world. Your hostess, Kristin, keeps her horses in ideal conditions with regular turnout in spacious paddocks with their companions. This results in level-headed, happy horses who work perfectly as a team whilst they carry you on an adventure through this picturesque countryside. They are arguably some of the most well-schooled trail horses in the world – it is rare to find such high quality and impressively balanced horses who are still fit and tough enough to tackle difficult terrain and to cope with long days.

of Lusitano mares and foals at the local stud farms. She also takes riders to the Atlantic Coast to experience the beaches of Óbidos – cantering through the sand is an amazing way to feel the powerful hindquarters of the horses, the breed being notable for the collection of its paces. Although the horses can more than live up to the expectation of expert riders, the trails are a complete joy for happy hacker types who can appreciate riding a safe horse amidst glorious scenery. The traditional Portuguese tack means that long days are still comfortable and

adds to your authentic experience, whilst accommodation in comfortable quintas and guesthouses each night means for a hot shower, good bed and some rest time. This is the ultimate comfortable trail riding experience – charming countryside and hospitality, an immersion into a real horse culture and, most important of all, the perfect equine companion. For those who can spare an extra day, we can also highly recommend to add on some lessons with Kristin’s partner, Pedro Neves, a master of working equitation and classical dressage.

Starting just forty-five minutes from Lisbon, Kristin’s multiday rides are a way to experience real Portugal, from the scenic vineyards and iconic cork forests to the fields

This small, family-owned riding centre offers lessons of the highest class, including dressage on their Lusitanos some of whom are trained to Grand Prix level. The centre boasts impressive facilities and regularly hosts national level competitions, in addition to hosting riders from far and wide. Lying approximately 150km from Lisbon, the area is known for its exceptional horse breeding, fine cuisine, delicious olive oil and robust wines. The region flourishes thanks to the waters of the great river Tagus which flows by the centre’s doorstep.

10  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

The horses on site are schooled and competed by Paulo Amaral, the resident instructor, who keeps them attentive and interested in their work. Paulo can cater lessons to all levels, including beginners, and they also offer show jumping tuition with combination packages available. Lessons are generally given on a oneto-one basis but can be switched for a relaxing hack as preferred, allowing you to take in the surrounding pastures, woodlands and views of the Tagus. Accommodation, meals and wine are to a high standard and you can expect a warm welcome from your host Vitor and his family.


The Lusitano Horse has long been a source of pride for Portugal, its native country, and riders from around the world are beginning to see why. This versatile, brave and beautiful breed has a lineage which can be traced back tens of thousands of years, having longsupported human allies as fearless war horses and later in cattle work, carriage driving and the most advanced dressage, amongst a host of other disciplines. Several magnificent examples of the breed have competed at the Olympics and the World Equestrian Games and more recently performed at Olympia Horse Show in London. This display of exceptional horsemanship left many in awe of the Lusitano Horse, appreciating their willingness and agility, and with a desire to experience the breed for themselves.

11  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

There is, of course, no better place to ride a Lusitano than in its homeland – sunny Portugal! A range of horse riding holiday destinations focus their activities around the breed, finding that they are well-suited to almost any kind of work and that they have exceptional temperaments. Portugal also appeals thanks to a fantastic climate, interesting history and culture, delicious food and quality wines, plus there are many easy and affordable flights from the UK and it’s just a few hours by air. Experience this horse culture for yourself on the back of a noble native steed!

Both destinations have been visited by staff from Far and Ride who would be happy to tell you more about their own experiences in Portugal and their love for Lusitanos. You can visit the website at email them on or call on 01462 701110

Bring your horse on holiday to the Derbyshire Peak District

• Luxurious self-catering log cabins and pods • Stabling and grazing for six horses Quote • Access to Pennine Bridleway YHC when making • Routes for all abilities your booking • Log-fired hot tub and sauna

Call: 01629 540262 Email:

Ride in Rajasthan, India

Forts * Palaces * Marwari * Fairs * Festivals 12  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

Memorable horse riding holidays in Costa Rica with award winning Discovery Horseback Tours


itting on the train to London, en route to Heathrow, I had a sudden moment of doubt about the trip I was about to take to Costa Rica. Months before, booking it in excitement, all I could think of was visiting a country I’d always wanted to see and having time to reconnect with horses a world away from the pressured atmosphere of showing. Contemplating an almost 12-hour flight on my own, I admit I was nervous. It wasn’t until I stepped out into the warm evening air at San Jose that I relaxed – somehow, 5,000 miles from England, I’d come home. That feeling was to stay with me every minute of my time in Costa Rica; from waking with the rising sun on the first morning, to falling asleep to the rhythmic sound of waves on Playa Hermosa beach, to riding in the rainforest. Cornish couple Andrea and Chris Wady, now residents in the country, run Discovery Horsetours Costa Rica. The Wadys’ horses are mainly rescues and have been rehabilitated and retrained using natural horsemanship techniques and positive reinforcement. During our week-long vacation, not only did they

carry us willingly around the stunning 1,500-acre rainforest reserve and along the deserted beaches, but they also acted as teachers and participants during the clinic part of our week-long education vacation. These are held throughout the year and our instructor was UK-based Emma Massingale. One of Andrea’s great skills is matching horses to people; from the notes I had emailed beforehand, Andrea had chosen a handsome bay gelding called Tonka for me. Full of character, but beautifully responsive in his bitless bridle, riding beneath tropical trees where monkeys swung are memories which will stay with me forever. There was also time for rainforest hikes, evening crocodile river trips and relaxing poolside while scarlet macaws flew overhead and iguanas rustled unhurriedly past. But it was the time spent with the horses, whether out on the trails or at liberty in the paddock beneath the toucans’ watchful gaze, which made this the trip of a lifetime. • Liz Falkingham

13  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

Ride into the heart of Madagascar While Madagascar is known for its endemic flora and fauna, there is another side to the country that very few people experience: the incredible people who call it home. One of our clients, Janine, told me about her trip.

A world of its own, Madagascar is famous for its unique plants and animals. This ride takes you beyond the obvious to discover the varied landscapes and people so few outsiders get to visit.

Why did you decide to go to Madagascar? Why not?! All my trips tend to be on horseback, I like to get off the beaten track and go somewhere a bit different. I was travelling on my own, but on these trips you’re never really on your own because everyone else shares your interests. You get to meet other people and make new friends, it’s great.

What were your horse and the riding like? Really lush! The horses are all ex-racehorses rescued from a potentially nasty fate when they could no longer compete or weren’t winning enough. They were really great, no spooking or jumping even when there were screaming kids or zebus (a kind of cow) pulling carts or ploughs. We waded into water up to their bellies and went up mountains; they were really footsure and seemed eager to do their jobs. On the first day you ride in an arena and are matched up to the best horse for you. It was a little bit intimidating with everyone watching you, but it really made a difference on the trek - once you set out you’re pretty far from civilization! Andre is the main guide and has a team of grooms who treat the horses really well. They are all very careful to make sure everything is just right. We did a lot of walking in the volcanic regions so the horses didn’t get footsore but there are still plenty of places to have a good canter and the horses really enjoy that!

Did you see much of the indigenous plant and animal life on Madagascar? It was quite difficult to see any animals in the wild. We went to a couple of conservation parks and you can interact with lemurs and fossa at these, which was very cool. But for me this was more of a cultural experience than a safari. The focus is on people living a life incredibly far removed from your own, it was like travelling back in time. All the farming was done by hand and it looked like everyone grew their own food. It was really interesting to see the different ecologies and this was the major factor influencing peoples’ lives. In the highlands it was mainly farming communities but in the coastal regions there was definitely more of a fishing/beach vibe and it was more laid back.

14  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

Did you have much interaction with local people? Because horses are not commonly seen in Madagascar they generate a lot of interest, particularly in the highlands. The whole village lines the street, everyone is waving and catcalling to the next village to tell them we were coming. There is so much poverty but the Malagasy are just really happy people and want to share everything with you. One day when we stopped for lunch we saw some women washing their clothes in the river and the kids came running up to see us. It was difficult to talk with but we could mime and share pictures with them. We started calling Andre the Pied Piper because children would just flock to him and follow him around! It was partly because of the horses but he’s also an interesting character and a great role model. His passion for both horses and his country is inspiring and helping other people to improve their lives as well.

Did you learn much about the local history or traditions of the places you visited? Yes! Andre is really proud and passionate about his country and happy to share his knowledge. The Malagasy have a lot of superstitions which are called fady which are different wherever you go and can be literally anything! On the last day of riding we were on the beach and there was a little island out in the lagoon. The plan was to ride/swim across and have a look around, but the local chief said we were not allowed – only pigs could go on the island! We got to see a ‘turning of the bones’ ceremony which was really interesting. It’s a kind of festival where people dig up their ancestors and celebrate them. Everyone was happy for us to watch and to take photographs, they were really welcoming.

What was the food like? It was really professional; the chef would set up her little kitchen wherever we were and cook up some really tasty local food. There was lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, and lots of rice! It’s the staple food out there so we had it with most meals but in different variations. Malagasy like their food hot, but for us they would leave out the chilli and we could add it ourselves if we wanted to.

How was your experience with Unicorn Trails? Fantastic, I’ve never had any problems booking here. It’s always straightforward and easy and there are loads of different options. I find it really reassuring that Wendy is a vet, so you know the horses are always going to be well looked after. It’s also great that you champion sustainability, that money goes back in to the community is amazing.

How would you sum up your Madagascar experience? Madagascar was a very special ride that I think will stay with me for a long time. Its a beautiful country full of smiling, welcoming faces, at times its like you've stepped back 400 years, but that's what makes it so charming. This ride was built out of a dream and a passion and along with offering these horses a second chance of life, much needed local employment is created. I felt really privileged to be a part of that and to be able to support such a project. Go on this ride with an open mind and heart, expect the unexpected and just enjoy every second. Madagascar may not have 5 star hotels or Michelin star has 5 million star hotels and Madame Berthe's amazing food creations.

Contact us on 01767600606, or go to for more details.

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explore Rajasthan embrace Tradition

PALACE TO PALACE ~ You may have heard of the 'Golden Triangle' - well with Horse India you ride the bit in the middle! Travelling by Marwari horse your senses are awash with the colours, sights and sounds of India. Join us to stay in old country palaces, dining on the roof by candlelight and under the stars. DESERT DUNES ~ Chat around the camp fire with shepherds and camel herders, ride over the dunes, see chinkara gazelle and watch 50,000 Demoiselle Cranes come in to feed - a truly awesome sight! Ride with us to canter along sandy camel tracks, canals, sand dunes and lakes - your Marwari horses await! WHAT TO EXPECT ~ A riding holiday with Horse India will find you staying in old Palaces, bespoke haveli Hotels or re-creating the 'days of the Raj' by camping in their Maharajah 'shikar' tents - complete with decorated bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms and real beds - royal style 'glamping' in stunning locations! THE HORSES ~ Marwari horses have curly ‘lyre’ shaped ears that rotate 180 degrees and touch at the tip! They are desert horses, 'slight' in build, and stand 15hh - 16hh, spirited but safe, but more importantly, * you cannot ride this breed outside India.*

experience Marwari ride with

Horse India Ride through magical rural Rajasthan ~ feel the spirit of the unique Marwari horse as you discover history, culture, forts and palaces by retracing old routes through the forests of the Aravalli Hills and by riding over the sand dunes of the Thar Desert. FAIRS & FESTIVALS ~ Experience the famous horse and camel fairs of Pushkar, Balotra and Nagaur, take the toy train through the unspoilt Aravalli hills. We have a fabulous range of holidays to suit all budgets, some are date specific but others can be taken at any time. Book now for a holiday of a lifetime! LEOPARDS & LAKES ~ Ride from the magnificent Kumbhalgarh Fort through the shady Ghanerao forest of the Aravalli hills to Jawai reservoir in search of wild and free roaming Leopards! Horse India offers an informative riding holiday experience, combining history, tradition and culture through our knowledge of the landscape, its people and, of course, its unique indigenous Marwari horses. * WHO: solo travellers, couples, friends, clubs, groups, fundraisers, families, children and non-riding partners * WHAT: Some rides are date specific, we ride on average 25-30km/day or 4-6 hours riding/day * WHERE: Equidistant between the blue city of Jodhpur, the lake city of Udaipur, and within easy reach of the pink city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, INDIA * WHEN: The best climate is September to April * DETAILS: Caroline Moorey UK Tel 07726 930231 e:

Photographs by Ignacio Alvar-Thomas, copyright Horse India Ltd

Equestrian Luxury


Each model in the Tatton Horseboxes range combines safety, engineering and design of the highest standard. Main manufacturer’s engines and chassis provide the proven reliability for what is an outstanding lifestyle product.

Tatton are the manufacturer of 3.5 and 4.5 tonne horseboxes. At Tatton we pride ourselves in unrivalled build quality and exceptional value along with unparalleled customer service. We’ve combined engineering safety with great design and strong attention to detail, these are the common factors which unite the Tatton Team.

Tatton Horse Boxes Engineering Perfection

01625 322 195 |


Chelford Road, Nether Alderley, Cheshire SK10 4SZ




All Stitched Up Designs ONESIES Prices from

ÂŁ25.00 Sizes

Newborn to adult XXL Eventing and Racing colours bespoke to you

Keep your horse close to you

Custom made Horse Hair Jewellery

Gothic House, Melville Street, Lincoln, LN5 7HW

T:01522 533 500 E: W: Facebook: instagram: Uneeq Gifts




We’ve got sweet itch covered

Bio-Plus Capsules for Equine and for Dogs and Cats The Bio-Plus capsules belong to a family group of “immune modulators” that work by sending signals to the immune system to respond more efficiently. They contain natural bio protein derived from heat killed bacteria and beta-glucan, a proven natural support to the immune system.


he Boett Blanket was designed in Sweden 25 years ago. Having been continuously developed it is still at the forefront of the market. Vets highly recommend it as one of the most effective treatments for sweetitch and some insurance companies will pay for them as an alternative therapy. They are also recommended for the protection of horses with sarcoids and more widely used as a very effective fly rug. The blanket is used worldwide and is made from a unique light but strong breathable fabric which midges cannot bite through. The fabric has a “parasol effect” that keeps the horse cool in full

! !



p The Boett Blanket is made from a unique light but strong breathable fabric sun so overheating does not occur. It has water and grease repellent properties. If you have any questions on the management and treatment of sweet itch, call our National Sweet Itch helpline on 01352 840333.

01352 840333! ! 01352 771718 


Bio-Plus capsules were trialled for eight years and are proven to be safe with no side effects. Owners who have used Bio-Plus capsules are reporting that the severity of conditions ease with the ongoing use of the capsules. The development and science behind this product and the work of Professor Stanford (BioEos) can be seen on this link: n Visit for more information or to buy. n Call the National Sweet Itch Centre on 01352 840333 or 01352 771718.

Call 01352 840 333 / 01352 771 718 Email Visit

Boett Blanket & Hood! Boett Blanket & Hood 

The original Sweet-Itch rug — favoured worldwide because it really works!

The original Sweet-Itch rug, favoured worldwide as it really does work! Recognised by some Insurance companies as a treatment ! Now also used as an effective fly rug by many owners..! Recommended by Vets!

from £165.50 inc.VAT and UK next day delivery!


Bio-Plus Equine Capsules .! BioPlus Capsules contain a unique formulation of bio-protein which is listed in the EU FEFAC register. ! Trialled and proven to be safe,! 3, 6 and 12 month packs from £75.00

Bio-Plus Equine Capsules The Boett Blanket & Hood Now available for Cats and Dogs Now recognised by some insurance capsules contain a unique   From £30 for 3 months  Bio-Plus ! companies as a treatment also used as formulation of bio-protein which is listed in an effective fly rug by many owners. the EU FEFAC register. Recommended by vets.

Trialled and proven to be safe.

STOP THE PRESS! Izzy Taylor has just been announced as part of the GB Olympic eventing team going to Rio and will be riding Allercombe Ellie. This fantastic horse is shod with Liberty Cu nails by farrier Charlie Sands, who won best shod horse at Badminton this year.



Including VAT and next day delivery!

3, 6 and 12 month packs from £75 Now available for cats and dogs From £30 for 3 months


that stands out from the crowd In today’s highly competitive market it is so important to stand out from the crowd. Our high quality, bespoke branding can help you do just that, across all equestrian disciplines. For businesses serving the equestrian sector, image and branding are increasingly important. Established brands and new ventures alike are all vying for a place on riders’ kit. Stitched Equestrian is a specialist in the sector and can help your brand be seen in all the right places.

07801 099022

Field Farm Bungalow, Ewen, Gloucestershire, GL7 6PZ

Do you know the rules?

• Bespoke stable drape

British Eventing, British Dressage and British Showjumping all have rules governing the size and placement of logos. Needless to say, it is vitally important to understand these so that your competition kit is legal. For saddlecloths the rules are the same across all three bodies: the logo must not exceed 200sq cm in size (14cm x 14cm for a square logo). The placement of logos on the rider’s shirt, competition jacket or breeches, however, varies between disciplines, so we would recommend using an embroidery company with experience and understanding of the rules. Alternatively, you can contact BE, BD or BS direct for help and guidance. Last year saw an exciting rule change for the cross country phase in BE events up to FEI level. It allows for more extensive branding on both horse and rider, giving brands a much greater opportunity to be seen by spectators during the cross country phase.

The personal touch makes the difference Established in 2014 by Victoria Jenner, Stitched Equestrian has quickly become the goto branding expert for many high-profile event riders and well-known brands – including Laura Collett and Jock Paget. Victoria said, “It is so rewarding to see work I’ve done in action and so visible, whether I’m at an event as a spectator or as a competitor. I usually try to take a photo!” Stitched Equestrian offers a wide range of high quality equestrian apparel and clothing from Griffin Nuumed, Le Mieux, Thermatex, HKM, Premier Equine and more. With many off-the-peg options available, it is quick and easy to add logos to your kit. Alternatively, we can help you create something truly unique using bespoke rugs, saddlecloths and stable apparel in your colours with no other visible branding. For maximum flexibility, Victoria carries out all the graphic work and digitization in-house – whether helping you design a logo or working with existing artwork.

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Offering full embroidery and printing services, Stitched Equestrian can personalise almost anything. That includes saddlecloths, rugs, clothing and all other matching accessories and equipment, for horses, riders, employees and supporters. We can start creating your bespoke look today, just get in touch.

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For years we horse lovers have been struggling unncessarily lugging soaking wet hay nets on dark, icey winters evenings A back-breaking chore even for the toughest of us ... But that doesn’t need to be the way any longer! Let the HAYCUBE do all of the hard work and make your winter a whole load easier! All you need to do is ... Having discussed with a large pool of equine experts the benefits of floor feeding, hay soaking & trickle feeding of roughage – Danielle designed the Haycube to provide a complete product that is easy to use, is cost and time effective & most importantly has numerous health benefits for both horse & rider. The Haycube, designed in 2012 by Group 2 British Dressage rider & List 4 Judge ‘Danielle Steed’ has been specifically produced with both you & your horse in mind, providing you with the opportunity to easily soak hay, transport it and safely feed it to your horse – whilst also maintaining a natural ground level feeding position.

Fill it

Soak it

The Haycube is the first product of its kind offering a complete soaking, transportation and feeding solution. Not only is the Haycube suitable for stabled horses, but also for use in the field and to take away to competitions & training events!

Drain it

Feed it • For more information email or visit

Simply Arena Mirrors A true reflection of quality Unique impact resistant arena mirrors  Quality 6mm Pilkington glass  Strong robust frames  Weatherproof  Fully adjustable  Heavy duty galvanised steel posts  Easy to install  Value for money  UK manufactured 

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Our clothes embody a fusion of style, comfort and functionality resulting in elegant, practical clothing for ladies.

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PUB PITSTOP Old Royal Ship, Badminton

At the heart of local life I

t stands in the heart of rural Wiltshire in the village of Luckington, just a stone’s throw from the Badminton estate. The Old Royal Ship pub is surrounded by glorious countryside with horses in the neighbouring fields and yet it is just a 10-minute drive from the M4. It has stone walls, wooden beams crossing its ceilings, solid wooden floors and a warm and genuine welcome. Whoever is behind the bar will be pleased to see you. Landlady Helen Johnson-Greening wouldn’t have it any other way. “This is a family pub run by a family,” said Lancashire-born Helen. She has been at the helm since 1989 when she worked for Whitbread. Twelve years later she bought the Old Royal Ship and now runs it with her husband Nic. The couple’s daughters Georgie, 17, and Charlie, 15, are also involved and so is Helen’s sister, Julie. Nic, an engineer by trade who was born and brought up just along the road in Acton Turville, usually works behind the scenes but shares his wife’s philosophy. “Our aim is to give people a warm welcome, good food and drink and a pub with a nice ambience,” he said. The Old Royal Ship delivers all of these things in a traditional English pub setting. The bar is highly polished, a wood burner throws out a steady heat from a fireplace at the far end of the room and there are real ales on offer, including Sharp's Doom Bar, and a good selection of wines. It is a lovely, comfortable place for a quiet drink whether you are on your own or with a group of people. But it is also a great place to eat.

The restaurant runs from the left of the bar into a light and airy extension at the far end of the pub. There is a great range of dishes on the menus as well as daily specials chalked on a blackboard. A separate board carries a list of tempting vegetarian specials. The dishes include slow roasted lamb shank with red wine and rosemary, Old

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Bristol sausages and Wiltshire ham with double egg and chips. There is also an array of steaks, or simply cod and chips. And if you simply want a bar snack then there is a variety of baked potatoes and door stop sandwiches. Virtually all of the main courses are priced between £10.95 and £12.95. But go with an appetite because the portions are generous. The food is home-cooked and mouthwateringly delicious. I opted for wild mushroom and spinach lasagne. It came with a mixed salad including tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers as well as a whole garlic baguette. The lasagne had that unique homemade taste and had been cooked to a perfect consistency. My friend ordered homemade fish cakes with lemon mayonnaise, mixed salad and new potatoes. The six individual fish cakes were laid out around the plate and were soft and tender.


There’s a real buzz during Badminton. We often get riders coming in and we are always pleased to see them

We looked at the puddings listed on a small blackboard. The lemon sponge and locally made Marshfield ice-cream caught our eyes. But we decided in the end to share a warm chocolate brownie with Marshfield ice-cream. We followed this with a pot of tea which we took outside to the front of the pub to enjoy in the sunshine. The very spot we chose to sit and drink our tea will soon be at the centre of a major transformation Helen and Nic are planning for the pub. They are building a new single-storey entrance running almost the entire length of the Old Royal Ship. It will have a roomier entrance so visitors will not have to walk through the bar to get to the restaurant as well as a special area for people bringing their dogs. As part of the work Helen and Nic also intend to build a new room to the side of the pub using the existing Cotswold stone outer wall as a backdrop with a clear glass wall opposite overlooking the surrounding countryside. “It will have a stone chimney breast and easy chairs where people can relax,” said Helen. The alterations will also include a new village store which will be built at the back of the pub. It will replace a temporary one in a shipping container which Helen and

Nick set up within three weeks to take over from the original Luckington store when it closed. The Old Royal Ship is already at the heart of all aspects of local life. Its function room is not only used for weddings but is home to skittle matches seven nights a week during the height of the season. And for the past 16 years the pub has cooked and delivered hot meals each day to the local primary school. Running the Old Royal Ship is for Helen and Nic a way of life and one they both enjoy. And they always look forward to the Badminton Horse Trials. Nic said: “There’s a real buzz during

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Badminton. We often get riders coming in and we are always pleased to see them. “And we get lots of people coming back to see us year after year.” n

Old Royal Ship Luckington, Wiltshire SN14 6PA 01666 840222 | l If you are coming from the west it is a short drive from Junction 18 the Tormarton turn-off of the M4, or from the east Junction 17 for Malmesbury

keeping up with the Kings

keeping up with the Kings

Mary & Emily King Proudly Sponsored by Bucas

keeping up with the Kings

keeping up with the Kings




Outback Outfitters offers you the very best workwear and footwear the southern hemisphere has to offer for both adults and children. We currently stock a wide range of Australian footwear including Redback and Blundstone Boots, Jim Boomba, and our latest edition to our ever growing product list, the Australian-inspired Moohah Boots. Moonah Boots. Inspired in Australia. A classic riding boot. These exceptional Chelsea-style jodhpur boots have been designed specifically for women and teens with their slim fit design. The ultralight Moonah Boots benefit from a extremely durable premium leather upper and elasticated sides for ease and a comfortable fit, with the non slip PU sole and comfort innersoles cushioning your every step. These all purpose boots are suitable for working on the yard, riding the horses, working in the office and yet smart enough to wear out in town.

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Equine artist with enduring appeal A

s matriarch of the well-known eventing family, and founder of the famous Catherston Stud, Anne Bullen’s depictions of horses and ponies capture the incredible movement and form of the magnificent creatures with which she was so familiar. With husband Jack she founded Bullen Cards, which under the stewardship of her family has continued to produce quality greetings cards and stationery ranges featuring her striking artwork for the past 50 years. Badminton provided both inspiration for Anne and a platform for her work, as she sketched the house, the park, the crowds and, of course, the horses and exhibited her paintings and cards on a stall at the horse trials between 1960 and 1962. A photo of the stall can be seen on the Badminton Wall of Fame displayed at the event every year. Anne’s daughter Jane HoldernessRoddam (née Bullen) went on to win Badminton twice before becoming part of the gold medal eventing team at the Mexico Olympics in 1968.

Indeed, the family had become neighbours of the estate when they moved from Dorset to Didmarton in Gloucestershire in 1959, with the Duke of Beaufort describing how news soon spread of a “remarkable family” living at The Manor. In the catalogue for a retrospective

of Anne’s work in 2012 he wrote that she was “a most attractive and talented woman, a beautiful rider and…. outstanding painter who can be compared with any of the equestrian painters of her day”. Following the deaths of both Anne and Jack in the early 1960s, daughterin-law Jill Bullen took over at the helm of Bullen Cards, continuing to print these magnificent images onto cards and tablemats. The company was relaunched in 2015 with Jill’s grandson, also Jack, at the reins with a range of stationery, table mats, coasters, calendars, magnets and limited edition prints available to purchase online. ■ For more information, visit 47  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine




A superb range of external wall coatings that are tough, flexible, durable and weatherproof. Climatised Coatings has been in the business of transforming domestic and commercial properties using textured coatings for over 35 years. All our work is done by highly-trained personnel, to an exceptionally high standard of detail, rarely seen these days. All latest colourings available. Nationwide service with over 20 years experience. Guaranteed not to flake, peel or chip for ten years. Not affected by acid rain or salt-laden atmosphere. TELEPHONE

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We speak your language Our friendly, helpful team can empathise with all your horse issues as during a lifetime of horse ownership there’s not much we haven’t been through ourselves. You’ll notice the difference from your very first call.

Ensure you’re Equicovered Call 0345 459 8990 for horse, trailer, horsebox and breakdown insurance.

Equicover Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Financial services number 615257.

VET’S ADVICE with Dr Judith E J Maxwell MRCVS BVSc Bsc (hons)

Is your horse ready for a new season? G

etting a horse ready for the season ahead can be a daunting experience as we can be limited by the daylight hours and frosts. Ideally at this time of year the best way to get your horse fit is to get out on the roads and start walking and trotting for about 30 minutes three to four times a week. After a couple of weeks of this combined with progressive increases in trot and adding in some hills, we would like to add in some interval work, where the idea is to push the heart rate up to over 100 bpm and then sustain this for two minutes before reducing back down to a walk and let the horse recover. This is the best type of exercise to get your horse fit as it allows the muscle to adapt to exercise without stressing it too much, when you do this it conditions the muscle faster and with the least amount of opportunity to cause damage to the muscle or injury to the tendons. With everything in life, preparation is key. There are a few things to bear in mind

before embarking on your conditioning work. Fresh shoes can make a massive difference to your horse and making sure your horse has plenty of heel support and possibly road studs will be the first steps towards maintaining soundness throughout the season. Clipping out the remainder of the winter coat needs to happen now, as most horses will have started to grow their summer coat by mid-February. As a personal preference, at this time of year I tend to leave the saddle patch as they usually need a bit more hair between the saddle and their backs.

Working out those niggles This leads me seamlessly onto the routine back check. Normally at this time of year there is a reasonable amount of evidence that you should exercise your horse for about a month and then have their backs and neck checked. This helps you work through the initial tightness and niggles and then

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when the physiotherapist, osteopath, McTimoney or equine massage therapist does examine the back and neck, they should be able to identify anything more serious and not get distracted by the causal tightness. I also make a point of checking vaccinations and teeth are up to date as this can be overlooked early on only to cause more significant problems later on with missed competitions or qualifiers if vaccinations and poor performance of the teeth are causing a problem. It is also important that when your horse has their vaccination that the vet checks the whole animal over. If you have any concerns you should raise these with the vet at the time. It is a great opportunity to discuss any niggles or get advice on a specific area. There are plenty of times where the horse’s heart or lungs have had a problem develop over the holiday period, which will require treatment before considering return to work or increasing fitness.


The best way to get your horse fit is to get out on the roads, above; check the fit of your horse’s saddle, right, as well as the condition of their teeth and shoes, top left


Right feed, right fit Changing the diet or adding in a supplement is also worth considering as there will be a greater requirement for nutrients that may not be available from the early spring grass and hay or haylage. Therefore you should make sure the hard feed and concentrates given are in line with what the horse will need. There is plenty of advice on this area from feed merchants and directly from the feed suppliers but it is also another issue to discuss with your vet when you see them. They will give a very unbiased opinion as to what your horse should be having based on weight, exercise (now and future plans) and any clinical problem that specific horse has i.e. tying up. Another area to consider when returning your horse to work is the fit of the saddle, as when a horse has a period of time off

their back and shape will change, just like us if we were off on a holiday for four to eight weeks and found our jeans didn’t fit as well and generally everything is a little changed upon our return. On some occasions there will be no need to do anything other than buy a bigger girth and a new saddlecloth. On other occasions the saddle fitter will need to change the flocking or the tree size

51  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

depending on how much fat has been put on! Either way it is important to get this addressed before the season starts as a rubbed whither or a pinched shoulder can set you back weeks and therefore make a big dent on your upcoming training and competitions.

Itchy Horse? The Summer Relief range of products provides you with the perfect solution. High quality natural products with active ingredients at therapeutic levels. Formulations based upon the principles of Zoopharmacognosy (Self-Selection). Our products contain therapeutic levels of Pure Essential Oils, Neem Oil and Aloe Vera as well as other Herbal Extracts.

I do believe in your product as I’ve seen it for myself on my little Binky. She is far better with the Summer Relief Gel PLUS than any other product I have tried. It does exactly what you said it would do! Alison Wright, UK Just to let you know we received the Summer Relief Gel PLUS today and we have tried it on our (oversized in height and weight!) Highland pony who has recently developed sweet itch in his mane. As you state a little does go a long way. Fortunately we have been using aloe vera gel as a stopgap, which has helped relieve the heat and discomfort. The smell of the gel is ‘interesting’ and any self-respecting bug would be mad to come near it. Kind Regards, Richard James

My 17.2 hands Appaloosa/Draft has been suffering with sweet itch for many years. We have tried so many cream, lotions and supplements over the past 4-5 years. I now have found the solution Summer Relief Cream PLUS. It stops him from rubbing and scratching. What little sores he has on his mid-line, he gets complete relief from this cream. So far this year his mane and tail are perfect, because of this cream. A MUST if your horse suffers from sweet itch. Theresa Logan, USA

Summer Relief Range PLUS Cooling, Soothing & Promotes Hair Regrowth • • • • • • • • • •

A choice of Gels, Creams, Sprays & Shampoos. Rapid relief from rubbing, scratching and itching. Aroma deters midges and flying insects up to 48 hours. Can be applied to broken skin. Promotes hair regrowth, coat and skin condition. Naturally antibacterial, antiseptic and antifungal. No artificial colours or fragrances. No petro-chemical derivatives or by products. Easy and pleasant to use. Economical to use - a little goes a long way.


er Relief P the Summ ducts during ro range of p AY 2017

1M 1 MAR - 3only




Did your horse suffer from Sweet Itch last summer? Read on and be prepared for this summer. Written by Mags Roxburgh at Stable Environment Limited “The Natural Choice for Animal Skin Care”

from tips firstly working up to the roots. Prespray the mane and tail root area as this will help you to ease the thick white dandruff away easily with the comb.

Did your horse rub it’s mane and tail away last summer? Do they suffer with dry itchy skin?

• Once a week throughout December, January, February, March and April, spray or sponge your horse all over with The Ultimate 2 in 1 Fly Repellent & Skin Tonic paying particular attention to their ears, roots of the mane and tail, and under the dock of the tail, a place insects aim for! Our specially blended product contains neem oil, which on contact with the eggs will prevent them from developing. It deters mosquitoes and over 500 other biting, blood-sucking species coming near your horse. If they are sprayed directly it interrupts their reproductive system (the female biting insect needs to suck blood to enable it to breed) and they will go off and die. You can see them hover about two to four feet away from a horse that has been properly covered with this spray!

Sweet itch horses shed their skin much faster than normal horses do, creating a thick white build-up of dandruff in the mane and tail area. The hair traps it, creating a nice warm breeding ground for some species of biting insects. The first sign of sunshine, even in early spring, can allow them to develop, causing irritation to your horse. Before you know it, their mane and tail has been rubbed away. Prevent this from happening next year by following these simple steps throughout the winter months • Brush your horse regularly, paying particular attention to the roots of the mane and tail. To prevent breakage and encourage healthy skin, spray with 3 in 1 Tangle Free Mane & Tail Coat Shine. It contains lemongrass pure essential oil and natural conditioners, which helps leave hair manageable, glossy and tangle-free while reducing the build-up of dust in the coat.

• If you do wash your sweet itch horse, our Shower n’ Shine Shampoo or Equine Intimate Body Wash is ideal. They do not contain salts (used for thickening), thus preventing stinging sensitive broken skin. They do not contain any added foam boosters, making it easier to rinse them off. Both products contain pure lavender and tea tree essential oils, which help soothe the skin.

• Use a fine-tooth comb - a professional hairdressing cutting comb is perfect because the two sets of teeth make a big difference for detangling with one end and combing fine flakes away with the other. If you can get one made of vulcanized rubber all the better, as they are durable, easy to work with and can help prevent the hair from splitting and tearing. They also reduce static. Always comb

• The first opportunity you get (when conditions are warm enough), give your horse a good all-over bath. When rinsed and towel dried, sponge their wet body all over with our fly spray (I keep mine in an oval

ice cream container with the sponge left in, for ease of use). Sponging helps to get the product onto their skin rather than just the hair. Next, brush them all over with a fine-haired body brush, really working the product into the skin. Do not rinse off. • Once a day (or twice a day if their surroundings are near water or woodlands) throughout the summer and autumn, sponge your horse all over with our fly spray. Sponging, I find, gives you peace of mind that they are properly covered. • Six out of 10 sweet itch horses I have surveyed have a tickly cough when starting to work. I liken it to humans having asthma and eczema, which are very common together. To alleviate this problem a spray of our 5 in 1 Fresh H-Air product onto their chest five minutes before working them helps to open their airways and alleviate the problem effectively. • 5 in 1 Fresh H-Air acts as a natural air freshener for your horse. I spray this liberally around the stable and onto bedding almost every day. I also spray The 2 in 1 Ultimate Fly Repellent & Skin Tonic onto any new bedding as this helps to stop biting insects using it as a breeding ground. Please note, sweet itch clients can phone or email directly and we can put together a special package for you at a reduced price. Phone 01422 310483 or email Ask your local stockist to order in for you from Trilanco or Jenkinsons wholesalers or buy on line from Free postage on orders over £50.










t 01422 310483 m PO Box 646 Halifax HX1 9HP e







£85.00 SPARE


Available at selected stores and online at

See our website for our full range of products and our intellectual property protection information

Proud sponsors of Animals in Distress Registered Charity No. 515886

From brood mares and fledglings to Olympians and Festival winners, our Cotswold-based equine clinic offers the best care across the region. 12-strong team of equine experts Serving Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire, Wiltshire and Worcestershire Dedicated care for all horses and donkeys

Wyck Rd, Lower Slaughter, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 2EX 01451 820137 | |


Be wise – size up the right saddle! Jenny Smith from Saddlewise-Southwest on measuring your horse and caring for your saddle


he key to fitting the right saddle for your horse starts with taking the right shoulder measurement. Firstly, we need to find the outline of scapula (otherwise known as the shoulder blade) Once found it is best practice to run your fingers up and around the edge of the shoulder, as you proceed towards the top of the shoulder you will find that there is a natural fall or drop down behind the shoulder blade. At this point just open your fingers three to four inches. Where your thumb rotates in order to bring your hand back down the shoulder blade should give you an accurate point of rotation for the shoulder movement. This is the rotation point of movement as your horse moves its legs in each of its paces. If you have a sticker or chalk stick it’s a great idea to mark the rotation point on your horse at this point. It’s very important to know where the rotation point is on each horse specifically when fitting the right saddle. This will help to give a flowing movement without any resistance or blocking of the shoulder when working under saddle. The "calliper” (otherwise known as the distance between the shoulders) bump to bump (imagine a bolt) is the required width of a correct front tree arch. The tree should be balanced and run parallel to the natural fall of each shoulder blade therefore allowing the designed tree to sit levelly in parallel with the rest of skeletal shape. A 16-inch drawing curve mimics the tree front arch.


The soft tissue area

You will need to measure this curve over the wither vertically to the ground over the bone as pictured above. (Note:

do not measure the soft tissue behind the shoulder blade – this will change shape with weight and work.) The correctly fitted saddle will sit still with a downward pressure at the centre of the seat without girthing up at this point. You should now find that your saddle should not rock back and forth when placed on your horse’s back. (It may, however, drop into wasted muscle areas as you girth up and sit on to ride.) Withers will always be clear when measured like this but you need to recognise atrophy/weak muscle that makes your saddle look like it does not fit (see earlier edition of H&C).

It is a good idea to review atrophy/ muscle wastage regularly and lift front of saddle so that the tree points (the only rigid part of saddle) sit about one and a half inches above the rotation point. If tree points sit lower than your horse’s rotation points then the probability is that your horse is in trouble and suffering from a poorly fitted saddle. When mounted in the saddle on your horse there is a pommel button and one under skirt. The tree points finish one inch below the lower one. If this is level with your horse’s rotation point or near then you are seriously compromising your horse and it would be advisable to seek professional guidance from an experienced saddle fitter. Some key effects of a poorly fitted saddle when the tree points are sitting lower than your horse’s rotation points will be affecting each shoulder rotation (step) as your horse takes each step his shoulder movement/rotation will push the saddle tree back alternatively. The gullet will swing

58  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

over spine four to six inches behind the wither and bruise the spine of your horse. The back of the saddle will swing and slap the loins, pushing all of your weight as the rider forward resulting in your horse moving on the forehand and not from behind as he


A leather saddle before, left, and after cleaning, right

How do you clean and care for your leather saddle?


leaning and conditioning leather makes it waterproof, flexible and resilient to wear. While cleaning it is also prudent to check your girth straps are attached firmly and for any other stitches that may be coming apart. Also check flocking is not flat beneath the stirrup bars on the underside – this may need attention. It may also be time to change your stirrup leathers across to the opposite side. The side you mount will be stretched more and get longer, so give both leathers a chance. Oiling or waxy dressings, which waterproof and soften leather, must be used only once or twice year. These can be oil – my favourite is Hydrophane leather oil – applied with a paintbrush or waxy oily dressings that feel slippery and repel water and are applied with a cloth or sponge. Used too often these weaken leather as they make it more pliable. It also darkens the material.


To keep Havana saddles brown you should only use glycerine saddle soap. It will not be so dramatic in darkening the leather. Saddle soaps – ie those that lather and help remove excess grease as it builds under the stirrup leathers and on them – can also be used to condition leather. Use with water to remove dirt and grease on the surface of the leather. Hard to reach dirt around the stitching can be removed with an old toothbrush. The soap I recommend is Elico soft soap, which is also easy for children to use. Wipe with a dry cloth after applying and rub in neat with a dry sponge, which can be buffed to a shine when dry.

For winter mildew prevention, the best method I have found is to finish off the cleaned, dry surfaces with a thin coating of Urad Saddlery Cream, on both the visible and hidden surfaces of the leather. Always let wet leather dry at room temperature away from radiators.

total South West mobile fitting should be. Your horse will still try his best by compromising his action to avoid this. n For further assistance or if you need help achieving the best fitting saddle for your horse, please contact Jenny Smith at Saddlewise-Southwest on 07875 707683.


59  |  SPRING 2017   Your Horse & Country Magazine

n Contact Jenny Smith on 07875 707683, email enquiries@ or visit

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Feeding the veteran good doer Our horses are living longer than ever and as Joanna Palmer, Nutritionist for Allen & Page Horse Feeds, explains, it is important we continue to meet their nutritional needs through their veteran years.


veteran horse’s diet should reflect his energy requirements for both maintaining weight and providing fuel for work, whether that be light hacking or competing regularly. Most specific veteran feeds provide a step up in calories from standard mixes and cubes and, while this type of diet is suitable for horses and ponies that require a high calorie level in order to prevent weight loss, not all older horses lose weight. Some veterans will remain good doers for their entire lives and feeding them a typical veteran feed may not be beneficial in terms of its high calorie content. Keeping a good doer at an ideal weight and body condition score is

essential to avoid placing additional strains on the horse’s body. To cater for the veteran horse’s individual needs, Veteran Light has been specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of older horses and ponies who are good doers and show no signs of unwanted weight loss. Veteran Light also includes prebiotics and probiotics to help maintain a healthy digestive system and linseed is added as a source of Omega 3. As part of Allen & Page’s Barley & Molasses Free Range, Veteran Light is high in fibre and low in starch and sugar, making it more natural for the horse than traditional cereal-based mixes and cubes. Feeds containing a high proportion of cereals should be avoided as these have significantly higher starch contents than those like Veteran Light, which use fibre and oil as energy sources. Not only can a high starch diet cause fizzy and excitable behaviour, but it is also more difficult to digest and can make the horse more

Contact the award-winning Allen & Page Nutritional Helpline

susceptible to developing laminitis or colic. Veteran Light’s low starch and sugar level makes it ideal for laminitis sufferers and also for those with Cushing’s disease, who are unfortunately at increased risk of developing laminitis in their later years. One of the most important qualities of a feed for veterans is that it is easy to eat. A veteran horse with poor teeth is more at risk of suffering choke and colic, simply because he is not able to chew properly. Veteran Light contains a blend of herbs and soaks with water to form a soft, palatable mash, making it appealing to the fussiest of feeders regardless of the number of teeth they have! Some veteran horses can be reluctant to drink enough water, but feeding a soaked feed has the added benefit of increasing their water consumption, helping to keep the digestive system hydrated and able to function efficiently. n For further advice on feeding your veteran good doer, contact our friendly, award-winning nutrition team on 01362 822 902, email us at, visit our website or find us on Facebook @allenandpagefeed

01362 822 902

Emerald Green Feeds 100% Natural Grass and Alfalfa Feeds, see our website for details of the full product range.

“I use Emerald Green Feeds’ pellets for all of my horses because they are so versatile and provide a totally natural feed. My horses look and feel in great condition with gleaming coats ready to perform to their best.” Sarah Bullimore, 4* Event Rider



3520_EFG_advert_resizes_EQUESTRIAN_ART.indd 1

ed nd

d Fee

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ucher & So Po



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Putting a spring in your step Leap into action in the loveliest season, says Kathy Carter


s you can see from the pages of this magazine, spring is a glorious time for the equestrian community. Badminton Horse Trials is the jewel in its crown, although Britain will be hosting many horsey events at this time, from Chatsworth and Burnham Market Horse Trials to the prestigious winter dressage championships. What could be nicer than spectating at one of our elite equestrian events, with the spring flowers blooming, the sun bravely breaking through the clouds to warm our necks, and the promise of a long summer ahead of us? Despite its changeable nature, spring is for many Brits their favourite season. From March to May, spring sees average daily temperatures of around 12°C, and a noticeable lengthening of daylight hours. That’s more time to walk the dog, cycle to your local pub or get in an early morning horse ride, if the late frosts have

finished dusting the grass with their crispy freshness! Many people enjoy spring time because after a winter that, for many of us, involves looking after our animals in wet and chilly weather, this season brings the promise of new beginnings. Plants are hopefully shooting up all over the country, trees are regaining their leaves and density, and animals are giving birth in picture-postcard settings. It is a time to give thanks for nature’s gifts, and plan ahead for the year.

A horticulturalist’s dream Artists and poets have long admired this season. William Wordsworth famously celebrated spring flowers in his poem I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud: “I wandered lonely as a cloud...When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils... Ten thousand saw I at a glance, tossing their heads in sprightly dance. My heart

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with pleasure fills, and dances with the daffodils.” If you are a fan of horticulture, then the season undoubtedly puts you in mind of spring blooms and blossoms. Blossom is a sure sign that spring has arrived – look out for cherry, plum and peach trees, in addition to magnolia and blackthorn and the striking hawthorn hedge, with its fresh green leaves and creamy white flowers in late April. The newly-blooming crocuses and afore-mentioned glorious daffodil flowers are a sure-fire way to instil in us an appreciation of our great British countryside, and an enjoyment of the here and now – these spring beauties won’t last for long!

Indigo carpets Bluebells, which bloom in late April and early May, are an amazing spring spectacle. British woodlands are


transformed into places of magic and wonder. These carpets of deep blue are usually found stretching out under the tall trunks of ancient trees, with golden sunlight illuminating their indigo hues. The author Graham Joyce spoke of being “turned upside down” upon seeing a blanket of bluebells: “The bluebells made such a pool that the earth had become like water, and all the trees and bushes seemed to have grown out of the water.” Many of us will enjoy taking a walk through woodland where these beautiful plants blossom in the coming weeks; according to the National Trust, Emmetts Garden in Kent, Chirk Castle in Wrexham, Mottistone Gardens in the Isle of Wight, Embleton Beach in Northumberland and Speke Hall in Merseyside are some of the most beautiful formal locations to spot these plants.

Birds, bees and butterflies

Bluebells, which bloom in late April and early May, are an amazing spring spectacle. British woodlands are transformed into places of magic and wonder

For wildlife, this season is a nature-lover’s dream. Birdsong reaches a peak, and the burgeoning flowers attract pollinators, such as bees and butterflies. Tortoiseshell,

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red admiral, peacock and common blue varieties of butterflies can all be spotted. We are fortunate in the UK that in recent years various community groups and charities have begun striving to restore lost wildlife habitats, enabling the movement of British species and helping our wild creatures thrive. Look out for allocated wildlife meadows at local-authority-run spaces, or consider creating your own wildlife haven in your hedgerow, verge or back garden; you could also create a bird box or hedgehog habitat with any young children in the family, to help educate them about wildlife preservation.

Walk on the wild side Animals that hibernated over winter appear on the first warm days of spring, so hedgehogs, queen bees, frogs and grass snakes will all be blearily waking up. Meanwhile, squirrels are becoming more active and are easier to spot, while massive populations of migrant birds arrive, with swallows, swifts, cuckoos, nightingales and warblers all returning from their holidays, and looking hopefully for a mate. With this breeding comes nest-building, ready for egg laying. Going nest-spotting with the family is a lovely way for youngsters to learn about nature and its cycles! u

Catherine Sharpley Portraits

I am an English artist living and working in Gloucestershire, UK. I work in pastels and in oils, generally drawing and painting horses and family pets but also other subjects, including landscapes and portraits. Initially I like to meet the subject/animal in order to get to know him, discuss what you want and take some photos. I will then go back to my studio and start a charcoal study. I will then return to the subject and complete the portrait from life which usually takes from between 3 - 5 hours. I can make portraits of animals if there are only photos. It is nice to have as many as possible, in order to try to catch the character and true colour.

Portraits of Gun Dogs, Hunters, Eventers, Show Ponies or just very good friends Tel 01453 823 992 | | Email

SPRINGTIME Spring is the perfect time for animals to have their young – there is lots of food available, and the longer days mean they have extra daylight hours in which to find it. The warmer days and regular rainfall mean that grass is in abundance, leaving new animal parents assured that their babies are getting a great start in life. Wild animals like foxes, rabbits, squirrels and voles are giving birth now, while farm animals like sheep and cows are also welcoming their lambs and calves into the world.

A bountiful spring harvest Incidentally, if you are a fan of grow-yourown vegetables, then spring is also the perfect time to harvest or purchase locallygrown produce like rhubarb, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and watercress – not forgetting May’s crowning glory, the ever-popular asparagus. What could be nicer than a fresh potato salad or a nourishing soup as you enjoy the late spring sunshine?

Fashion-forward For the fashion-conscious, spring is a good time to embrace the latest, bold colour palettes; the promise of a brighter day makes us feel optismistic and we adapt our wardrobes accordingly. Stick to a base colour and one or two bolder colours, so your look remains simple and fresh. The Pantone Color Institute reports that 2017 spring fashion trends will include denim-blue “that speaks to our desire for ease and relaxation”, primrose yellow, which “takes us to a destination marked by enthusiasm, good cheer and sunny days”, lapis blue, an intense blue shade that is “imbued with an inner radiance”, and red-based orange shades, which are “flamboyant and theatrical, adding fiery heat to the spring 2017 fashion palette”. Equestrian fashion is notoriously on-trend, and many shops are already stocking these colour-ways. u

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Facilities include an extensive cross country course, a derby arena and three all-weather arenas. We now provide all livery services from full competition to DIY.

The show jumping arena has a new combi ride surface which has created a magnificent, safe riding surface with flood lighting to allow schooling and competition through the winter evenings. New selection of show jumping poles and fillers to prepare for competitions the cross country course has new jumps and extensive water complex.

All facilities can now be booked online 24/7 at www.

All facilities available at competitive rates for riding, pony and dog agility clubs

Contact us for competitive group and club discounts. Call 01454 773 163 Email

Trench Lane, Winterbourne, Bristol BS36 1RY Telephone: 01454 773 163 Email:


Spick and span If you are a horse owner, spring is a time to celebrate for practical reasons – the long slog of winter, with its threats of mud fever and hoof-thrush and the daily grind of heavy rugs and dirty ponies, is becoming a distant memory, as shiny coats and spring grass arrive. A few horsey baths, some hard-core elbow grease with a body brush and some mane and tail trimming will soon see our muddy marvels turned into something resembling a smart equine – now we just have to get our horses and ourselves fit for a season of competition, fun riding and training!

In with the new The equestrian governing bodies in the UK will all have a roster of events planned as we move forward into the summer months – perhaps this year is a good time to try out a new discipline; TREC, polocrosse, western riding and combined training are all lots of fun. Meanwhile, there are lots of pleasure rides, concluding hunt meets, riding holidays, evening beach rides,

sponsored events and taster days to have a go at, as well as training days, adult horse camps and riding clinics, which are great ways to add diversity to your riding and horse-care plans.

Be a sport Let’s also not forget the exciting polo season, which starts in May. If you want to get involved with this exhilarating game you can easily enjoy the sport from the safety of the sidelines, joining in the divot stomping at half-time and enjoying a champagne or Pimms picnic. There’s an array of events up and down the country to look forward to in the coming months, including the Prince of Wales Trophy, the Cartier Queen's Cup, and the Gold Cup. In addition to these traditional events, there are now “adapted” polo spectacles that are lots of fun, such as London’s Polo in the Park, Cornwall’s Polo On the Beach, and Dorset’s British Beach Polo Championships. Or, if you fancy saddling up yourself, there are over 60 polo clubs in Britain, and you can be up on a horse

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or pony within the hour, with no previous riding experience!

Spring forward into summer Whatever your plans for spring and beyond, we do hope that you enjoy our special spring issue of the magazine, and that it has inspired you and helped to celebrate arguably the greatest British season. It is nature’s gift to all of us, and a time to revaluate, rejuvenate and get out and about in the great outdoors, before summertime beckons with its alluring warmth and frivolity. n

Sharing your life with a Horse and Pony is one of the best things you will ever do yet there are so many myths surrounding rescue ponies that many people prefer to buy rather than offering a Second Chance to an animal that has experienced an unconventional start in life.


dispel these myths…..

The Myth – I would prefer to buy an animal with a known history, rescue ponies may have health or behaviour problems. The Truth – HAPPA invests heavily in a first class rehabilitation programme. Every animal is assessed from the minute it

comes into our care and follows a bespoke care plan throughout its time at Shores Hey Farm. Our breaking and schooling team are fully qualified and our health care is modern and thorough. We produce excellent, healthy, well - disciplined animals that are suitable as riding or companion horses and ponies.

HAPPA Ben’s story After losing my old mare, I decided that instead of buying a new horse I would help a rescue horse and give back to the horse community, I looked through HAPPA’s website and was immediately taken with HAPPA Ben, his story really touched me and I felt like I really wanted to make a difference to this horse and give him the forever home he so desperately deserved.

The Myth – I’m looking for a horse to compete with. Rescue

horses are usually too old, too small, too ordinary or only suitable for light hacking,

The Truth – A high percentage of HAPPA horses are suitable as rideable animals, capable of competing well in a number of disciplines. We can provide many different types of horses and ponies that are suitable for all kinds of equestrian enjoyment.

I contacted HAPPA and arranged to go and see Ben the following week, I was amazed at HAPPA’s site and the incredible work they do for these horses and ponies, even if you aren’t looking to adopt a horse it’s worth calling in for a meal at their lovely cafe! I was introduced to HAPPA Ben and given time to spend grooming him and getting to know his cheeky character, I agreed to take him on straight away and was impressed by the straightforward process and the level of care shown by HAPPA from home visits to having an assigned staff member for each rescue horse. Since living with us, HAPPA Ben, he has come on leaps and bounds, he gets on with everyone, human and animal alike, he has never shown any kind of aggression or upset to another. He absolutely loves attention (almost as much as food!) and will stand for hours to be groomed. He is superb for the blacksmith, and is now no longer in need of remedial shoeing. HAPPA Ben has developed into a truly wonderful character, which when you think of what he went through at such a young age is astounding, he makes me feel like I could burst with pride at how far he has come and the strength of his character. I couldn’t recommend fostering/adopting a rescue horse highly enough, helping a horse develop and improve both physically and mentally is such a rewarding experience, you really feel like you have made a difference.


Next time you are looking for just the right horse or pony, just ring HAPPA on 01282 455992 or visit

HAPPA Ava’s story On September 15th 2008 we arrived home with this incredible little mare. By April 2009 Ava was jumping and we decided to venture out to local shows, by the end of the season she had won overall points for Working Hunter and Novice and Open Show Jumping. Claudia went on to have jumping lessons from a coach who helped them both build trust in each other. Claudia continued to work with Ava and gradually we were able to see signs of this mare’s full potential, In August 2010 their confidence soared and they affiliated to British Show Jumping, something we had never dreamt of doing and the double clears came thick and fast, picking up rosettes along the way were simply ‘the icing on the cake’. Ava is often seen competing at Aintree International Arena and Myerscough Arena competing in BS Show Jumping competitions. Our proudest moment was when she was placed in a large competition coming 7th out of 85 starters. Quite often jumping against much bigger horses and riders with years of experience. Ava qualified for the 2nd round British Novice Competitions 2012 and the pair also qualified for The Scope Festival in September of the same year. Ava is a very affectionate mare and we spoil her with lots of hugs and kisses. She is a very special little horse who is a big part of our family and is definitely here to stay! We would like to thank HAPPA for the wonderful opportunity of borrowing Ava. We never dreamt that there were horses and ponies in Rescue Centres with the capabilities to achieve so much. Ava is proof that in the right home HAPPA horses can achieve such wonderful things!

HAPPA Moss’s story Having owned horses of all disciplines for many years I decided to adopt a horse from HAPPA, but never dreamt that it would be a 17.2 ex police horse! When I first saw Moss I didn’t think of him as a future show horse as he had never been anything but a wonderful public servant, pounding the beat. However ten days after arrival on our yard we took him to Todmorden Show for the Hunter class. He did grow a little as we unloaded him, ready for the action I expect and made some very strange noises.

The Myth – You can only ‘borrow’ a rescue horse so you’ll be constantly checked and it won’t feel like yours The Truth

– Support is available at any time but our Loan Scheme Support Officer will only visit once every six months. There is also the reassurance that if your circumstances change in any way, there will always be a home for your HAPPA horse or pony at Shores Hey Farm.

HAPPA Ava I was offered so much support, and allowed to try Moss many times to ensure that we were right for each other, and of course they are delighted that he is doing so well and is happy and settled. So many genuine sound kind horses are awaiting homes, at HAPPA. What can I add, good to box shoe clip catch, traffic, show, dressage? No stable vices and handsome to boot. My Mossy. Pure pleasure!

Best course of action was to throw my daughter on him and go for a cuppa !!! He was amazing and won his class and was in his element being admired by the public. Another two outings brought two more red rosettes, and the judges loved him. The sense of achievement, taking a horse into a private yard and watching him develop is wonderful. He was a very good police horse but now he’s my mate and I love him. We took him to Somerford Park with Pennine Riding Club and he had daily training and went round the farm ride, and of course enjoyed their excellent haylage. If Carl Hester had seen him, he would have been impressed with his passage and Piaffe, which had resulted from the screams, coming from the riders on the cross country course and jumping into the water complex. “Bit lively for a police horse” an onlooker said. But he’s not a police horse now is he? He’s ours! As an older person I find it reassuring that Moss’s future is secure. That if anything untoward happens and circumstances change, he will always be cared for and that he will never be sold or passed on.


We may be able to provide you with your very own version of pure pleasure!

Ex-Racehorses for re-homing

Greatwood retrains and rehomes ex-race horses, we have a selection of ages and abilities. Over the past twenty years hundreds of our horses have gone on to find new fulfilling careers with wonderful carers.

Perhaps we have your ideal horse?

Changing lives‌ Creating futures

For further information please visit our website and view our re-homing page for details of the rehoming process or contact Celia Matthes: 01672 514 535

Can you offer a home to a rescued horse? HorseWorld have a wide variety of horses looking for homes including youngsters with potential and companions. Rainscombe Hill Farm, Clench Common, Marlborough. SN8 4DT email:

Tel: 01672 514 535

01275 832067 Registered Charity No. 1121920



Thinking about a Then think of us first! new horse or pony? Shetlands to show jumpers, with show ponies in between, are all looking for a home


nfortunately so many people do not think of registered equine charities when looking to acquire a new horse or pony – and it’s such a mistake! The Monmouthshire-based Society for The Welfare of Horses and Ponies currently has almost 300 rehabilitated equines in loving homes bringing great joy to their new keepers and having the time of their lives, with many more looking to make the most of their “second chance” in life. SWHP has, for over 40 years, been taking in abused and neglected equines and nursing them back to health at the MacGregor Centre. None are ever sold but enter the adoption scheme where suitable homes are found by matching them to their age and fitness. The charity has been very successfully run by Jenny MacGregor MBE and her late husband Alasdair, and they have received several awards in recognition of their work in equine welfare. All the horses are in tip-top condition when ready for rehoming and they are fully vaccinated, microchipped and passported. All have been given a full health check from teeth to toes. The re-homing process is very straightforward, with a small annual re-homing fee. The animals always t

p Ex-racehorse Breeze has found a new lease of life and is ready for her new home t Breeze upon arrival

remain in the legal ownership of the charity and if there is a change of circumstance the equine is returned to SWHP. This works particularly well with outgrown ponies as the family know that their much-loved friend will never be placed at risk and always found a good home by SWHP and their future guaranteed. Many are kept in their adopted homes for life such is the bond that has been made. There are so many success stories,

Curly on arrival and one of his neglected hooves, below q Good food and care have restored Curly’s health

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from Shetlands keeping nervous thoroughbreds company, to great riding club horses having fun competing, including in the field of eventing. Even the lead rein and first ponies are regularly in the ribbons in the show ring. The charity often has foals, some having been born here to rescued expectant mothers, and is always looking for experienced homes for these youngsters to be turned away to “grow up” before being returned for backing. On the other end of the scale are some lovely animals unable to be ridden but who make great pets and companions. Once the horses and ponies are well again they are schooled and ridden out on a regular basis so yard manager Ann Walker and yard staff know these equines inside out. Not only are you giving a horse a second chance and acquiring a new “best friend”, you are also making space for another equine desperately needing help. SWHP is wholly reliant on donations, fundraising and legacies to continue its much-needed work. ■ Find out more by calling us on 01600 750233, email swhp@swhp. or visit Registered Charity No. 266247

Rehome with Confidence!

Are you able to provide a loving home to a horse or pony? If so, please contact us. We have a choice of rehoming schemes and horses and ponies of different sizes and abilities. Is there room in your home and your heart?

You can make a difference ď‚Š

01626 355969 Registered Charity No. 1141831

The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust Registered Charity No: 1096814

Horses4Homes is an equine rehoming charity helping and supporting owners to find loving, forever homes for their horses via its robust rehoming/loaning/sharing service. Companions to Competition Horses Available.


The Gambia Horse and Donkey Trust Brewery Arms Cottage, Stane Street, Ockley, Surrey. RH5 5TH

Tel: 01306 627568

Email: We are a registered charity that provides essential veterinary services for working equines and their owners in The Gambia. Through education and training about animal welfare the lives of people and animals can be greatly improved, but we need YOUR support to continue our work.

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Redwings: The UK’s largest horse sanctuary

Can you give a rescued horse a loving home? Become a Redwings Guardian by applying online at


edwings is home to over 1,500 horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. The charity rescues neglected and abandoned horses from across the country, giving them a safe place to live for the rest of their lives. Redwings is 100% publicly funded so when supporting the Sanctuary you are making a lasting difference to the lives of horses and donkeys in need. Here’s how you can help: Donate unwanted tack Having a spring clean? Don’t throw away unwanted tack or rugs, donate them to Redwings! The charity welcomes donations of clean, preloved items to help keep its most vulnerable residents warm in winter, to be used by their rehoming team in training horses, or to be resold in fundraising sales. It’s a great way to recycle equipment and all proceeds from sales go directly towards the care of Redwings’ residents. Give a gift Thanks to the kindness and generosity of its supporters, last year Redwings rescued over 140 horses and donkeys. Without the support of people just like you, struggling horses like Helen (pictured), simply would not survive. Donating just £10 provides an hour of nursing care for a poorly horse, £50 covers the cost of a health check for a new arrival and £100 helps collect a horse in need of rescue. Every penny makes a difference! Provide a home Rehoming a horse from Redwings is incredibly rewarding. Not only will you be doing something amazing by giving a second chance to a rescued horse, but you will also be making space at the Sanctuary for more horses in need. Redwings has 500 horses living in Guardian homes with many going on to enjoy disciplines from cross country to showing, as well as serve as treasured companions to other horses. Find out more ■ Head to or call 01508 481000. rehoming

We have around 60 horses looking for a new home today!

Celebrating 90 years of helping horses

Are you ready to rehome? World Horse Welfare rehomes around 300 horses each year. Whether you’re looking for a pleasure competition horse, a hack, a child’s pony, a youngster to bring on or a companion you can be sure that every horse leaves with a full MOT, up-to-date vaccinations and no hidden surprises.

Our Class of 2017 includes (from left to right) World Horse Welfare Dippy, World Horse Welfare Zara, World Horse Welfare Hercules and World Horse Welfare Harry Potter

Visit our website to see horses ready for rehoming:

g Leadin s ’ d l r SE FIRST” “The Wo ose HOR o h C Equestrians

Michael Whitaker

For the Health of your Horse T: +44 (0)28 3084 8844 E:




At Horse First we know that finding the right supplement can be difficult. Especially during the winter months when health and condition problems can be more prevalent, you need to be confident that the products you use will give you real results that you can see and feel. All Horse First products contain the highest quality of ingredients available and offer the horse owner a wide range of products with the highest levels of active ingredient inclusion of any supplements on the market.

Hoof First ingredients are all balanced to ensure maximum results and satisfaction.

Among our supplements which are particularly beneficial during the winter months are:

a multitude of health benefits. It has a high copper availability for coat and conditioning and also aids iron absorption. Copper is vital in a horse’s diet for bone development and plays an important role in the development of connective tissues like cartilage, tendons and ligaments. It is also one of the most important minerals required in healthy hoof growth. Copper is essential for mares during pregnancy to ensure foals are strong, healthy and welldeveloped. Give your horses this 30 day copper tonic twice a year for visible results.

CUPPRA Copper Tonic Cuppra is the ultimate copper top-up which has

OMEGA D OIL Liquid sunshine for horses Omega D oil contains cold pressed flax seed with the correct balance of Omega 3, 6 and 9 which are known as essential fatty acids. These omega oils cannot be naturally produced by your horse. The addition of Omega D oil to your horses feed will aid overall health as Omega-3 fatty acids promotes general well-being and are associated with glossy coats, while Omega-6 fatty acids help to maintain your horse’s immune system. Omega D oil also contains added Vitamin D ‘the sunshine vitamin’ which is essential for calcium absorption and therefore vital for bone development and strength. It significantly outlasting other similar products on the market, 2 litres lasts 66 days.



For stronger, healthier hooves

Accredited by top riders including Scott Brash, Michael Whitaker and Laura Kraut as products that produce results

A one stop copper shot Cuppra Now has been developed to easily administer a boost of copper when needed. One concentrated 30ml syringe provides three 10ml servings. Cuppra Now is ideal for horses at grass and stabled animals. Cuppra Now is a booster to be used in conjunction with your Cuppra 30 day tonic.

Hoof First grows strong, healthy hooves which are better for your farrier to work with and fights problems such as cracked or weak hooves. The results speak for themselves, as this is one product that you will see working. Nothing can be more satisfying than watching new healthy hoof grow before your eyes. In Hoof First we have 40mg of biotin per 25mg dose, double the strength of many of our competitors, which is combined with a number of other ingredients such as: • Methionine – a sulphur rich amino acid, essential in the formation of keratin • Zinc – essential for growth and healing • Copper, Lysine and Vitamin B1 Water Sarah Ennis advert A4_Layout 1 01/03/2016 11:17 Page 1 Call +44 (0)28 30848844

“ Find out how good your horse really can be. ”

Come and see us Stand 20 Country Living Pavilion Badminton Horse Trials

@cashmereknitwear @kittedincashmere


The Home of British Tweed

Tailored coats, jackets and skirts for the elegant countrywoman.

Red Horse T-Shirts 10 designs £15

Sugarlump Babygrow £15

Jollytots Equestrian

Stylish Equestrian Clothing for Tots to Teens! Need some help?

Call 07740 946349 (Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm)

to find riding clothes for Having struggled our two year old daughter,

Little Rider Hoodie pink or blue £22

Red Horse Boys Yankee Jacket £32

Jollytots Equestrian was born! After trading online since 2004 as Kent Equestrian, we realised there was a niche market for the 0-10 age group. Sourcing some great products through various suppliers we have established ourselves as a first point of contact for customers looking to find riding attire for the youngest of riders. With our jodhpurs fitting those from a year old, we also stock boots from infant size 5 and skull caps from 49cm – the smallest on the market. So, if you have a budding young jockey, our website can help you find everything you need to get them into the saddle! Our new, bigger, sizes now cater for those up to 14yrs, so there is something for everyone!

Harry Hall Baby Chester Jodhpurs £22

Red Horse Boys Harlem Shirt £15

HyPerformance Tractor Heart Jodhpurs £20

Dinky Jods – Equetech Dinky Jodhpurs £20

HyPerformance Heart Tot Jodhpurs £20

Timeless It’s smart and hard-wearing. It’s worn by people at every level of society and it is inextricably linked with the equestrian world.


here will probably be more yards of tweed on show at Badminton over the next few days than any other material. Wherever the horse world gathers and for whatever reason tweed is almost always in evidence. It is worn with pride and above all with confidence. But for a long time the word tweed and fashionable would not have been found in the same sentence. It has always been classic. Gabrielle Coco Chanel is said to have fallen in love with tweed in 1924 on a holiday to the Scottish Highlands. But for a long time it was labelled unjustly as “an old man’s fabric”. Not anymore, though. Tweed has been rediscovered by the fashionistas. In the past few years it has become not just trendy but acclaimed. Today celebrities including David Beckham, Johnny Depp, Rod Stewart, Sean Connery and Kirsten Scott Thomas all wear it. In fact more celebrities have been seen wearing tweed in the past 10 years that at any time since the 1970s. They follow in a long line of well-known people who have worn tweed with style including Humphrey Bogart, Gary Cooper and the Duke of Windsor. But should we be surprised by tweed’s newly rediscovered allure? Fashion writer

Paul Betteridge believes not. He writes: “The tweed suit has stood the test of time of what is considered stylish and refined. So if you’re worried you would be wearing something that is not stylish, think again.” Of course there are good and sensible reasons for buying tweed. Jackets made of tweed are warm and durable. Wear one and you are unlikely to need an overcoat. Tweed clothing also lasts anything up to four times as long as other material. All of which are fine but there is another reason – and that is that tweed looks great. But fashion experts have not only taken it to their hearts they have reinvented how it should be worn. Put simply, their advice is to mix it up. Go out dressed from head to foot in a fine hand-woven blend and you are likely to turn heads for the wrong reasons. Wear it sparingly and it will raise approving eyebrows. For men a tweed jacket over a white T-shirt and jeans is perfectly acceptable whether it’s for an outing to the shops or lunch. It is a combination which seamlessly blends traditional and modern fabrics. Equally, a tweed jacket with wool trousers and suede shoes will work even at the office. u

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p Actress Kate Bosworth and singer Justin Timberlake snapped wearing tweed in style


Your Horse & Country Magazine SPRING 2017   |  97

t Designers

put a new twist on tweed for the catwalk


The story goes that in the 1820s a London clerk accidentally transcribed an order for tweel and wrote tweed instead and the name was born If you want to wear tweed in a different way then these days you can even buy tweed trainers. For women, Stella McCartney brought tweed back onto the catwalk two years ago with a range of skirts, trousers, jackets and even jogging bottoms. Like many other designers she was keen to reinvent tweed and shake-up off its stereotyped dowdy professor image. The advice for women is to break with convention. Wear tweed jackets with blue, black or white jeans and heeled or flat shoes. Opt for a V-neck shirt with a tweed jacket. The effect is to create something a little dressier and with more style. And wear tweed jackets over dresses. They mix of cuts and styles make a great contrast. Both men and women can turn up the collars of jackets and roll back the cuffs and take the reworking of tweed a step further. You can take the look even further with tweed shopping bags and suitcases. Tweed originated in Scotland and Ireland and began as a working man’s cloth. It was ideal – thick, rough and water repellent. There is some debate about how it acquired its name. One theory is that as there is a River Tweed in Scotland and it was made in the Tweed Valley, it took its name from there. Others think it was by chance and that it stems from the Scottish word “tweel”, meaning twill. The story goes that in the 1820s a London clerk accidentally transcribed an order for tweel and wrote tweed instead and the name was born. It does also have royal associations. In the first half of the 1800s many Englishmen bought estates in Scotland. They included Prince Allbert who, in 1848, acquired Balmoral. The Gentleman’s Gazette notes that

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he designed the Balmoral Tweed – blue with white and crimson sprinkles. The effect from a distance was to blend in with the grey granite of the Aberdeenshire Mountains around Balmoral as it was worn to stalk deer. The Gazette states: “Subsequently it became all the rage among estate owners to commission their special tweeds.” By the early 20th century, tweed golf suits worn with “plus fours” were being produced. Cyclists, too, began wearing tweed, something that is now celebrated with the London Tweed Run, an annual event since 2009 in which everyone taking part wears tweed. Its organisers describe it as “a jaunty bike ride around London in our sartorial best”. And when sartorial elegance and traditional tweed are mentioned, the name Harris is always on people’s lips. Harris Tweed is protected by British law and in order to bear the Harris Tweed mark, the cloth must be woven by a Hebrides Islander and finished in one of only a few factories on certain islands. And like tweed in general, after some dark years it too is enjoying a revival in its fortunes. Tweed is again fashionable hundreds of years after it was first worn. None of those who originally produced it for working men would have expected it to be worn by royalty or those attending renowned events like Badminton. They would probably be amazed to think it was still being produced. The secret of its longevity may rest in its heritage, its links with the land and with those who have worn it. Whether it is grey tweed, brown tweed or check it really is a highly fashionable material. Today it is accepted everywhere as a by-word for style. For designers it has an enduring appeal. As one of them said, “it is the most noble of fabrics.” n

Timothy Fox Greys Country Gifts

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The instant feedback you get from seeing your horses ouline and your seat and application of the aids is like having a trainer watching your every move, without the hourly rate! Our Arena Mirrors are surrounded in Galvanised Steel - Last longer than wooden backed ones Guaranteed non Warp - Supply and Fit Service Nationwide

READER OFFER 4 for ÂŁ 1000 + VAT Call us on 01902 791207 or email for a brochure

The original surface additive for sand arenas and gallops Now only ÂŁ40.00 per tonne



We specialise in the building of Stables and horse riding Arenas,

plus the installation of horse walkers and all types of Equestrian fencing

Stables - Arenas / Manège - Horse Walkers - Fencing Stables

Whether you require a new build horse stable, extension to existing building or refurbishment contact us. We can assist you from initial design through to planning permission if required to completion of your project.

Horse Walkers

We can supply and fit recommended brands of horse walkers or install your horse walker if already sourced separately. Once chosen we can take care of the rest, arena surfacing, drainage, pathways fencing and landscaping.


We specialise in the construction of horse riding arenas and can advise on all types of surfaces. From excavation to drainage through to arena surfacing we offer the complete service on new projects and refurbishment of existing arenas.

Equestrian Fencing

Contact us for quotation on fencing and gates for your paddock, horse riding arena, enclosure and horse walking areas. We specialise in new installations and refurbishment of existing fenced areas.

Contact us first on your equestrian project Head Office 01295 760101 | Mobile 07786 872078 Sulgrave, Banbury, Oxfordshire.


Flooring designed with your horse in mind O

ur flooring company was established in 1987 under the name Lightfoot Surfaces Limited. Our team at Doddson Equestrian Flooring still has three of the original people that started Lightfoot Surfaces and continue to use their vast knowledge with us now. The product we first used was LS4, a three-part mix that is trowelled onto a prepared surface, such as wood, steel, concrete and aluminium to name a few. The product has been improved over the years and is now called Granlatech LS4. We have supplied and installed this flooring around the world for various horsebox manufacturers, including Rice Trailers, Richmond Trailers, Brown Bros Ireland, Boeckman coach builders in Germany – and even in Prince Phillip’s own horsebox. We have also installed this product for Sheikh Mohamed in Dubai, the Al Thani family in Bahrain, the Sultan of Brunei, the Sultan of Oman and many more. The product has been used extensively on horsewalkers, in stables, vets’ rooms

and walkways and passageways. We have also installed it in equine swimming pools. When using this product in stables, bedding can be reduced by at least 30 per cent, therefore helping you make savings and paying for itself in a short period of time. All of our products have been specifically designed for use under or around horses. Our rubber mats are 6ft x 4ft x 17mm thick and can be used in stables, passageways and walkways. The mats are strong and can be easily fitted. Our rubber pavers have been designed for the use in parade rings, walkways, passageways and horsewalkers. We also have coloured pavers that will keep their colour in direct sunlight for those areas that always need to look their best. The wall padding that we supply and install is a very hard wearing, high density foam and reduces stable injuries caused by horses kicking the walls or doors. We have supplied and installed this product for HRH Queen Elizabeth II at her stables in Sandringham and many more establishments around the world.

n For further information, please contact Doddson Equestrian Flooring & Bedding Ltd on on 07802 270568, email or visit

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Equestrian Arenas & Round Pens Construction & Refurbishment Building an arena can seem like a daunting task. Danny and Kate from West Wales Equi Arenas are more than happy to discuss your requirements and offer their expertise from the initial planning right through to finished project, whatever the size or shape, whether arena or round pen. Having a professionally-built, dedicated exercise or schooling area hugely increases your opportunities to exercise, school and enjoy your horse/s. Our clients say it’s the best decision they ever made - to have a manège built by West Wales Equi Arenas Ltd.

Ty Wyth Newydd Stables, Tredodridge. 07792 845478 / 07968 82001


Stables expertly crafted to J suit you on William Stables supply a huge range of equestrian and timber products, including American barns, wooden stables, mobile field shelters, mobile stables, static field shelters; plus unique bespoke American barns, stables, and utility and timber buildings. We understand that choosing the right stable for you and your horse takes time. We are confident that at Jon William Stables you have come to the right place. We are a family company that cares about the timber buildings we produce. Every single one is an advertisement for us, so we make sure we get it right. We have been manufacturing stables since 1983. Over the subsequent years our original designs have been continuously improved in consultation with vets, horse trainers, equestrian champions and many of our customers. This has resulted in our current portfolio of informed and thoughtfully designed buildings: the Intro, Ideal and Elite ranges. Whether you need one or two stables or a commercial complex, including tack rooms, storage barns and offices, we are able to meet your requirements with quality products.

Intro Range Stables Our Intro range provides a robust stable, manufactured using the same high quality materials used in the Ideal and Elite ranges. It is a range that provides a starting

point for your stabling at an affordable price, while still providing peace of mind for years to come.

Ideal Range Stables The Ideal range includes many features that are considered as optional extras by other manufacturers. The range offers a high specification at exceptional value. While the Ideal range design provides a practical solution to your stabling, we are able to include bespoke additions as required.

Elite Range Stables Creating a premier stable yard is easily achieved with our Elite range. Manufactured to the highest of design specification providing extra style, creativity and practicality to satisfy the most discerning of customer. Our exceptionally strong steel framed doors will withstand the test of time. Together with the 100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) framework, 2.4m (8’) eaves height and the optional feature of a felt shingle roof. The Elite range is a substantial build, looks fantastic and will be the envy of your equestrian neighbours. n For more information and to download our brochure, visit Call us on 01380 850 965 or visit our main office at Netherstreet, Bromham, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 2DW

Jon William Stables was an obvious choice for us as we were seeking a substantial field shelter with all the hallmarks of top quality craftsmanship

A balance between cost and quality... Jon William Stables met both criteria for us, and did so with excellent service

Jon William Stables – Expertise l Quality l Design l Service l 01380 850 965

Run by horse people for horse people EQUESTRIAN CONSTRUCTION

The finest equestrian buildings and arenas From a single stable or arena to a complete project, Chapelstone provide you with the equestrian facilities you've always desired. We also offer full turnkey projects including design & planning.

Arenas - Stables - Mobile Shelters - Stable Groundworks - Tracks and more Contact us on 01206 869860 or email

Claydon 130 x 90

Premier Horse Walkers



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By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Supply and Manufacture of Horse Equipment Claydon Horse Exercisers Ltd Warwickshire

the professionals choice WHY BUY PRE

WHY INVEST IN A PREMIER HORSE WALKER ? Direct drive system (No belts, chains or pulleys) Minimal maintenance No hydraulics, eliminating oil warm up time in winter Super silent Forward / reverse with auto turn at 10 minute intervals 6ft wide paddles as standard Electrified paddles as standard 4, 6 or 8 horse with a choice of surrounds 2 year warranty

FROM ONLY £3,250 (EXCLUDING SURROUNDS) DELIVERED AND INSTALLED on your base 01405 704172 / 07522905152

Horse Walkers PremierPremierHorse Walkers

Made in


Web: Email:


CJ Arenas will construct or build either block stables or wooden stables to meet your requirement

If you are looking for a West Country based company to construct a quality riding arena or horse stabling, then look no further

(subject to correct planning permission)

• Post and rail fencing in either straight or half rounded finish • Any size sand school can be constructed to meet your requirements • All riding surfaces are available, Refurbishments to existing sand schools • All site work undertaken and completed by CJ Arenas in the Devon and Cornwall area


or call 07813 574160 for more information or a no obligation quote

Welcome to

Winning Post Consultancy We are a specialised company with over 25 years’ experience in constructing All Weather Riding Arena’s and Gallops, working in some of the best yards in the business. Full Gallop and Riding Arena inspections and reports. Complete construction of new Gallops, Canter Tracks and Riding Arenas. Refurbishment of existing Gallops, Canter Tracks and Riding Arenas. Supply of Sportrack Synthetic Riding Surfaces (Premixed and Waxed). Supply of Sportrack Stabilizing Fibres, Equestrian Grade Silica Sand and Rubber Crumb. Riding Arenas and Gallops From small private clients to professional Equestrian Centers both our indoor and outdoor riding arenas are given the same meticulous attention to detail. We offer a free site visit, anywhere within the UK to determine the exact requirements for your project. This includes a full site survey, with details of the design, planning, sighting, drainage, base construction, fencing, and the Riding Surface itself. Every stage of the project is fully explained to give you the Riding Arena you want. All this information is used to provide you with a competitive quotation, along with a 5 year guarantee. After acceptance, work commences using the latest machinery and laser levelling technology operated by our own fully trained team. Within a short period of time your arena or gallop will be completed.

Sportrack Synthetic Riding Surfaces Our range of synthetic surfaces covers all aspects of the market and each equestrian discipline is catered for.

Sportrack Eco-Ride Sportrack Eco-Ride, a premixed surface containing specially cut synthetic fibre blended with multi washed silica sand. This is our entry level surface and is ideal for the livery yards where a surface is needed for different abilities

Sportrack Pro-Mixed Sportrack Pro-Mixed is our premier dry mixed surface containing equestrian approved multi washed and blended silica sands accurately mixed with our specially manufactured synthetic fibres to produce a surface which is used in competition venues and professional yards

Sportrack Waxed This surface is based on washed and blended silica sands, with a combination of synthetic fibres, blended with a hot wax coating. This is an ideal surface for indoor schools,lung pens and gallops.

Sportrack Pro-Waxed Our top of the range surface where horses work on the surface. High graded, washed and blended silica sands, mixed with specially cut synthetic fibres, coated with a hot wax coating. Installations include, racing gallops, polo, showjumping and dressage establishments.

Sportrack Stabilishing Fibres As well as premixed surfaces we can supply Sportrack Stabilishing Fibres to add to existing sand surfaces. These specially cut synthetic fibres will enhance any existing surface, adding stability. Delivered on pallets anywhere in the UK, this is a very cost- effective way of improving your riding school.

Sportrack Complete Fibre This is nothing but synthetic stabilising fibres laid on top of a geotextile membrane and compacted to a finished depth of 150mm. This gives a very cost effective surface. Should you need any advice on the construction or surface merits please talk to us. We are proud of what we build for your enjoyment. For more information please visit our website or check out our most recent work on Facebook or phone us.

Looking for equestrian equipment?

Like to buy British? Want something that’s built to last?

Equestrian Powered Brush (EPB)

Three Way Chain Harrow (WCH)

Arena Maintenance Unit (AMU)

Large Capacity Trailer (LCPTP)

Manège Groomer (MSMGT)

Manège Dampener (EMD)

Sweepers, chain harrows, trailers, arena levellers… we have them all at SCH. We’ll even create bespoke machinery for you so that you get exactly what you want. Call now for a free brochure. Call 01473 328272 or email:

Great Customer Service & Relationships

Riding Arenas - Menage Covers - Stables Tack Rooms - Wash Rooms - Muck Stores - Horse Walker

Steel Framed Buildings

2-3 turn week ar supp ound on ly build only ings

Helping You Invest In Your Future

Planning Permisson

All Buildings CE Marked

All Steelwork Maunfactured At Our HQ

Bright Ideas We Can Help With

Fast Turnaround Times

Everyones Welcome

Operating Nationwide

On Site Consultations

Competitive Prices

Backing British Farming

01691 610083 / 07852 172071 Unit 25, Rednal Ind Est, Oswestry, Shropshire, SY11 4HS @PHCBuildings

• Woodstain & coatings for equestrian use • Shed & barn paint - any colour • Tractor and plant - colour made to match Standard colours available JCB, John Deere, Hitachi, Case • Single coat - primer finish • Floor paint - Single pack & 2 pack epoxy • Genuine creosote & bitumen • QD Gloss (BS & RAL Numbers) • Skip & container paint • Assorted primers & undercoat

@Paul Huxley Construction

• Factory emulsion • Chlorinated - milking parlor paints • Paint suitable for fibre cement sheets & box profile sheets • 2 pack gloss & primer • T-wash - undercoat for galvanising • Vinyl coatings - any colour • Solvents • Masonry paint • Intumescent (Fire Protection) paint


Equestrian people working with the Equestrian world Email:

Call David Marsden and his team on 01270 524 515 / 07799 335 071 Gradeley Green Farm, Gradeley Green, Burland, Nantwich,Cheshire CW5 8NN


Unique in equine transport design ■ 7.5 ton ■ New Builds ■ Conversions ■ 2 Stall Vans ■ Working Wagons ■ Transporters

Luxury Horse Boxes Body Swaps Refits Repair Work ■ Insurance Work ■ Service & MOT ■ ■ ■ ■


Whittingham Truck Tech Ltd Pear Tree Farm, Lowry Hill Lane, Lathom, Nr Ormskirk, Lancs L40 5UL Ray: 07967 734856 Alan: 07974 22516

Tel/Fax: 01704 896109


Ken Gamble International Horse Transport Ltd

We are a Cotswold-based company, established in 1987. Offering local, national and international services with twice weekly trips to Ireland along with regular trips to France and other destinations as required. Shared and private loads are available. All travel documentation, ferry bookings, import/export licences can be arranged. All of our vehicles are DEFRA inspected, approved and fully licensed. Our four vehicles range from a two horse Theault, to four horse, seven horse and 11 horse capacity. All are modern and custom built with fanassisted cooling, temperature monitored and have CCTV fitted. Overnight stabling is available at home and abroad if required in transit. All our drivers and grooms are certificated, very experienced and are recruited locally from within the equine industry. We pride ourselves on our welfare standards and professionalism.

01451 844716

mobile: 07836 5875 301 email:

Rural Crafts Badminton

Seriously good clothing and footwear 07784 501 425

Breakdown Worries? Driving a horsebox or a car and trailer with your precious horses on board can be a worrying experience. A breakdown on a lonely road or getting a puncture on a motorway is not the nicest of experiences - especially if you have no-one to turn to. OHTO have been dealing with these problems throughout the UK and Europe since 1986. With almost 100,000 rescues to our credit we know exactly how to keep you safe and worry free.

OHTO Members Enjoy 

NEW PRP Breakdown App

PRP Rescue Incident Handlers

The Best Roadside Mechanics

The Largest UK Tyre Network

Professional Horse Transport On Call

No Need To Carry Money

So if you want to be in the safest, most experienced equestrian hands there are - join OHTO now.

Car & Trailer from £53.00 Horsebox from £130.00 The Orgainsation of Horsebox & Trailer Owners t: 01488 657651 e: w:

J.E.Graham Ltd 50 years of experience

Tractor and Accessories Sales across Suffolk and East Anglia


Various sizes, water filled

FERTILISER SPREADERS 300 or 500lt capacity

CHAIN HARROWS 4ft-20ft mounted or trailed

01379 384444 07775 764540 J E Graham Limited Woodlands Farm Brundish Woodbridge Suffolk IP13 8BP

Drink Bowl

Product Code: DBL 16 Ltr. / 3.5 Gal.

Micro Drink Bowl

New arenas • Refurbishments • Lunge rings All Weather Gallops • Choice of surfaces Equestrian Groundworks and Fencing

Product Code: DBL4 4 Ltr. / 0.9 Gal.

Free no obligation site visit and consultation is available throughout the UK

Product Code: DBL5 2 Ltr. / 0.4 Gal.

Nose Fill Drink Bowl

Corner Feeder

Product Code: EQ2 20 Ltr. / 4.4 Gal.

Door Mounted Swivel Feeder Product Code: EQ10 16 Ltr. / 3.5 Gal.

For a friendly efficent service Tel 01420 562441 Mob 07702 260788 Email


01691 659226





Gifts and Jewellery. Riding and Casual Footwear including Ariat, Le Chameau, and Dublin. Country Clothing including Ariat, Horseware, Toggi, Jack Murphy and many more. Qualified Hat & Body Protector Fitters.

01454 228109

Where traditional style, elegance and workmanship... YOUR LOCAL STORE APPROX 11 MILES/ 25 MINUTES FROM BADMINTON HORSE TRIALS


...meets E2001 accredited standard

Made in the UK | 0207 732 7123 OPEN: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm

“Making life with wet dogs easier”

Stablecare South West Rug Washing, Re-Proofing and Repair Service Guaranteed weekly turnaround, including repairs Fair price, including collection and delivery All areas covered Telephone 0117 9611 515 Mobile 07778 369 334 Email

Double thickness cotton towelling dog drying coats, sofa throws, fitted bed covers and dog drying mitts. -5 Stunning colours Great for horses legs! -Sizes to fit all breeds -Tumble dryer friendly -Adjustable collar and belly flap -Easy to put on and take off -Dogs love wearing them!

03332 079960

www.ruffandtumbledogcoats. com sustainable materials affordable

eco friendly

Paynetts Farm, Cranbrook Road, Goudhurst, Kent, TN17 1DY bespoke design

Tel: 01580 212141 Mob: 07710 480259 Email:

Log homes, holiday chalets, mobile homes. All built to your requirements, delivered and erected anywhere, we offer builds in round, square, cavity and random log up to 360mm thick meeting all current building regulations.

• • • • • • • •

Sectional Timber Buildings Timber Built Garages Log Cabins Flood Proof Cabins

Mobile Homes Club Houses Country Parks Garden, Studio & Office Buildings

Bespoke Design Service And Technical Data

The Natural Way To Build For more information on all the buildings please visit our website..

Web: Email: Tel: 01580 212141 Mob: 07710 480259

Country Style Supplies Ltd Sodbury Road, Wickwar (B4060) GL12 8NT

Quality fencing supplied/ Supplied and erected by our professional team * Using all home grown timber

Over 50 years of Fencing experience


no obligation quotation service

Tel: 01454 294414

Domestic and commercial sales

Open: Mon-Fri 8am-5pm Sat 8am-2pm | e: Get ready for Spring! • Manufacturing a range of Spring Tine Grass Harrows in various sizes suitable for small holders or horse owners with just a few acres or larger agricultural holdings • • Unique design using Spring Tines that skim across the grass surface dispersing droppings and raking the grass and moss • • No more tangled chains! • Tractor mounted 5ft £310 • 6ft £360 • 6'6" £410 • 8ft £500 Also available wheel mounted for towing by Quad/ATV

• Manufacturing a range of Arena Levellers for all surfaces • • Specialising in robust designs ideal for large establishments, professional arenas and gallops • Models also available for Quads, compact tractors and garden tractors • • All come with Side Grader Blade for pulling in track • • Easy to operate • Fully adjustable tines for depth •

Call 07703 110132 / 01225 891014 Prices exc. Delivery & VAT



Horsecrocz® offer an easy way to provide robust and breathable protection for hoof dressings. Also useful if the horse has lost a shoe, it will keep the hoof protected and the horse comfortable until the farrier can attend. Three sizes will fit most horses and ponies. Five reasons to use Horsecrocz® n Good protection n Flexibility of fit n Cost n Quick and easy to put on and off n Breathable, avoiding the build-up of moisture that can get trapped with other protective coverings Prices start at £22 For more information visit

Email: Call: 07825 286015


Blades and scissors are sharpened and back in the post in one working day! Call 01407 832 800 Visit WWW.SHEAREASELTD.COM


Manufacturers of natural herbal creams, washes and sprays. Used to treat all skin conditions. Botanica’s herbal blends work to promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery without scarring e.g. rain scald, mud rash, cracked heels, girth scald, cuts, grazes, sweet itch etc. Natural herbal cream, washes and sprays for skin conditions, created using a unique blend of natural ingredients that promote effective and complete healing... naturally! LCH Laboratory Paris tested. Can be used before, during and after competition.

Essential year round kit! Our Herbal Cream has UVA & UVB properties which is great sun protection all year round! Perfect for you and your horse!

Tel. +44 (0)28 4173 9151 Email:





CALL FOR A FREE QUOTE t. 01453 702908 or 07854 999 528 e. For a full range of services and examples find us on facebook or visit our website

Boyd Bedding SUPPLIER OF EQUESTRIAN BEDDING TO THE LONDON 2012 GAMES Bluefrog large flakes are brought to you by Boyd Bedding, dust free, debarked and heat sterilised. Only the freshest ingredients are used and our quality control helps to maintain consistency and guarantees to provide you with pure perfection. • Super Absorbency - thanks to the special kiln drying process • Great Value - drier flakes give you more soakage for your money • Healthier Horses - clear airways are a must for performance Direct to your door We have been supplying top quality bedding throughout Europe for over a decade and continue to strive to be the number one supplier.

Call: 07802 270568 Email:

Our specially developed Stablegold horse bedding • Produced from wheat straw • Completely natural product • High absorbency - absorbs up to 300 times its own weight in moisture • No need to water before use • Supplied in variety of bag sizes • Less dust - pelleting process filters dust

Suppliers and installers of all types of equestrian fencing, post and rails, schools and arenas

Buy online at and visit our dedicated horse bedding site at for more information

Delivery throughout the UK Small bags - Bulk bags - Pallets

Buy Straw Pellets Online Straw pellets are a fully natural product free from any artificial ingredients.


Richard Jones Fencing contractors For FREE advice and estimates

Straw Pellets Ltd, Rookery Farm, Louth Road, South Somercotes, Louth, Lincs LN11 7BW.


The friendly placement agency for grooms, nannies, mother’s helps, housekeepers and couples Nags’n’Nannies is a long established placement agency. We offer a personal, professional, bespoke service.

Are you looking for work or searching for staff? Call or email for an informal chat Our experienced staff are here to help you. Please call 01248 602814 or email

Tel 0800 032 5595 Mob 07778 628 205

See our stand at Badminton Horse Trials

UK Distributors of Helite Air Jackets UK, European & Middle East Distributors of Bostock Safety Stirrups Worldwide Distributors of Aerochill Products

â–  Treehouse rider Gemma Tattersall

in action at Badminton

Specialists in Safetywear, XC colours & Equipment. Experienced & Qualified hat & body protector fitting service.

01299 851625 |

Andrews Bowen surfaces: The first choice for the world's best riders and their horses.

Telephone: 01995672103 •

Technology supporting performance

Yhc issue 13 low res