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The Shrinking Dollar One of the chief reasons the Federal Reserve System was created in 1913 was to create so called elastic money. Paper fiat money that could expand and contract as the economy wished, or as the charlatans (American politicians) of that era wished. The snake oil salesmen of that time hated the gold standard because it was not elastic, could not easily be controlled for lobby group speculators, special interest groups, and self-serving politicians. Progressive politicians seen that gold backed dollars gave the people too much power and wanted to seize that power for themselves. Greed is not specific to this age we are living in it was the main reason immigrants came to the new world. Think California Gold Rush of 1849.

The dollar back then was backed by gold so anytime you feared the Feds were cranking out to much they could demand and get gold for their dollars. That was then this is now. Money was not only as good as gold but no sleight of hand Federal System was needed, as long as gold was attached to the dollar. The real purpose of the Fed was to rid the nation of the gold backed dollar as quickly as possible replacing it with a new, up to date elastic fiat money backed only by the credit and good faith of the United States Government. Can you see the greedy hands rubbing together? This new fiat money or funny money can be easily manipulated, made extremely abundant, (printing $85 billion a month today) or very scarce, like in the Great Depression era. All according to what the power mongers want. Can we say control freaks!

Hyman Minsky was a direct influence to the Modern Monetary Theory which exposes the sleight of hand by the Progressives used in replacing gold with paper money. Today’s political hucksters would of course never want you to know the full details because it could shut down their money siphon, thus an end to the mindless partying on your dime. The key cornerstone idea behind Modern Monetary Theory is that fiat money is a creature of the state. All funny money is printed by a central government to serve the governments purpose. MMT makes note the printing of money and how much is at the sole discretion of the regime in power. The same as the land of the country belongs to the government that will seize it if the so called owner fails to pay rent to the government in the form of property tax.

The Feds likewise consistently exerts its control over the money supply; printing more by spreading around stimulus dollars or shrinking its abundance via increased taxation like the 21 new taxes inserted into Obamacare. This reduces the amount of money in private hands because the government knows you do not know how to use your own wealth. Like gangsters they put the muscle on you, the IRS, if you do not comply. The land of the free and home of the brave. Isn’t it great! Thus the Fed can modulate your buying power up or down at their choosing. Choose to goose the economy to maximize GDP or shrivel it to their backers liking. Think it is a free market? Think again. Taxation gives the government the power to control our hard earned money. Chief justice John Marshall said back in the early days of 1819, “The power to tax involves the power to destroy. The power to

destroy may defeat and render useless the power to create.� Unequal Progressive taxation, enforced selectively, can easily be used to weaken free markets and reward monetarily the governments ruling elitist’s class. Unequal taxation can be used selectively to express public policy in the redistribution of wealth and income to those that, in the government’s eyes, seem more fitting for their enrichment. Wealth then no longer stays with the ones who created it in the free marketplace. In a Progressive society the government progressively enlarges itself. By expropriating your money under false pretenses transferring it to whom the ruler sees fit to advance their ideology and policies they secretly enrich themselves along the way.

As you can see taxation is just another form of the government manipulating the peasants to advance their money fueled schemes. Most hard working stiffs do not have a clue how crushing a blow this is to their American dream because of the greedy ones in government that scam you for a living under the guise of Progressive philosophy ideals. Why did the European immigrants come here to begin with? Wasn’t it to escape the King’s taxes? Ask yourself then what is this regime trying to pull off?

The shrinking dollar  
The shrinking dollar  

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