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The Obama Regime is Instituting an Era of Financial Repression A bizarre battle of wills seems to be brewing, a clash of the titans if you will, between the President of the United States and the Roman Catholic Church in Rome. Ill feelings were instituted when the Obama regime tried to force Catholics to pay for birth control that violated their belief system. The Obama argument is that it violates women’s health. This has begun an unprecedented power riff between the pope in Rome and the President of the United States. Religious Groups Have Banded Together This seems to have brought the Protestants together as one voice to join with the Roman Catholic Church in Rome to protest for religious freedoms saying in essence that the government needs to stay out of their belief system. 80% Attend Church For the Obama regime to start divisiveness in the church when he will need their vote come November bands together a very powerful wall of voters against him. Whether Obama likes it or not 80% of the people across the United States go to one kind of church or another. It makes his statement that he is a Christian even more unbelievable when his actions show another side. This Time is Different This year’s election brings a telling sharp difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Hussein Obama; a difference the power mongers are saying could play a major role in businesses nationwide and the business careers of millions. Kenneth Rogoff & Carmen Reinhart have put together a telling book ‘This Time is Different’ that reveals the history of financial crises showing how Barack is a keen partisan of

“financial repression.” In their eye opening detailed account of what brings down governments “financial repression” is a common expedient for governments that are going bankrupt. In Reinhart’s Own Words Reinhardt explains in his bestselling book, “Financial repression occurs when government implements policies to channel to themselves funds that in a deregulated market environment would go elsewhere. Policies include directed lending to the government by captive domestic audiences (such as pension funds or domestic banks), explicit or implicit caps on interest rates, regulation of cross-border capital movements…” Simply Stated Obama’s regime has put into place a whole repertoire of untraditional policies that has been traditionally associated with financial repression in Third World nations. These policies by design are essential to Barak’s overall plan to make Americans, who put money in their investment institutions, pay the profound staggering costs of his income redistribution programs. Higher Taxes Obama is planning, after he wins re-election, to jack up the dividend tax rate from the current rate of 15% to an unprecedented tax increase of 44.6%! The higher levels include an additional 3.8% tax on dividends and other investment income of so called high income households enacted to pay for Obamacare. 47 Billion Reports in the national press tell us that even if taxes are raised to soak the rich and the middle class, Bush era tax cuts gone in 2013, it would

only raise poultry 47 billion a year that does not even come close to paying down the national debt of 3 trillion. Reinhart elaborates further, “Financial repression is not merely a synonym for higher taxes. It is more pernicious than that. The main thrust of Obama’s plan is not only to tax away a higher fraction of whatever investment income you somehow manage to earn, it is to prevent you from earning the income in the first place. Financial repression is primarily designed to foreclose your options for investment.” Administrative Capital Controls By imposing high regulatory burdens on banks for conducting what are in principle simple legal transactions, Obama will bar all but the largest and richest investors from taking their capital abroad to invest. By implementing administrative capital controls Obama is in fact trying to keep you from putting your money beyond his reach. How Will Obama Win? With investors failing to invest, religious families taking a stand against his contraceptive policies, Obama’s class warfare in full bloom, the occupy everything crowd rapidly falling out of favor with the populace, home owners predicted to be foreclosed on to the tune of 3 million households in the next two years who on earth would vote for more of the same? It would seem Obama is making every move with a calculation to not be re-elected. When he seems to be on the wrong side of every argument he seems more like a professor again lost in socialism then the grand president of these United States.

The obama regime is instituting an era of financial repression  
The obama regime is instituting an era of financial repression  

The dollar is headed for collapse, the socialist regime in D.C. is trying there best to crush the stock markets, the American people are slo...