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The Black Awakening: A Book Review As we watch the decline of Western Christianity waxing cold and growing dim it is like a fire in the jungle hunters keep burning to keep wild life away, but as the morning comes the fire grows weak and the wild ones circle for the kill. The bold fire in the West kept Christianity burning, gave light to the world, spiritual depth, freedom & safety to millions worldwide. When the spirit of God is on target the fullness of God’s presence, power and work is greatly magnified becoming a manifest light to the world. In the present age those fires have grown dim and the light the Church should shine has grown weak. Christians have not kept the fire glowing brightly; surely we are in need of revival!

Too Many Denominations With over 400 denominations in America alone is it any wonder the Word has been watered down and the truth is hard to find. The good news is revival is coming and greater things can come the Spirit of God tells us, “Because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed, for his compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.� (Lamentations 3) New Age Movement

Truly the expansion of the NAM (New Age Movement) corresponds to the dimming down of the Body of Christ. Jesus said it would be a spiritual battle and so it is! If there is no one to test the spirits of the NAM then they will come in unhindered and wearing whatever mask they want; the world will be deceived.

Seducing Spirits

The Biblical prophecies of the unleashing of ‘seducing spirits’ find their greatest fulfillment in the overpowering movement called the ‘new age’, that is really only a throwback to the occult movement in the days of Hitler, Himmler & Rudolph Hess. We all seen how that turned out as Hitler was only a forerunner of the Antichrist. The coming carnage will make the Gestapo SS look like choir boys! However, as today’s Christianity waxes dim the wild animals approach in dark satanic forces to transform as angels of light as we indeed ask ourselves ‘what time is it?’ Christianity will then ask itself what have we done…or perhaps not done?

Wild Satanic forces of the NAM The massive fronts from the abyss of roving demonic spirits have been unleashed into an unsuspecting world. These demonic spirits, masquerading as angels of light, are here operating in untold numbers. These are the ones who have initiated & developed the NAM that is now becoming the fastest growing spiritual movement on the planet in the history of Christendom. This evolution was foretold in (1 Timothy 4) telling of a time

when lethal dark spirits will arrive dressed as translucent angels from the celestial realms. Silver Tongued Devils They will speak with a silver tongue and offer up gifts to feed broken man when his world starts to crumble. They will bear gifts of enhanced human abilities and knowledge that is beyond the minds of men. The seduction behind this comes with darling gifts, friendly smiles, offers of help, looking so harmless just like a child predator. NAM have snagged millions of what they perceive as ‘unwitting dolts’ and have dragged them off to have their way with them spiritually. Those people influenced by these alternative spiritual encounters feel they have something that is real, but it is not right…it is as deadly as poisoned candy!

Offering These demonic entities will offer up alternative spiritual experiences, writings they say surpass the Bible, different powers & energies to amaze you so as to preoccupy, grand promises that they cannot deliver, and a different view on the afterlife and death. This so called spirit of the new age will offer up an agenda for a new world order, a new set of morals that will only darken the soul, an alternative spiritual practice that promises everything but only deepens the spiritual blinders, and above all an alternative Christ who is not the one of scripture. The spiritual goals will be the total opposite of what God is really doing. This friend is called deception!

Summary Russ Dizdar is an author, speaker, exorcist, and international radio broadcaster whose full bio can be found on & new work can be found on In essence what Dizdar is telling us is beware of the New World Order and what they promise. Try the spirits as scripture states to see if they are from God. In this twilight of human history darkness burns its black flame. Soon the Chaos will erupt and fear will fly, The Black Awakening will occur. Scriptures tells us to be fearless for you now have the foreknowledge of what is to come. Even though satanic rituals have summoned dark powers, you can feel it in the air, it will be no match for the Lord at Armageddon. The supernatural transmutation that will soon show its true face, the face of an ancient hate and deadly evil, simply will be no match for Jesus at the final battle where Satan and his minions are defeated with the powerful breathe of our Lord. I give this book a five star rating out of five. Excellent read, good facts & stats, and above all right on time with what is now happening in the world. May God bless & protect you one and all. For more insight on what you just read go to:


The black Awakening: a book review  
The black Awakening: a book review  

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