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Decent into Madness! Society has waxed worse in these last precious years as the world stews in its own juices with excruciating inexplicable mental & physical pain being doled out by the demonic entities. Looking through a glass darkly the Middle East is a smoldering hotbed of coals with lightning muzzle flashes and terrorist crazies igniting bombs in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. The IDF in Israel in the past weeks just got tipped off about over 9,000 guided missiles discovered on an Iranian merchant ship much to its chagrin. The Masada just found out Iranian warplanes are loaded and ready to strike from Iran, the plans for peace talks are just about an impossibility at this stage, while inflammatory speech in the Gaza & West Bank are rising to new levels. Keep your eyes glued on Jerusalem, the end starts here! Meanwhile Here at home in the change & hope capital of the world Americans may well have a lesson or two to be learned, if current policies move towards its logical conclusion. America watches in paralyzed shock as the Congress sets with hands tied doing nothing as agencies of the current

regime curtail all expectations of privacy, force participation in a socialist healthcare system that was thrown together by a lackluster gaggle of rubs & charlatans, trying to regulate every foreseeable aspect of American life, while being spied on by the NSA like we were the enemy! Now we are being lectured one obtuse speech after another on “global warning” by a community organizer who has no clue on the science of such a ridiculous statement. Every other day it seems there is some new assertion of executive power, sanctioned by the constitution or otherwise, in an ongoing transformation that is neither legal nor sanctified. Any conjoined efforts to exude patriotism seems futile when in fact the ‘loyal opposition’ spends much of its time explaining the loss of our privacy rights is necessary ‘to protect us from terrorists’ while the borders remain wide open! Does that make sense to you? Iran Reneged Iran has been given great latitude by our State Department on the ill-advised agreements that released tens of billions of dollars to the mullahs that want Israel dead and America the great Satan blown away! There

has also been no official reaction to the news Iran has sent ships to patrol off our east coast in perhaps a dry run for an EMP nuclear attack at some predetermined point in the future! Leadership Went South! This folly called government is more focused on giving marriage rights to ‘queer nation’ so that ecstasy can be had by all even if it means sodomy! What about the spread of aids? This could very well become a pandemic scourge across the nation. Who will pay for their hospitalization? Suffice it to say that we are living under the imposition of “social justice”, with ramifications we’ve yet to imagine. Real fairness, however, the ruling elite do not want to talk about. Real justice like respecting other people, their property, their opinion, their money and freedom is never debated in the public arena. Real justice requires putting limits on government power. As everyone should know when government grows, individual liberty shrinks. There should be the same rules for everyone, no special favors, no partisan politics, no handouts, and especially no legal plunder. Representatives in Congress should be limited to two terms, lobbies should be outlawed, the

good old boy system done away with, and a government for the people, by the people should be established. This would indeed be social justice and the start of a new fairness doctrine in America based on truth and the American way. Only you can make it happen!

Decent into madness  

Common sense is not common anymore! The intentional collapse of our society is gaining steam as attacks are imminent! Read on...

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