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Some Tactics to View PowerPoint File on Google Nexus 10

Together with the popularizing of Android tablet PCs, the battle in tablet computer industry happens to be getting cruel. The challenge relating to the Nexus 7 and iPad mini turns out to be the primary tune in samller tablet computer area and the conflict concerning iPad with Retina display vs Google Nexus 10 is able to settle on the victor of large-size tablet computer area. Seeing asthe most up-todate tablet introduced by Google Company, Google Nexus 10 gets a large-size display owning screen resolution of "2560x1600", powerful back digital camera and speedy Exynos 5 processor. With the integrated NFC, Google Nexus 10 permits consumers to handle information transmit at ease; using 9000mAh battery power, Google Nexus 10 makes sure that consumers can acquire adequate pleasurable time and even using the support of the latest Android system, Google Nexus 10 can be compatible to the hottest applications in Android market. For that reason, as a tablet computer fast in performing time, remarkable in camcorder and advanced in operating system, Google Nexus 10 turns out to be not just a powerful media tool but also a trustworthy working tool.

"Can you recommend some effortless solutions to enjoy

PowerPoint on Google Nexus 10?" Seeing as one among the list of most great services previously released by Microsoft, PowerPoint has acted an important position in everyone's everyday working. For buyers who use Google Nexus 10 just as a working assistant or just an thrilling gadget, they constantly must enjoy PowerPoint on Google Nexus 10. For this reason, consumers need to discover approaches to enjoy PPT file on Google Nexus 10. Right here two methods on observing PowerPoint on Google Nexus 10 will be coated.

Method One: Observe utilizing Document Viewer

Similar to Nexus 7 tablet, Google Nexus 10 has built-in Document Viewer. The Document Viewer offers owners painless methods to enjoy PowerPoint on Google Nexus 10. The app supports PowerPoint documents crafted by Microsoft powerpoint 2003, Office 2007 and PowerPoint 2013. In other words, Document Viewer is actually supportive to all PPT documents. Document Viewer is an excellent selection for owners who wish to observe PowerPoint file on Google Nexus 10, but a bad option for buyers who need to have fun with PowerPoint on Google Nexus 10.

Considering that Jelly Bean is not a phone OS that can support PowerPoint presentation flawlessly, Document Viewer does not help owners view the transition effects of the presentation. Moreover, the irritating receptive time period of Document Viewer has also made seeing PPT file on Google Nexus 10 not that gratifying.

Method Two: Transform PowerPoint file for Google Nexus 10

A feasible solution to enjoy PowerPoint file on Google Nexus 10 along with transitions, animations, audio and video movies kept turns out to be to alter PowerPoint to Google Nexus 10 movie. Given that MP4 movie is definitely backed by Google Nexus 10, customers can alter the Presentation to MP4 movie for Google Nexus 10. Before that, consumers need to acquire a strong PowerPoint for Google Nexus 10 convsersion app. Therefore, owners are able to make reference to Moyea PPT to Video Converter to switch PowerPoint presentation to Google Nexus 10 movie.

Step One: Import PowerPoint presentation Save and even start Moyea PPT to Video Converter, a device

entirely created to convert PPT file for Google Nexus 10. Then wide open the convsersion app and click "Add" option to add the PowerPoint presentation for conversion.

The Second Step: Establish the output data file So as to scan the modified PowerPoint presentation on Google Nexus 10, consumers need to convert PowerPoint presentation to MP4 movie. For that reason, set the output data file as MP4 movie in the menu of "Profile". Step Three: Customize Google Nexus 10 file

Click "Settings" key in the screen to enter into Profile screen where a variety of video boundaries are generally presented. After that convert the PowerPoint presentation to a decent Google Nexus 10 movie with these factors. As an illustration, specify video size as "2560x1600" and also audio codec as "AAC".

Step 4: Begin the conversion Then, hit "Start" switch to begin the conversion from PowerPoint presentation to Google Nexus 10 movie. Seeing as the alteration stops, customers can view PowerPoint file on Google Nexus 10


Some Tactics to View PowerPoint File on Google Nexus 10  

Guide on how to view PowerPoint on Google Nexus 10 by converting PowerPiont file to MP4 video with PPT for Nexus 10 converters like Moyea PP...

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