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Options to Watch PowerPoint Presentation on Nokia Lumia 620

Despite the fact that Lumia 920 mobile plus Lumia 820 happen to be trying to attain more business customers for Nokia mobile as well as Windows 8 phone, their high price tags seem to be not. Indeed, the price tags have made almost all Windows 8 mobile phones preferred choices in high-end sector only. Thankfully, Nokia has realized the problem and even immediately delivers Lumia 620 as a solution. Just as the most affordable Windows 8 mobile phone, Lumia 620 acquires an amazing large-size TFT screen, swift dualcore Snapdragon processor, high-pixel backside camera as well as powerful battery power. Additionally, the inserted IE 10 transforms Lumia 620 to become a wonderful browser and even the cost of 249 US dollars adds extra charms to Lumia 620. In the event that the 8GB inserted storage area of Lumia 620 happens to be wornout, end users are able to indulge in outer storage space supplied by Micro SD card.

"Am I allowed to watch PowerPoint on Lumia 620?" Though PowerPoint presentation turns out to be recognized by Windows 8 cell phones, a number of fans really get worried that the lowered cost of Lumia 620 is supplied for the cost of the shortage of a few

necessary attributes such as the compatibility with PowerPoint presentation. In fact, this kind of worry is certainly utterly nonsense for the reason that watching PowerPoint presentation on Lumia 620 is no harder than stepping a hierarchy. Actually there are numerous tactics to aid end users view PowerPoint on Lumia 620. Here, three strategies will be included.

Method One: View PowerPoint along with Office Mobile

Although the release of Office 2013 for mobiles is simply nearby, the present industry only allows Windows mobile phones to make use of PowerPoint presentation using Office Mobile. Just as an program given by Microsoft, Office Mobile lets customers to observe PPT on Lumia 620 effortlessly. Using a few clicks, customers tend to be not permitted to view PowerPoint on Lumia 620 but also revise PowerPoint file on the Nokia cellular. Whilst Office Mobile offers an excellent solution to guide fans watch all sorts of PPT files on Lumia 620, it can't retain some animation effects of the PowerPoint file or may require slow response time period.

Method Two: Turn PowerPoint utilizing PowerPoint 2010

One more achievable manner to view PowerPoint on Lumia 620 is to alter PowerPoint presentation to Lumia 620 movie. Considering that WMV movie is compatible with Lumia 620, consumers can enjoy PowerPoint on Lumia 620 just after transforming the PowerPoint presentation to a WMV movie. Therefore, PowerPoint 2010 are able to work as a successful PPT to Lumia 620 convsersion program. Nonetheless, the transformation is time-costing and even PowerPoint 2010 won't allow fans to modify video details of the exported video for Lumia 620

The First Step: Open the PPT file, click "File" key and after that opt for "Save As" choice in the drop-down list to get to Save As screen.

Step Two: Set the output file as WMV movie in the drop-dowm list of "Save as type" and then click "Save" key.

Method Three: Transfer PowerPoint to Lumia 620 movie

Using an amazing PowerPoint to Lumia 620 convsersion program, users are not merely efficient in retaining the original animated effects of the PPT file but also change the PPT file to a good Lumia

620 movie. Therefore, for fans who want to view PPT on Lumia 620, they can seek advice from Moyea PPT to Video Converter.

The First Step: Acquire and even establish Moyea PPT to Video Converter, open up it and press "Add" key to import the PowerPoint presentation for further alteration.

Step Two: Given the simple fact that videos recorded with Lumia 620 tend to be MP4 videos, users need to convert the PowerPoint presentation to MP4 movie so that the transformed PPT document is compatible with Lumia 620. To set the output video as MP4 movie, opt for "MP4-MPEG-4 Video" in the drop-down list of "Profile".

The Third Step: Press "Settings" key to enter into Profile screen where users are able to set the movie factors for Lumia 620. For instance, set video codec and video size as "800x480".

Step Four: As soon as all the measures have been carried out, click "Start" key to begin the practice of transforming PowerPoint to Lumia 620 movie. As the conversion process comes to an end, viewing PowerPoint on Lumia 620 is going to be effortless.

Options to Watch PowerPoint Presentation on Nokia Lumia 620  
Options to Watch PowerPoint Presentation on Nokia Lumia 620  

Methods to help users watch PowerPoint on Nokia Lumia 620 by converting PowerPiont file to Lumia video with powerful PPT to Lumia 620 conver...