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What Causes Cholesterol Symptoms? Have you heard that there are no high cholesterol symptoms? Well, it's a myth. You do get warnings although they're sometimes hard to understand - that your cholesterol levels are out of control.

#1 Symptom: If you've experienced dizziness or angina (chest pain), it can be a sign that your cholesterol levels have already begun to attack the arteries in your heart and a buildup of plaque has begun. If you ignore the chest pain, the symptoms will only worsen until a heart attack or stroke occurs. The dizziness can occur because a build up can cause your heart not to get enough blood, which affects the oxygen saturation in your body. Not getting enough oxygen can lead to a feeling of dizziness. #2 Symptom: Getting abnormal test results back when you have blood tests to check your cholesterol levels is another symptom. Sadly, some people have regular testing done, but due to the business of the doctor's office, the lines of communication get blurred and the results are sometimes not delivered or explained. Always follow up on your test results. Make sure you know what's going on in your body. An often-overlooked part of cholesterol symptoms is stress. Stress can come from a variety of sources, but it can also be a forewarning - an intuition that something is wrong in the body. #3 Symptom: If you feel stress and can't find the outer cause of it, you should head to the doctor and get a checkup. Make sure your cholesterol levels are checked. Studies have shown that there is a connection between stress and raised levels of cholesterol. #4 Symptom: Not eating well can trigger all sorts of issues in your body. It can make stress build up and when you don't eat well, you often don't feel well. If you don't eat the cholesterol fighting foods that you should eat, your body has a more difficult time fighting to keep you healthy. #5 Symptom: You can feel tired or drained of energy for no apparent reason. A lack of regular exercise (or not exercising at all) can be a reason that your body is developing high levels of cholesterol. #6 Symptom: A warning sign can be carrying excess weight around the abdomen. #7 Symptom: Developing diabetes. #8 Symptom: Lack of energy or feeling winded doing what you used to be able to do with ease. Not all cholesterol symptoms will be big enough to get your attention (such as having chest pain), but this is why you should be on the offensive with your health rather than having to be defensive after

something's already happened. Certain kinds of damage done to your body can't ever be undone and you don't want to reach that point. Healthy eating and exercise should be part of your daily routine. Judy Doiron is an online researcher on how to become healthy and live a better life. Menurunkan Kolesterol

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cholesterol levels have already begun to attack the arteries in your heart and a buildup of plaque has

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