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In a world where getting customers through the door is both the first step to success, but also the first barrier to entry for any business both big and small, the design and spending of your marketing budget is a crucial element that must have skilled guidance. Unfortunately for us the way that one should spend their marketing varies from place to place, and more importantly from time to time. As Troy Wrigley from Enigin ( most wisely pointed out “One must be constantly adapting and innovating�. So how should you spend your marketing budget in 2013? Well in order to establish a definitive data driven answer to this very question, Edit Optimisation ( carried out a survey asking experts and company owners how they have spent their money and the gains that they have made, focusing strongly on the given ROI of the company. What they found was that online activities verses more traditional methods of marketing have become the leading activities that should be done. From email marketing to SEO and Google Adwords, companies like e-shot ( have seen a huge growth in business due to the large return on investment that they are able to bring to their customers. Traditional post you are paying per item sent, so you are more careful to market carefully. With online marketing likes emails, you can afford to target thousands of potential customers at a fraction of the cost, meaning that you can hit a much wider audience with a more scatter gun approach. What is interesting is that we are finding that even the most traditional of companies that are delivering face to face practical services are now turning to the web in order to spend their marketing budgets. South Devon pest control ( could not be a more off line company. It would be impossible for them to deliver what they do online, as they are literally going into houses, buildings and other areas and physically dealing with their pest issues! Yet to find their customers in the first place they are making their major marketing spend on online avenues. So if you are looking to make a marketing spend in 2013 – looking to online resources should be your first port of call. You can Follow Edit Optimisation on twitter: You can Follow Edit Optimisation on facebook: Visit This Url :


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