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May 2013

MESSAGES froM… The Resident Manager, Ms. Stephanie Morris. Garvey ladies, I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation and thank each of you for making the 2012-2013 academic year a successful and memorable one. You all played such a vital role in creating a “home away from home” on Farquharson’s C floor. You ladies are incredible! I must declare that you are resilient and strong black women. You embraced and adapted to this major change with integrity and of that, I am truly proud. I must also highlight your enthusiasm in participating in the Hall’s activities. My Ladies, this year you have truly “ignited the pathway” to maintaining the rich heritage of our precious Amy Jacques Garvey Hall with your infectious spirit and great camaraderie. Well done! This would not have happened without your invaluable contributions to the hall, and by extension, the Halls of Residence. Remember you are a Garvey Flame “for life” and it is our mission to you to ignite the Garvey flame wherever you go. I am so honoured to have served you ladies this academic year. I will always cherish the memories that you ladies have created. I wish you every success in your endeavours.

The Resident Assistant, Renee Williams It has been a long, tiring, tedious, sad for some, happy for others, dull, fun, romantic and heartbreaking year for us all, whatever category we may choose. All in all I am grateful that each and every one of you who resided here this year, did so; and I would not change that for anything. We’ve had our ups and downs and at the end of it all we have grown to understand each other how very different we may be and for that I am happy that we have all met. Guiding the residents of Garvey Hall over this academic year has been an honor, and I appreciate all of the supports for this exceptional Hall. I continue to represent you all in the capacity of Resident Assistant for 2013-2014 and I believe we can continue to be a family and work together as one. For some their journey here on Garvey has ended and for other it will continue. Make the best of life, where ever it may be and remember that we have all journeyed from different parish and countries, backgrounds and life styles to be conveyed as a whole, and it’s that difference that make us who we are. So we should use that to be a foundation of support to all whom we come in contact with, especially those with whom we live with. For those who continue in semester three, work hard and remember your goal, for those who go back to their homes, be safe and make the best of it and for those who travel to enjoy work experience, don’t forget who you are. Have a blessed Summer Garvey Flames.

The PRO/Editor, Shareika Clarke. Ahhh. May has arrived! Should we breathe a sigh of “finally!!” or gasp and say “already!?” If it is “finally”, now that exams are over, lets all take breather and enjoy the summer. I hope you all did well on your exams , and that you will be pleased with the results. “Already” means that once again, we have come to the close of another semester. For some, they have come to the end of their tenure at the university, and by extension, the dorm they have come to call home. This is an occasion which results in mixed feelings. But as we part once again, maybe temporarily, maybe permanently, let us remember each other and the love we share as a family. Congratulations to those who have worked hard this semester and will return as seniors (or soon to be feared and respected “Supa Seniors.” ) Also, to the new Executive Body, I hope you will have a good year. As you dive into the Garvey Newletter for Summer 2013, I hope you enjoy reading it. Thank you, to all the members of the PRO committee and others who contributed to the publication, and especially to Marlon Sergeant of MOS Multimedia. To everyone, I would like to leave this wish, that you will pursue your passion and cultivate your creativity in whatever way you can. Have a wonderful summer!

May 2013


Letter to the Editor. Dear Editor, Ma’am, I’m sure most if not all of us have had awful experiences with the bathroom and kitchen here on the C floor, like the experience of wanting urgent bladder release only to find out that only one of the bathroom cubicles is functional which to your demise is occupied, or even worse, none of the toilets are functional. I can remember those occasions where ,while having a jolly good time walking to or from the kitchen , I slip and slide in a pool of water between the bathroom and the shower. Not to mention that that morning when Rochelle, Renee and company had the task of acting as plumber and housekeeper trying to mop up and control the leaking toilets. There is also the wash basin that doesn’t seem to like to gauge the water through the pipes. I’m sure we all had to be senselessly mopping up water especially after washing our hair. How can I forget the sinks in the kitchen and lounge that make it a habit to clog up with from the slightest blockage. That poor little plunger must scream each time we hold it to try to clear the pipes, especially since the plunger does little or nothing to make the situation better. Didn’t any one else find all these plumbing issues a nuisance? I know I did. This is my first year on dorm, but I’m sure the seniors didn’t have this sort of problem over at Old Garvey. Lets keep the construction on the old Garvey in our prayers and don’t forget to also pray for these Farquharson pipes. I am, etc., Mari. L. Coley.


BY Sharei Clarke.

On Friday April 19, 2013, the stage was set and all the lights lit for the Annual Handing over Ceremony. Lillians Restaurant was transformed into a more regal setting where all the Garvey ladies came out in their semi formal wear to witness the changing of the guard, to wish farewell to our graduating sisters, and just to have a good time with each other as the year again came to a close. After The welcome was given, the programme was ably guided by Miss. Rochelle Ferguson, our Dorm Chairperson for the year 2013-2014. Items included a hilarious skit by the “Freshettes” and a reflection by our outgoing senior sisters of the years spent on Garvey. Following this, we were taken down memory lane and encouraged to keep the Flame burning by the indomitable guest speaker, the “Mumma Hog.” (Miss. Alania Gibson who is a past Garvey Flame.) Items from the seniors, and the ever entertaining Non Such awards followed Miss. Gibson’s speech, and also a reflection done by Miss. Wendi Kay Edwards, who many did not know was a comedian until that night. Either that, or she is surrounded by funny people who she shared a bunch of funny scenarios with during her first year on dorm. The Awards were distributed afterwards, shiny trophies and medals for various achievements. Following that, the other feature of the evening was the changing of the guard. The Garvey tradition enThe guest speaker tails the outgoing executives ‘handing over’ an item to in her element the incoming execs. This year, the Outgoing Sports coordinators (Rudeen W. and Monique D.) decided on a n old, careworn and probably smelly pair of football shoes and socks to give to Sashana H. and Suzan C., while the outgoing beautification coordinator Pheona J. decided to Hand over a new roll of tissue (which we hope was approved by the Bureau of Standards) to The incoming executive members (missing her protégé, Kimberly W. The other Outgoing and incoming Executives include Secretary from Kimone Clemmings to Shevaughn Whyte; Fundraising Coordinator, is Naulette Reddie.) from Shemale Williams to Wendikay Edwards; Entertainment and Culture, from Anelia Nelson to Saarah Brown; Heatlh Coordinator from Sherika Reid to Shanique Watt, P.R.O./Editor from Shareika Clarke to Pet-Rhona Plinton, First Year Experience, from Shauntel Folkes to Jodian McPherson, and Religious Coordinator from Shevaughn Whyte to Naulette Reddie. All in all, it was a beautiful evening which was ended with a tasty meal prepared by the staff at Lillians. There was even a serving of “champagne” with which toasts and wishes for the upcoming year were made. However, the peace was broken momentarily because the controversial Reflections Video from the Outgoing PRO which caused some persons from the Downtown area of Garvey Hall to send threats to the PRO due to what they believed was an inaccurate portrayal of their constituency (as a zinc fence and “mawga dawg” appeared in the downtown picture.) This, however, was only part of the fun, and the night ended well with serving of desert and a photography session for preservation of memories.

Garvey Hall Yearbook ( 2012– 2013.)

Page 4

Resident Manager- Stephanie Morris Favorite Expression: “I don't give a biscuit!’

Room C1

Sherika Reid “Oh Jehova….”


Safarah Danhi

Kayon Robinson

Roushel McLaughlin

“Jah know, star!”

“Mi cyan badda!”

Velesha Frater

Jody-ann Bailey



Rochelle Ferguson ‘Mi cyan manage!’

Reneé Williams “ A she do um’

C4 Shevaughn Whyte

Sandy Miller

‘Yu Baddy Hot...’

’Stop mek de devil use u.’

Artencia Gayle ‘No Sah!’

Page 5

C5 Marielle Coley ‘lef me alone nuh!’


Carolyn Thomas ‘..and you say that to say…?’

Sashana Higgins


C8 Shauntel Folkes ‘Mi naah laugh’


Eleanor Muir

‘So watt– U get it a-ready’.

C7 Deina Biggs

Shemale Williams

Diandra Thorpe

‘Yeah right...’

Saarah Brown

Shanique James

‘ Yuh Lucky’

‘I cyan manage!’

Kimmone Smith ‘ Lord God...’

Olivia Wray ‘Oh zeen!’

Page 6


Shareika Clarke ‘Calm dung yuh baddy...’

C10 Pheona Jennings ‘ I know right!’


Anelia Nelson

‘Me stress out..’

C12 Christena Collier ‘seriously, though...’


Tatika James

Christoria Stewart ‘Like, seriously…?’

Sekonie Wilson ’oh my goodness!”

Audia Salmon ‘I don't know...’

Monique Thomas ‘OMG!’

Shanique Watt

Suzan Chisholm

‘ Seriously?!’

‘Look at you!’

Roshania Tully

Kimberly Waul

’yu get whe mi a seh?’

Ramona Cockett

Lunce Dowdie

Page 7

C14 Naulette Reddie



‘A wa dis man?!’

Wendikay Edwards

Monique Dobson

‘Jesus Christ have mercy..’


Pet-Rhona Plinton

‘ A wha dis man?!’


Kimone Clemmings

Danielle Allison ‘ Big up yuhself...’

Kymone Greene ‘God know…’

Davene Watson

‘ Awright dawlin..’

Jodian McPherson


Shashagaye South-Bourne

‘Me seh!’

Rudeen Wellington

Sangileta Wright

‘Bombaat Dawg!’

Photography done by Shemale Williams and Kayon Robinson. Page layout done by Renee Williams.

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May 2013


Parental Fence


by Sherika Bonita

Mommy, Daddy why can’t you see A free flying eagle, I was destined to be Have not my hips expanded, my waist size decrease My twins now standing and my childhood deceased? Did you not say I was blossoming? ..Well here now I bloom My fragrance is very strong, I’m wearing natures perfume... You have clipped all my edges, fertilized my roots, Each day I was well watered so a mighty fine rose I shoot He happened to be passing, In the middle of the night he was facing your garden, so on your rose his eyes caught sight This was now his regular route, as his heart was now ablaze He has never seen such beauty in walking all of his days... He came, he picked my flower, and smell it he did The calendar has now been marked, Im scheduled to have his kid... But listen O mommy, Daddy do lend an ear, what your rose is feeling she definitely must share My leaves are changing colour, there are now spots on my stalk My nectar no more alluring, so in the night he takes a walk He has stripped me of my pride, my future looking bleak My tears have washed my garments and your advice now I seek. I know your heart is hardened, because I listened not when you spoke, But the fire has now died and I am suffocating in the smoke Mommy, Daddy, now I do see... That monstrous fence, was just to protect me...

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May 2013

Pure: The All White Event

Contributed by Monique T.

Garvey’s Tunnel parties are always creative and memorable events, and this time around, “Pure, The All White Edition” did not disappoint. On March 9, Anelia Nelson, along with her team of talented decorators transformed Old Garvey Hall into a creative array of colours and cut out art. The party got off to a very slow start (which is typical of Dorm Parties), but also because the Bizad party was being held at the Barn at the same time. This led patrons to pick their brains over which party to attend. However, as the night went on, people from the different halls trickled in and added a vibe to what was already being built by the fabulous waitresses dressed in white. Who would have thought that with a little imagination, a plain white Tee could become so attractive? These ladies kept the party going as they did their thing to the expert juggling of DJs Bonez, Ariez and News. The night wore on, and even up to 12 am, the party was scanty. However, the Bizad party turned out to be a blessing, and not so much of a curse as the Bizad partiers jumped into Pure as soon as the other party was over at around 1: 30 am. All of a sudden, there was no room to turn, and the waitresses were working double, and even triple to keep up with all the orders as the patrons came to simply have a good time. Props go to Anelia who throughout many challenges, stuck with the programme and tried to keep everyone’s spirits up. The party came off better than expected and ended with a bang at around 3 am.

Flashback: The Real Retro Jam.

By Neopiscean

This was an event like no other. This was an event that had many people asking “What??!” This event… was the Retro Jam. The PRO/Editor committee aimed for something different this semester: a social setting where people could come and have good,clean fun, and compete for prizes and surprises. These prizes were for the best dance crew, best old school costume and best Karaoke. The hosts Shareika Clarke and Jerome Fray from Farquharson Hall kept the pace on Thursday March 21 by moving the Jam through the different phases, and introduced a wide array of characters, some funny, some shocking. VLC (Michael Graham) appeared as the Hilarious Granny, and won best dance, 2nd best costume took the competition by storm along with his Yellow Man impression. The Karaoke session gave rise to the birth of Phee Michael Jackson who sang off key and off time so convincingly that she was called up for the beautiful 1st prize gift basket. And mention has to be made of Orville Whyte (Dancy-Dancy) who felt R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly” so deeply that he actually ran out the open door at one point. The dancers from Garvey Hall led by Rudeen Wellington took us back through time, dancing to dancehall hits like “Action” and the calypso hit “Gimme Dolla” In which actual cents and dollars were showered onto one of their dancers who really got it on. Also, let us not forget the lady Saw Impression which was done by our own Danielle Allison which could have given the real Lady Saw a run for her money. Also, there were the colourful and creative costumes!!! Granny, old time pregnant modda, Suga Daddy, and even American 40’s fashion. However, the Best Costume belonged to “Foxy Cleopatra”, Shanine Hepburn of Hall E. This was an evening that was fun, and well spent as many persons wanted to do a bit of old school karaoke, however, the time would not allow. It is hoped that the next time this event is staged, there will be even more support and even more characters.

This is the story of Robby.

Contributed by Tatika J.

He was a young boy who lived with his elderly mother. His mother wanted him to learn how to play the piano because she longed to hear her son play for her. She sent her son to a piano teacher who took Robby in under her guidance. However, there was one small problem because Robby was not musically inclined and therefore was very slow in learning. The teacher did not have much faith in the boy because of his weakness. The mother, however, was very enthusiastic and every week she would send Robby to the teacher. (continued on p 10.)

Page 10

Miss. Garvey / Mr. Block F

By Artencia G. and Olivia O’Shan

It was the beginning of a new year and a new semester, when all 11 of us freshettes heard that it was mandatory to enter The Miss Garvey competition which was held on Feb 16, 2013.After a series of events, it was down to 7 freshets partnered with 7 freshmen from Block F. These were Artencia Gayle and Jouvel Boyd, Kymone Green & Oshane Hall, Jodian Mcpherson and Jermaine Lamey, Monique Thomas & Kyle Hamilton, Shanique Watt & Okiefe Brown, Christoria Stewart and Ramone Wildman, and Olivia Wray & Chad Zamore. Leading up to the competition, it was hectic for all contestants as we had to practice almost every night to get things perfect for that day, and to get creative and talent pieces ready. Almost all contestants were clueless about what they would be doing for their talent and creative pieces, and so went around asking for ideas. But, after all that unsurety, we all had a talent piece. Finally, that date arrived, and EVERY contestant was nervous as the audience was much larger than weexpected . We started off with our opening dance, which was well received by the audience who cheered after enjoying the performance. This made us a little less nervous ,and then the competition went through talent pieces and casual and formal wears. Before we knew it, it was time to announce the top five, which included C.Stewart, M. Thomas, J. Mcpherson, O. Wray and S.Watt. From Block F, there were R.Wildman, J. Boyd, K. Hamilton, C.Zamore and O.Brown. Finally… it was down to the final decision… who would come out on top? We all held our breath until we heard… that it was Jodian McPherson and Chad Zamore.! Congratualtions to them both! An interview was done with Miss. McPherson… lets see what was going on in her mind at the time.

Garvey News: What was your biggest fear going into this competition? Jodi Mcpherson: I am actually a shy person when it comes to being on stage, so I was afraid I would mess up at some point. Also, I was not sure what the crowd was expecting of me, so I was a bit timid at times. GN: What were your expectations in this competition? JM: That I would be able to follow through with what I had to do, and somehow wow the crowd and judges. GN: What was your favorite moment in the competition? JM: The opening dance. I think I am a good dancer, but I had never danced on stage before, and so I thought this will be my chance to shine a bit. GN: What have you learned from being in the pageant? JM: I have learned to overcome my shyness, and put away my pride so I can do what I have to do when it is required of me. GN: What went through your mind when you heard you had won? JM: (laughing.) Nothing really went through my mind, I think the first thing I said was “Thank God!” I was absolutely wowed by that announcement. I just felt really good about it.

“The Story of Robbie” cont’d. One day Robby stopped attending the piano lessons. The teacher thought that he had given up and in fact she was quite pleased since she did not give much hope to Robby. Not long after, the piano teacher was given the task to organize a piano concert in town. She sent out circulars to invite the students and public to attend the event. Suddenly, she received a call from Robby who offered to take part in the concert. The teacher told Robby that he was not good enough and that he was no longer a student since he had stopped coming for lessons. Robby begged her to give him a chance and promised that he would not let her down. Finally, she gave in and she put him to play last, hoping that he would change his mind at the last minute. When the big day came, the hall was packed and the children gave their best performance. Finally, it was Robby's turn to play and as his name was announced, he walked in. He was not in proper attire and his hair was not properly groomed. The teacher was really nervous since Robby's performance could spoil the whole evening's brilliant performance. As Robby started playing the crowd became silent and was amazed at the skill of this little boy. In fact, he gave the best performance of the evening. At the end of his presentation the crowd and the piano teacher gave him a standing ovation. The crowd asked Robby how he managed to play so brilliantly.

With a microphone in front of him, he said, "I was not able to attend the weekly piano lessons as there was no one to send me because my mother was sick with cancer. She just passed away this morning and I wanted her to hear me play. You see, this is the first time she is able to hear me play because when she was alive she was deaf and now I know she is listening to me. I have to play my best for her.

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May 2013

In the Kitchen with…

Randel and Troy.

These two Falcon brothers are from Tobago and Trinidad respectively, and introduce “Pelau”, a popular dish made there, and also in the wider Caribbean. It is a type of stew comprising chicken, rice, and various Caribbean seasonings. Prep Time: 35 minutes Cook Time: 45 minutes Marinate chicken: 2 hours


Total Time: 3 hours, 20 minutes Yield: Serves 6


Add chicken, green seasoning, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce and ketchup to a bowl along with salt and pepper to taste. Toss to mix and coat the chicken with the seasonings. Set aside and let marinate for at least an hour.

Ingredients: 2.

Pour oil into a large pot and place on medium high heat. Let oil heat until hot but not smoking.


Sprinkle sugar into heated oil in an even layer. Let the sugar melt until it starts to froth and bubble. As soon as the edges of the froth/

3 lbs. of chicken thighs and or drumsticks, cut up into large pieces 2 Tbsp green seasoning 2 tsp grated garlic

bubbles starts to get a slight shade darker, immediately add the seasoned chicken and stir to mix and coat with the burnt sugar. Let

1 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce 1 Tbsp soy sauce 1 Tbsp tomato ketchup Salt and pepper to taste


cook for 7 - 10 minutes. Add the rice to the pot, stir to mix and cook for 3 minutes.

2 Tbsp vegetable or Canola oil 3 Tbsp cane sugar (substitute with brown sugar)

5. 6.

Add peas, pepper and carrots (if using) and cook for 1 minute. Pour in coconut milk and other cooking liquid. Season with salt


and pepper to taste. Toss in whole scotch bonnet pepper. Cover pot and bring to a boil.

2 cups parboiled rice, washed and drained 3/4 cup chopped onions


1/2 cup chopped sweet peppers 1 cup diced carrots (optional)

When the pot comes to a boil, remove lid partially and let boil until you can see the surface of the dish - the rice, peas and chicken

2 cups cooked pigeon peas (canned is fine) 2 cups fresh coconut milk (dilute milk with water if using canned co-

(about 7 - 8 minutes). Cover pot fully, reduce heat to low or simmer and let cook for 25 - 30

conut milk) 2 cups cooking liquid (stock, water or reserved cooking liquid from

minutes or until all the liquid has evaporated. Sprinkle the green onion on top

peas) 1 whole scotch bonnet pepper

and fold into Pelau.

Salt and pepper to taste 1/2 cup sliced green onions (white and green parts)

Tips for the Summer.

by Jermaine “Rafiki” Lamey

Its approaching the summer!! That time that we all long for, especially when we are overtaken by exam stress… But when it does come, some of us get frustrated because we don't know what to do during this LOOOONNG break…. Here is some insight from a Falcon Brother.    

Try as best as possible to get a job, this can be a very good way to occupy one’s time while achieving money for personal items or purpose Play as much sports as possible and keep active, it is really unhealthy to stay home and do nothing except eating away. Try and plan for the upcoming school year by setting goals and planning which courses to take next semester. Try to attain financing for the upcoming school year so when its time tuition to pay u don’t have to fret or be running up and down at the last minute.

Spiritual Upliftment

Contributed by Sekonie Will.

You being here at this particular time of your life was ordained by God our father even before you were born, (Jeremiah 29:11). Throughout all our battles/struggles God has never left nor forsaken us especially when we needed Him the most. So please remember:

You are here by purpose so make the best of it! Trust God and include Him in all aspect of your life. God will never FAIL you, and continue with the Christian faith! As we approach the examination season, know that there is nothing too hard now that God does not already know the answer for nor cannot fix or help you with. So be confident and remember that He who began a good work in you will carry you to the end, (Philippians 1:6). All the best wishes for your exams and May God continue to bless you all.

May 2013

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Garvey Court Ball 2013


March 28 was a night to remember. Its not every day that you get to have dinner at Usain Bolt’s Tracks and Records! And even better yet, its not every night that you get to share that dinner with all the colourful personalities that constitute Garvey Hall.

Second semester began with this exciting notion of everyone being invited to play the popular “court Ball.” The Garvey hall Sports Coordinators really brought out a crowd as many people, both from the dorm and the school itself came to participate.

This was a collaboration of the R.A committee and the Health Committee. Despite the late start due to the Integrative Concept which went beyond the expected time slot, the Garvey ladies still “rolled out!” to old Garvey hall “Cinema” and then to tell funny stories on those mattresses that were pulled out into the hallway.

Who knew, though, that Garvey’s girls were also super star “Ballaz” ...

Freshettes Vs. Seniors Challenge “Seniors stable, wi nuh disabled!” This Sunday evening, the Seniors left the Freshettes in the dust following the activities like balloon squash and charades. Better luck next time, Freshettes!

Healthercise Sherika R. had no reservations about getting us healthy and into shape! Those nights on the backfield really gave us a chance to blow off some stress, some steam, and bond a bit as sisters.

Garvey Hall 2012-2013 Newsletter  

Come check out all the highlights of semester 2 on Garvey Hall!!!

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