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Co- founder of Sonic Films, for him, channeling into video production industry is nothing odd as he has been running his co- business Sonic Image, a photography company for the past eight years. Along these years, despite being a professional photographer, lecturer, he also has been actively engaged with print media and event companies, which turns out to be the advantage for expanding business goals for Sonic Films. He has developed interest to venture video production business as his photography business on its own sustainable nature. His supervising skills in handling staffs and teams on daily and project basis has always been a standout criteria of him. Stakeholders have always been negotiable and comfortable with his interpersonal skills. Besides his business orientated nature, his eye for creativity is beyond explanation. Testing the water as Director of Photography for a few music videos and a couple of feature film has gained him the confidence and comfortable mentality to run Sonic Films. Having both logical and creativity vision enhanced by industry experiences drives Sonic Films along with its mission to expand steady with quality.

Consigliere The Managing Director,owning a reputable business background from entertainment industry, Mr.Jafri has expertise in various type of media such as stage plays, concerts, corporate events, and documentaries just to name a few. His profile has engaged reputable public figures that returns to him for his services and consultations. His extensive experience in event producing has established a remarkable managerial skills and astonishing client based relationship from both private and government sector. As such, being one of the co- founder of Sonic Films, he has pledged to lead the company management towards profitable business utilising his industry advantages. Teamwork is one of his strength that leads the team of Sonic Films for both short and long term goals. Driving the team with his consistent motivation and managing the company with professional work etiquette is delivering what Sonic Film is.

What makes you to find us is not just what we have got to offer but the unique team created specially to meet your demanding taste. Talent pool consisting various cultural background and personalities is our essential in producing a fresh product to please our clientele.

Sonic Films uses the latest technology to provide video production services. This means that the services provided achieve a level of quality previously reserved for only the most expensive video production companies. Occupying the latest technology to meet video production at various levels; we have been successfully produced television broadcast quality materials to high definition (HD) online video contents utilizing both medium to high end technology and huge scale equipment.

Being a new company, our strength lies where clients request and impressive product are made as main priority. As such, we take pride in working together with available budget, creating a mutual understanding for the execution of projects. As such, we have returning clients for our market expansion. Our expertise comes along with brilliant budget planning for polished products.

Company Profile  

Sonic Films is a video production house based in Malaysia.

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