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Sustainable Efficient Technology

ECOBLUE™ HI-ESCR TECHNOLOGY–ONE SIMPLE SOLUTION New T6 engines comply with the even-more-stringent Tier 4B emissions standards by using New Holland ECOBlue HI-eSCR (High-Efficiency Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology. This after-treatment system allows the engine to breath clean, fresh air to optimize combustion, torque rise and fuel efficiency.

ENGINE POWER MANAGEMENT WITH POWER BOOST T6 engines deliver extra horsepower when under load–a boost above rated horsepower to get you through tough conditions.

CONSTANT RPM WITH ENGINE SPEED MANAGEMENT In applications where a constant PTO speed is required, just select Engine Speed Management to ensure the speed is maintained even under changing loads. In many applications, this allows you to maintain a fixed forward speed in difficult terrain.

THE SAME TOTAL FLUID CONSUMPTION Even with increases in horsepower, torque and lugging ability compared to previous T6 models, fluid use (Fuel and DEF) remain unchanged.

LONGER BETWEEN FILL-UPS AND OIL CHANGES These tractors continue the New Holland tradition of easy servicing with a hood that glides open for easy access, and a long oil change interval of up to 600 hours. For a longer time between fueling, you can augment the ample 52.2-gallon fuel tank with a new auxiliary modular fuel tank that expands fuel capacity to 58.6 gallons–enough fuel for a 12-hour day or more.

Torqe (ft-Ibs)

T6 engines achieve better performance by maximizing power output from each cylinder. The new engine control unit brings the engine to maximum torque more quickly and holds through the lower RPM longer to outperform former T6 Series engines. New Tier 4B 4-cylinder engines can outperform prior 6-cylinder engines due to this latest technology.



T6.175 (4A) - T6.175 (4B) Un-Boosted

Tier 4B Power Tier 4B Torque

Tier 4A Power Tier 4A Torque

Speed (RPM)

New Holland T6 Series Tractors  

The New Holland T6 series tractors are available in 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder configurations from 145 to 175 horsepower.