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NOVEMBER 29, 2019

NOVEMBER 29, 2019

COVER LOTS Front: 11, 110, 192, 223, 463, 482 Inside Front: 200 Inside Back: 449 Back: 448

The 59th Annual Thanksgiving



Friday, NOVEMBER 29, 2019 at 10AM | Lots 1-552

Featuring Items from The Collection of the Late Nellie Momchilov, Jeromesville, Ohio Hilkka Brucksch Richard Stonis The Breaux Collection and Select Consignments from California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, Texas, Wisconsin, and West Virginia

LOCATION: The Municipal Light Plant 589 W Nationwide Blvd, Columbus, OH 43215

PREVIEW TIMES: S U N D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 4 , 1 :0 0 PM T O 4 :0 0 PM M O N D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 5 , 1 0 :0 0 AM T O 5 :0 0 PM T U E S D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 6 , 1 0 :0 0 AM T O 5 :0 0 PM W E D N E S D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 7 , 1 0 :0 0 AM T O 5 :0 0 PM T H U R S D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 8 , C L O S E D - H A P P Y T H A N K S G I V I N G F R I D AY, N O V E M B E R 2 9 , 9 :0 0 AM T O 1 0 :0 0 AM


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1 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE SECRETARY BOOKCASE. Third quarter-18th century, walnut and mahogany veneer with poplar secondary. Twopiece with reeded quarter columns. Top has broken arch pediment with carved dentil molding and heavy rosettes, two paneled doors and interior with shelves. Base has slant front desk with fitted interior, four graduated, dovetailed drawers with thumb molding and replaced pulls, and ogee bracket feet. Old refinishing with some imperfections. 96”h. 32.5” writing height, 38.5”w. 24.5”d $2,500-5,000 2 AMERICAN WINDSOR FANBACK ROCKER. Late 18th-early 19th century. Bamboo turnings, scrolled ears, shaped arms and scalloped rockers. Old green over red paint has wear. 14.5”h. seat, 39”h. Ex Winterthur, ex Bill Samaha (Ohio), ex Tom and Carolyn Porter, sold at Garth’s, November 2004. $1,500-2,000 3 TWO AMERICAN LADDERBACK ARMCHAIRS. Late 18th-early 19th century. One has boldly turned front stretcher. Refinished. 16”h. seat, 43.5”h. The other has sausage turned posts and old green paint. 15.5”h. seat, 44.5”h. Imperfections. $250-450 4 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE TAVERN TABLE. Second half-18th century, cherry and pine. One-board top with breadboard ends, legs have beading. Imperfections. 25.75”h. 31.5”w. 24.25”d. $150-350 5 AMERICAN BIRDCAGE TILT-TOP TABLE. Late 18th-early 19th century, cherry and walnut. Single board top, turned pedestal and cabriole legs. Old refinishing with some imperfections. 28.75”h. 40”d. $350-450 6 QUEEN ANNE MIRROR. American or English, mid 18th century, mahogany veneer. Molded frame with pierce carved floral crest. Two-part mirror with beveled edge on bottom. Some imperfections. 36.25”h. 14.5”w. $250-500 1 2 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019


7 AMERICAN WHALE END SHELVES. Nineteenth century, pine. Dovetailed bottom shelf, old brown paint. Stains, minor wear and age splits. 33”h. 24”w. $250-500 8 AMERICAN EAGLE BUTTER PRINT. Mid 19th century. Crosshatched eagle with star. Age split. 4.5”d. $150-350 9 PAPER CUTOUT BY SEYMOUR LINDSAY (OHIO, 1848-1927). People plucking peacock feathers under a tree. On blue paper background. Minor stains. Framed, 8.25”h. 9.75”w. $300-500 10 ANNA POTTERY PIG FLASK. Illinois, late 19th century. Incised “Pure Peach 99 Years Old in a Hog’s -”. Loss to one ear. 7.5”l. $900-1,250 11 PENNSYLVANIA DECORATED LOCK BOX. Mid 19th century, pine. Original red and yellow floral-type decoration on black ground. Some alligatoring and minor wear. 4.75”h. 8.5”w. 4.5”d. Ex David Good, (Ohio). $300-600 12 THREE MEADERS FAMILY GROTESQUE JUGS. Georgia, 20th century. Signed. Larger by Reggie Meaders, 7.5”h., and two by Alva Meaders, 6.25”h. $250-450 13 CARVED POWDER HORN. Probably American. Engraved powder horn with geometric bands, naive face, and “1763”. Carved heart initialed “P”. Minor loss to end cap. 11”l. $400-800

14 AMERICAN DECORATED WOODEN SUGAR. Second quarter-19th century, pine. Wooden covered sugar “bowl” with canted sides and wrought iron nails. Incised compass and lovebird designs with original paint. Late notes state it belonged to Mr. Shutzman’s (or Strutzman) grandmother, born June 9, 1799, married 1815. Wear and edge loss. 5.5”h. 4.5” x 4.5”. $1,000-2,000 15 AMERICAN REDWARE PIE PLATE. Mid 19th century. Coggled rim and yellow slip dot decoration. Edge wear. 8.75”d. $100-350 16 CAMP STOOL BY HOSEA HAYDEN (LIBERTY, UNION COUNTY, INDIANA, 1827-1897). Folding cane/camp stool signed and dated “Hayden Liberty, Ind., Jan. 31st 1891”. Carved animal handle with traces of original red paint. Legs have scratch carved images of birds and cat in tree. Each side of the seat is also carved. Top has a donkey attacking a man and a man chasing a woman “Beast without burden, Naturalized Citizens of U.S.A.” The underside has a husband, wife and child “Orthodox wavering on the wain, Females liberty on the gain. Some wear and age split across seat. 17”h. seat, 31”h. folded. $1,500-3,000 17 THREE PIECES OF AMERICAN REDWARE. Mid 19th century. Small jug with lightly mottled glaze, 7”h., green glazed cup and flower pot with green tinted and manganese glaze. Rim flakes. 5”h overall. $150-350

7 - 15


18 TWO AMERICAN SILHOUETTES. Second quarter-19th century. Cutout portraits of Rachel Lownes and Alban Webb, maternal and paternal grandparents of Mary Lownes Lewis, born 185_. Inked notions on backs of frames. 6.75”h. 4.5”w. $200-300 www.GARTHS.com | 3

19 TWO HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. England, 1st half-19th century. “Peace, Plenty”, 7.75”d., and “Landing of Gen. Lafayette…”, 9”d. Both impressed “Clews”. $200-350

20 TWO HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. England, ca. 1820s. Both with shell borders, impressed “E. Wood & Sons…”. Toddy with Washington at Mt. Vernon, 6.5”d., and cup plate with sailing ship, refered to as Cadmus, 4.75”d. Varying wear. $200-400

21 THREE SILHOUETTES. Two German portraits of Gerhardt Thummel and his wife Margarethe. The cutout silhouettes with detailed ink depict them in their wedding clothes 1795 according to the inked note on back. 6.75”h. 8.75”w. And a hollow cut silhouette of a man with inked details, probably American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Inked note “JG Smith, Property”. Eglomise mat, regilt frame. 5.75”h. 5.25”w. $300-600 22 AMERICAN SHAVING MIRROR. First half-19th century, mahogany veneer, poplar. Two dovetailed drawers with replaced bone pulls, oval mirror is probably original, held by curved posts with scratch carving and rosettes. Old refinishing. 19”h. 16”w. 9.25”d. $200-400

19 - 22

23 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE DISHTOP TILT-TOP TABLE. Third quarter-18th century, walnut. Birdcage, threeboard top and cabriole legs. Refinished. 27.75”h. 35”d. Ex Charles Momchilov (Ohio). $400-600 24 AMERICAN CONTINUOUS WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Late 18th-early 19th century. Old black paint. Bamboo turned legs and a stretcher base. Oval seat has a molded edge around the back. Seven-spindle back with beaded bow. 17h.” seat, 34.5”h. Ex Clark Garrett, ex Layton, sold at Garth’s, October 2004. $1,000-1,500 25 AMERICAN BRASS ASTRAL LAMP. Labeled “Cornelius & Co. Philad. 1849”. Fluted column, marble stepped base, and frosted shade. Shade has age. Electrified, wear. 20.75”h. $250-500

23 - 26

4 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

26 MOGADORE, OHIO, POTTERY LION. Second half-19th century. Reclining lion on oval base, two-tone glaze. Wear to high points on mane, ear and base. 13.5”l. $600-800

27 TWO HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. England, 1st half-19th century. “City of Albany” and “Baltimore & Ohio Railroad” (level). Both with shell borders and impressed “E. Wood & Son”, 10”d. Varying wear. $300-500 28 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATTER. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Scalloped States rim with “American and Independence”. Impressed Clews. 10.5” x 13”. $200-400 29 AMERICAN BRASS ASTRAL LAMP. Labeled “Cornelius & Co. Philad. Patent 1843”. Fluted column, marble base, and frosted shade. Shade has age. Electrified, wear. 21.5”h. $250-450 30 AMERICAN HUNTING SCENE. Watercolor on paper, unsigned. Folk art image of hunters and dogs “Uncle Alfred and the Gamekeeper Shooting Partridge, Sep. 4, 1866” with “For Cuddie”(?). Creases. Framed, 13.5”h. 16”w. overall. $100-300 31 WINTERSCAPE BY EMILY PARKER GROOM (WISCONSIN/MASSACHUSETTS, 1876-1975). Oil on artist board, signed on back. Farmstead in winter. 8”h. 11.5”w., framed, 12”h. 15.5”w. $300-400

34 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE STAND. Early 19th century, walnut with poplar secondary. Pinned construction with delicate tapered legs, one-board top and dovetailed drawer with original pull. Old red paint. Some imperfections. 27.25”h. 15.75”w. 13.5”d. Ex Ellie Hoover-Walker, sold at Garth’s, May 1995. $100-350 35 TWO AMERICAN LADDERBACK CHAIRS. Mid 19th century. Youth’s armchair with original red stain. 11”h. seat, 28”h. And a side chair with old red paint and initials “SL” carved into one slat. 16”h. seat, 35”h. Imperfections. $100-300

27 - 29

36 AMERICAN MINIATURE CABINET. Second half-19th century, poplar. Double blind doors and cutout apron. Red stain. Imperfections. 32.5”h. 18”w. 10.75”d. $75-150 37 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE BOWFRONT CHEST. Late 18th-early 19th century, cherry with poplar secondary. Four dovetailed graduated drawers with applied beading and original grapevine brasses. Shaped apron with line inlay and French feet. Refinished. Imperfections. 34”h. 39”w. 24”d. $300-600

32 AMERICAN BANDBOX. Second quarter-19th century. Wallpaper covered box with applied block printed paper featuring top hats and umbrellas. Wear and loss. 9.5”h. 11.5”l. $250-450

38 AMERICAN COUNTRY HEPPLEWHITE STAND. Early 19th century, poplar. Tapered legs, one-board top and dovetailed drawer with replaced pull. Old dark brown varnish. Wear. 28”h. 20.5”w. 18”d. $100-300

33 TABLE LAMP. Nineteenth century tin milk jug with brass label “Camp Wellesley”. Made into electric table lamp. 26”h. overall. $75-125

39 AMERICAN BEDWARMER. Nineteenth century. Copper pan with engraved brass lid. Turned handle with stained decoration. 44”l. $100-250



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40 PENNSYLVANIA VALENTINE. Second half-19th century, pen and ink on paper with painted highlights. Spencerian title “True Loves Knot” with cross over text below. Staining. Red painted frame, 12.5”h. 10.75”w. overall. Ex Tom and Carolyn Porter, sold at Garth’s, November 2004. $400-800 41 TWO MEADERS POTTERY BOARS (GEORGIA, LATE 20TH CENTURY). Signed. Reggie Meaders with orange glaze. Repair. 11.5”l. And David Meaders dated 1984 with green glaze. 11”l. $300-500 42 NEW YORK STONEWARE JUG. Mid 19th century. Slightly ovoid with applied strap handle. Impressed “Lyons” with brushed cobalt tulip and “3”. 16”h. $150-350


43 SMALL OHIO CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, poplar. Most likely a tabletop desk with cove molded cornice and old added feet. Fitted interior with pigeonholes. Old red stain. Some putty filled repairs. 34.5”h. 32”w. 13.5”d. $250-450 44 AMERICAN CUTLERY BOX. Mid 19th century, walnut. Dovetailed with canted sides and cut out handle. Old refinishing. 4.5”h. 14.75”l. Ex Bernard Cluff (Ohio). $100-350 45 PAIR OF AMERICAN BRASS ANDIRONS. Early 19th century. Double lemon top with scrolled legs and seamed construction. 19.25”h. $150-350

41 - 43 6 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

46 PORTRAIT OF A MAN. American or English, 2nd quarter-19th century, watercolor on paper. Elderly gentleman with grey hair. Light stains. Rosewood grained frame, 10.5”h. 8.75”w. $100-250

47 TEN TOOLS AND A BETTY LAMP. Nineteenth century. Eight bronze and copper palette knives, 7” to 9.5”l., and a wrought iron corn husker and nippers, 7.5”l. Together with a wrought iron betty lamp. $200-350 48 GROUP OF AMERICAN HOUSEHOLD ITEMS. Nineteenth-early 20th century. Woven splint basket with traces of blue stain and bentwood handle, 9.5”h. 11”l., slide lid box with original red paint. Repair. 3.5”h. 9”l. And four cased butter prints. Two round with acorns and rooster, 4.5”d., and two plain rectangular with mechanical dovetails. Together with a pitcher with molded rose. Chip. 9”h. $100-350

49 FAMILY RECORD CUTOUT BY J.B. WALKER (MIDWEST, 1815-1908). Signed and dated June 26, 1881. The “Cyrus Wells’ Family Record” with vining flowers and central vase. Very faint inked information on cutout paper sheets includes Cyrus and Sarah Heath’s in 1870 and births of three children. the Wells family was from Munson, Geauga County, Ohio. Imperfections. 20.5”h. 28.5”w., period, if not original, frame, 25”h. 30”w. This piece had descended in the same family when sold at Garth’s, May 2008, lot 163, and was featured in the Michigan State University exhibit and catalog entitled “Your Wellwisher, J.B.Walker, A Midwestern Paper Cut-Out Artist”, pg. 24, ex Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Phipps Collection. $400-800 50 HORSE DRAWN CARRIAGE PAINTING (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Gentleman wearing a bowler, seated in a four wheel carriage drawn by chestnut horse. Repair. 20”h. 27.75”w., framed, 24”h. 32”w. $600-1,000 51 AMERICAN SACKBACK WRITING ARM WINDSOR CHAIR. Early 19th century. Sackback with turned legs and shaped arms. Old blue paint. Refit from potty chair, edge loss. 18”h. seat, 38.5”h. overall. $300-600 52 FIVE AMERICAN BUTTER PRINTS. Nineteenth century. Two tulips, swan, cow and pineapple. Minor imperfections. 3.5”d. to 5.5”w. $250-450

49 50

53 TWO SOUTHERN POTTERY PITCHERS AND FOUR CHALICES. Late 20th century, signed. Pitcher, 8”h., with four chalices by Anita Meaders (Georgia). And two-tone pitcher by Steve Abee (North Carolina). 9”h. $100-300 54 HOMESTEAD PAINTING (AMERICAN SCHOOL, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Family with pet dog in front of house. Repair. 21.75”h. 26.5”w., framed, 24.5”h. 29.75”w. $100-300 55 PAINTING OF KITTENS SIGNED “FAGAN” (AMERICAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Kittens in a basket. Repair. 18.25”h. 24.25”w., framed, 24.5”h. 30.5”w. $150-300

56 STILL LIFE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Old Paris compote of fruit. Restoration. 22.5”h. 17”w., framed, 26.25”h. 20.5”w. $150-350

59 PENNSYLVANIA KRAUT CUTTER. Mid 19th century, walnut. Top and bottom have scratch carved compass stars with traces of original red and blue paint. Wear. 22”h. Ex Nellie Momchilov (Ohio). $150-300

57 SEASHORE PAINTING (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive view of sailboats near a lighthouse. Repair. 14”h. 20”w., framed, 19”h. 24.5”w. $100-200 58 AMERICAN SLIDE LID BOX. Mid 19th century, curly maple with pine secondary. Dovetailed with small “T” nails. Good patina. Repaired splits. 2.25”h. 9”w. 5.5”d. $150-300 51

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60 ENGLISH MOCHA TEAPOT. First half-19th century. Blue agate-type glaze with machined bands. Molded acanthus leaf handle. Some imperfections. 8.25”h. Ex Wiltsie Collection. $200-500

61 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE BOWFRONT SHAVING MIRROR. Late 18th century, mahogany veneer, pine. Inlaid frame and base, dovetailed drawer with replaced brasses and ogee feet. Mirror posts have urn-shaped bone finials. Old refinishing, minor age split. 18”h. 14.25”w. $200-400

64 - 67 8 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

62 TWO PIECES OF FRENCH MOCHA. Early 19th century. Dome-top coffee pot and matching cup and saucer. Cream base with brown seaweed. Both marked “Creil” (for Creil sur Oise). Pot 11.5”h. Imperfections. $200-400

65 AMERICAN FOLK ART FISH CARVING. Mid 19th century. Chip carved wooden fish with compass star on either side. Age splits and tail loss. 12”l. Ex Joel and Kate Kopp, sold at Garth’s, September 2004, lot 732. $400-700

63 ENGLISH SAMPLER. Silk on linen. Large public building, verse, deer, trees, shepherd and shepherdess and “Jane Cooper, aged 10, Novr. 15, 1809”. Some imperfections. Late frame, 26”h. 23”w. $400-800

66 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE INLAID TEA CADDY. Late 18th-early 19th century, cherry with mahogany veneer. Shaped apron and French feet. Divided interior. Refinished, minor pieced repairs. 5.5”h. 10”w. $1,000-2,000

64 AMERICAN FEDERAL LOLLING CHAIR. Early 19th century, mahogany. Stretcher base, shaped arms. Old gold upholstery. Minor wear, added braces. 16.5”h. seat, 38.5”h. overall. Ex Mary Thorton, Jim Keene, Joe Dush. $1,500-3,000

67 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE STAND. Early 19th century, cherry with poplar secondary. Nicely tapered legs, three-board top, and dovetailed drawer with original pull. Old stained surface. 28.5”h. 19” x 19”. $200-400

68 RABBITS BY WILLIAM SKILLING (CALIFORNIA, 1862-1964). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Two rabbits in a landscape. 30”h. 36”w., decorated frame, 35.5”h. 41.5”w. $1,500-2,000 69 LUMBER MILL SCENE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 3RD QUARTER-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Wooded river with mill. Inked note on framed “C. Margaret JB, Painted under B__ Bay” (?) Restoration. 30”h. 40”w., framed, 38.5”h. 48.5”w. $300-600 70 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE INLAID DESK. Late 18th-early 19th century, mahogany with pine secondary. Tapered legs with oval patera and line inlay. Dovetailed drawer with fitted interior, dovetailed gallery and a slate top. Refinished with crack in slate. 33.75”h. 37”w. 25”d. $800-1,200 71 AMERICAN DUCK DECOY AND PANTRY BOX. Contemporary decoy with original paint “Ira Hudson style ‘dipper’ by Bob Booth Chincoteague, Va 1991”. 10”l. And a 19th-century bentwood pantry box with iron tacks and opposing fingers. Age splits. 2.75”h. 6.5”l. $150-300 72 AMERICAN INLAID DOCUMENT BOX. Second half-19th century, mixed woods. Paneled box with mahogany, bird’s-eye and curly maple veneer. 7.25”h. 14.5”w. 8.5”d. $100-300 73 THREE DECOYS. Mid 20th century. American canvasback attributed to an Illinois carver, 15”l., Canada goose, 21”l., and a harlequin duck in the style DW Nichol (Ontario), 13.5”l. Imperfections. $150-350

74 SIX ENGLISH SILVER RESIST PIECES. Mid 19th century. One pitcher with Staffordshire blue transfer hunt scene, 5.5”h. The others have grapevines, birds and flowers. Two creamers, 4”, 4.5”h., two mugs, 1.5”, 3.25”h. and a bowl, 2.75”h. Larger creamer is ex Wiltsie Collection. Imperfections. $200-400 75 SIX ENGLISH BOTANICAL PRINTS. Late 18th-early 19th century. Handcolored engravings of iris, lilies and crocus, several published by W. Curtis. Some stains and surface loss. Framed, 16”h. 13”w. $250-350


76 PAIR OF AMERICAN ANDIRONS AND A HANGING UTENSIL RACK. Nineteenth century. Brass andirons with seamed construction, 19.75”h. And an iron scrolled rack with layers of old paint including green, 11”h. 14”w. Includes brass strainer and pewter ladle. $150-350 69

77 THREE CANDLESTICKS. European, 18th century, brass candlestick with hexagonal base, 9”h. And a pair of unmarked Sellew candlesticks, Cincinnati, Ohio, mid 19th century. 9.75”h. Imperfections. $150-350 78 SMALL AMERICAN MIRROR. Mid 19th century, walnut. Molded frame. Old mirror. 7”h. 6”w. $100-300

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79 HIGH STREET BY PAUL VIERTEL (OHIO, 1878-1961). Oil on canvas, unsigned. View of High Street, Columbus, Ohio ca. 1914. Restoration. 42”h. 34”w., framed, 48”h. 40”w. $2,000-2,500

85 AMERICAN SHERATON STAND. Second quarter-19th century, walnut with pine secondary. Turned legs, one-board top and dovetailed drawer. Old brown paint. Wear. 28.75”h. 22”w. 21.5”d. $100-200

80 OHIO STONEWARE JUG. Ca. 1840s. Ovoid jug with applied handle. Brushed cobalt tulip and “3” with impressed label “IM Mead, Mogadore, Ohio”. 15.5”h. $200-350

86 AMERICAN CANNONBALL ROPE BED. Mid 19th century, mixed woods including pine. Scrolled headboard and paneled posts. Original red stain is worn. 54”h. 52.25”w. with 71” rails. $100-350

81 AMERICAN REDWARE PIE PLATE. Mid 19th century. Coggled rim and yellow slip linear decoration. Faint hairline. 9.5”d. $150-300 82 NEW YORK STONEWARE JUG. Mid 19th century. Brushed cobalt bird and impressed label “Haxtun, Ottman & Co., Fort Edward, NY”. Applied handle and spout lip. Chip and some potstones. 12”h. $150-300 79

80 - 83 10 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

83 AMERICAN MINIATURE BLANKET CHEST. Mid 19th century, pine. Dovetailed case with applied bracket feet. Scalloped apron. Original red grained paint. Some repair to feet, edge wear. 8.25”h. 14”w. 7.5”d. $150-350 84 AMERICAN COUNTRY DAY BED. Mid 19th century, poplar. Shaped feet, head and foot board. Original red stain. Edge loss, missing slats. 27.5”h. 70”w. 24”d. $150-350

87 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE-STYLE CARD TABLE. Nineteenth century, walnut, mahogany and flame grain mahogany veneer. Bowfront apron and top with lift leaf, tapered legs with fluting at top and spade feet. Swing legs. Refinished. Some imperfections. 27”h. 39”w. 18.5”d. $250-450 88 AMERICAN TAVERN TABLE AND FANBACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Nineteenth-20th century. Windsor chair with bamboo turnings. Refinished, 17”h. seat, 44”h., and a later curly maple stretcher base tavern table with two-board oval top. 25”h. 36”w. 24”d. $300-600 89 NEW ENGLAND TAVERN SIGN. First half-19th century. Oval sign with wrought iron strap edge and hangers. Civil War era overpaint with eagle and banner “The Union Must Be Preserved”. One side has double image. Imperfections. 47”h. 33”w. $600-1,000


90 SEASCAPE PAINTING. Possibly Canadian, oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive image of ships in a storm with nearby wreckage and one ship in distress flying an upside down Canadian or similar English flag. Some repair. 29”h. 42”w., late frame, 32.5”h. 45.75”w. $250-450


92 OHIO SEWERTILE LION. Late 19th century. Molded lion on base marked “American Sewer Pipe Company. Factory No. 3, Akron, O.” Chips. 6.5”h. 11.5”l. Ex Robert Treichler (Ohio). $100-300 93 AMERICAN STONEWARE PITCHER. Mid 19th century. Applied handle and brushed cobalt foliate designs. Base chip. 10.25”h. $100-300

91 AMERICAN MIRROR. Mid 19th century, pine. Applied half turnings with original red paint. Minor wear, replaced mirror. 19”h. 14.75”w. Ex David Good, (Ohio). $200-350

94 PAPER CUTOUT BY SEYMOUR LINDSAY (OHIO, 1848-1927). Birds in trees with quail and rabbit placed on a blue paper ground. Imperfections. Framed, 8.5”h. 8.5”w. $100-300 95 TWO WALLACE NUTTING WINDSORSTYLE SIDE CHAIRS. First half-20th century. Brace backs with dark finish. One has partial paper label. Some wear. 17.5” seat, 35”h. overall. $200-350


96 AMERICAN ARCHITECTURAL CORNER CUPBOARD. First half-19th century, maple. Two-piece cupboard with arched glass paned double doors in top and blind doors below. Top has reeded pilasters, heavy molded cornice and dentil molding with butterfly shelves inside. Pegged construction. Refinished. 81”h. 60“w. 32.5”d. $1,000-1,500

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97 SIX PENNSYLVANIA DECORATED SIDE CHAIRS. Mid 19th century. Half-post backs and plank seats. Original green paint with angel wing and stenciled fruit decoration. 17.5” seat. 28.5”h. $300-600 98 AMERICAN WHIRLIGIG. Early 20th century. Interesting electric handmade tabletop piece with light-up, turning star with two wooden men similar to wind turned whirligigs. Original paint. Wear and minor loss. 26.5”h. 16.5”w. 13”d. $150-300 99 PENNSYLVANIA DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Second quarter-19th century, pine. Dovetailed case with bracket feet. Original grained paint with red medallions has some enhancement. Interior till and wrought iron strap hinges. Wear. 23”h. 40”w. 19”d. $300-600

100 FLORAL PAINTING. American, mid 19th century, watercolor on paper. Spray of flowers including iris and roses. Stained. Gilt frame, 10.5”h. 12.25”w. overall. $100-200 101 AMERICAN LADDERBACK ROCKER AND ARMCHAIR. Early 19th century. Turned front stretchers, replaced rush seats. Rocker is refinished, 18”h. seat, 40.5”h. And armchair has old grey/green paint, 18”h. seat, 45”h. Imperfections. $250-350

105 AMERICAN SHERATON CHEST. Second quarter-19th century, cherry with poplar secondary. Two dovetailed drawers with scratch beading over three drawers. Replaced “Peace” brasses. Square nail construction. Old varnished surface. 43”h. 42”w. 20”d. $250-450

102 AMERICAN WINDSOR BENCH. First quarter-19th century. Plank seat, bamboo turned posts, legs and stretchers, and scrolled arms. Old black paint. Some imperfections. 35.5”h. 80”l. $300-600 103 AMERICAN DECORATED WINDSOR BENCH. First half-19th century. Arrowback bench with bamboo turnings on legs and stretchers. Worn layers of yellow, green and brown paint. Pieced repair. 35”h. 77”w. $250-450 104 AMERICAN LADDERBACK ROCKER. Late 19th century, maple. Urn finials, splint seat. Refinished. 42.5”h. $100-150 98 - 99

12 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019


106 OHIO FRAKTUR. Watercolor and ink on paper. In the style of printed fraktur with angels, eagle and birds. German text records the birth of Johann David Durr in Chatfield Township, Crawford County, 1847. Below the text is a portrait of a young man in blue coat. Stains, foxing and some edge loss. Framed, 19.5”h. 12.5”w. $400-600 107 TWO AMERICAN REDWARE PIE PLATES. Mid 19th century. Coggled rims and yellow slip decoration, larger has brown glaze and hairline. Varying wear. 10”, 12”d. $300-500 108 TWO OHIO POTTERY FISH PITCHERS. Late 19th century, white clay. Molded pitchers with sponged decoration. One with orange has repair. 9.75”h. $400-600

107 - 113

109 AMERICAN SEWERTILE DOG. Possibly Ohio, late 19th century. Large seated spaniel on oval base. Unglazed. Minor edge flakes. 12.5”h. $400-600 110 AMERICAN MINIATURE DECORATED CHEST. Late 19th century, pine case with cigar box drawers. Turned feet and eight drawers with porcelain knobs. Original paint includes graining on the top and both foliate and marbling on the sides and drawer fronts. Some imperfections. 10.5”h. 11.5”w. 9.5”d. $250-450 111 KENTUCKY STONEWARE JAR. Second half-19th century. Cobalt stenciled merchant’s label “JC Webster Grocer, Carrolton, Ky”. Slightly out of round. 9.75”h. $200-400

112 AMERICAN DECORATED SHERATON BLANKET CHEST. Second quarter-19th century, pine. Dovetailed case and turned feet. Case has old yellow sponged paint. Minor wear. 25”h. 49.75”w. 20.75”d. $300-600 113 AMERICAN SACKBACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Late 18th-early 19th century. Turned legs and posts with knuckle arms. Old layers of brown and black paint have wear, drilled hole in one arm. 16.5”h. seat, 37”h. overall. $150-300 114 AMERICAN ADVERTISING SIGN. Late 19th-early 20th century. Double sided wooden sign with applied letters and old paint and gilding. “R.J. Coon Hardware”. Wrought iron straps. Weathered with some loss. 38”h. 85”w. $400-600

115 AMERICAN FIRE ENGINE AND TRAIN. Late 19th-early 20th century, cast iron and sheet steel. Wilkins wind-up steam pump engine with wooden handle. Original paint. 10.25”l. And a steam locomotive, 9.75”l., with two cars marked “NYC & HRRR” and tender. Imperfections. $250-450 116 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE DROP LEAF TABLE. Late 18th-early 19th century, mahogany with maple including curly secondary. Tapered legs including swing legs, one-board top and leaves. Old dark surface. Some imperfections. 28”h. 41.75”w. 17.75”d. with 17.5” leaves. $300-600 117 GERMAN BISQUE HEAD DOLL. Late 19th-early 20th century. Old patriotic clothing with silk bustle. Composition limbs. Impressed “R 7/0 -”. Imperfections. 14”h. $100-200 www.GARTHS.com | 13

118 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE TALL CHEST. Second half-19th century, curly maple with pine and chestnut secondary. Six dovetailed drawers (top has faux drawer fronts) with replaced brasses. Bracket feet and molded cornice. Old refinishing. 57”h. 39”w. 20.5”d. $1,500-2,500 119 TWO AMERICAN CHAIRS. Nineteenth century. Bowback Windsor armchair with bamboo turned legs. Old black paint, arm has break at repair. 17”h. seat, 36”h. And ladderback side chair with original splint seat and old red paint. Loss. 14”h. seat, 36”h. $250-450 120 AMERICAN HANGING PLATE RACK. Late 19th century. Two hanging shelves with scalloped sides and antiqued grey paint. Wear. 28.5”h. 43.25”w. 7”d. $100-350

121 INDIANA JACQUARD COVERLET. Mid 19th century. Double weave two-piece coverlet in blue and natural. Floral grid with courthouse corner block attributed to the Craig family. 80” x 90”. $200-300 122 INDIANA JACQUARD COVERLET. Double weave two-piece coverlet in three colors. Floral grid with flower border and courthouse corner block dated 1844 attributed to the Craig family (most likely William Craig Sr.) 76” x 90”. Ex Tim Martien (Ohio). $300-600 123 PIRANESI PRINT AND PAGE FROM A BOOK OF HOURS. Engraving on paper of the “Tempio della Pace” ruins, signed on the plate Piranesi (Italy, 1720-1778). Edge damage. Unframed, 13”h. 18.25”w. And a French book of hours page for July, ca. mid 15th century. Ink and paint on vellum. Some loss. Unframed, 6.25”h. 4”w. $250-450


124 TWO MAPS OF FRANCE AND ITALY. Handcolored engravings on paper. “Gallia Benedictina” by Ruperti Carl. Fold lines and edge stains. 24”h. 27”w. And “Piemont et du Monferrat” by Covens and Mortier. 25.25”h. 30.25”w. Framed sizes. $200-350 125 NEW ENGLAND COUNTRY HEPPLEWHITE DROP LEAF TABLE. Early 19th century, birch. Tapered legs, single board top and shaped leaves. Scrubbed top, worn original red paint on base and leaves. Pinned construction. Age splits, wear. 28”h. 35.25”w. 18”d. with 8.75” leaves. $200-400

118 14 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

126 AMERICAN HANGING SHELVES. Mid 19th century, pine. Cutout sides, square nails and original black paint with dry surface. Edge wear. 26”h. 15”w. $100-300


127 TWO AMERICAN WINDSOR CHAIRS. Nineteenth-1st half-20th century. Early hoopback with bamboo posts and late green paint, 36”h. And later continuous arm braceback with brown stain. 38”h. Pieced repairs. $100-200

129 - 132


128 ENGLISH SILHOUETTE OF A WOMAN. Signed “WH Beaumont” lower left. Full-length cutout of a woman with gilt details including hair comb. Bird’s-eye maple veneer frame has preparer’s label “W. Bennett Picture-Frame Maker…Red Lion Square, N.B. Funerals Performed”. 13.25”h. 10”w. overall. $100-300

129 TWO HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PLATES. England, 1st quarter-19th century. Shell borders. “Dartmouth” with fishing boats. Light stains. 8.25”d. And “Commodore MacDonnoughs Victory”. Rim flake. 9.25”d. $200-400

130 EUROPEAN BRASS LUCERNE LAMP. Nineteenth century. Three spouts and four accessories on chains. Saucer base, threaded post. Polished. 18”h. $150-300

131 ENGLISH MOCHA TEAPOT. First half-19th century. Agate teapot with molded designs including acanthus leaves and drapery. Lion finial. Some wear and repair. 4.5”h. $250-450 132 AMERICAN SLIDE LID BOX. Possibly Virginia, walnut with yellow pine secondary. Finely detailed scalloping around the base with short bracket feet and dovetailed corners. Dovetailed drawer in the base is divided with fifteen compartments and retains the original brass pull. Deep compartment beneath the sliding lid. Refinished. Some imperfections. 6.74”h. 11.25”w. 6.75”d. Ex Tom and Carolyn Porter, sold at Garth’s, November 2004. $600-900 133 AMERICAN FEDERAL DECORATED CANDLESTAND. First quarter-19th century. Round two-board top with original vinegar graining, old black paint on base with good dry surface. Some imperfections. 26”h. 18”d. Ex Bill Samaha (Ohio). $150-350



134 AMERICAN QUEEN ANNE CANDLESTAND. Mid 18th century. Cabriole legs with pad feet, nicely turned column and one-board top. Old black paint with faint stenciled decoration has dry surface. Some imperfections. 28”h. 15.25” x 15.75”. $100-300 www.GARTHS.com | 15

135 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE INLAID LADIES SECRETARY. Early 19th century, cherry with pine secondary. Two-piece secretary with four graduated, dovetailed drawers with applied beading, original pulls and fold down writing surface below. Tambour doors above with fitted interior including dovetailed drawers. String inlay with medallions on the doors. Refinished, age splits. 48”h. 29” writing height, 37.5”w. 21”d. $900-1,200

138 TWO BRASS CANDLESTICKS. Probably both English, late 18th-19th century. Earlier one has scalloped base and paneled column. Both have push ups. Imperfections. Ex Steimel Collection, sold at Garth’s, January 8, 2000. 7”, 7.5”h. $250-450

136 EIGHT AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE-STYLE CHAIRS. Hickory Company, late 20th century, mahogany. Shield back with carved garland splats. Salmon upholstery. 19”h. seat, 38.5”h. overall. $300-600

139 AMERICAN TIN PASTRY CUTTERS. Second half-19th century. Round container with small tube pastry cutters. 3”h. 4”d. Ex Steimel Collection, sold at Garth’s, January, 2000. $100-150

137 DUNCAN PHYFE-STYLE DINING TABLE. From a New Orleans area plantation, 2nd half-20th century, mahogany. Extension table with banded inlay and two turned columns with reeded saber legs ending in brass paw feet. 29.5”h. 65”w. 40”d. with two 20” leaves. $300-600

140 CHINESE TRAVELLING DRESSER BOX. Nineteenth century, pewter. Folding lid with interior mirror and small drawer. Engraved with flowers and phoenix, impressed marks on bottom. 2”h. 5.25”d. $100-300 141 THREE AMERICAN WOODEN ITEMS. Late 19th-20th century. Inlaid treenware chalice with inlaid stars, 5”h., and an inlaid document box with star on lid. Locked. 3.5”h. 12”w. 8”d. Together with a miniature bird’s-eye maple and poplar dovetailed blanket chest signed “Bernard Harter”. 4.5”h. 8.5”w. 5”h. $250-450 142 FIVE AMERICAN BASKETS. Late 19th-early 20th century, woven splint with bentwood handles. One round, 9.5”h. 8”d., and four melon rib, the two smallest with Eye of God handle detail. 11”h. 12”w. to 5.5”h. 6”w. $150-350

135 16 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

143 AMERICAN MIRROR AND PEWTER DISH. Nineteenth century. Dish marked for Samuel Kilbourne (Baltimore), 11”d., and small mirror with molded wood frame. Original mirror and brown paint. Wear, traces of gilt liner. 7.25”h. 6”w. $100-300 144 THREE BRASS CANDLESTICKS. Probably England, late 18th-early 19th century. Two with push ups including a saucer base, 6.25”, 6.5”h. and a chamberstick, 5.25”h. $150-350 145 PENNSYLVANIA JACQUARD COVERLET. Two-piece coverlet in four colors with tulip border and corner block “Made by J. Cleever, Easton 1843”. Some fringe loss and light stains. 70” x 90”. $150-300 146 ELDRED WHEEELER CHIPPENDALESTYLE CHEST. Massachusetts, late 20th century, curly maple with pine secondary. Paper label. Four dovetailed, graduated drawers and bracket feet. Minor scratches, sun faded. 33.5”h. 35”w. 18.5”d. $250-500 147 SMALL AMERICAN SETTLE BENCH. Mid 19th century, pine. Scrolled arms. Distressed black over red paint with stenciled fruit decoration on crest. 31.5”h. 40.5”w. $250-500

148 OHIO FAMILY RECORD THEOREM. Mid 19th century, watercolor on paper. Stenciled rose wreath with ringlets of hair tied with faded silk ribbons. Names are of the Powell family and start with Mary and Dr. John Powell. Mr. and Mrs. Pearce are also included. “Painted by Martha L. Powell, Mt. Ve- Oh-” (part is trimmed off, possibly Mt. Vernon, Ohio). Framed, 15”h. 17.75”w. overall. $300-600 149 AMERICAN ALLEGORICAL PAINTING. Gouache on paper, mid 19th century. Eagle with shield and laurel branch above an angel writing biblical verse “And I saw a New Heaven and a New Earth for the first Heaven -”, surrounded by books and a globe. Toning. Framed, 10.25”h. 12.25”w. overall. Ex Garbisch Collection. $250-450 150 AMERICAN STAND. Nineteenth century, walnut and pine. Shaped sides, chamfered edge top and scrolled feet with bottom shelf. Dovetailed drawer has figured veneer. 28.75”h. 31”w. 16.25”d. $200-400

151 NEW ENGLAND SHERATON STAND. Ca. 1820, birch with pine secondary. Turned legs, two-board top with cutout corners, and two dovetailed drawers with bird’s-eye maple veneer drawer fronts, applied beading, and replaced pulls. Old red stain. Edge wear and separation in top. 29”h. 18.5” x 18.5”. $150-350 152 AMERICAN REDWARE PIE PLATE. Mid 19th century. Coggle rim and yellow slip decoration. Chips. 10.5”d. $150-350


153 PEASEWARE CONTAINER. Ohio, late 19th century. Typical form with urnshaped finial and bale handle. Old varnished surface has some wear. 8.5”h. 7.5”d. $400-800 154 THREE AMERICAN WINDSOR ARMCHAIRS. Early 19th century. Continuous arm brace-backs. Two are refinished, one has layers of green paint. Imperfections. Average 17”h. seat, 39”h. overall. $200-400


150 151 - 154 www.GARTHS.com | 17

155 SAMPLER. Attributed to New England, ca. 1820s, silk on linen. Strawberry border, verse and flower pots with “Ann Bregaw Her Work Aged 11 yrs.” Gilt frame, 18.75”h. 14.75”w. overall. $400-800 156 SAMPLER. Probably Netherlands, silk on linen. Vertical format with rows of alphabets, man in colonial dress and a crown with short verse and “Ann Grw-weter (?) 1778”. Some stitch loss. Framed, 28”h. 10.25”w. overall. $250-500


157 NEW HAMPSHIRE FAMILY REGISTER SAMPLER. Second quarter-19th century, silk on linen. Alphabets, floral border, and listing for William Davis born in “Westm. NH” (most likely Westmoreland), 1782 and Clarissa Carleton born in Mt. Vernon, 1781 along with their ten children, two were born in Denmark. Last date given is the death of Mary E. Davis, December 12, 1826. Framed, 17.5”h. 17.5”w. $800-1,200

156 18 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019


158 SAMPLER. Probably American, silk on linen. Tulip border, flower pots and a large house with “Sarah Hutchison Shu D this Peace (sic) in th y 1825”. Some wear, added border, bleeding. Framed, 16”h. 14”w. overall. $300-600 159 NEW ENGLAND DECORATED DOME-TOP BOX. Mid 19th century, pine. Dome top with square nails and old paint with townhouses and trees. Imperfections. 9.25”h. 18”w. 10”d. $200-400 160 AMERICAN MINIATURE CHEST. Second half-19th century, pine. Two over three nailed drawers, shaped feet and paneled sides. Old dark red/brown paint has alligatoring. Some wear and edge loss. 13”h. 15”w. 8”h. $150-350 161 NEW ENGLAND DECORATED TRUNK. Mid 19th century, pine. Dome-top with dovetailed base. Original sponge decoration. Imperfections. 10.5”h. 23”w. $100-150


162 INLAID DECANTER CASE. American or English, mid 19th century, mahogany veneer and pine. Floral inlay. Curved lid and fitted interior lined with paper. Age splits and knothole. 10.5”h. 7.5”w. 7.5”d. $250-450 163 TWO MINIATURE PORTRAITS. Probably American, 2nd quarter19th century, watercolor on paper. Two women, probably sisters, in matching blue dresses. Toning and some stains. Papier mache frames, 5.5”h. 4.75”w. $250-500 164 OHIO POTTERY DOG. Attributed to Crooksville, late 19th century. Seated mastiff with blue and tan sponged decoration. 6.75”h. $250-350 165 AMERICAN COIN SILVER LADLE. Marked for Bancroft Woodcock, (Wilmington, Delaware, 2nd quarter 19th century). “M” monogram. 14”l. $200-400 166 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE OXBOW CHEST. Third quarter-18th century, cherry with pine secondary. Four dovetailed, graduated drawers with old brasses, ogee bracket feet, and line inlay on drawers and top. Pieced repairs to feet and edge loss to top. 35.5”h. 42.5”w. 21.5”d. Ex Collection of Gailey Wilson, (Pennsylvania). $1,000-3,000

167 ENGLISH MOCHA MUG AND PITCHER. First half-19th century. Blue oversize mush mug with relief scenes of cherubs. 5”h. And an earlier cider-type pitcher in dark brown with green incised bands. 7”h. Imperfections. $250-500 168 FOUR PIECES OF ENGLISH MOCHA. First half-19th century. Two pepper pots, 4.5”, 5.5”h., and a mustard, 2.5”h., all with machined bands. And a agate miniature creamer with molded neck, 3”h. Imperfections. $250-450 169 TWO SOUTHERN STONEWARE JUGS. Second half-19th century. Alkaline glaze and applied handles. Larger has repaired lip.11.5”, 14”h. $100-350

162 - 165

170 TWO AMERICAN GROTESQUE FACE JUGS. Late 20th century, signed. “Shady Grady” by Cleater Meaders Jr. (Georgia), 10.5”h. And a jug stamped by BB Craig (North Carolina), 12.5”h. $150-350 171 AMERICAN GROTESQUE FACE JUG AND PLANTER. Late 20th-early 21 century. Chicken planter with alkaline glaze signed “Grace Nell Hewell 2002”. 10.5”h. And a face jug with blue and green glaze signed “Jerry Brown, Hamilton, Al. 1991”. 14”h. $150-350 172 CONTEMPORARY GROTESQUE FACE JUG BY CLINT ALDERMAN (GEORGIA). Signed and dated 2004. Double face with candle sockets. 19”h. $100-300


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173 AMERICAN CRADLE. Third quarter 19th century, curly maple. Fixed base with turned posts. Acorn finials. Edge wear. 46”h. 49.25”w. 25.5”d. Made in Tarboro, Edgecombe County, North Carolina for Augustus Harvey and Ann Horne MacNair. $100-300 174 WASHINGTON CENTENNIAL INAUGURAL SHIELD WITH KANSAS STATE ARMS. American, 1889, tin. Hand painted state seal with stenciled label on the back “This shield was used in the decoration of the sub Treasury building, Wall St. New York at the Washington Centennial literary exercises April 30, 1889. Presented by Duncan & Johnston, the decorators”. This was one of forty-two shields on display for the Centennial celebrations of Washington’s inauguration held in New York. Some wear. Attached to a wooden frame. 30”h. 27.75”w. $400-800 175 PENNSYLVANIA FRAKTUR. Signed Samuel Bentz (Lancaster, 1792-1850), pen and ink and watercolor on paper. Marriage certificate for Johan Faber and Catharina Mantel, dated 1824. Stains and some edge loss. 10”h. 8”w., framed, 12”h. 10”w. overall. $250-500

176 20 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019


176 AMERICAN DECORATED WARDROBE. Mid 19th century, pine and poplar. One-piece wardrobe with square nail construction. Two doors, fitted interior with bottom compartment, cutout feet. Original faux flame mahogany grain painting. Wear and one door has slight warp. 81.5”h. 52.5”w. 20”d. $600-900 177 AMERICAN COUNTRY CHIPPENDALE MULE CHEST. Second half 18th century, pine. Graduated drawers, three false over three dovetailed with original pulls. Lift lid with staple hinges. Dovetailed bracket feet. Square nails. Old red paint. Wear and edge loss. 52”h. 37.5”w. 17.5”d. $600-800 178 AMERICAN HARVEST TABLE. Mid 19th century, poplar. Sturdy turned legs support a scrubbed butcher block top with circular side carvings. Base has old varnish. Imperfections. 33”h. 73”w. 34.5”d. $400-600 179 FOUR PIECES OF AMERICAN TREEN. Late 19th century. One Peaseware footed container with old black paint, 3.75”h., two with concentric bands (one painted red) and other with old black paint, 2”h. $150-300

180 181

180 BAPTISM ANNOUNCEMENT. American and German, mid 19th century. Printed announcement with penned date December 26, 1829, inside a printed envelope with handcolored angels, both of laid paper. 3”h. 4”w. $150-300 181 DECORATED BOX BY JONAS WEBER. Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1810-1876, pine. Original paint on box with tulips on the sides and typical house with trees on the front panel with “Catharina Porter 1847”. Footed box with interior till. Imperfections. 5.5”h. 10.75”w. 5.75”w. Ex Mary Thornton. $3,000-5,000 182 WEDDING OF ADAM AND EVE BY ERNEST “POPEYE” REED (OHIO, 1919-1985). Limestone, signed. Adam and Eve wearing moccasins and leaning on a barrel. Below on one side is a chalice. 12”h. 11”w. 5.25”d. $4,000-8,000 183 TWO DRAWINGS BY ANNIE E. JOHNSON. Pencil on paper. Original backing boards have penciled and paper notations for the two paintings finished in Rockford, Illinois, June 1858. One of a cottage with a nearby stream. Frame decorated by Gus Knapp. 14.75”h. 12.75”w. overall. The other of a Hudson Valley hillside “___ on the Hudson, The Palisades”. Framed, 16”h. 14.5”w. Ann Eliza Johnson married Civil War General Oliver Edwards in September 1863. $250-450 182 www.GARTHS.com | 21



187 - 189

184 PORTRAIT OF A MAN ATTRIBUTED TO WILLIAM MATTHEW PRIOR (MASSACHUSETTS/MAINE, 1806-1873). Oil on artist board, unsigned. Young man with blue eyes and jeweled stick pin. Rebacked on board. 16”h. 12.5”w., framed, 20”h. 16”w $600-800 185 PORTRAIT OF A MAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, MID 19TH CENTURY). Oil on tin, unsigned. Well-dressed man with watch fob and a lit cigar. 12.5”h. 9.5”w., gilt frame, 15.75”h. 12.75”w. $200-400

186 22 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

186 ZOAR WARDROBE. Ohio, mid 19th century, pine and poplar. Three-piece wardrobe with paneled doors and sides, dovetailed molded cornice and base with short tapered legs. Fitted interior includes shelves, pegs and dovetailed drawer. Old pale yellow paint (silver on the back). 86”h. 70”w. 28”d. $800-1,200

187 AMERICAN DECORATED DRY SINK. Late 19th-early 20th century, pine and poplar. Diminutive with zinc lined well and nailed side drawer over two paneled doors. Original grain paint. Wear. 32.25”h. 33.25”w. 14.25”d. $250-500 188 TWO AMERICAN STONEWARE JUGS. Second half-19th century. Applied strap handles and brushed cobalt tulips. One is impressed “N. Clark Jr. Athens, NY”, 13.25”h., and one impressed “2”, 13.5”h. $200-400 189 AMERICAN DECORATED GAMEBOARD. Early 20th century. Single board with original painted checkerboard. Some imperfections. 16.5” x 22”. $150-300

190 AMERICAN STONEWARE JAR. Mid 19th century. Brushed cobalt bird, impressed “New York Stoneware Co., Fort Edward, NY 6”. Bubbled cobalt. 10.5”h. $100-300 191 EIGHTEEN PIECES OF STONE FRUIT. European, early 20th century. Realistic original paint. Includes grapes, banana, pears, plums, apples and oranges. Some wear. 2”d. average. $300-600 192 AMERICAN DOCUMENTS BOX. Mid 19th century, basswood and pine. Dovetailed with original blue paint and brass handle. Iron lock. Wear. 8”h. 18”w. 9”d. $100-300

190 - 193

193 AMERICAN DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Second quarter 19th century, pine and poplar. Six-board dovetailed case with interior till and turned feet. Original grain paint with smoked decorated panels. Imperfections. 25”h. 50”w. 20.5”d. $300-600 194 ZOAR WALL CUPBOARD. Ohio, mid 19th century, walnut. Two-piece cupboard with double blind doors top and bottom and interior shelves. Original dark red/brown paint. Imperfections. 70”h. 59.5”w. 21”d. $2,000-2,500 195 ZOAR WALL CUPBOARD. Ohio, mid 19th century, walnut with pine secondary. Square nail construction. Small one-piece cupboard with two blind doors, molded cornice, and interior shelves. 55”h. 39.75”w. 16”d. $300-500 196 HARVEST TABLE ATTRIBUTED TO ZOAR, OHIO. Mid 19th century, pine. Heavy turned legs, three-board top. Traces of red/brown stain on base. Stains and some nailed repairs. 33”h. 96”w. 25.75”d. $400-600 197 ZOAR PIN TOP TABLE. Ohio, mid 19th century, cherry with pine secondary. Pegged construction with dovetailed, divided drawer. Tapered legs, two-board top. Wear, especially to top. No pegs. 29.5”h. 49.5”w. 31.5”d. $300-600

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198 ENGLISH CHIPPENDALE CHEST ON CHEST. Third quarter-18th century, mahogany with oak secondary. Two dovetailed cases with removable cornice. Top has two over three dovetailed drawers with applied beading and replaced brasses and base has three drawers and bracket feet. Replaced nails on back boards. Pieced repairs to a foot, some missing beading. 70.5”h. 43.75”w. 22.75”d. $1,500-2,500


199 PAIR OF PORTRAITS (EUROPEAN SCHOOL, MID 18TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Husband and wife. She carries a pink rose, he has a letter dated 1747 which appears to be in German. Restoration. 30”h. 24.75”w., framed, 35”h. 29.5”w. $800-1,200 200 QUEEN ANNE MIRROR. American or English, mid 18th century, mahogany and mahogany veneer. Molded frame, scrolled crest, and two-part mirror with beveled edge and cut crown design in top. Imperfections. 51.5”h. 18”w. $1,500-2,500 201 RHODE ISLAND CHEST OF DRAWERS. Late 18th century, birch with pine secondary. Five graduated dovetailed drawers with replaced brasses. Molded edge top and bracket feet. Old dark varnished surface. Wear and pieced repair to feet. 48.5”h. 38.5”w. 20”d. $600-900 198 24 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019


202 AMERICAN SAMPLER. Ca. 1820s, silk on linen. Alphabets, verse, flowerpot and strawberry border with “Mary Ann Conlon work’d this sampler in Mrs. Feehan’s shool (sic) November the 24”. Stitched repairs. Framed, 17”h. 16.25”w. overall. $100-300


203 SAMPLER. Probably England, silk on linen. Adam and Eve, house with fence, parrot, butterflies, rabbits and “Susan Spicer 1804”. Colors may be enhanced. Minor staining. Framed, 21.75”h. 17.5”w. overall. $400-600


204 SAMPLER. American or English, silk on linen. Neatly stitched with verse, alphabets, flowers, pigeons and peacocks with “Alice Castleman 1847”. Bird’s-eye maple veneer frame, 16”h. 16.5”w. overall. $400-600 205 SAMPLER. American or English, silk on linen. Finely stitched with alphabets, rows of flowers, floral wreath and bouquets, and verse with “March 3th 1809 Hannah Baker”. Minor staining. Framed, 14”h. 13.25”w. overall. $400-800 203

206 FAMILY REGISTER SAMPLER. Probably American, silk on linen. Urns of flowers and floral border with verse and listing for Ebenezer Swift Pierce and his wife Nancy Rice, married May 12, 1808 along with their four children. “Wrought by Patty Pierce Milton, July 28th AE 10 yrs.” Stain on bottom edge. Reeded frame, 19.5”h. 16.5”w. overall. $600-900


207 SAMPLER. Probably American, silk on linen. Floral border and rows with verse, alphabets and “Hannah Osbornes Sampler Made in the 21h Year of Her Age 1800”. Stitch and foundation loss. Framed, 19”h. 17.5”w. overall. $150-350 204

207 www.GARTHS.com | 25

208 AMERICAN MEMORIAL NEEDLEWORK. First half-19th century. Flowering branches surrounding an urn-shaped memorial with “Angelina Eliza Kidd” below. Imperfections. Gilt frame, 20”h. 21.25”w. $150-350 209 SAMPLER. Probably England, silk on linen. Verse, alphabet, vining flowers and “Mary Ryman Her Sampler 1797”. Small holes. Vinegar grained frame. 11.25”h. 10.75”w. $100-300 208

210 SEASCAPE WITH BOATS (EUROPEAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Small sailboats off shore, one flies a French flag. Restoration. 21.5”h. 25.5”w., framed, 33.5”h. 37.5”w. $600-900 211 ENGLISH INLAID HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD. Late 18th century, mahogany, mahogany veneer and pine. Dovetailed with rosehead nails. Molded cornice, paneled door with inlaid shell and escutcheon. Sides and interior of door have banded inlay. Interior shelves. Refinished. 43.25”h. 31.5”w. 18”d. $800-1,200


212 THREE ENGLISH BRASS CANDLESTICKS. Mid 18th-19th century. Pair of Queen Anne candlesticks with petal bases and extractor holes in sockets. 7.75”h. And a saucer base with push up and threaded post. 7.5”h. $300-600

210 26 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

213 AMERICAN QUEEN ANNE HIGH CHEST. Third quarter-18th century, cherry with pine secondary. Two-piece chest with dovetailed drawers with replaced pulls, broken arch pediment and cabriole legs with pad feet. Refinished , some imperfections. 83”h. 41”w. 19.5”d. $1,000-1,500


214 SCRIMSHAW TOOTH. Signed and dated “William Randell 1851”. Whale hunting “Going on a Whale” and “Sailors Rights” with a nearby bottle. 6”l. $300-600 215 AMERICAN DECORATED BENCH. Mid 19th century, pine. Scrolled arms and splat back. Original green paint with black trim and grapevine and angel wing decoration. Imperfections. 34”h. 88”w. $300-600



216 PAIR OF PORTRAITS. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, pastel on laid paper. Husband and wife, both holding books and seated in red chairs. The husband is initialed “DW”. Some imperfections. Gilt frames, 26”h. 22”w. overall. $300-600

219 AMERICAN SHERATON BLANKET CHEST. Second quarter-19th century, pine and poplar. Paneled case with turned feet and original red and dark brown/black paint. Interior till and wrought iron strap hinges. Wear. 27.5”h. 45.5”w. 21.25”d. $300-600

217 SCHOENBRUNN VILLAGE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, illegible signature lower right. Moravian Indian scene with cabins and wigwams and Tucarawas River in the background. Restoration. 34”h. 44”w., late frame, 43.5”h. 53.75”w. $600-800

220 OHIO JACQUARD COVERLET. Corner block “Samuel Meily, West Lebanon, Ohio 1837”. Two-piece coverlet in red, blue and natural with rose medallions. Stains and fringe loss. 76” x 76”. $150-300

218 AMERICAN STEPBACK CUPBOARD. First half-19th century, walnut with pine secondary. Two-piece cupboard with square nail construction. Top has two doors with twelve panes, pie shelf and shelves with spoon and plate racks, and two cutlery drawers. Base has three dovetailed drawers with replaced brasses and scratch beading, over two paneled doors. Bracket feet with scalloped returns. Old refinishing. Imperfections. 78.5”h. 61.5”w. 20.75”d. $1,000-1,500

221 AMERICAN JACQUARD COVERLET. Possibly Pennsylvania or Ohio, 2nd quarter-19th century. Two-piece coverlet in red, blue, green and natural with floral design. Star corner block. 78” x 90”. $150-350 222 AMERICAN JACQUARD COVERLET. Quatrefoil corner block “Maded 1860”. Two-part coverlet in red, blue and natural with nesting birds and grapevine border. Stain. 66” x 86”. $150-300

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223 AMERICAN DECORATED GAMEBOARD. Late 19th-early 20th century. Double sided single board with gallery edge. Original red and black paint with good dry surface. Nine men’s morris and checkerboard. Some wear and age split. 14.75” x 21”. $300-500 224 CROCKER BROTHERS RATTLESNAKE JUG. Georgia, late 20th century. Redware jug with applied handle and detailed rattlesnake. Signed on the bottom by Michael and Melvin Crocker, #50, 1990”. 12.5”h. $300-600


225 DECORATED BOX. Attributed to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, late 19th century, pine. Canted front and scalloped apron. Wire staple hinges. Original paint with houses and tulips. Wear, repaired hinge rail. 6.25”h. 8.5”w. 5. 75”d. $250-450 225 224

226 EUROPEAN BIEDERMEIER SHAVING MIRROR. Mid 19th century, mahogany, mahogany veneer and pine secondary. Arched crest with shell and two columns with hand painted marbelizing. Dovetailed drawer with inset panel. Mirror is most likely original. Some imperfections. 26”h. 19.5”w. 11”d. $200-350

226 28 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

227 PAIR OF AMERICAN SHERATON BANQUET TABLES. Second quarter-19th century, mahogany and mahogany veneer. “D” shaped tops, drop leaves and rope twist legs. Refinished. 28.25”h. 48”w. 24”d. with 22” leaves. $300-600

228 AMERICAN EMPIRE SECRETARY BOOKCASE. Second quarter-19th century, cherry with pine secondary. Two piece with four dovetailed drawers, drop down writing surface and turned legs on base. Top has two blind doors and fitted interior. 70”h. with 31” writing height, 38.5”w. 18”d. $400-800 229 AMERICAN ADVERTISING SIGN. From Stockport, Ohio, late 19th-early 20th century. Double sided sheet metal with original paint “Ed Massey’s distinguished men’s clothing”. Weathered with bent corner. 24”h. 48”w. $250-500 230 AMERICAN EAGLE PLAQUE. Late 19th century. Sheet steel cut out with applied bronze overlay and black paint. 16”h. 26”w. $150-350 231 GERMAN DECORATED BOX. Dated 1882, pine. Nailed box with original brown paint and stenciled decoration with some hand painting. Exterior has floral designs, initials and date “1882”, interior has well dressed couple and banner with German text. Underside has penciled “From John to Mary, May 2, 1882”. Alligatored, missing feet. 5”h. 15.5”w. 10.75”d. $100-300 232 AMERICAN SHERATON STAND. Second quarter-19th century, poplar. Folksy turned legs and two dovetailed drawers. Original faux curly maple grain paint has wear, mostly on top. 29”h. 23”w. 19.75”d. $100-300


235 234

233 GROOM WITH HORSE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Groom washing uncooperative bay horse. Some imperfections. 24”h. 30”w., framed, 27.5”h. 33.5”w. $400-800 234 PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG MAN (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND QUARTER-19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Young man with blue eyes. Restoration. 26”h. 22”w., framed, 31.5”h. 27.5”w. $300-600

238 AMERICAN COUNTRY HEPPLEWHITE TABLE. First quarter-19th century, cherry with pine secondary. Tapered legs, three-board top, dovetailed drawer with thumb molding. Refinished. Edge loss to drawer. 27.5”h. 24.75”w. 20.5”d. $100-300 239 SHAKER SIDE CHAIR. Second half-19th century. Ladderback with turned finials and replaced tape seat. Age splits. 14”h. seat, 36”h. overall. $100-300

235 BARN SCAPE BY G. MARECHAL (FRANCE, 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Interior barn scene with sheep and chickens, 21”h. 25.5”w., framed, 25.75”h. 30.5”w. $300-600 236 AMERICAN DECORATED HEPPLEWHITE CHEST. First quarter-19th century, pine. Four dovetailed drawers with scratch beading, tapered feet with faint French foot endings. Original grain paint over yellow. Wear. 34.5”h. 43”w. 20”d. Ex Clark Garrett Collection. $400-800 237 ROMANTICIZED PAINTING OF APHRODITE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Moonlit lake with Aphrodite, in a shell pulled by swans, and her attendant, both in the form of fairies. Some imperfections. 26”h. 36”w., framed, 32”h. 42”w. $300-500

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240 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE CORNER CUPBOARD. Late 18th-early 19th century, walnut. One-piece cupboard with square nail construction. Molded cornice, dentil molding, bracket feet and two paneled doors top and bottom. Interior shelves. Refinished. 90”h. 55”w. 23”d. $1,000-2,000 241 AMERICAN DECORATED DOCUMENTS BOX. Second half 19th century, pine. Dovetailed box with original black paint and finely painted flourishes with deer and decoupage flower urn on lid. Some imperfections. 7.75”h. 16.5”w. 9.75”w. $250-350 242 AMERICAN TABLETOP DOUGH BOX. Late 19th century, pine and poplar. Canted sides with nailed construction and removable lid. Natural surface. 10.5”h. 23”w. $100-150 243 AMERICAN TABLETOP PIGEONHOLES. Second half-19th century, walnut with pine secondary. Dovetailed with paneled door and nine interior pigeonholes. 18.5”h. 15.25”w. 12”d. $100-200 244 AMERICAN FOLK ART CANE. Late 19th century. Knob handle and twined snake with original spotted green paint. Some wear and age splits. 35”l. $150-350 245 CAST IRON FENCE GATE. Acanthus leaves and garland with “Schoepf & Fieseler 1901” on front “Patent April 11” on back. Old silver paint. 32”h. 38”w. overall. $100-300 246 AMERICAN CHILD SIZE CHEST. First half-19th century, pine and poplar. Three graduated, dovetailed drawers with original pulls, French feet and scratched reeding. Old dark brown varnish has dry and alligatored surface. Wear and some edge loss. 25”h. 19.5”w. 10.5”d. $200-400


30 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

247 AMERICAN STORAGE BENCH. Mid 19th century, pine. Paneled back with four lift lids opening to storage underneath. Mortised and square nail construction. Old grained paint. Imperfections. 36”h. 85”w. 18”d. $250-450

248 PORTRAIT OF GEORGE EDWARDS BY NATHANIEL LAKEMAN (MASSACHUSETTS, B. 1756). Oil on wooden board, signed on the back. Young man wearing a coat with brass buttons, seated in an arrowback chair. Labeled on the back “George Edwards Painted by N. Lakeman, Salem, June 1828, No. 1_8”. Additional exhibition tag “The Mattatuck HIstorical Society, Waterbury, Connecticut Exhibition of American Primitives”. Restored split. 20”h. 16.75”w., framed, 26.5”h. 23”w. $1,000-2,000 249 AMERICAN ARCHITECTURAL FINIAL. Nineteenth century, zinc. Large conical cap with applied cabochon type trim. Old flaking turquoise paint. Dents and one loose cabochon. 48”h. 36”d. $300-600 250 AMERICAN SACKBACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Early 19th century. Turned legs and posts. Refinished. 17”h. seat, 34.75”h. $100-300 251 MEDITERRANEAN LANDSCAPE BY JOHN CLYMER (B. 1932). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Seaside garden. 20”h. 24”w., framed, 30.5”h. 34.5”w. $100-300 252 CHILD AND ANIMALS SIGNED “W. STRUTT”. Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Restoration. 10”h. 14”w,, framed, 14”h. 18”w. $100-200 253 AMERICAN FOLKSY LANDSCAPE. Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive farm with animals, pond and building. 16”h. 26.5”w., framed, 19.25”h. 30”w. $100-250

254 PORTRAIT OF A MAN BY ALBERT LAUCK DALBEY (PENNSYLVANIA, 1828-1910). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1897 lower right. Bearded man. Surface wear. 27”h. 22”w., framed, 30.5”h. 25.5”w. $200-400 255 GERMAN WATERCOLOR OF BARD. Watercolor on paper. Classical-style bard with lyre, surrounded by animals. German text dated 1848 on the backing paper. Framed, 10”h. 28”w. $150-300 256 STREET MARKET (AMERICAN SCHOOL, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil wash on paper, unsigned. African Americans at a market with watermelon vendor, “Flour Merchant”, “Tobacco, Whiskey” etc. 10.25”h. 16”w., framed, 16”h. 21.75”w. $150-350 257 SAMPLER. Probably England, silk on linen. Multiple designs with initials, flower pots, two men in top hats, and a bird cage. Dated 1822. Stains. Framed, 15.25”h. 17.25”w. $250-500 258 PAIR OF AMERICAN CAST IRON GARDEN URNS. Early 20th century. Tulip shaped on plinths. One has old green, the other old silver paint. Wear. 22”h. $100-350 259 FOUR AMERICAN CAST IRON FINIALS AND GARDEN URNS. Early 20th century. Pair of sphere shaped finials with traces of old red paint, 16”h., and two similar tulip urns with old worn white paint. 17”h., one on plinth, 19”h. $200-400


260 PERSIAN PICTORAL RUG. First half-20th century. Landscape on dark blue ground with light camel borders. Edge wear. 3’7” x 5’. $600-800 261 PERSIAN RUG. First half-20th century, silk. Floral with blue ground and ivory border. Minor color bleeding. 3’4” x 5’1”. $600-1,200 262 ORIENTAL RUG. Second quarter-20th century. Floral on burgundy ground. Edge wear. 4’9” x 6’3”. $300-600 263 KARABAUGH RUG. First half-20th century. Red medallions on blue ground. Worn. 2’9” x 4’9”. $150-350 www.GARTHS.com | 31

264 AMERICAN WOODEN BOWL. Nineteenth century, maple with faint curl. Oval with scrubbed interior. Traces of red paint on the exterior. Wear. 3.25”h. 19.25”l. $200-350 265 AMERICAN SEWERTILE LION. Late 19th-early 20th century. Unglazed reclining lion. Edge flakes. 8”h. 9.5”l. $150-350

264 - 266

266 AMERICAN REDWARE PIE PLATE. Mid 19th century. Coggled rim and yellow slip “M”. Minor edge flakes. 9.25”d. $100-300 267 OHIO STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, butternut and walnut with pine secondary. Two pieces with square nail construction. Top has cove molded cornice, two doors with eighteen panes, and spoon racks. Base has canted sides, two paneled doors and three dovetailed drawers with replaced pulls. Refinished with interior paint. 78.5”h. 70.5”w. 20.5”d. Ex Lisa and Barry McAllister (Maryland) $1,500-2,500 268 PENNSYLVANIA CHIPPENDALE BLANKET CHEST. Late 18th century, pine and poplar. Dovetailed case with ogee bracket feet, applied molding, and interior till. Old red paint. Imperfections. 26.5”h. 50”w. 22”d. $400-800 267 32 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

269 AMERICAN BENCH AND TABLETOP CABINET. Nineteenth century, pine. Small bench with mortised construction and beveled, shaped sides. Original red. Edge loss. 15”h. 52.5”w. 8”d. And an earlier cabinet with dovetails and square nail construction and two blind doors. Cleaned down to red paint, old grey remains inside. 27”h. 36.25”w. 10”d. $250-450 270 THREE AMERICAN SIDE CHAIRS. Second half-18th century. Banister back with turned stretchers, 43.5”h., country Queen Anne with Spanish feet, 40.5”h. and country Chippendale with ribbon back, 36.5”h. Some imperfections. $250-450 271 QUEEN ANNE-STYLE DRESSING TABLE BY ELDRED WHEELER. Massachusetts, late 20th century, cherry with pine secondary. Paper label. Scrolled apron, dovetailed drawers, one with fan carving. 30”h. 33”w. 21”d. $250-450 272 TWO AMERICAN CHAIRS. First half-19th century. Bowback Windsor armchair with old black paint. Chalked name on underside “RJ Carson” (?) Worn paint. 16.5”h. seat, 36”h. And an arrowback side chair with original red paint and traces of alligatored stenciling including star on crest. Bamboo legs. 17.5”h. seat, 33”h. overall. $250-450

273 AMERICAN BRACEBACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIR. Late 18th-early 19th century. Turned base, shaped arms and scrolled ears. Old black paint has wear. Braces removed. 17”h. seat, 38”h. overall. $400-800

277 AMERICAN ARCHITECTURAL MIRROR. Late 19th-early 20th century. Two-part mirror with columns and reeded frame with good surface. Some edge loss. 13.75”h. 21”w. $100-300

274 OHIO SURVEYOR’S TRANSIT. First quarter-19th century. Brass transit on cherry tripod legs. Silvered dial marked “Henry Ware Maker, Cincinnati, Ohio”. 64.5”h. overall. $600-900

278 “THE RED BARN” SIGNED “NOLT” (AMERICAN MID 20TH CENTURY). Oil on artist board, signed and dated Ada or Abe Nolt 1957 lower right. Pleasant scene of a farmstead. 22”h. 30”w., framed, 26”h. 34”w. $100-300

275 AMERICAN APPLIQUE QUILT. Late 19th century. Princess Feather in red and green on hand quilted white ground. Machine sewn binding. Cleaned with minor loss and faint stains. 80” x 80”. $200-400



276 INDIANA PIECED ALBUM QUILT. Seven Sisters pattern in orange and red. Hand stitched with embroidered names and “Mt. Taybor 1889”. Machine sewn binding. Names of the Mt. Taybor congregation (outside of Dillsboro, Indiana) as well as Reverends Jesse Miller, GW Colragen and EH Wood along with their wives. Handed down through the family of Jesse Miller (pastor at Mt. Taybor) and reputedly a going away gift from his congregation. Minor wear and some staining. 72” x 82”. $600-800


279 PASTORAL SCENE SIGNED YEEND KING. Watercolor on paper, signed lower right. Signature appears to be L. Yeend King but is possibly by Henry John Yeend-King (United Kingdom, 1855-1924). Cattle near an irrigation ditch. Framed, 21.75”h. 28.25”w. overall. $150-350 280 AMERICAN FIRESIDE BENCH. First half-19th century, pine. Long curved bench with paneled back. Pegged construction. Refinished. 63”h. 79”w. $400-800 281 AMERICAN COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE PIN TOP TABLE. Late 18th century, pine. Threeboard top, shaped feet and applied molding to the apron. Two dovetailed drawers. Old grungy red paint. Imperfections. 28”h. 58”w. 28”d. $600-800


282 AMERICAN STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, pine. Two-piece cupboard with molded cornice, fluted stiles and two doors with eighteen panes. Base has three dovetailed drawers and two paneled doors as well as dovetailed bracket feet. Square nail construction. Old green and yellow paint. Imperfections. 93”h. 73.25”w. 20.5”d. $900-1,250 www.GARTHS.com | 33

283 TWO AMERICAN MINIATURE BANDBOXES. Mid 19th century. Oval with wallpaper covering. Blue, 2.75”h. 4”l., and ivory with blue, 2”h. 3”l. Varying wear. $200-400 284 AMERICAN POTTERY DOG. Probably Ohio, late 19th century, white clay. Molded spaniel with hand tooling and white and brown glaze. Firing separations. 8”h. $250-450 283 - 286

285 OHIO YELLOWWARE DOG. Late 19th century. Seated molded spaniel on scalloped base. Yellow and brown glaze. Base damage. 10.5”h. $300-600 286 NEW ENGLAND DECORATED SEWING BOX. First half-19th century, pine. Possibly a schoolgirl piece with original stenciled acanthus leaves on the yellow case and a landscape with sailboat (Hudson River?) on the lid. Octagonal with fitted interior. Wear and yellowed varnish. 7”h. 14.5”w. 10.75”d. $300-600 287 STEAMER “MARY MCDONALD” BY MATTHEW HASTINGS (MISSOURI, 1834-1919). Oil on canvas, signed lower right. Side wheel packet boat built by Captain J. McDonald. Flat boat in the background. Minor imperfections. 20”h. 30”w., framed, 25.25”h. 34.75”w. The MARY McDONALD, built in 1866 in St. Louis, Missouri, ran on the Missouri River. The boat, with a hull full of hemp, was a total loss by fire in June 12th, 1873. $1,000-2,000


288 AMERICAN DECORATED SETTLE BENCH. Mid 19th century, pine. Half-post back, scrolled arms and stretcher base. Old brown paint with stenciled birds and grapes. Wear, especially to seat. 35”h. 73”w. $300-600 288 34 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

289 EAGLES HALL LODGE SIGN. Late 19th-early 20th century. Single board sign with applied molding. Original gold lettering on black ground advertises Eagles Hall meeting times. Imperfections. 74”h. 16.5”w. Sold at Garth’s, August 2010, lot 1361. $400-800

290 SAILING SHIP “BRACKEN” SIGNED “CAPTAIN JACK SYMS” (EUROPEAN, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Oil on artist board, signed and dated 1897 lower right. Twomasted ship flying a French flag. 16”h. 20”w., framed, 21”h. 25”w. $300-600 291 AMERICAN SHERATON WASHSTAND. Second quarter-19th century, cherry with poplar secondary. Turned legs, dovetailed gallery with fan carving, and dovetailed drawer. Original grain paint. Surface wear and loss. 33”h. 20.75”w. 18.25”d. $200-400 292 AMERICAN SHERATON STAND. Second quarter-19th century. Nicely turned legs and dovetailed drawer with original grain paint. Table has original red paint. Some wear and stains. 27”h. 20” x 20”. $150-300 293 AMERICAN FEDERAL TALL CASE CLOCK. First quarter-19th century, cherry with mahogany veneer and pine. Cove molding, case has chamfered corners, bonnet has freestanding columns and broken arch pediment. Repainted face, brass works. Faint penciled family names inside door “Geo. Adler Doak, __ Va., __ 93rd Va. Artillery (?), d. 1823, Dr. Robt. Doak Lilley, Va 1800-1880 Ohio, Judge Robt. D. Lilley, 18281903”. Refinished. 95”h. $600-1,200

294 MILLSTONE. Nineteenth century. Wear and edge chips. 27”d. 3”w. $100-300 295 TWO MILLSTONES. Nineteenth century. Larger has paint. Wear and edge chips. 11”, 23”d. $100-250 296 THREE REDWARE PITCHERS. Two are 19th century, American and European, 8”, 6.25”h. and one Turkish, 20th century, 6.75”h. $100-300


297 AMERICAN HORSE WEATHERVANE. First half-20th century. Sheet metal silhouette of running horse with old white paint and initial “R”. Weathered. 15”h. 35”w. $100-200 298 TWO AMERICAN PORTRAITS. Mid 19th century, watercolor on paper. Young girl dressed in blue, holding a doll. Gilt frame, 5.75”h. 4.75”w. And a woman wearing a shawl and carrying a shawl. Framed, 8.5”h. 6.25”w. Imperfections. $250-450


299 PAINTING OF A BIRD. American, mid 19th century, watercolor on paper. Colorful bird holding berries. Light stains. Folksy star shaped frame with alligatored varnish. 7.25”h. 8”w. $100-350 292

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300 301 - 303

300 ENGLISH HUMIDOR. Second half-19th century, mahogany with burl veneer. Case has brass hardware and trim, and two dovetailed drawers behind locked doors. Monogrammed inlaid shield. Drawers have divided cedar liners. Some age splits in veneer, refinished. 9.25”h. 12”w. 9”h. Ex John Querry (Pennsylvania). $150-350


301 PAIR OF MINIATURE PORTRAITS BY S. BROADBENT (AMERICAN, 1ST HALF-19TH CENTURY). Husband and wife, the former signed and dated “Novemb. 13, 1831” on backing paper. Young man with rosy cheeks and his wife wearing a tortoise shell comb, identified individually on backing paper as “Mr. and Mrs. Francis Ely, Portrait taken at time of marriage”. She has edge split. Framed, 5”h. 4.25”w. $600-1,200 302 ENGLISH CREAMER AND SUGAR. Silver creamer has London hallmarks for 1801, 4.5”h. Matching sugar is unmarked, 5”h. Both have engraved berry bands and monograms. $250-500 303 ENGLISH TEA CADDY. Late 18th century, mahogany veneer. Small single compartment caddy with string inlay. Relined. Minor chip at hinge. 4.25”h. 4.25”w. 4”d. $250-350


36 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

304 SCOTTISH SKELETON CLOCK. Nineteenth century. Brass clock with fusee movement, Roman numerals and pendulum. Marked “H & R Millar, Edinburgh”. Under a glass dome. 15.5”h. 14”w. $250-500 305 EUROPEAN CHIP CARVED FOOTWARMER. Late 18th-early 19th century, oak. Heavily carved with pierce carving on the top. Door marked “EEG TJE Dekker”. Brass bale handle. Old dark brown paint. Lined with tin with a tin coal holder. Some damage. 7.5”h. 9.75”w. 7.75”d. $200-350 306 NINE-PIECE ENGLISH FLOW BLUE TURKEY SET. Late 19th century. Platter, 18” x 22.25”, and eight plates, 10.5”d. All marked “Doulton, Burslem, England”. $400-800 307 FRENCH TOWER CLOCK. Second half-19th century, oak case. Pinned tall case and flat top bonnet. Carved flower urns on case and bonnet. Enameled face with brass surround and works is marked “Adolphe Hagneaux a Coudres”. 94”h. $300-600

308 PAGE FROM FRENCH MILITARY TACTIC BOOK. Late 17th century-early 18th century, ink and watercolor on laid paper. “Les Places D’Armes” depicting French infantry. Stains. Framed, 16.75”h. 12”w. overall. $300-600 309 MINIATURE PORTRAIT OF A MAN. Probably American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Blond young man in blue coat. Illegible signature on backing, painting dated 1820. Papier mache frame. 6.25”h. 5.75”w. $250-450 310 MINIATURE PORTRAIT OF A BOY. Probably American, unsigned. Finely detailed portrait of a young boy dressed in blue. Papier mache frame, 4.75”h. 4”w. $300-600 311 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE BOWFRONT SHAVING MIRROR, Early 19th century, mahogany veneer and poplar. Two dovetailed drawers with replaced pulls, turned posts with acorn finials and string inlay on frame. Minor repairs, refinished. 10.5”h. 18.5”w. 7.5”d. $200-400 312 ENGLISH QUEEN ANNE DRESSING TABLE. Mid 18th century, mahogany with pine and oak secondary. Molded edge top, two dovetailed drawers, scalloped apron and slipper feet. Some imperfections. 27.25”h. 32”w. 19.25”d. $1,000-1,500 313 BOOK “ARCHITECTURAL INSTRUCTOR” BY MINARD LAFEVER. Published by Putnam & Co., 1856. Some wear. $150-300

314 BOOK “BALCARRES MEMOIRS 1688-1690”. Handwritten pages of two different ages. Later blue tinted pages include “Memoirs touching the Revolution in Scotland 1688-1690 by Colin Earl of Balcarres, Presented to King James II at St. Germains 1690 (the missing portions introduced from a MS kindly lent to JB Greenshields … 1867). The earlier pages are on laid paper. Inside cover has Greenshield’s bookplate. Wear. Bound with marbleized paper cover. $200-300 315 SEVEN TREENWARE PIECES. American and European, 19th century. Most have old alligatored varnish or black paint. Three covered containers, 4.5”, 4.5”, 7.25”h., footed bowl, 3”h. 5”d., and a bowl or chalice with mid pan, 8.5”h. Together with an unmarked Silliman inkwell with original paint, 1.75”h., and a lignum vitae salt, 2”h. 3”d. Varying wear and age splits. $250-500


316 BENTWOOD BRIDE’S BOX. Probably European, mid 19th century. Oblong with laced seams and original blue and green paint with tulips on the lid. Wear. 8”h. 17.5”w. $250-450 317 CARVED SHOE SNUFF AND MINIATURE DOME-TOP BOX. Second half-19th century. Carved ladies’ shoe snuff with locking lid and worn metallic paint. 5”l. And a miniature box with original floral decoration on blue ground. Wire staple hinges. Some edge loss. 3”h. 4.5”l. $250-350 318 AMERICAN EMPIRE MANTEL CLOCK. Second quarter-19th century, mahogany veneer. Double decker with applied half turnings and reverse glass door. Paper label for Eli Terry, Connecticut. Imperfections. 35.5”h. $100-300

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321 - 322 320


319 NEW YORK JACQUARD COVERLET. One-piece coverlet in blue and natural. Lion corner block dated 1839 for Harry Tyler (New York). Minor stains. 88” x 100”. $300-500 320 PENNSYLVANIA STONEWARE CROCK. Mid 19th century. Cobalt stenciled label with wreath “Hamilton & Jones, Greensboro, Pa. 6”. Two applied handles. 16.75”h. $300-600 321 AMERICAN TRAMP ART BOX AND MINIATURE WARDROBE. First quarter-20th century. Dresser box with two drawers and mirrored lift lid. Applied crosses, hearts and leaves. Wear and some loss. 9”h. 7”w. And a miniature two-door wardrobe with glass panes and interior curtains. Two drawers and a bale handle on top. 15”h. 13.5”w. 6”d. $250-500 322 AMERICAN MINIATURE TRAMP ART CABINET. Dated “1917”. Cabinet with mirrored door, applied porcelain beads and scroll carved dated crest. Interior has shelves and pin lock for bottom drawer. Minor loss. 19”h. 12”w. 5”h. $250-450

323 38 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

323 AMERICAN JELLY CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, poplar. Two dovetailed drawers with replaced pulls over two blind doors. Shaped feet, scalloped apron and high scalloped crest. Square nail construction. Cleaned down to old red paint. 60”h. 41”w. 17.5”d. $300-600 324 AMERICAN FOLK ART CANE. Early 20th century. Carved cane with snake, highlighted with original brown and black paint. Wear. 33”l. $100-300 325 TWO AMERICAN CARVED WOODEN EAGLES. Late 19th-early 20th century. Larger has traces of gilding. 12”h. 18.5”w. including base. Other is a toothpick or match holder with glass eyes and traces of inked decoration. Missing base. 10.5”h. $200-400 326 AMERICAN HANGING HALL LAMP. Late 19th century. Clambroth shade with verdigris bronze acanthus leaf fixtures. 30”h. 13”d. $200-400

327 AMERICAN GAMEBOARD. Early 20th century. Single sided board with painted and mahogany inlaid checkerboard. Gallery edge. Wear. 16.25” x 16.25”. $100-300 328 AMERICAN ADVERTISING 327 SIGN. Early 20th century. Single sided wooden sign for “Straiton & Storm’s Owl Cigars”. Original paint is weathered. 19.5”h. 60”w. $1,000-2,000


329 AMERICAN KAS. Possibly Chester County, Pennsylvania, 1st half-19th century, cherry with poplar secondary. Breakdown kas with paneled doors and sides. Heavy dovetailed architectural cornice and base with fluted pilasters on front panels. Two doors with rat tail hinges and two dovetailed drawers with replaced pulls. Interior shelves. One door has watercolor and ink fraktur with colorful house and crowned angels. German verse regarding parents and Commandments dated 1781, with a note stating it was translated by David Good Sr., Pennsylvania, and copied by JH Hass__ April 28, 1894. Refinished. 80”h. 80”w. 28”d. $2,000-4,000 330 AMERICAN CLOCK SHELF AND STOOL. Late 19th century. Bird’s-eye maple shelf with scrolled edges, 10”h. 22”w. And earlier curly maple stool with scalloped apron. Age splits. 7.25”h. 12”w. $250-500 331 THREE AMERICAN WALL BOXES AND MINIATURE BLANKET CHEST. Second half-19th century, pine. Blanket chest with wire staple hinges, interior till, and tapered feet. Original floral decoration on red ground with date “1851”. 5.5”h. 11.5”w. 6.25”d. And two wall pockets. Older has original black paint and stenciled design, 6.5”h. 12.5”w. The other has a lid over two compartments and scrolled crest with scratch carved compass stars and wire staple hinges. Old dark brown paint. 11.5”h. 7.25”w. Imperfections. $250-450

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332 AMERICAN FISH ADVERTISING SIGN. Found in Upper Michigan, 1st half-20th century. Double sided cutout of a muskie with old paint. Edge loss. 30”h. 58.5”w. $400-800

335 PAIR OF AMERICAN ART DECO-STYLE EAGLES. Second half-20th century, plaster. Gold paint. 32”h. $100-300

333 FISHING SCENE BY ALZIRA (BOEHM) PEIRCE (NEW YORK/MONTANA, 19082010). Oil on canvas, signed and dated 1931 lower right. Couple fishing in a river. Some restoration. 32”h. 45.5”w., later frame, 39”h. 53”w. $400-800

336 CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN HUTCH TABLE. Late 20th century, maple and pine. Base has distressed green paint and dovetailed drawer, round curly maple top. 29.25”h. 42”d. $100-300

334 AMERICAN PIN TOP WORK TABLE. First quarter-19th century, pine and poplar. Turned legs, two dovetailed drawers, pinned construction. Three-board top. Old black paint on base. Wear. 29”h. 64.5”w. 37.25”d. $700-900


337 AMERICAN GATELEG TABLE. Late 19th century, oak. Dovetailed drawer, stretcher base with some wear, pegged construction. Refinished. 26”h. 36”w. 14.5”d. with 15.5” leaves. $250-350 338 AMERICAN FEDERAL TALL CASE CLOCK. First quarter-19th century, pine. Original black and red smoked decoration, fretwork crest and reeded plinths on bonnet. Face with urn decoration has original paint, marked “S. Hoadley, Plymouth”. Wooden works. Wear and some edge loss. 85.5”h. $600-900 339 TWO PAIR OF DAVID T. SMITH WINDSORSTYLE SIDE CHAIRS. Ohio, late 20th century, stenciled labels. Similar bowbacks with distressed paint. Green, 17”h. seat, 38.25”h. overall, and brown, 17”h. seat, 37.75”h. overall. $300-600


40 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

340 AMERICAN COUNTRY CHIPPENDALE TALL CHEST. Late 18th century, pine. Dovetailed with applied top molding and bracket feet. Five dovetailed, graduated drawers with replaced brasses. Old red paint. Wear and minor pieced repairs. 48”h. 38.5”w. 19.25”d. $400-800

343 341

341 AMERICAN FOLK ART PAINTING OF LONGFELLOW’S HOUSE. Oil on oil cloth, unsigned. Stippled and stenciled image of brick house in a medallion with floral border. Minor wear. Unframed, 22.75”h. 26.5”w. Ex Barbara Pollack (Illinois). $250-450 342 AMERICAN DECORATED CHILD’S CHAIR. Late 19th century. Turned posts and legs with old dry brown over red paint. Decorated with brass tacks and bosses “In Memory of Nana”. Wear. 20”h. Ex Stephen Score (Boston). $250-450 343 AMERICAN SPENCERIAN DRAWING. Second half-19th century, pen and ink on paper. American eagle with banner “Specimen of Commercial and Ornamental Penmanship”. Light toning and stain. Framed, 11”h. 21”w. overall. $250-450 344 FRENCH BLACKSMITH SIGN. Mid 20th century. Sheet metal cutout of an anvil with original paint on both sides “G. Bonhomme, Tel. 272, Forgeron”. Weathered mainly on one side. 32.5”h. 60”w. $300-600


345 AMERICAN COUNTRY TRANSITIONAL CLERK’S DESK. Second quarter-19th century, walnut with poplar secondary. Sheraton to Empire with turned feet and half pilasters. Slant front with fitted interior, three dovetailed drawers with replaced pulls. Old dark surface. 49.5”h. 42.5”w. 23.5”d. $250-500


346 TWO AMERICAN WAFFLE IRONS. Nineteenth century. One has cast soldiers on the outside, the other has an engraved bird on the inside. Varying rust. 23”, 30”l. $100-250 347 AMERICAN JEWELRY BOX. Second half-19th century, mixed wood including mahogany and burl veneer. Carved edges, inlaid compass star and escutcheon. Velvet lined interior with resist silvered mirror “Think of Me”. Wear and mirror is cracked. 7”h. 12”w. 8”d. $100-300 348 TWO SILLIMAN DECORATED INKWELLS. First half-19th century. Treenware inks with original grained and stenciled decoration. One has faint scratch carved names on the sides. Paper labels for Silliman, Chester, Connecticut. Varying minor wear. 2.25”h. 3.5”d. $100-300

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349 AMERICAN MONUMENT SALESMAN’S SAMPLE. Late 19th century, white metal. Well-detailed columnar monument with available metal types on medallions “White” and “Bronze”. In a folding wooden case, 28”h. overall. $300-600

350 AMERICAN FOLK ART WATERCOLOR. Mid 19th century, watercolor on paper. Frakturtype images of angels, tulips, hearts, birds and two women carrying kitchen pots. Staining and some loss. Framed, 12.5”h. 9.75”w. overall. $200-400 351 NEW ENGLAND DECORATED DRESSING TABLE. Second quarter-19th century, basswood and pine. Turned legs and dovetailed drawer. Original red grain paint. Top is worn with added screws. 26”h. 30”w. 15.75”d. $200-400 352 PAIR OF AMERICAN FANBACK WINDSOR ARMCHAIRS. Early 19th century. Turned posts and legs. Old refinishing, traces of old paint underneath. Age splits, wear. 16.5h.” seat, 36.5”h. $250-500 353 AMERICAN TURTLEBACK BELLOWS. Nineteenth century. Original red ground with yellow trim and gold stenciled shell and leaf. Wear and loss to leather. 18”l. $100-300


354 TWO AMERICAN MINIATURE BAND BOXES. Mid 19th century. Ivory wallpaper with flowers. Oval (recovered), 2.5”h. 3.25”l., and round, 1.5”h. 2.5”d. Varying wear. $150-300 355 TWO AMERICAN BLOWN GLASS CANISTERS. Mid 19th century. Both with tin lids, smaller has amethyst tint. 16.5”h. 7”d., 10.5”h. 5”d. $200-400 356 TWO AMERICAN BLOWN GLASS CANISTERS. Mid 19th century. Clear with tin lids. 12.75”h. 5.5”d., 15”h. 7”d. $200-400 357 TWO AMERICAN FOLK ART PIECES. Early 20th century. Stylized redware head, 4.5”h. And a carved full-length figure of a man in an overcoat and hat. Removable head. Base incised “W. Jackson”. Original paint. Wear. 15.5”h. $150-350 358 PENNSYLVANIA FRAKTUR. Watercolor and ink on laid paper. Possibly by Martin Brechall (Pennsylvania, ca. 1783-1830). Hearts and German text records the birth of Andreas Billmann in 1806. Stains and loss. Framed, 16.5”h. 14.5”w. $200-300 359 TWO WEAVINGS. Late 20th century. Navajo Yei rug in blue, 24” x 39”. And a southwest textile in gold, ivory and black on grey, 35” x 49”. $250-450

350 - 353 42 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

360 NAVAJO RUG. Late 20th century, wool. Storm pattern on grey made by Alice Zsosie. Photo of weaver included. Light stains. 35” x 48”. $400-600




361 FOLK ART CARVING BY CHRIS COOK (AMERICAN, 2ND HALF-20TH CENTURY). Sandstone, signed. Rough triangular shaped piece with multiple heads carved around it. 30”h. $400-800 362 MERMAID CARVING BY CHRIS COOK (AMERICAN, 2ND HALF-20TH CENTURY). Sandstone, signed. Two mermaids holding hands. 18”h. 33”l. $600-900


363 CARVING OF A MAN BY CHRIS COOK (AMERICAN, 2ND HALF-20TH CENTURY). Sandstone, signed. Bearded man flanked by two crosses. 13”h. 35”w. $250-500

365 NAVAJO RUG. Early 20th century, wool. Greek key- type design on grey ground with red rectangles. Minor edge wear. 48” x 52”. Ex Steve Smoot (Pennsylvania). $400-800

364 FOLK ART CARVING BY CHRIS COOK (AMERICAN, 2ND HALF-20TH CENTURY). Sandstone, signed. Several faces and hands surrounded by large snake. 60”h. $600-1,200

366 NAVAJO WEAVING. Mid-20th century, wool. Geometric with central design on grey. Minor loss. 47” x 58”. $250-450


367 TWO NAVAJO RUGS. First half-20th century, wool. Natural colors of tan, brown, ivory and red. Serrated diamond, 41” x 68”, and connected block design, 50” x 67”. Imperfections. $600-800 www.GARTHS.com | 43

368 THREE GRADUATED DRY MEASURES. American. 2nd half-19th century. Oak with green repaint, 6"h, 8.5" diameter, 4.5"h, 7" diameter, and 3.5"h, 5.5" diameter. $125-250 369 NEW YORK STONEWARE JUG. Second quarter-19th century. Ovoid with applied handle and impressed mark “I. Seymour, Troy, 2”. Brushed cobalt flower. Firing indentation. 13.5”h. $150-300 370 AMERICAN SUGAR BUCKET. Second half-19th century. Stave construction with wooden bands and bentwood handle. Original yellow paint. Wear. 10”h. 10”d. $200-400

371 TWO DEMIJOHNS. American or European, 19th century. Blown glass with applied lip. Olive green with tiny potstones, 19”h. And pale aqua, 17”h. Both have blisters. $200-400 372 AMERICAN PIN TOP WORK TABLE. First half-19th century, pine. Stretcher base table with turned legs and two dovetailed drawers with old brasses. Pinned construction. Old varnish stain with traces of original red paint under two-board top. Wear, pieced repair and edge loss. 29”h. 62.5”w. 34.5”d. $600-900 373 NEW ENGLAND DRESSER BOX. Mid 19th century, pine with flame birch veneer. Lift lid with interior mirror, lift out fitted tray, and pivoting false bottom. Shaped feet. Old surface has minor wear. 4”h. 5.25”w. 8.75”d. $250-450 374 SHAKER BOX. Second half-19th century. Oval bentwood box with arch fingers, four on base and one on lid, copper tacks. Worn surface, repaired splits. 6”h. 13.5”l. $350-450 375 THREE AMERICAN PANTRY BOXES. Second half-19th century. Bentwood with lapped seams and iron tacks. Oval with mismatched lid and old red paint, 1.75”h. 5”l. And two round, old green paint, 2.75”h. 7”d., and original blue/green. Impressed “J. Loring”, 2.75”h. 6.75”d. Some imperfections. $250-450 376 PEASEWARE CONTAINER. Ohio, late 19th century. Typical form with urn finial. 5”h. $150-300

369 - 372 44 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

377 AMERICAN FOLK ART GAR CANE. Dated 1907. High relief carved cane with tassels, turtle, vines and “D.S. Michael, AJR Post 452 GAR 1907”. 32”l. $200-350


378 OHIO DECORATED SCHRANK. First half-19th century, pine. One-piece schrank with two paneled doors and two dovetailed drawers. Cove molded cornice, tapered feet. Original grain paint with green trim. Fitted interior. Imperfections. 86”h. 71”w. 24”d. $1,500-2,500 379 AMERICAN MINIATURE EMPIRE-STYLE CHEST. Twentieth century, pine. Two over three drawers with stained details. Glued construction. 13.5”h. 10”w. $100-200 380 CARVED AMERICAN EAGLE. Late 19th-early 20th century. Wooden spread wing eagle on a turned plinth, both with later black paint. Missing feet. 19.5”h. 18”w. overall. $100-300 381 STILL LIFE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, 2ND HALF-19TH CENTURY). Oil on wood board, unsigned. Naive image of fruit in a silver bowl. Surface wear, 13.75”h. 18”w., framed, 16.75”h. 21”w. $200-400 382 TWO AMERICAN STILL LIFES. Late 19th-early 20th century. Oil on canvas of wrapped fruit, signed “H. Moore Annis”. Imperfections. 9”h. 15”w., framed, 11.5”h. 17.5”w. And a watercolor on paper of cucumbers and lemons, signed “W. Barrlies”. Framed, 14.25”h. 18.25”w. $200-400 383 TWO BARNYARD AND LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS (AMERICAN SCHOOL, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. Naive scene of attacking chicken hawk, 14”h. 17.5”w., framed, 17.5”h. 21”w. And farmstead in winter dated on the back July 1907. 8”h. 14”w., framed, 12.5”h. 18.5”w. $200-350

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384 AMERICAN DECORATED CRADLE. Mid 19th century, pine. Dovetailed with original grain paint and green paint on rockers. Stenciled decoration consisting of gold rosettes on the hood and foxes on the rockers. Wear and some shrinkage. 28”h. 43”w. 35”d. Ex Gene King (Chicago). $250-500 385 AMERICAN HOOKED RUG. First half-20th century. Running black horse. Burlap backing, mounted to stretcher. Edge wear. 36”h. 58”w. $150-350


386 AMERICAN ADIRONDACK PLANTER. Second quarter-19th century. Two-part planter with varnished twigs. Top has green painted box, base has lower shelf. 32”h. 29”w. 12”d. overall. $150-300 387 AMERICAN SHERATON DIMINUTIVE CHEST. Second quarter-19th century, walnut and pine. Turned feet, paneled sides and four dovetailed drawers with wooden pulls. Square nail construction. Original black and brown paint has alligatoring. Inked name inside drawer “John H. Jones”. 31.25”h. 28”w. 18”d. $400-800 388 PENNSYLVANIA FRAKTUR. Watercolor and ink on laid paper, signed at the bottom “Made by Daniel ___”. Records the birth of Lidea Humberg in Franklin County, 1805. Flower basket and tulip borders. On the back is an inked family record including Lidea’s husband, David Gorsuch, born 1801, and their four children. Stains and some loss. Framed, 13.75”h. 16.75”w. $600-800


389 AMERICAN SET OF PLATE RACKS. Early 20th century, pine. Small set of floor shelves with plate racks and original grain paint. Wear. 45”h. 37.75”w. 13.75”d. $150-350

46 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019




390 PENNSYLVANIA FRAKTUR BY MARTIN BRECHALL (PENNSYLVANIA, CA. 1783-1830). Watercolor and ink on laid paper, signed. Flowers including tulips surround German text recording the birth of Hanna Andreas, 1807, in Northampton County. Imperfections. 8”h. 13”w., framed, 15.5”h. 21.5”w. $900-1,200 391 AMERICAN FEDERAL CORNER CUPBOARD. First quarter-19th century, maple and cherry with poplar secondary. Two-piece cupboard with two eight-paned doors with arched top lights, cove molded cornice, two dovetailed drawers with replaced pulls and two paneled doors below. Square nailed construction. Old white paint inside. Refinished with some loss. 85.5”h. 51”w. 29”d. $1,500-2,500 392 FOUR WOODEN ANIMAL CARVINGS. American, late 19th-early 20th century. Goat with original paint, repaired leg. 11”l., lamb of God on a bible with original gold paint, 8”l., horse with natural surface, 5”h., and an alligator with worn varnish, 21”l. $150-350 393 AMERICAN FOLK ART OXEN CARVING. Late 19th century. Pair of oxen with original white and mustard paint over gesso. Removable yoke and separate base. Imperfections. 13.25”h. 18”w. 12”d. overall. $300-500 394 AMERICAN CANDLESTAND. Early 19th century. Round top, turned column and three cabriole dovetailed legs. Old dark reddish brown paint has dry surface. Two-board top has slight warp and added screws. 24.5”h. 17.5”d. $150-300


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395 TWO SONNENBERG CUTOUT VALENTINES. Wayne County, Ohio, watercolor on paper. Circular valentines by the same hand with inked German text. One dated 1881, the other 1887. The earlier has faint text and glue stains. Similar to ones by Johannes Steiner and Johannes Amstutz. 14”d. Framed, 21”h. 20.5”w. Ex David Good (Ohio). $600-1,200


396 GRAIN PAINTED DRY SINK. New York State. 3rd quarter-19th century. Poplar and some aok with comb-grained finish. Backsplash in stylized tulip scalloping, panelled ends and doors have applied moldings as does the waist below well, overlapping drawers and bracket feet. The boldness of design is often associated with the Germanic influence, Ex Peter E. Baker, Well height 36", 50"h, 51"w, 24"d. $2,500-3,500 397 PENNSYLVANIA DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. First half-19th century, poplar. Six-board dovetailed case with turned feet that appear original. Original mustard vinegar graining. Wear, some paint loss. Locked. 25”h. 47.5”w. 22”d. $600-900 396

398 TWO SETS OF AMERICAN SHELVES. Mid 19th century, pine. Corner shelves with square nails and late paint. Edge loss. 47.5”h. 17”w. 12”d. And dovetailed hanging shelves attributed to New England. Scalloped crest. Old red paint. Tack holes. 28”h. 26”d. $250-500


399 DELAWARE VALLEY SLAT BACK ROCKER. Early 19th century, maple. Turned finials and front stretcher. Old rush seat. Refinished. 16.5”h. seat, 38”h. overall. $100-350

48 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

400 SIX AMERICAN DECORATED SIDE CHAIRS. Reputedly from Zoar, Ohio, mid 19th century. Half post backs and shaped crests with old brown paint over green with stenciled and free hand decoration including flowers and birds. Some wear. 17.25”h. seat, 33”h. overall. $300-600 401 AMERICAN COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE PIN TOP TABLE. Second half-18th century, walnut. Threeboard top, folksy legs and feet, two dovetailed drawers with replaced brasses. Traces of old red and ivory paint. Two drawers have wear that shows dovetails on front. 29.5”h. 50”w. 33”d. $400-800 402 TWO AMERICAN COUNTRY BENCHES. Late 19th-early 20th century, pine. Both have cutout feet and original paint. Brown with gallery top. Filed edges. 26.5”h. 37”w. 12.5”d. And green with screw construction. Edge wear. 21”h. 36”w. 16”d. $200-400 403 FOUR AMERICAN HOOKED RUGS. Late 19th-mid 20th century. Duck with initials and possible date, 24”h. 30”w., pheasant, 32”h. 45”w., duck with ducklings, 26”h. 42”w. And running horse, 24”h. 43”w. Varying wear. $150-300 404 TWO AMERICAN SIDE CHAIRS. Second half-18th century. Maple country Queen Anne with turned front stretcher and Spanish feet. Old red paint. Imperfections. 18”h. seat, 42.5”h. And a mahogany shield back with reupholstery. Stains. 38.25”h. $200-400

405 - 408

405 CAT PIPSQUEAK. Germany, late 19th century, papier mache. Grey striped tabby cat with flocked surface and original paint. Minor wear, bellows silent. 3.5”h. $100-300 406 TWO EUROPEAN DECORATED BOXES. Second half-19th century. Lock boxes with original painted floral decoration. One with red ground has wire staple hinges. Wear and red one is locked. 6”h. 8”w. 5.5”d. and 5”h. 9.75”w. 8”d. $150-350 407 ENGLISH GAUDY DUTCH BOWL. Second quarter-19th century. Urn pattern with segmented interior border. Slight rim wear. 2.75”h. 5.5”d. $200-400 408 ENGLISH GAUDY DUTCH BOWL AND PLATE. Second quarter-19th century. Butterfly bowl. Minor rim wear. 3”h. 6.25”d. And warbonnet plate, 7”d. $300-600

409 AMERICAN REDWARE PIGGY BANK. Second quarter-20th century. Standing pig impressed “Jones 1943”. Old black paint has wear. 8”h. 13.5”l. $100-300 410 SHERATON CHEST OF DRAWERS. Ohio or Pennsylvania, mid 19th century, curly maple with poplar secondary. Two over three dovetailed drawers with old pulls. Turned feet and two-board top. Old refinishing with some imperfections. 48”h. 43”w. 22.5”d. $400-800 411 AMERICAN GATE LEG TABLE. Nineteenth century, maple and pine. Turned legs and stretcher, curved leaves. Later red paint on base. Pinned construction. Top has wear and minor edge loss. 27.5”h. 42”w. 16.5”d. with 14” leaves. $250-450 412 ZOAR BIN. Ohio, mid 19th century, poplar. Dovetailed with lift lid and applied base molding. Old grey and red paint has wear. 31.25”h. 40.25”w. 30”d. Ex Jack Adamson (Ohio). $250-500


413 AMERICAN DECORATED WARDROBE. Second quarter-19th century, pine. One-piece wardrobe with original flame mahogany grained paint. Two paneled doors, original turned feet and dovetailed drawer. Square nail construction. Interior has hooks. Some wear and edge loss to cornice. 72”h. 44”w. 21”d, $600-800

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414 MAINE SAMPLER. Silk on linen. Carnation basket and border with alphabets and “Nabby Park, Born March _2, 1792, Blue Hill, 1802”. Stain. Framed, 16.5”h. 11.5”w. overall. $450-850 415



415 SAMPLER. American or English, silk on linen. Nicely detailed sampler with two houses, pink roses, Adam and Eve, birds and goats. Verse with “Elizabeth Alford Aged 10 Anno Domini 1818”. Loss. Framed, 23”h. 23”w. $600-800 416 PAIR OF AMERICAN PORTRAITS. Found in southern Indiana, gouache on paper, unsigned. Gentleman farmer identified as James Green, aged 42, and his wife Frances, aged 48, in 1842. He holds a shovel and she stands near a federal table. Toning. Reeded frames, 13.5”h. 10.75”w. Ex Paul Carpenter, sold at Garth’s, October 1997. $1,000-1,500 417 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE STYLE HIGH CHEST. First quarter- 20th century, mahogany. Twopiece chest with ball and claw feet, shell carving, fluted quarter columns, and broken arch pediment with rosettes and flame finials. Top has eight dovetailed drawers, base has one over three. Dark stain with dry surface. 89.25”h. 40”w. 22.5”d. $800-1,200 417 50 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

418 CAUCASIAN RUG. First half-20th century. Multiple borders and red ground. Edge wear and small hole. 3’1” x 3’9”. $250-450 419 ORIENTAL RUG. Early 20th century. Room size with geometric floral design and wide blue border with green accent. Wear. 11’ x 16’2”. $1,000-2,000 420 TWO CAUCASIAN RUGS. Early 20th century. Brown ground and red border, 3’1” x 5’. And salmon ground with blue and red border. 4’2”x 6’8”. Imperfections. $200-400 421 TWO CAUCASIAN RUGS. Early 20th century. Prayer rug with dark blue ground, 3.8”x 3’10”. And floral pattern with multiple borders and green accents. 3’9”x 4’8”. Imperfections. $250-500 422 KAZAK RUG. Early 20th century. Double eagle Kazak with blue ground. Worn. 3’8”x 5’6”. $300-600

423 SAMPLER. Probably American, silk on linen. Delicately stitched with floral garland, and elaborate house with front yard surrounded by fence, trees and yard. “Isabella Young Aged 12 years, 1821”. Stains with some loss. Framed, 16.25”h. 15.25”w. overall. $600-800 424 SAMPLER. Probably American, silk on linen. Elaborate floral borders, trees, strawberries, tulip flower pot, birds, verse and “Rebecca Read her Sampler May 27, 1829 Aged 13”. Gilt frame, 20.5”h. 22.5”w. overall. $600-900 425 MAZALAGAN RUG. First quarter-20th century. Blue ground with lightning pattern medallion. 4’2” x 6’8”. $600-800 426 PERSIAN RUG. First half-20th century. Floral with red border and blue ground. Edge wear. 4’3”x 6’9”. $400-800 427 KAZAK RUG. Early 20th century. Geometric medallions on red ground. Worn. 4’7” x 7’8”. $300-500 428 ANTIQUE HERIZ RUG. Early 20th century. Room size with red ground. Imperfections. 8’ x 11’4”. $1,500-2,500 429 CAUCASIAN PATTERN RUG. Second half-20th century. Room size with rows of medallions and multiple borders. 9’ x 13’2”. $600-800

430 CAUCASIAN RUNNER. First half-20th century. Diamond design. Worn. 2’9” x 10’5”. $250-500 431 ORIENTAL RUG. First half-20th century. Geometric pattern with multiple borders and dark blue ground. End loss. 2’4” x 4’. $100-300



432 PERSIAN RUG. Mid 20th century. Floral on red ground. End loss and wear. 3’2” x 5’. $100-300 433 ORIENTAL RUG. Late 20th century. Room size floral with blue medallions on black ground. 8’8” x 11’8”. $400-800 434 AMERICAN FEDERAL CONVEX MIRROR. First quarter-19th century. Gilt wood mirror with applied balls, scrolled crest with eagle finial and foliate bottom. Regilt with replaced mirror. Imperfections. 39”h. 25”d. $300-600 435 TWO AMERICAN FEDERAL CANDLESTANDS. Early 19th century, mahogany. Similar with reeded saber legs, ball feet, cut out tops, and turned posts. Refinished and repairs. 28”h. 17”w. 23”d., 28.5”h. 18.25”s. 22.5”d. $250-450


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436 LANDSCAPE MOST LIKELY BY AUGUST WEBER (GERMANY, 18171873). Watercolor on paper, signed lower right. Detailed image of dirt road at sunrise. Framed, 15”h. 17.75”w. overall. $300-600 437 PENNSYLVANIA CHIPPENDALE SPICE CABINET. Third quarter-18th century, walnut with poplar secondary. Dovetailed case with applied molding and ogee bracket feet. Two over three dovetailed drawers with original brass pulls. Door has scratch beading. Old refinishing. Some imperfections. 20”h. 16”w. 10“d. $1,500-2,500 438 ENGLISH GAUDY DUTCH TEAPOT AND THREE CUPS AND SAUCERS. Second quarter-19th century. Oyster teapot. Hairline. 7”h. And three cups and saucers, single rose, double rose, and warbonnet with extra warbonnet saucer. Wear and some staining. $300-600

439 CAUCASIAN RUG. First half-20th century. Light blue ground, ivory border. Added fringe, border loss. 3’3” x 5’4”. $150-300 440 ANTIQUE HERIZ RUG. Early 20th century. Room size with salmon red ground and wide light blue border. Pile loss. 9’5” x 11’4”. $2,000-3,000 441 ORIENTAL RUG. First half-20th century. Geometric with concentric medallions on a blue/black ground. 4’2 x 6’2”. $450-850


442 KAZAK RUG. First half-20th century. Multiple borders and blue/black abrash ground. Imperfections. 3’3” x 5’6”. $100-300 443 KAZAK PRAYER RUG. First half-20th century. Serebend pattern with multiple borders. Imperfections. 3’10” x 6’5”. $250-450 437 - 438

439 52 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

444 CAUCASIAN RUG. First half-20th century. Blue with multiple borders. Some imperfections. 4’6” x 6’2”. $300-500

446 ORIENTAL RUG. Mid 20th century. Expanding floral design on red ground. Worn. 4’11” x 7’. $200-400

445 HAMADAN RUNNER. Iran, late 20th century. Red ground. Repair. 2’7” x 16’7”. $300-600

447 RIVER LANDSCAPE (AMERICAN SCHOOL, EARLY 20TH CENTURY). Oil on canvas, unsigned. River running over rocks. 22”h. 36”w., framed, 30.75”h. 45”w. $100-300

448 PORTRAIT BY JACOB EICHHOLTZ (PENNSYLVANIA, 1776-1842). Oil on wooden panel, unsigned. Profile of Ralph Eddowes (1751-1833), noted on the frame plaque. Revarnished. 9.25”h. 7.25”w., framed, 15.5”h. 13.5”w. $1,000-1,500 449 NEW ENGLAND NEEDLEWORK MEMORIAL. Bought in South Hampton, Long Island, ca 1816, silk and watercolor on paper. Elaborately painted and stitched memorial with two sisters holding hands near the graves of their parents, Esther and Jolham Clark, who died 1809 and 1814. In the background is a well done village with church or courthouse and river with bridge. Imperfections. Gilt frame, 27.5”h. 27.5”w. Ex Peter Hill Antiques (Washington DC). $600-1,200 450 AMERICAN PEMBROKE TABLE. Late 18th century, walnut with pine secondary. Dovetailed drawer with replaced brass, twoboard top, cross stretcher and Marlborough feet. Old refinishing. 28”h. 33”w. 19”d. with 11” leaves. $400-800 451 PEASEWARE CONTAINER. Ohio, late 19th century. Typical form with urnshaped finial. Dry varnished surface. 8”h. 6.5”d. $300-600 452 AMERICAN BLOWN GLASS AQUA BOWL. Probably Midwestern, 2nd quarter-19th century. Large bowl with folded rim. Open blisters. 7”h. 11.5”d. $300-600 453 AMERICAN BRASS ASTRAL LAMP. Mid 19th century. Labeled “Dietz Brothers New York”. Fluted column, marble stepped base, and frosted cut shade. Shade has age. Electrified, wear. 20”h. $250-450


450 - 453


454 AMERICAN CHIPPENDALE OXBOW SLANT FRONT DESK. Third quarter-18th century, cherry with pine secondary. Four graduated dovetailed drawers with old brasses, ball and claw feet, and fitted interior. Old refinishing with repaired hinge rails. 45.25”h. 33.5”writing height. 42”w. 22”d. $2,500-3,500 455 PAIR OF AMERICAN CAMPHENE LAMPS. Mid 19th century. Cut glass font, fire gilt columns and marble bases. Frosted and etched chimneys. Edge flakes to bases and chimneys. 16.75”h. $400-800


www.GARTHS.com | 53

456 OHIO FARM DRAWING BY E.L. OTT (DOYLESTOWN, OHIO, LATE 19TH CENTURY). Early 20th century, ink on paper, signed “E.L. Ott, Akron, O”. Extensive farm with orchards, animals, horse drawn wagons, and automobile. Light toning. Framed, 24”h. 32”w. $1,500-2,500 457 AMERICAN DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. Second quarter-19th century, pine. Sixboard dovetailed case with dovetailed bracket feet and heavily scalloped apron. Interior till. Original grain decoration. Penciled notation inside “This trunk presented June 12, 1936, Mr. R.H. Wenthing, Mrs. Lorina Graff”. Wear. 21.5”h. 40”w. 18.75”d. $400-800


458 AMERICAN TRANSITIONAL CHEST. Attributed to Western Virginia, 2nd quarter-19th century, cherry and maple with poplar secondary. Seven dovetailed drawers with applied beading, the top three having figured fronts and replaced pulls. Applied half turned pilasters, inlaid tulip panels on top overhang. Refinished with some imperfections. 46.25”h. 41.5”w. 23”d. $800-1,200


458 54 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

459 AMERICAN DECORATED BLANKET CHEST. First half-19th century, poplar. Six-board dovetailed case with turned feet, wrought iron strap hinges, and interior till. Original grained paint. Wear and one foot possibly an old replacement. 26”h. 53”w. 22.5”d. $400-800 460 PAIR OF MINERVA HEAD ARCHITECTURAL BRACKETS. Early 20th century, cast concrete. Some loss. 20”h. 12”w. $100-200 461 FOUR AMERICAN BASKETS. Late 19th-20th century. Three are woven splint, one has colored splint, another is painted. 7”, 10.5”, 12”h. And an open stave basket attributed to the Shakers. 8.5”h. 20.5”w. $100-250 462 AMERICAN CORNER CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, cherry with pine secondary. Two-piece cupboard with cove molding and bracket feet. Top has single door with twelve glass panes, base has two paneled doors. Square nails. Refinished with late blue interior paint. 82”h. 44”w. 22”d. $1,000-1,200


463 MOGADORE, OHIO, LION. Second half-19th century. Reclining lion on oval base, two-tone glaze with traces of manganese accents. Glaze flake on paw. 16”l. $800-1,200 463

464 AMERICAN PINPRICK WATERCOLOR. Attributed to John Rhule, 1st half-19th century. Two crested birds and tulip with pinprick outlines above German text. Wear and stains. Approximately 8.25”h. 6.25”w., framed, 13.75”h. 11.75”w. $250-450 465 AMERICAN DIMINUTIVE CABINET. Mid 19th century, poplar. Single blind door, shaped crest, and fitted interior with dovetailed drawer. Old brown paint. Some wear. 42”h. 26.25”w. 12.25”d. $200-400 466 VASE AND JAR BY MEADERS FAMILY (GEORGIA, LATE 20TH CENTURY). Both have ash glaze and applied grapevines. Vase signed “Anita Meaders”, 8.75”h., and covered jar signed “Edith Meaders”, 8.25”h. $100-300


467 AMERICAN CORNER CUPBOARD. Reputedly Southern, 1st half-19th century, walnut with pine secondary. One-piece cupboard with square nail construction. Two doors with twelve glass panes over two blind doors. Broken arch pediment. Refinished and some imperfections. 84”h. 49”w. 24”d. $600-800


468 AMERICAN DECORATED ROCKER. Mid 19th century. High-backed rocker with original yellow paint and floral decoration. Some wear. Two shipping tags on the underside, one to Massachusetts. 15.5”h. seat, 38.5”h. overall. $250-450


469 AMERICAN CORNER CUPBOARD. Possibly Zoar, mid 19th century, walnut. Two-piece cupboard with single six-paned door on top and blind door below with two dovetailed drawers. Applied beading and small cove molded cornice. Old refinishing, age splits and some putty fill. 78”h. 36”w. 22”d. $600-1,200 www.GARTHS.com | 55

470 SMALL EXPORT ARMORIAL COVERED VEGETABLE. Early 19th century, porcelain. Blue and white designs of flowers including carnations, insects, a shield with a crescent, and “Lux Venita Balto”. Berry finial and intertwined handles. Repair. 5”h. 6.75”w. $200-300 471 PAIR OF AMERICAN MINIATURE PORTRAITS. First half-19th century, unsigned. Husband and wife with stippled blue grounds. He is conservatively dressed in black, she has a stylized mutton sleeve dress, coral necklace and elaborate hairdo. Papier mache frames, 5.75”h. 5”w. $400-800 472 TWO HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE SOUP PLATES. Ca. 1820s. States border with “America and Independence” impressed “Clews”, 8.75”d. And “Park Theatre, New York” with oak leaf border, 10”d. $300-500 473 ENGLISH HEPPLEWHITE DESK. Late 18th century, mahogany with oak and pine secondary. Tapered legs, dovetailed gallery and dovetailed drawers with inlaid trim and replaced pulls. Paper label and stamp for Butler Antiques in Dublin. Old refinishing, age splits. 32.25”h. 36.75”w. 20”d. $600-1,200

470 - 473

474 BALTIMORE INLAID HEPPLEWHITE SIDEBOARD. Late 18th-early 19th century, mahogany and mahogany veneer with poplar secondary. Serpentine front. Banded and string inlay with medallions on drawers and doors, center one having an urn and legs having bellflowers. Dovetailed drawers including decanter drawer and two compartments on the right and below with period replaced brasses. Refinished with some imperfections. 39”h. 72.25”w. 27.25”d. $2,500-4,500


56 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

475 ENGLISH PEWTER PLATE. Late 18th-early 19th century. Partial touch marks including London. Attributed to Samuel Duncan. 12”d. $100-300

476 TIFFANY STUDIOS TABLE LAMP. New York, 1st quarter-20th century. Green slag glass lamp with acorn design and bronze paneled base. Both shade and base are marked “Tiffany Studios New York” with numbers 585 on the base and 1435165 on the shade. 21.5”h. $9,500-14,500

478 THREE CERAMIC MINIATURES. Late 18th-19th century. English Whieldon ware teapot and creamer. Teapot has repair, 3”, 3.5”h. And a teapot with green glaze and tree branch spout and handle. Possibly French. Loss. 3.5”h. $250-500

477 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE SLANT FRONT DESK. Early 19th century, cherry with poplar secondary. French feet, banded inlay on apron, four dovetailed graduated drawers with replaced pulls. Fitted interior. Refinished with pieced repairs. 44.25”h. 32” writing height. 43”w. 22.5”d. Letter from Earl Knittle stating it belonged to Jacob (?) Weyguadt who traveled from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Doylestown, Wayne County, Ohio. $750-1,500

479 THREE ENGLISH SOFT PASTE DISHES AND A PLATTER. Early 19th century. Two soups, plate and a scalloped edge platter with matching molded garland borders trimmed in blue. Soups have hand decorated flowers. All impressed “Clews…”. Soups have stains and hairlines. 8.75”d. Platter, 14” x 18.5”. $250-500


480 DOUBLE FAMILY PORTRAIT. Probably American, 2nd quarter-19th century, oil on wooden board. Father and son at a desk. The father is writing letters with a wax stamp nearby, the son holds a black dog. Pen and ink notation on back “This picture belongs to Williams ___ (?) Horkin, A.C. P___”. 9”h. 7.75”w., framed, 11.75”h. 9.75”w. $300-600 481 PEWTER TOBACCO JAR. European, late 18th-early 19th century. Both lid and interior lead tamper have figural finials. Crowned X touch mark. Small edge nicks, and minor loss to tamper. 6”h. 4.5”d. $300-500

480 - 483

482 HISTORICAL BLUE STAFFORDSHIRE PITCHER. Ca. 1820. Naval monument with partial title “Independence, Washington, Manley Truxton, (Preble Little), Jones”. Minor rim flake. 6”h. $600-900

483 AMERICAN FEDERAL DROP LEAF TABLE. Ca. 1820s, mahogany, mahogany veneer with pine secondary. Turned, fluted legs and dovetailed drawer with original pull. Refinished. 29”h. 18”w. with 10” leaves, 21”d. $150-350 484 AMERICAN HEPPLEWHITE CANDLESTAND. Late 18th-early 19th century, cherry. Tripod base with spider legs and turned column. Scalloped edge top. Old finish, repaired leg. 27.5”h. 16.25” x 19.5”. Ex Charles Momchilov (Ohio), ex Steimel Collection, sold at Garth’s, January 2000. $400-600 485 AMERICAN FOOTSTOOL. Nineteenth century, poplar. Cutout feet and two dovetailed drawers in base with original pulls. Shaped apron. Original red paint. Some wear. 6.5”h. 13.25”w. $150-350 www.GARTHS.com | 57

486 PENNSYLVANIA STEPBACK CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, pine. Two-piece cupboard with molded cornice, reeded stiles, pie shelf and lamb’s tongue chamfered corners. Two glass paned doors on top with glass paned center panel, base has three dovetailed drawers, two blind doors and bracket feet. Interior shelves. Square nail construction. Original grain paint. Some imperfections. 86”h. 63.5”w. 21”d. Ex George and Mildred Samaha (Ohio) $2,000-4,000



487 AMERICAN HOOKED RUG. Second quarter-20th century. Polychrome striped border, heart corners and lovebirds on a compote. Minor loss. 29” x 42”. $250-350 488 AMERICAN THEOREM. Second quarter-19th century, oil on velvet. Basket of fruit including watermelon, strawberries and grapes. Gilt frame with overpaint, 15.25”h. 17.25”w. $250-450


58 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

489 AMERICAN CROCK STAND. Mid 19th century, pine. Semicircular with old green paint and square nails. Wear. 56”h. 37.5”w. 20”d. $150-350

490 NEW ENGLAND DECORATED DRESSING TABLE. First quarter-19th century, basswood and poplar. Original yellow grain paint. Tapered legs, shaped top and backsplash, and dovetailed drawer. 36.5”h. 36”w. 19”d. Ex Bill Samaha (Ohio/Massachusetts) $800-1,200


491 AMERICAN DIMINUTIVE CORNER CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, pine and poplar. Onepiece cupboard with square nail construction. Paneled door and nailed drawer with scratch beading, scalloped apron, molded cornice and interior shelves. Old red paint. Wear and some edge loss. 43”h. 31.75”w. 15.5”d. $300-500 492 ZOAR PIN TOP WORK TABLE. Ohio, mid 19th century, walnut with poplar secondary. Shaped feet, two dovetailed drawers with diamond designs, and multiple board top with lightly scrubbed surface. Pinned construction, old dark stain. One drawer has fitted interior. Wear, age splits. 30”h. 65”w. 38”d. $600-1,200


493 AMERICAN PENNY RUG. Second half-19th century. Sewn sections of printed and plain cloth backed with pieces of exercise pages. Unconnected sections mounted between glass. 29.5”h. 47”w. $200-300 494 AMERICAN CORNER CUPBOARD. Mid 19th century, mixed woods including walnut and pine. One-piece cupboard with two sixteen-pane doors above and two paneled doors below. Two nailed drawers. Applied half turnings. Square nail construction. Refinished. 89”h. 52”w. 23”d. $300-600 495 AMERICAN LETTERS SIGN “WOOL”. Late 19th-early 20th century, cast zinc or aluminum. Four letters with gilding that spell “Wool”. Varying wear. W is 29.5”h. 44.5”w. $250-350 496 STYLIZED STONE BIRD CARVING. Possibly Inuit, 20th century. Green hardstone carving of long beaked bird. Mounted on lignum vitae base. 15.5”h. overall. $300-600

492 www.GARTHS.com | 59

497 VILLAGE SCENE BY ALICE SCHILLE (OHIO, 1869-1955). Watercolor on paper, signed lower right. Stucco buildings on a hillside. Framed, 14.25”h. 13”w. overall. $1,200-1,400

498 BOSTON SHERATON BOWFRONT CHEST OF DRAWERS. Ca. 1820s, mahogany and mahogany veneer with pine secondary. Turned legs with rope twist pilasters, two accessory dovetailed drawers over four with applied beading and original pulls. Shaped crest with brass rondels. Refinished. 35.25”h. 39.25”w. 17.5”d. $600-900 499 SEASCAPE WITH SAILING SHIPS. American or Canadian, late 19th century, oil on canvas. Naive portrait of three-masted sailing ship with a Canadian flag and a nearby steamship and lighthouse in the distance. Vixseboxse Gallery tag on backing. Restoration. 28”h. 51”w., framed, 33”h. 56.5”w. $600-800 500 SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS SIGNED “C. LESLIE”. Oil on canvas, signed lower left. Probably Charles Edward Leslie (England, 1839-1886). Lake with mountains. Restoration. 12”h. 20”w., framed, 17.5”h. 25.5”w. $300-600


501 AMERICAN LADDERBACK ARMCHAIR. First half-19th century. Turned posts and stretcher. Old black paint. Imperfections. 17”h. seat, 45.5”h. overall. $100-300 502 AMERICAN DOUBLE SLIDE LID BOX. Twentieth century, pine. Dovetailed bottom case with pegged construction. Molded edge slide lid has additional pegged, slide lid box on top. Red, yellow and green paint, replaced feet. Imperfections. 10”h. 15”w. 9.75”d. $250-450

498 60 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

503 TWO AMERICAN LADDERBACK ARMCHAIRS. Late 18th-early 19th century. One with turned posts and stretchers, 18”h. seat, 49”h. Ex Joanne Boardman (Illinois). The other has turned arms. 16.5”h. seat, 47”h. Imperfections. $300-600



504 AMERICAN DECORATED CABINET. Mid 19th century, pine. Spice box or apothecary with eight nailed drawers and original red grain paint with gold trim. Wear and alligatoring. Loss to one drawer. 19”h. 15”w. 9.75”d. $250-450 505 AMERICAN BUCKET BENCH. Attributed to Pennsylvania, 2nd quarter 19th century, pine, poplar and walnut. Square nail construction. Bench with two paneled doors below, shaped sides and hutch back with three nailed drawers. Refinished with old yellow paint inside drawers. Edge wear. 51.5”h. 43”w. 16.25”d. Ex Roland and Marilyn Kemble (Ohio). $300-500

507 506

506 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Iran. 1st half-20th century. Rust red field with floral and geometric pattern, 4'5"w, 7'2"l. $200-400 507 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Asian. 1st half-20th century. Geometric pattern in red, black, blue, green, cream, etc, 2'6"w, 4' long. $150-250 508 THREE CHALKWARE PIECES. American. 2nd half-19th century. Ewe and lamb, 7"h, 8.5"w, a squirrel, 6.5"h, and a cat whistle (repair), 5.5"h. $200-300 509 COUNTRY SHERATON CHEST OF DRAWERS. American. 2nd quarter-19th century, walnut with poplar secondary. Applied molding around top, unusual double panelled ends, four drawers, turned legs, deep scalloped ends and apron, overlapping dovetail drawers and replaced hardware. 44"h. 41"w. 20"d. $300-600

510 COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE ARMCHAIR. European, 18th century,oak. Worn black paint, three-tier spindle back, bold turnings, pad front, feet and rush seat. 16.5" seat height, 41"h. overall. $150-250


511 SET OF HANGING SHELVES. American, 2nd half-19th century, cherry. Shaped ends with beaded fronts, and four shelves with beading. 43"h. 33"w. 6"d. $150-250 512 HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD. England, ca. 1800, oak. Molded cornice, two doors with raised panels, shaped shelves, and molded base molding. 40"h. 33.5"w. 18.5"d., takes a 23" corner. $200-300 513 YELLOWWARE CAT. American, late 19th century. Seated cat with high glaze and black, blue, and green decoration, 7"h. $150-250 509 www.GARTHS.com | 61




514 WATERCOLOR MINIATURE PROFILE PORTRAIT. American, late 18th century. He has a prominent nose and hair tied in a queue, on reverse "Grandpa Reuben Wescott", 7"h. 6"w. $100-200

515 FRAMED MAINE SAMPLER. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Numerals and alphabet with pine trees in multicolored thread by Frances M. Woodward, Whitefield, Me, 10"h. 12"w. $200-300

516 HOLLOW CUT SILLHOUETTE OF A GENTLEMAN. England. 1st quarter-19th century. He has high wing collar, added detail in pen and ink and primative pin frame, 4.25"h, 3"w. $100-200


517 FRAMED MINIATURE SAMPLER BY MARY RYE. England, dated 1801. Alphabet and numerals with dog, bird, and flowers in multicolored thread. 6"h. 5.75"w. $125-250

518 CHIPPENDALE HIGH CHEST. American, late 18th century, walnut with poplar secondary. Dovetailed case and feet, applied molding around top, three over two over four dovetailed overlapping drawers, solid ends, and brached feet. 61"h. 45"w. 23.5"d. $800-1,200 519 COUNTRY HEPPLEWHITE ONE-DRAWER STAND. American, 2nd quarter-29th century, cherry with pine secondary. Old brown paint, two-board top with line inlays, dovetailed drawer, and slender tapered legs. 27.5"h. 21"w. 20"d. $150-250 520 CHIPPENDALE CHEST OF DRAWERS. American, late 18th century, cherry with poplar secondary. Applied molding around top, solid ends, ogee bracket feet, and two over three overlapping dovetailed drawers. 43"h. 39"w. 19"d. $200-400 521 TWO COUNTRY QUEEN ANNE MIRRORS. England, mid 18th century. Scalloped crests and simple molded frames. 22"h. 12.5"w. and 15.5"h. 9.5"w. $125-250 518 62 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

522 OIL ON BOARD OF MRS THADEUS KEELIN BY E. BUSBEE. American, mid 19th century. She is well executed with a lovely lace bonnet and color. Painted on reverse "Mrs Thadeus Keelin, Painted by E Busbee Ridgefield (Conn?), Oct 6, 1843". 30"h. 24.5"w. $200-400 523 OIL ON CANVAS OF A YOUNG MAN PLAYING A MELODEON. American, mid 19th century. Dressed in a black coat, vest, and tie, seated at the instrument, 30"., 25"w. $200-400 524 THREE EARLY BRASS CANDLESTICKS. European, 18th century. A Queen Anne with petal base and push up, 7.5"h., and two Spanish sticks, one on a square footed base, 8.5"h., and one with a saucer base, 5"h. $150-300



525 PAIR OF MINIATURE CAST BRASS QUEEN ANNE CANDLESTICKS. England. Mid 18th century. Balister stems on octagonal bases, 5'h. $200-300 526 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Asian. 1st half-20th century. Caucasian in reds, blues, greens, cream, etc, wear and loss, 3'8"w, 4'10"l. $150-250



527 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Iran. 20th century. Salmon field with floral and geometric pattern, 2'6"w, 3'7" long. $125-250 528 ORIENTAL AREA RUG. Asia. 1st half-20th century. Caucasian in reds, blues, tan, etc, wear and loss, 2'4"w, 3'6" long. $100-200 529 TWO ORIENTAL RUG SALT BAGS. Asian. Mid 20th century. Blue field with geometric pattern, 13" square and red with geometric pattern, 10"h, 12"w. $150-250 526

527 www.GARTHS.com | 63

530 TWO CARVED AND PAINTED DUCK DECOYS. American. 20th century. A teal Canadian, 5"h, 10"l, and green, brown, yellow, and black, 6"h, 11"l. $150-250 530

531 PAIR OF FOLKSY CARVED COOT DECOYS. American. Early 20th century. Black with white highlights and lead weights, 9" and 11" long. $100-200 532 HUTCH BACK GRAIN-PAINTED CABINET. American, late 20th century, pine. Executed in the early 19th-century style with tan and reddish-brown graining, upper shelf with shaped ends, cut out feet, and raised panel door. 32"h. 24"w. 12"d. $150-300 531

533 DOVETAILED GRAIN-PAINTED BLANKET CHEST. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, pine. Tan and reddish brown graining, applied molding around lid, bracket feet, and interior till. 17.5"h. 37.5"w. 15"d. $150-300 534 PAINTED HANGING CORNER CUPBOARD. American, pIne. Grey repaint, picture frame molding around single raised panel door, a 19th-century cupboard front on a late 20th-century back and shelves. 38"h. 33"w. 18"d. and takes a 24" corner. $150-300 535 THREE CONTEMPORARY BOXES IN THE 18TH-CENTURY STYLE. American, late 20th century. All three are tiger maple: a Chippendale-style document box, applied molding around lid, dovetailed case and bracket feet, 6.5"h. 12"w. 8.25"d. Chippendale-style blanket chest, applied molding around lid, dovetailed case and drawer, and bracket feet, 5"h. 6.75"w. 4"d., and a tobacco box with lid and dovetailed case, 3"h. 5.5"w. 4"d. $125-250 536 PAIR OF MINIATURE WATERCOLOR PROFILE PORTRAITS. American, 2nd quarter-19th century. Husband and wife in oval reserves, she has lace collar and ringlets, and he wears a black suit. 5.5"h. 4"w. $125-250 532

64 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

537 TWO CARVED AND PAINTED DECOYS. American. 20th century. A swan sign R. Birch (Reggie Birch Cincoteague, Island, Virginia), 9"h, 14"l, and brown, white, grey, and black, 4"h, 7"l. $150-250 538 THREE SMALL PAINT-DECORATED BOXES. American, 1st half, pine. Dovetailed, dome-top document box with tan and brown graining, 5"h. 1.5"w. 6"d., pine box with green paint and black sponging, 3.75"h. 9.5"w. 4.25"d., and a bank, pine with blue paint, pinprick decoration and black polka dots, 2.75"h. 5.5"w. 3.5"d. $200-400 539 GRAIN PAINTED SMALL DOME-TOP TRUNK. American, 2nd quarter-19th century, pine. Dovetailed case, brownish-red paint and black graining, interior dust rail, and original lock. 10"h. 24"w. 12"d. $150-250



540 AMERICAN CRADLE. Attributed to Pennsylvania or Virginia, early 19th century, pine with curly maple. Scalloped details and turned finials and folding handle. Ex Gerald Ballantyne, ex Paul Carpenter sold at Garth’s, October 1997. Wear, added braces. 24”h. 40”w. 31”d. $300-600 541 MINIATURE WATERCOLOR PORTRAIT OF A YOUNG GIRL IN PANTALOONS. American, New York, 1900-1975. 2nd quarter-19th century. She wears a black dress and holds a rose with a park-like background. 8"h. 5.75"w. $200-400


542 DOUBLE SIDED GAMEBOARD. American, 4th quarter-19th century, walnut. Muted colors and gallery edge, parcheesi on one side and checkers on reverse. 21" square. $200-400 543 FOUR GALLON STONEWARE JUG WITH COBALT DECORATION. American. Possibly New York. 2nd half-19th century. Buff glaze with cobalt "4" and stylized flower, 16.5"h. $200-300 540 www.GARTHS.com | 65

544 PORRINGER WITH HEART CUTOUT HANDLE. American, mid 19th century, found in Massachusetts. Sycamore burl with good dark surface. 2.75"h. 11"l. $200-400 545


550 FOLKSY MATCH SAFE. American. Possibly Pennsylvania. 4th quarter-19th century. Waljut, diamond shaped well with scalloped edges, rectangular base with canted sides and spool feet, 11.5"h, 9.5"w, 4"d. $200-300

545 TWO PAINTED BENTWOOD PANTRY BOXES. American, 2nd half-19th century. Largest with old green paint and lettered "beans", 5"h. 9.5" diameter, and green repaint lettered "Ginger", 3"h. 6.25" diameter. Ex Charles Haver "Beans" and Philip and Kathleen Seibel (Both pieces). $200-400

551 TWO FOLKSY PAINTINGS BY RUTH REED CUMMINGS. American. New York (1900-1975). A red winged black bird with flowers and cattails signed lower left, 8.5"h, 7.75"w, and a robbin signed RRC center left, 4"h, 5"w. $200-300

546 DOUBLE SIDED GAMEBOARD. American, 1st quarter-20th century. Parcheesi in vibrant colors and checkers in tan and brown graining and black, 20" square. $250-500

552 THREE FRAMED MINIATURES. France. Mid 19th century. Gentleman in blue military coat with star shaped medal, 5.5"h, 5"w, gentleman in red military coat signed Boge at right, 4.75" square and a colored print of General Lafayette, 5" square. $200-400

547 FRAMED SCHERENSCHNITTE OF A HORSE AND TWO WHEEL CART. American. 19th century. Well done paper cut with top hatted rider with whip and a dog following behind. Added pencil detail, 7.75"h, 9.5"w. $125-250



548 66 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019

548 FRAMED WATER COLOR CALLIGRAPHY. American. Mid 19th century. Floral garland with blue border and "The Property of Philip Karbough", 7"h, 11"w. $150-250 549 FRAMED FULL LENGTH WATER COLOR OF A GENTLEMAN. American. Mid 19th century. Profile of bearded man in black coat, brown pants, and holding his top hat. Dated lower right, Nov 18, 1854, 13.5"h, 9.75"w. $200-400


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68 | GARTH’S 59th Annual Thanksgiving Auction: November 29, 2019



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NOVEMBER 29, 2019

NOVEMBER 29, 2019