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All about NJ Contractors’ Insurance

Some categories of people constantly exposed to risk are contractors. These people are often balanced precariously on a skyscraper in the city or working on a busy highway. The nature of the work as well as the locations in which contractors regularly find themselves makes it imperative that they have adequate insurance. Fortunately, there are now plenty of contractors' insurance policies available in all states. New Jersey also has its own NJ contractors' insurance. These insurance policies cover contractors, whether they are working in seemingly comfortable and non-risky surroundings like someone's home or in blatantly dangerous circumstances like on a top of a steep skyscraper. The policies are fairly comprehensive and cover all manner of risks, such as general liability and workers' insurance. They also protect workers' tools and equipment, something of great importance, since these are generally of much value. Some NJ contractors' insurance companies have policies for various types of contractors, including air conditioning and refrigeration contractors, carpenters, landscape workers, masons and masonry contractors and even janitors and janitorial service contractors. These companies also often provide tailor-made insurance policies for several categories of contractors. To arrive at a specialized plan, these companies often undertake surveys of the areas where the contractors are working to understand the liability as well as come to a conclusion about the coverage needs. Contractors' insurance is not only a safe thing for contractors themselves, but for the people who hire them as well. Some categories of work are especially dangerous, such as roofing. If a roofing contractor without adequate insurance meets with an accident while working in a customer's house, the customer himself becomes liable to pay the medical and rehabilitation expenses. Further contractors' insurance will pay for the increase in cost if the construction or remodeling work does not go as planned or if someone else gets hurt on your property because the work of the contractors. For this reason, the general liability part of the policy is the most important part of the contractors' insurance policy. This protects you if the contractors' work results in faulty workmanship or even damages to your property. So if you are a home or business owner and are getting some construction or remodeling work done on your property, you must examine the general liability part of the contractors' insurance policy. The other types of insurance that all NJ Contractor Insurance must have are the builders' risk insurance and the workers' compensation or employer's liability portion of the insurance policy. The builders' risk part of the policy protects the materials that are being stored while the work is in progress and might be damaged because of theft or a natural calamity. The workers' compensation or employer's liability part of the insurance policy looks after the medical and rehabilitation benefits of workers should they get injured on your property while the

work is in progress. All in all, Landscaping Insurance policies for contractors are a must New Jersey Insurance Agency. They protect the contractors as well as the people on whose property the contractors are working. This article has been taken from articleid=3603524&CFID=246680187&CFTOKEN=40940148

NJ Contractor Insurance