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Why do you Need Landscaping Insurance? All of us love our homes and we put a great deal of effort in beautifying our homes. Very often, we spend a lot of time and money on landscaping and are justifiably proud of the results that we obtain from this landscaping. There is no doubt that landscaping adds a great deal of value to our homes. What we do need to remember is, however, that the plants that we use for landscaping are expensive and can lead to much financial loss if they are destroyed. It is for this reason that insurance companies include landscaping insurance for homes. This landscaping insurance falls under that part of insurance that covers the householder’s personal possessions and usually covers about 50 to 70% of the total insurance cover. This means that a householder with a total policy of $100,000 would get personal possessions’ cover of about $50,000. Another clause that is part of landscaping insurance is that plants, shrubs and herbs can comprise only 5% of the total householder’s policy. To use the same example, if the total policy is for a sum of $100,000, the cover for landscaping insurance can be for only a sum of $5,000. Apart from that, in the United States of America, there are limits on what each plant or tree insured must cost. No single plant can be insured for a sum of more than $500. The question that a proud house owner looking to insure his or her precious foliage might ask is what dangers the landscaping insurance will be able to cover. Generally, landscaping insurance covers all natural calamities but does not involve damage from wind or disease. There is no doubt that anyone who has sent a lot of money, time and effort on greening their homes would do well to get an efficient landscaping insurance. Landscaping insurance can protect your greens from a great many calamities. However, when you do decide to go in for Landscaping Insurance, remember to go through the terms and conditions of the policy clearly. Have a long and detailed discussion with the insurance agent so that all your questions are answered and you have no doubts on any score. Also, it is a good idea to look for reviews of insurance companies and insurance policies so that you know that you are making the correct choice. There are online reviews that you can read. Furthermore, you can talk to people who have purchased landscaping insurance in the past and may have valuable inputs and feedback to provide you. There is no doubt that landscaping insurance is a must for anyone who has spent money landscaping their homes, but it is equally important for you to be sure that you are buying the right policy. Take a good landscaping insurance after going through the lot of landscaping insurance policies available and you can be sure that you will be at peace. Then you can tend to your precious plants and shrubs and enjoy them to the fullest without feeling threatened. Garry Hunt is an insurance agent in one of the top-most New Jersey Insurance Agency. The agency offers various insurance solutions that include Restaurant Insurance,contractor insurance and others. This article has been taken from

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All of us love our homes and we put a great deal of effort in beautifying our homes. Very often, we spend a lot of time and money on landsca...

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