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the worlds most personal gift

Modo is an established company with a dedicated team of photographers, Designers and Craftsmen who create truly unique artwork presented in stunning hard cover, large format, and iconic book mediums. The books range in size starting at a welcoming 25x25 cm, increasing to an impressive 40x50 cm for our “Heritage� flagship volume. Customisation is client led and has so included exotic skins, three dimensional iconography and precious stones. Our heritage range can be protected by a bespoke slipcase and secured in a coded flight case. We even offer the ultimate service of delivering the book by hand, in person, anywhere in the word, (subject to terms and conditions) Each book is a unique and eye catching marketing tool for both retailers and wholesalers. Its finish and presentation gives your clients a true insight into the quality and pedigree of your product.

01 Sports A moment in time, forever in print. From football to rock concerts Modo captures

the effervescence and vibrancy of all iconic events. Commissioning multiple or limited edition publications creates the opportunity to acquire an additional high revenue income. Signed limited edition books showcasing your event become highly collectable. Demand for past books has seen publications out sell before release. .


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02 Arts & Media celebrating the cast of life


Theatre & opera