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The initial scheme was derived from a crystalline structure, one that formed naturally with flat planes on many axis. In itself, these forms would house the entire programmatic requirements. Scheme 02 provided a more sound approach to the previously stated proposition. The main adaptation that occurred was the addition of a circulation space around the core(Artistic Gym). This circulation space would house all the support and program that the facility needed. Scheme 03, the final, fixed the problems addressed with the previous two solutions. In this version, the two forms, the circulation form and the gym forms, were entirely structurally independent on each other to allow a more true building. True in the sense that the same experience is felt on the inside and outside. True in the sense that the gym forms penetrate the circulation core only to terminate at the ground. This opened up more spaces for programmatic use and also created a semi-private barrier between the athletes and the public.


Garrett Callen- Undergraduate Portfolio