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OLYMPIC GYMNASTICS TRAINING FACILIT Y Our design was inspired by the similarities and differences in preparation and performance. In gymnastics there is a certain structure and rigor to training that is common place across the sport. The same moves, the same vaults, over and over provide the repetition to convert any routine to muscle memory. Similar yet completely different from practice is performance, a display taking attention away from the training and only concerning eyes with what is immediately before them. Performance is more of an eclectic expression of acrobatic maneuvers that define the individual and their larger counterpart. Derived from preparation and performance, we developed two forms. One form that represents the structure and repetition of training and one that offers a focal point, eclipsing the preparation. In this case the preparation is the horizontal band and the performance is the gymnasium space, with no two angles exactly the same just like no two performances are identical.


Garrett Callen- Undergraduate Portfolio